Specifications for Motorized 15” Roller Shades – 120 VAC

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					                             Specifications for Motorized 1.5” Roller Shades – 120 VAC

 Characteristics: Motor                                  404S2           Shade Size Parameters:            Min Width          22”
                  Voltage                                120 VAC                                           Max Width          96”- 120”
                  Speed                                  36 RPM                                            Max Height         188”
                  Current Consumption                    0.9 A                                             Max Weight         38 lbs
                  Max Run Time                           5 min
                  Working Temperature                    -10 to 60º C
                  Cable Length                           6 ft

* Maximum surfaces may vary due to the variety of slat materials. Please consult our sales representative for more details.

                        motor                    motor                          drive end idler
                       bracket crown             400S                           wheel cap bracket
                          120 VAC

           Control Options:                   Switch - White paddle, Decora plate
                                              - Wireless (radio remote), push button up/stop/down, single & 5 channel

                                    Remote Control - Infrared, single or 8 channel, black transmitter
                                                   - Radio, single or 5 channel, grey transmitter
                                    Automatic Timer - Basic, 2 operations per day, open & close
                                                     - Wireless (radio remote), push button control, programmable
                                    Automatic Sun Control - Reacts to light levels, adjusts to either full
                                                             open or full closed

            Warranty:               Motor                  5 Years
                                    Controls               1 Year

               Concord Shading Systems Inc.
               56 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 6
               Concord, Ontario L4K 3V9
               T: 800-636-9736
               F: 866-818-8410

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