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									                                              The Grout Line

                                              Paolo Gazzorini

     At the ASCE Geo-Frontiers Conference in Austin, Texas, in January
     2005, I met Lynn Pugh and John Gadsby of BiTech – publishers of
     Geotechnical News. Jim Warner, author of the Practical Handbook
     of Grouting and one of the “gurus” of North America grouting was
     visiting at BiTech’s booth.
     As we were enjoying BiTech’s well-prepared Italian Espresso (and I
     can appreciate it… thanks John), James Warner proposed the idea of
     a department or section in Geotechnical News devoted to grouting;
     similar to John Dunnicliff’s Geotechnical Instrumentation News.
     We present this new section related to pressure grouting, and the
                                                                                        Paolo Gazzorini
     baptism of “The Grout Line”. As “father” of this new section of the
     magazine, Jim agreed to prepare the following introduction.

                                              Pressure Grouting

                                              Jim Warner

 Pressure Grouting is a specialized con-      grouters. An educational forum pertain-   job given as the reason. Amongst other
 struction process that most geo-profes-      ing to grouting is thus badly needed.     problems, the grout holes were placed
 sionals will come in contact with at least   Some years back I read an ASFE Case       directly over the pipe, and many pene-
 a few times in their career, but few will    History in Geotechnical News involv-      trated it with subsequent injection fill-
 be involved with it frequently. This re-     ing grouting to improve some inade-       ing it with grout, until the line backed
 sults in many not being equipped to          quately compacted backfill over a new     up. From the article, it was clear that
 handle such work confidently, making         sewer. The project was a disaster and     none of the involved professionals had a
 them subject to misinformation and in-       lack of input from the firms “grouting    clue as to what they were doing, and al-
 timidation by less than principled           expert” due to being tied up on another   though penetrating the pipe with grout

38   Geotechnical News,   June 2005
                                                                                                                            THE GROUT LINE

holes took the blame, it was evident that     many practicing engineers who do                      pends on you, the readers of this new
many other inappropriate things oc-           nonetheless need a reliable source of                 section.
curred as well.                               information.                                              I would like to add to Jim’s introduc-
    The review reminded me once again,             It is hoped The Grout Line will fill             tion that this section will be focused on
of the importance for engineers to un-        the void and become an active forum for               grouting, specifically related to:
derstand the basics of grouting and hav-      sharing knowledge, not only by experi-                • Grouting (permeation) in rock
ing a place to get valid information;         enced practitioners, but all interested               • Grouting (permeation) in soil
Wouldn’t it be great to have a regular        parties including the novice. Discussion              • Compaction grouting in soil
feature similar to John Dunnicliff’s          of experiences, both good and bad,                    • Jet- Grouting
GIN, which could serve as an educa-           questions, answers, and discussion of                 • Soil mixing
tional forum for grouting, The Grout          any grouting related topic as well as                 • All other types of grouting
Line. Thoroughly embroiled in writing         news of the industry will be provided.                • Others ideas?
the Practical Handbook of Grouting at         This will greatly improve the grouting                    We need articles on experiences,
the time, I had no time to follow             knowledge of all. Quoting from the very               both good and bad (but preferably bad
through, and so the idea remained dor-        l a s t p a r a g r a p h in th e P r a c t i c a l   because it is from the failures that we
mant until Paolo Gazzarrini stepped           Handbook of Grouting:                                 learn more), questions and answers on
forward recently and agreed to make it             Above all, as grouting professionals,            grouting equipment, material, theories,
happen.                                       we must apply our knowledge, to ensure                quality control. Grouting technology
    When I first fell into the grouting in-   that all grouting work is performed in a              and the increased understanding of
dustry in 1952, what little technology        rational, technical correct manner, and               grouting parameters through the ex-
existed was antiquated and failed to rec-     in conformance with sound engineering                 panding use of computers and grouting
ognize either the available material sci-     principals. Grouting is not magic or a                control in real time will be the heart of
ence or established laws of physics,          black art but rather a well-established               “The Grout Line”.
although some well established though         science, and those of us that are true                    To repeat Jim’s words “Grouting is
incorrect notions were firmly en-             professionals must abide by the highest               not magic or a black art” (or more accu-
trenched. And the few operating spe-          standards. We must not hesitate to call               rately, is not anymore), with newly en-
cialty contractors presented the              the bluff of those amongst us that                    gineered grouting theories and the
procedure as black magic, which of            choose to hide behind a veil of magic,                increasing use of real time computer
course, only they could perform. Fortu-       for only by sharing fundamentals of the               monitoring, we will have the possibility
nately, I was ignorant of the state of        technology with other professionals,                  of interesting discussions and construc-
practice and the many misconceptions          and following through with the highest                tive dialog about our industry.
of the time, but being somewhat aware         quality performance will the role of the              Send your contributions to: The Grout
of concrete technology, went my own           grouter shine. Let us all shine and excel             Line, Paolo Gazzorini, 12 – 2242
way with a unyielding desire to               in our progress!                                      Folkestone Way, West Vancouver, BC
understand the mechanisms involved.                The Grout Line can be an extraordi-              V7S 2X7, Tel: 604-913-1022,
    The state of understanding today is       nary tool for broadening our knowl-                   Fax: 604-913-0106,
of course much advanced as is the             edge, but only if we make it a true                   email:
breadth of grouting application. But          forum. Let us all share our questions,
much confusion continues and though           answers, new ideas or discussion of the
there are many exceptional operators, a       old. No inquiry should be too consid-
few magicians remain and practice             ered too simplistic or advanced. If one
what might best be defined as high tech       needs an answer let’s get it out, and for
black magic. Far too much incorrect in-       those things that are controversial, have
formation is promulgated and the term         enthusiastic debate, as this will improve
proprietary greatly overused. The fact        the understanding of us all. In short,
                                                                                                      Visit our website:
is grouting has become a well devel-          let’s bury Paolo with material to be           
oped technology, and there is very little     published!
if any knowledge, not readily available.                                                                   click on
Though seminars on grouting and               Jim Warner, PO Box 1208, Mariposa,                     Geotechnical News
ground modification are common, the           California 95338, Tel: 209-966-5915,
week long short course Grouting Fun-          Fax: 209-966-4728                                              go to
damentals and Current Practice now
sponsored by the Colorado School of
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Mines and held annually since 1978,           Comments                                               Articles to BiTech.
provides an intensive understanding of        Yes, of course, I would like to be buried
all facets of the practice. But such in-      with material to be published! This de-
tense education is beyond the interest of

                                                                                                                Geotechnical News,   June 2005   39

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