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					                              Sew In
Please join Common Threads for their fourth annual Sew- In
If you have never done this event, now is the time to start!
How does three days without work, kids, spouses, meal preparation and all of the other
duties that make you the domestic god or goddess that you are, sound?!


Where:      South Slope Community Center
            980 North Front Street
            North Liberty

When:      Friday, March 6th , 8 A.M. until 10 P.M., lunch and supper provided
           Saturday, March 7th , 8 A..M. until midnight, lunch and supper provided
           Sunday March 8th , 10 A.M. until 5 P.M., brunch provided as well as a
            formal tea. No you don’t have to dress for it. Just enjoy it.

What:     You are welcome to bring a treat to share. There will be a grazing table.
          Bring your own sewing projects. It is a great time to finish all of those UFO’s.
          This year we are offering a quilt project using Mark Lipinski’s piecing technique.
          The quilt will be in the shop for your viewing pleasure by February 1st. Order
          your kit then. We will teach you the technique and the kit is precut!
          No one will play Scrabble with me at home so I will play Scrabble with anyone
          who dares.
          There are no rules, as far as activities go. Just don’t offend anyone.
          There is even a stage in this facility!

Cost:     $30.00 per day or $75.00 if you do all three.
          You can come and go as you please.
          This is not a sleepover. You will need to leave at the above times and come
          back the next day.
          We will lock the doors at night so you can leave your things
          set-up. We will root through your stuff but we won’t take
          anything (just kidding).

How:      Call Common Threads at 319-626-3160 or stop in.
          You must pay to reserve your place.
          There are no refunds after March 1st.