Why a Sanyo Battery Should Be Your Number One Choice

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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

    Batteries for electronics products are the life blood of home appliances. For this reason, care should be taken
                in choosing the right one that will last longer and promote the lives of your appliances.
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                              Why a Sanyo Battery Should Be Your Number One Choice
                                                                  By Max Png

   Reading the various reviews online about batteries and power sources for varying gadgets, one
obvious choice came out to me. Many people all over the world have had problems when it comes to
choosing and buying batteries. You have those in the camp of choosing the batteries based on price;
the cheaper the better. But almost always, when they do purchase these no named company produced
batteries, they find that some of them last just about as long as a sneeze in space.

 These batteries have absolutely no staying power, ranging from anywhere within 15 minutes to an
hour, and when it comes to even more complicated gadgets, they do not even produce the voltage
necessary to get them going into full function. Do not be strayed into that arena of choice and always
avoid names you have never heard off sold off at a ridiculous price. Sometimes, these extremely cheap
batteries are actually stock that has been sitting around for ages and have basically almost no power
left due to time, decay, leakage and of course exposure to the elements. So be careful. Also, the other
camp includes those who spend too much money on batteries. In the end of the day, it is just a battery,
used for a simple function to enhance our lives with entertainment as they power the many different
gadgets that we own as individuals.

 Forking out a hefty sum of money usually is not a good idea because this is just another form of blind
buying. We see something shiny we buy it and we immediately associate its large price tag with
something well and good. Making a good investment, as anyone should know, is not about just
grabbing the first good thing we see. It is about reading up, researching and pairing up the best with
what you have. Batteries are always produced in different ways, and this depends on the type of
system or gadget that you have.

 They can be a slow drain or fast drain gadgets, so the battery that you buy must at least be compatible
with them. Do not be roped into the sales copy, lengthy explanations of space age materials and fancy
words you have never heard off. You need a balance of power and reliability, tagged with a reasonable
price tag that allows you to power your gadgets frequently and without worry.

 This is why you need to get a SANYO battery, and from all the reviews, their production process and
the end product is a very strong, and reliable one. The staying power, voltage and reliability of the
battery is quite excellent and it is a balance of things that you need in a battery. When you are about to
put something into a portable mp3 player or a digital camera that is worth hundreds of dollars, you
need to ensure that quality meets quality. You can achieve this with a SANYO battery, a number one

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola


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             Sanyo Eneloop – A Major Breakthrough in the Field of Rechargeable Batteries
                                                      By Article Publisher

Sanyo eneloop can be considered as the major breakthrough in the field of rechargeable batteries as it
comes with the benefits of dry cell batteries. In other words we can say that these batteries come
pre-charged with the economic and environmental benefits of rechargeable batteries. This battery is
rechargeable up to 1,000 times, and proposes a new lifestyle of battery that keeps on providing power
without require to be disposed. Sanyo once charged can be used repeatedly, and once used
completely can be easily recycled. To promote this kind of battery, Sanyo developed a world first
rechargeable battery that can be used like a dry cell battery immediately after purchase. Sanyo is
simultaneously offering solutions for a comfortable living and it is showing consideration for the

Batteries have a tendency of self discharge that its stored energy is released in small amounts and this
tendency is quite common in rechargeable batteries. This property of recargeable batteries was
hampering its sale, so in order to overcome this problem Sanyo has introduced batteries that are free
from this problem. According to the Sanyo research team the residual ratio in Sanyo eneloop after one
year of non use was 85%. Through this major development Sanyo has challenged dry cell batteries as
Sanyo eneloop batteries can immediately be used after the purchase.

Sanyo eneloop has been designed in a manner so that it extracts a lot more power compared to dry
cell batteries. An experiment performed through Sanyo eneloop on digital camera shows that one can
take 4.4 times more pictures than a dry cell battery. Even under low temperature such as 0 degree
Celsius, when it is generally difficult for dry cell batteries to produce power, eneloop offer advanced
and longer power characteristics. These features of Sanyo eneloop make it a natural choice for
outdoor use such as ski resorts etc. Sanyo eneloop can be used in all electronic devices that till date
used dry cell batteries. Moreover, it reduces the problem of storing and disposing of used batteries as
Sanyo eneloop can be used 1000 times. Thus it makes a remarkable contribution towards the
reduction of 70,000 tons of used batteries that is annually disposed in Japan alone.

Sanyo eneloop has a proper structure for recycling being a rechargeable battery. Once used, eneloop
is collected and sent through prescribed recycle boxes installed at 30,000 electronics retailers
throughout the country. Due to its environment-friendly design precious resources such as nickel etc.
can be reused, thus contributing to efficient use and saving of resources. The outside packaging of the
eneloop uses recycled PET material and is made carefully keeping the environment in mind. These
batteries can be safely stored after reopening as the packaging of these batteries are done bearing in
mind the reusability of the battery.

Akkustadt.de is the best place where you can buy batterien, Eneloop, Duracell Akkus, notebook
batterien and other rechargeable batterien. Our product Sanyo Eneloop stands for a completely new
technology combined with the favourable characteristics of loadable Akkus.

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