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									               [Enter Company Name] Business Process Redesign
                                March 6, 2001

   Develop processes which incorporate the new portal (the 6 BPR initiatives
     previously hypothesized)
   Identify additional BPR opportunities
   Develop strong, positive relationships with underwriting senior management
   Create Portal marketing strategy including marketing communications plan
   Support efforts to sell RSC’s involvement in the proposed initiatives

    Project proposal and high level plan
    Mid-point project status
    Portal marketing strategy and communications plan
    Final process redesign report including project findings and recommendations
      - Executive summary (created last)
      - Topic sections (drafted as work is completed)
      - New processes and associated implementation plans
      - Quick hits

Action plan
   1. Get team smart on existing [Enter Company Name] and DCI materials
   2. Develop outline for deliverables and assign slides
   3. Determine portal marketing strategic objectives
   4. Develop screening criteria
   5. Research insurance processing benchmarks
   6. Review existing business processes in light of best practices
   7. Document improved processes
   8. Develop plan for implementing the improved processes
   9. Document and recommend quick hit opportunities

Scope questions
  1. Are non-portal interfaces with customers and suppliers within scope or not? To
     what extent should parties external to [Enter Company Name] be involved?
      Focus should be primarily internal

   2. How should [Enter Company Name] component of team be structured?
       Collect information through interviews

   3. What form of interaction has worked best at [Enter Company Name]?
      Workshops, surveys, etc.?
       See #2

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