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					                       Attendance at this course can be reported as 11.0 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to
                            the Law Society of British Columbia (includes 2.0 hours devoted to professional responsibility).

      4         th
                         REINVENTING the
                          Explore the expanded duties and functions of the corporate
                          secretary and gain insights on meeting today’s challenges

                           November 3 & 4, 2009, Vancouver

                                                                                                                                             “Having no formal
                                                                                                                                             training in this, the
nt!                                                                                                                                          course put a framework
                                                                                                                                             on what I am doing
                                                                                                                                             and showed me
      Course Leader    Geoffrey S.      Dawn L. Moss,   David R. J.   Bruce L. Willis,   Doris Meyer,    Diane J. Pettie,   Felicia B.
                                                                                                                                             areas where I can
      Kevin Hisko,     Belsher,         Eldorado Gold   Lefebvre,     Yukon Workers’     Golden Oak      Canexus            Bortolussi,      significantly improve
      McCullough       Blake, Cassels   Corporation     Stikeman      Compensa-          Corporate       Limited            Heenan Blaikie   my role for two
      O’Connor Irwin   & Graydon                        Elliott LLP   tion, Health &     Services Ltd.                      LLP              companies. Looking
      LLP              (U.S.) LLP                                     Safety Board                                                           forward to more
                                                                                                                                             courses on the topic.”
                                                                                                                                                          - Julie Taylor,
                                                                                                                                                     Western Goldfields
      Workshop Included: Corporate Record Management
                                                                                                                                             “Extremely helpful.”
      participating organizations
      Blake, Cassels & Graydon (U.S.) LLP
                                                                                                                                             “Good to get current
      Canexus Limited                                                                                                                        landscape/views on
      Eldorado Gold Corporation                                                                                                              the issues. Good to
      Golden Oak Corporate Services Ltd.                                                                                                     hear best practices
      Heenan Blaikie LLP                                                                                                                     from colleagues and
      McCullough O’Connor Irwin LLP
      Stikeman Elliott LLP
      Yukon Workers’ Compensation, Health & Safety Board                                                                                     “Good overview of
                                                                                                                                             corporate governance
                                                                                                                                             and role of corporate
      who should attend                                                                                                                      secretary within it.”
      Corporate secretaries & executives responsible for company secretary duties, financial
      directors or controllers, in-house lawyers, professional advisors and commercial lawyers                                               “Good knowledge
                                                                                                                                             and info from industry
      course highlights                                                                                                                      Highlighted a lot of
      Get leading-edge insights from corporate secretaries and top legal counsel about:                                                      the issues facing me
                                                                                                                                             as a company officer
      • The new role and changing duties of the corporate secretary                                                                          today. Networked
      • Satisfying enhanced director information needs                                                                                       with other corporate
      • Update on new securities regulation and draft legislation                                                                            secretaries to
      • Alerting the board and senior management to growing shareholder concerns                                                             understand the issues
      • How corporate secretaries are working to help the board minimize their company’s risk                                                they are facing and to
                                                                                                                                             learn from each other.
      • Involvement with the nominating committee in director selection                                                                      Enjoyed and benefited
      • The state of the law concerning maintenance of corporate records                                                                     from the interactive
      • New methods for organizing, retrieving, explaining and certifying corporate documents                                                presentations and
                                                                                                                                             industry examples.”


Kevin Hisko is a Partner with McCullough           Corporation. She joined Eldorado Gold Corpo-       CFO and Corporate Secretary while employed
O’Connor Irwin LLP. He was a staff member at       ration as Corporate Administrator in 1997. In      at Queenstake Resources Ltd. from 1982
the BC Securities Commission from 1994 to          2000 she was appointed to the position of Cor-     to 1996. Currently, she serves as CFO and
1996, a member of the BC Securities Com-           porate Secretary and subsequently in 2009 to       in some cases also as a director of: AuEx
mission’s Securities Law Advisory Commit-          the position of Vice President, Administration.    Ventures, Inc., Crescent Resources Corp.,
tee in 2000-2001 and Chair of the Securities                                                          Kalimantan Gold Corporation Limited, Midway
Subsection of the CBA in 2001-2002. He is the      DAVID LEFEBVRE                                     Gold Corporation, Miranda Gold Corp., Potash
Corporate Secretary of Lundin Mining Corpo-                                                           North Resource Corporation, Regency Gold
ration and of Bayou Bend Petroleum Ltd.                                                               Corp.; Rolling Rock Resources Corp., Sun-
                                                   David Lefebvre is a Partner in the Calgary of-     ridge Gold Corp. and Tournigan Energy Ltd.
                                                   fice of Stikeman Elliott. He practises corporate

  CO-LECTURERS                                     and securities law, particularly national and
                                                   international M&As, private equity transac-        DIANE J. PETTIE
                                                   tions, capital markets and project financings
                                                   and corporate governance matters. He is the        Diane Pettie is Vice President, General
                                                   Chair of Stikeman Elliott’s China practice.        Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Canexus
GEOFFREY S. BELSHER                                                                                   Limited, administrator of Canexus Income
                                                                                                      Fund, a publicly traded income trust. She is
Geoffrey Belsher is the Managing Partner of        BRUCE L. WILLIS                                    responsible for leading the legal and corporate
Blakes’ New York office and practices in the                                                          secretarial areas of Canexus. Prior to joining
area of corporate law with a focus on cross-       Bruce Willis, Q.C. is General Counsel and Cor-     Canexus, she held senior legal management
border transactions. Geoff has represented         porate Secretary to the Yukon Workers’ Com-        positions with energy companies.
companies listed on every stock exchange in        pensation Health & Safety Board, the Chair
North America. He has served as the corporate      of the Yukon Water Board and the Chairs of
secretary of a number of public companies          the Administrative, Labour and Employment          FELICIA B. BORTOLUSSI
and is currently a director and Corporate Sec-     Law Sections of the Canadian Bar (Yukon). He
retary for Quadra Mining Ltd. Geoff has written    formerly was a partner with Preston, Willis and    Felicia Bortolussi joined Heenan Blaikie’s Se-
and spoken extensively in the area of M&A and      Lackowicz for over 18 years. He has practiced      curities and Corporate Finance group in 2001
corporate governance, including teaching M&A       for 33 years.                                      after practising law with a major Canadian firm
at UBC Law School for 10 years.                                                                       in Toronto and a securities boutique firm in
                                                                                                      Calgary. Her business law practice is concen-
                                                   DORIS MEYER                                        trated in the areas of public and private equity
DAWN L. MOSS                                                                                          and debt financing, stock exchange listings
                                                   Doris Meyer formed Golden Oak Corpo-               and related matters. She is corporate secre-
Dawn Moss is the Vice President, Administra-       rate Services Ltd. in 1996 to build from her       tary of several publicly-traded companies.
tion and Corporate Secretary of Eldorado Gold      industry experience gained while acting as

OF THE CORPORATE SECRETARY                                                  GOVERNANCE PRACTICES
With the increased complexity of today’s corporate activity due to          The Canadian securities regulatory landscape has changed dramati-
globalization of business, cross-border transactions and increased          cally over the last few years, responding to the growing need for stricter
scrutiny from the regulators and authorities, the role, duties and skill    enforcement and increased scrutiny regarding corporate governance.
requirements of today’s corporate secretary have grown exponentially.       These new corporate governance standards have forced corporate
They are now seen as the chief governance specialist, with boards           secretaries to review and rework their existing practices to meet new
increasingly reliant on them for advice and support. This session will      requirements. This session will examine the new boardroom realities.
provide an overview of the evolving and expanding roles, duties, legal
rights and liabilities of corporate secretaries.                            · Emerging priorities in governance
                                                                            · Achieving the right balance of internal controls,
· The changing and challenging role of today’s corporate                      audits and self-assessment
  secretary: practical and strategic roles                                  · Overview of recent significant legal developments
· New delegated authority risk management approaches                          impacting boards of directors
· Emerging liability issues for the corporate secretary                     · Monitoring the effectiveness of the company’s corporate
· Expanded legal requirements for company secretaries                         governance policies and programs in a time of growing scrutiny
· The growing skill qualifications required by
  today’s corporate secretary
As boards come under increasing pressure to be accountable for how          DIRECTOR SUCCESSION
well they do their job, monitoring the role, duties and liability of the    Nearly every board in Canada has been, is, or soon will be searching
directors has become an essential piece in the governance puzzle. This      for new outside directors. Assessing your director succession plan is
session will focus on the corporate secretary’s growing role in board       crucial in order to ensure your board continues to have the right direc-
oversight, featuring best practices for avoiding liability for their com-   tor mix and that the structure of the board reflects the strategic direc-
pany and themselves.                                                        tion that the board has set for itself.

· Satisfying enhanced director information needs                            ·   Involvement with the nominating committee in director selection
· Managing increasingly conflicting board and management interests          ·   Creating formal board candidate job descriptions
· Instituting more rigorous board and committee evaluations                 ·   Defining the roles and responsibilities of individual directors
· Keeping directors informed of expanding corporate                         ·   Dealing with the greater pressure from institutional shareholders
  and legal responsibilities                                                    and shareholder rights organizations seeking changes to the
· Addressing the thorny issue of director compensation                          way that board members are selected

Much of a corporate secretary’s time is spent planning for and attend-      Institutional investors, hedge funds and shareholder representatives have
ing board of director and committee meetings, ensuring that agendas         become increasingly active in advancing various governance issues. With
are logically ordered while not being overcrowded given director time       the corporate secretary being the principal corporate contact for most
constraints. This session will examine what a corporate secretary must      shareholders and responsible for shareholder relations, they are in a good
know and do to effectively manage these meetings.                           position to influence how these shareholders view corporate activity.

· New requirements for producing and managing timely and                    · New requirements when preparing and distributing the annual report
  accurate minutes, advance written agendas and meeting                     · Negotiations with shareholders regarding shareholder
  notices, and clear and concise background material                          proposals in a time of increased activism
  prepared in advance of the meetings                                       · Enhanced shareholder communications
· Ensuring board members’ time is used effectively and efficiently          · Alerting the board and senior management to
· Developing a working knowledge of the increasingly complex                  growing shareholder concerns
  corporate, legal and regulatory issues that come up at meetings           · Restoring confidence through increased transparency
· Post-meeting duties
                                                                            HELPING THE BOARD MANAGE RISK
BEST PRACTICES FOR DEALING WITH REGULATORS                                  The recent need for greater emphasis on risk oversight has further
Sweeping changes have occurred and will continue to occur in securi-        increased board dependency on the secretary and the general counsel.
ties law in Canada. In this climate of massive regulatory change, you       The corporate secretary is increasingly being called upon to ensure
must get the compliance program right. Failure to do so can lead to stiff   that the board has in place a robust process for risk oversight, one that
penalties and destroy a company. With the corporate secretary acting        can stand the test of tougher regulation and an increasingly litigious
as the corporate liaison with the securities markets and regulators, this   environment.
session will provide best practices for staying abreast of the myriad of
rules and regulations that corporate secretaries are now expected to        · Meeting corporate governance and enterprise
know.                                                                         risk management expectations
                                                                            · Specific regulatory expectations for financial institutions
· New regulatory requirements regarding disclosure                          · Defining the corporate secretary’s role: advisor, manager or enforcer?
  and corporate governance                                                  · Assessing the board’s understanding of key risk areas
· Current priorities and projects with Canadian securities regulators       · The importance of addressing reputational and operational risk
· Best practices for dealing with regulators and minimizing                 · Assessing the risk reporting and internal control processes
  regulatory intervention

Past corporate crises have resulted in a heightened level of regulatory
oversight and enforcement, further increasing board dependency on           CORPORATE RECORD MANAGEMENT
the corporate secretary. Recent reforms have created new responsibili-      There has been increased interest in corporate records management due
ties for corporate secretaries and set higher expectations for compli-      to the heightened focus on compliance. Until recently, general record
ance. Moreover, as companies become more transparent, privacy               keeping of corporate records has typically been poorly standardized and
concerns also become heightened; striking a delicate balance between        implemented. Past scandals have placed renewed interest in corporate
the two adds to the emerging compliance challenges facing corporate         records compliance, litigation preparedness, and software and systems
secretaries.                                                                issues. Seeing that the corporate secretary is usually given responsibility
                                                                            for the creation, maintenance and retention of official corporate records,
· Understanding the process of institutionalizing ethical behaviour
                                                                            these developments have added to their growing list of duties. As Chief
· Establishing proficiency standards for an evolving
  compliance function                                                       Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of 10 public junior mining
· Ensuring the risk reporting mechanism to the board is adequate            exploration companies, Doris Meyer is responsible for recording and
  and providing more meaningful and useful reports to the board             managing each company’s accounting, corporate and legal records. This
· Facilitating the collection of compliance issues from all                 practical and interactive workshop, Doris will examine the considerable
  levels of the company                                                     organization skills and attention to detail required for effective record
. Striking a balance between transparency and                               management as well as offer practical techniques and check list systems
  privacy for good governance                                               to put your hands on whatever record is asked for at any given moment.

                                                                            · Establishing a record management policy to provide guidelines
                                                                              for maintaining complete and accurate corporate records
                                                                            · The state of the law concerning maintenance of corporate records
                                                                            · New Record disposal issues
                                                                            · New methods for organizing, retrieving, explaining and
                                                                              certifying corporate documents
                                                                            · Practical advice, techniques and check list systems
Register for Reinventing the Corporate Secretary and we will give you free of charge a CD-ROM comprising the following virtual presentations
from recent Federated Press courses and conferences. Presented in their entirety with complete audio and accompanying PowerPoint slides
totaling 771 minutes of expert learning, these presentations are an added bonus to this year’s course. Bear in mind that these presenters are
not necessarily those that you will see and hear at this year’s course.

Assessing Risk Management and Using                             Developing a Performance Monitoring                             Governance renewal - Succession planning,
Assessment to Improve the Way the                               System for the Board                                            board composition and structure
Board Does Business                                             Lynn Korbak,                                                    Wally Zimmerman,
Audrey T. Ho,                                                   Morneau Sobeco                                                  Zimmerman Lawyers
TELUS                                                           Time: 58 Slides: 9                                              Time: 54 Slides: 16
Time: 78 Slides: 18
                                                                Shareholder Activism                                            The Corporate Secretary’s Role in
Defining the Role of Counsel in Governance:                     William Braithwaite,                                            Director Succession
Working with the Board                                          Stikeman Elliotte LLP                                           David W. Anderson,
L. Brian Swartz,                                                Time: 51                                                        The Anderson Governance Group
Aecon Group Inc.                                                                                                                Time: 45 Slides: 31
Time: 37 Slides: 12                                             Value and Board Relations
                                                                Barry Rowland,                                                  Managing Shareholders: Dealing
Shaping and assessing your risk management                      Ernst & Young                                                   with Shareholder Activism
approach from a governance perspective                          Time: 72 Slides: 12                                             Norman Findlay,
C. L. F. (Lee) Watchorn,                                                                                                        Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP
Watchorn Advisory Group                                         Corporate Record Management                                     Time: 48 Slides: 31
Time: 54                                                        Frank Walwyn,
                                                                WeirFoulds LLP                                                  Dealing with Regulators: Reporting
Managing Annual and Special Meetings of                         Time: 51                                                        and Regulatory Inspections
Shareholders & Shareholder Issues                                                                                               Timothy L. Hutzul,
John S. Elder,                                                  The Board and Outside Advisors                                  Aecon Group Inc.
Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP                                      Elizabeth Wilson,                                               Time: 54 Slides: 30
Time: 43 Slides: 39                                             Ernst & Young LLP
                                                                Time: 23 Slides: 15
The Evolving Role of the General
Counsel in Supporting the Board
Monica Kowal,                                                                                          Audio/Video segments clickable slide by slide
Ontario Securities Commission                                                                          Papers and overheads also included
Time: 51 Slides: 15                                                                                    Print any of the material for your own use

Ensuring Legal and Ethical Behavior
by the Corporation and the Board
Derek S. Baldwin,
                                                                                                                                         PROCEEDINGS CD - ROM
IBIS Risk Management Services Inc.
Time: 52 Slides: 22

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Time: This course is a two-day event. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. The morning sessions      receive a 15% discount.
start promptly at 9:00. The second day ends at 4:00 p.m.
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