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   An exercise in developing a character with the pupils
   of Papadopoulou Language School, Litochoro,
   Greece, by Lisa Murray.
The Lesson

 In the first lesson, pupils choose an image of a door. They are then asked to consider who might live behind that
 door. The pupils think about how to describe their character – height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, clothes etc.
 The pupils then brainstorm some adjectives to describe these features, for example, a hooked nose, full lips, friendly
 eyes and so on. This is a good opportunity to introduce new vocabulary.
 Next, the personality of the character is built up. The pupils can build a profile for their character by making
 decisions about some of the following: the strengths and weaknesses of the character; likes and dislikes; opinions;
 hobbies and interests; talents; quirks or peculiar behaviour; favourite catchphrases. This can be made as a list or as
 a mind map, or the pupils can ask answer questions to each other. Keeping these in mind, the pupils are then
 asked to make a colour drawing of their character.
 By drawing the character first, they have time to think about the appearance of the character, make changes, adapt
 the character, and generally have to time to reflect in a relaxed way. They can think about their character visually
 and make decisions and adaptations throughout the creation of the visual character. The pupils should not be
 rushed through this stage.
 The next objective is to write a description of the character. This is completed after the drawing, as the pupils will
 have a better idea of how their character appears.
 Continuing on from the character, the pupils next consider what lies behind the door. What type of home is it for the
 character. Pupils can brainstorm this together. They may consider the colour of the interior; furniture; smell; layout;
 how it reflects the character’s personality. Once the ideas are gathered, this is also carried out as a written
Pupil outcome #1

This pupil chose a pink door with lace curtains
in the window. The colour pink was a strong
stimulus for her descriptive work.
Barbie II looks as if she belongs in her pink sweety          She is good at playing tennis, volleyball and sometimes table
house. She is about twenty-five years old and she             tennis. She is an athletic person, that’s the reason why every
spends all day with her dog Dafni or she looks after her      morning she takes her friends and they go cycling in the
flowers. She loves them. She likes spending time to           countryside. She is also good at doing her and her friends’
speak with them. She thinks that they are the best friend     hair. Maybe in a second life she could be a hairdresser. Her
for everyone. Everyday she wears pink clothes. Only           weaknesses are few but very serious. She is very shy and a
sometimes they are purple or light blue. She also wears       little pessimistic. Every time her friends try to tell her that life
shoes like a ballerina. When she was younger she went         is beautiful, useful and very short. Sometimes she also wants
to ballet. She was very good at this. She has got long,       to be alone at home. She isn’t a lonely person but she needs
blond hair with a little pink. She likes to put on them       her quiet.
colourful flowers because she thinks that they are lucky      She enjoys cooking for her friends and makes large meals.
only for good people like her. She also wears bright          But she sometimes burns them because she took her first
jewellery. She thinks that in this way she could be the       steps at cooking. She also decorates her house, but in my
centre of the world. Her eyes are light blue and very         opinion it isn’t very interesting because all the things are pink.
friendly. If you see them you will understand that she is a   She enjoys going on trips abroad, listens to all kinds of music,
good person. Her ears are small but every time they           watches romantic stories and reading novels.
have earrings. Her nose is small and French. She has          The place isn’t very large but normal and ideal for every
got full pink lips and she always smiles. Her neck is         person. It has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a
lovely like a swan. She has got soft, small hands and         living room, a sitting room, a balcony and a garden. But she
she has also got muscles because she goes to the gym.         likes the garden the most because there are her flowers. It is
Barbie II is thin and tall like a real model.                 a light place because every time she opens the windows she
She likes spending a day shopping. She loves the              sees a wonderful view. She can see the blue sky, the birds
clothes. She usually wears a different outfit every hour.     which are singing, the green nature and the blue sea. The
She likes to tidy her house and make all the things clean.    furniture is very usual like all homes but it has a special thing.
That’s the reason why her friends called her as a             Everything is pink. There are two sofas, and armchair, a lamp
nickname “vacuum cleaner”. She also likes going out           and a purple carpet in the living room. There is a bed, a small
with her friends. Especially, she loves going to the beach    table, a television with home cinema, a very big cupboard and
and sunbathing. She dislikes rude people who are              a pink carpet in he bedroom. There is a cooker, a fridge, a
unfriendly to animals because she had got a personal          washing machine, a big table and a pink carpet with black
experience when a neighbour tried to kill her dog. She        circles. Everything in Pink!!!
also doesn’t like the cats when they tease her favourite      Helen Belogianni
Pupil outcome #2
this pupil liked this door with the bicycles outside and developed a rather sporty character to live here.
Sofia is about eleven years old and spends all day in her house
with her friends. She likes to wear sports clothes because she
plays basketball, volleyball and goes mountain biking. She likes
to wear sporty hats, colourful T-shirts and blue jeans or sporty
trousers. Sofia is a tall girl with long brown hair. She also has
got small friendly brown eyes, when everyone sees them
understands that she is a very friendly and kind girl. She has got
small ears and a small nose like a button. She has got thin lips
and she also smiles a lot, she also has got a slender neck like a
giraffe. Sofia goes every day to school because she is a child
and she loves school.
Sofia lives in a beautiful house. It isn’t small but it isn’t very
large either. She likes to tidy her house so the house smells of
detergents. The atmosphere of the house is very pleasant
because the walls have light colours like light blue, which is her
favourite colour, white and beige. There are pictures of different
artists on the walls. The house is light because it has got lots of
Sofia is friendly and a kind girl, who always tells the truth. She is
also polite and generous who loves to help other people but she
is a little modest and shy. She likes to make new friends but she
dislikes children who are arrogant, dishonest and who bully the
other kids.
She likes to do mountain biking, playing basketball and
volleyball, she said “ I like playing basketball and doing mountain
biking and winning trophies with my team”. Sofia dislikes
football and tennis. She also hates chess, she said “I think
chess is boring, I like doing things more interesting, like singing
or playing the guitar”. Sofia likes reading books very much,
watching TV and playing with her best friend, her little dog who
loves her.
Katerina Velona
Pupil outcome #3
James is a man about thirty years old. He
is tall and thin with short straight blond
hair. He likes cycling – mountain biking,
he likes to drive his BMW too. But he
doesn’t like to lose to his enemies. His
enemies are the bad people because he
likes to do the best for his country. He is a
He is good at his job but he isn’t very good
at drawing. He’s fit and strong. He
usually says, “My name is Bond, James
Bond”. He loves fast cars like BMW or
Mercedes and gadgets.
He lives in London. His house is at Agion
Apostlon 73. It’s a very big house with a
garden near it. The house has a bedroom,
a sitting room, a bathroom and a room for
his work. In the garden it has a swimming
Steve Dimopoulos
Pupil outcome #4
David is a teacher. He is thirty years old.
Every day he goes to school and helps
the children to learn their homework. He
is a very good teacher and all the
children are happy because they have
David likes students who study very hard
and dislikes students who are bad.
David likes to read lots of books too.
Every day he studies very hard for his
job. Lot’s of times he doesn’t go out with
his friends because he is studying.
He enjoys going to the cinema with his
friends, study lot’s of book and he loves
go to the parties.
He lives in a very big and beautiful
house. The house has very beautiful
furniture and lots of rooms. But the
garden is very small ad it isn’t beautiful.
Unfortunately the garden is very small
and ugly.
Penelope Manou

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