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					                  Architectural Change Request Form
Persimmon Creek North, Sharpsburg, GA                                                     Pg. 1 of 2 (rev-0 11/20/2008)

Submit to: Donn Ward at 12, Silverbell Ln., Sharpsburg GA, 30277
                                                                                            Date (response due within 30 days from receipt)

 Name                                                    PCN Address
                         ( First, Last )                                                       ( #, Street )

 Mailing Address
                        ( #, Street )              ( City )            ( State )     ( ZIP )       ( Apt/Unit )

 Phone #                                    Email

 Project Types(s)                                                                                         (See Pg. 2)

 Approx. Start Date                                      Proj. Duration
                              (Less than 1 year)                                          (Maximum 90 days)

 Project Description

 Materials                                                    Colors
     Attach a plan-view drawing for building projects that shows: home, major dimensions, and
     distance to property lines.

 [     ]   Rejected                                                       Date
 [     ]   Approved                                                       Received
 [     ]   Approved with the following conditions:

 PCN-ARC Chairperson                                                               Date
                            Architectural Change Request Form
Persimmon Creek Estates North, Sharpsburg, GA                                                     Pg. 2 of 2 (rev-0 10/22/2008)
Here is a list of project types that require PCN-ARC approval as listed in the covenants.
Use this as guideline for projects and the information required in your request.
Photos of the overall project area are very helpful.
Specific photos of décor items like fountains, mailboxes, signs, stonework are also helpful.
Paper forms are not required. Faxes and electronic forms with attached files sent by email are preferred.
(Remember: More detailed requests can be reviewed faster)

6.2 Exterior Construction / Modification:
6.2.A Home addition/ mod ( includes exterior color and appearance changes)

6.2.B   Garage
        Req: Same style, rooflines, colors, overhead door, materials as home. Concrete foundation)

6.2.C   Shed
        Req: Same style, rooflines, colors, doors, materials as home. Concrete foundation)

6.2.D   Driveway, patio, walkway ( Masonry or engineered surfaces )

6.2.E   Deck, gazebo, bridge ( Wooden structures )

6.2.F   Grading, well, drain, sprinkler system ( Projects involving digging )

7.3 Sign (Other than “For Sale” or security sign)

7.9 Antenna
    Req: One satellite dish of 24in dia. max. is allowed if invisible from street

7.10 Tree removal (Live non-ornamentals with dia. > 4in @ 12in height.)

7.15 Fence
   Req: Wood masonry or vinyl only. 6ft max. height.

7.18 Exterior lighting
   Req: Lights invisible from the street excluding 1 decorative post light.

7.19 Energy conservation equipment (example: Solar electric and heating panels, windmills, generators)
   Req: Equipment is integral & harmonious to design of a structure.

7.20 Swimming pool
   Req: In-ground designs, located between rear of house and rear lot line

7.21 Garden, Play equipment, Pool, statuary, fountain, flagpole , rain collection.
   Req: Items located forward of the rear house line require special PCN-ARC approval

7.22 Mailbox (PCN-ARC approval not required unless modifying or replacing with a non-identical design)

7.24 Entry feature