PROJECT INITIATION SHEET                          Appendix A-1

Project Name:        DeVry University Dupage Campus Testing Center Database System

Client Name:         DeVry University Dupage Campus

Street Address:      1221 North Swift Road

City, State & Zip    Addison                  IL.                       60101-6106

Client Phone:        (630) 652-8395 or e-mail:

Client Contact:      Russell Vallimont        Title: Director of Educational Support Svs.

Project Phase:       Study       Design              Development         X   Operations


Hardware:             PC – Intel Pentium 4 CPU; x86 Family 6 Model 7 Stepping 2 AT/AT
                      Compatible; NIC; Ethernet Network; Local Hard Drive

Operating System:     Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

Language:             Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003

Application:          Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer 5.5

Other:                MySQL 4.1, Netscape, Novell

This project will encompass the development of a system that will securely record data
relevant to the operations of the DeVry University Testing Center. The project will
consist of the development of 2 separate applications and the creation of a database. Both
the applications and the database will be installed on existing machines with the required
software already available. Both applications will interface with the created database to
store and retrieve the relevant data. All code for both applications as well as the script
files used to create the database will be supplied, as well as a complete installation of
all supplied components. A training session for personnel will also be included.

With the creation and implementation of this project, the DeVry Testing Center will be
able to safely store its data in a secure environment. With the systems ease of use, staff
training will be reduced as well as employee error. These are critical improvements
considering the departments high turn over rate. The Director of this Department will be
able to easily find information pertinent to his job function by utilizing the search
functionality of the application, thus improving his efficiency.

The project will include a database that will store testing information. The database will
be created on an existing MySQL Server, and be accessed by both applications over a secure
intranet. The project will also include two applications. The first application will be
installed on the Local Hard Drive of the Testing Center. This application will allow the
insertion of testing data into the database. It will also control the state of the test,
and monitor testing times. The second application will be installed on the director’s
computer. It will allow for the altering of all relevant database data, as well as include
search functionality and reporting.


Team Leader:        Ken Berg

Team Members:       Sean Coughlan, Christian Pazon

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