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Any queries regArding the pArt-time student pAck telephone 9514 1177
typicAl pArt-time student proBlems

COPING WITH INCREASE IN                        As John was making his decision prior to       SKILLS fOR SUCCESS AT
WORKLOAD – JOHN’S STORy                        the census date he would be able to            UNIvERSITy – JANE’S STORy
John had been working for a couple             reduce his academic load. He would not         Jane was a 35 year old woman who had
of‑years in an Accounts department.            incur HELP debt for a subject withdrawn        left school after year 10. Although she had
Although he was perceived as very              prior to the census date.                      proved herself very competent in her work
competent he found that he was missing         It would be important for John to make         as an administrative officer and had done
out on promotions because he did not           sure he was aware of the dates of all tests.   several short courses connected with her
have a degree. He decided to enrol in a        If he would be unable to attend a test he      job she felt concerned that she wouldn’t
business degree part‑time to further his       should inform the lecturer in advance and      have the skills and abilities necessary for
job prospects.                                 try to make an alternative arrangement.        success at university.
In March, John was offered the chance to       John realised he had some further              During her orientation program she
temporarily replace an employee on             questions he wanted to discuss with the        learned to recognise that the
maternity leave. The work experience           counsellor but didn’t have time to attend      determination, discipline and
would be very useful to him in terms of        the counselling service. He arranged a         organisational ability which she had
gaining promotion. Unfortunately the new       telephone appointment.                         applied successfully to her job would be
position involved longer hours of work and                                                    very important ingredients for success as
on some evenings John would not be able        Helpful people to contact if you have a        a university student.
to attend lectures. John spoke to his          problem related to your studies are
                                               lecturers, course advisers and, in certain     Jane was particularly concerned that
course adviser about his situation and
                                               cases, counsellors.                            she‑would not know how to write
found out what options were available.
                                                                                              academic essays and compared herself
John thought a session with a university
                                                                                              unfavourably with recent school leavers
counsellor might help him with his decision.
                                                                                              whom she imagined would have excellent
John and the counsellor discussed his                                                         academic skills.
experience of work and study, the importance
          01            02               03           04                                      Attending a short course in academic
of taking the offered job opportunity and
                                                                                              writing at ELSSA was very helpful in
whether or not it was important to John to
                                                                                              building her confidence. Jane was pleased
complete his degree as quickly as
                                                                                              to find that some ELSSA courses were
possible. They also discussed how John
                                                                                              offered in the evenings during vacation.
had been coping, whether he had time for
                                                                                              An added bonus was that she met other
any social life or recreation and whether
                                                                                              mature age students there who had the
he was suffering stress symptoms.
                                                                                              same worries.
These are some of the options they
                                                                                              Once Jane started submitting work to
discussed:                                                             01            02             03            04
                                                                                              her‑lecturers she found that their
If John decided to continue with his                                                          feedback was very useful. Having the
current academic load and work it                                                             advantage of maturity Jane was not shy to
would‑be important to obtain copies of                                                        approach her‑tutors for assistance when
missed lectures and discuss the situation                                                     she was having difficulties.
with his tutor. Some subjects have a
%‑attendance requirement for tutorials.
John would have to make sure he fulfilled
these requirements.

pArt-time student pAck
counselling And enquiries

                            TELEPHONE COUNSELLING
                            If you are working and unable to attend the
                            counselling service during working hours,
                            telephone counselling is an option.
                            However, face to face counselling is
                            preferable if the issues need more careful
                            attention or follow up.
                            Tel: 9514 1177 (City campus)
                                9514 5342 (Kuring‑gai campus)

                            EMAIL AND fAx ENqUIRIES
                            Email communication is available for
                            enquiries which need only straightforward
03         04               informational answers. Email
                            communication with Student Services is
                            not appropriate for confidential material.
                            You may also make enquiries by facsimile
                            when there is paper work involved.
                            Fax: 9514 1172

                            APPOINTMENTS OUT Of
                            Regular working hours appointments
                            are‑from Monday to Friday 9.00am to
                            5.00pm. However, out of working hours
                            appointments are available from Monday
                            to Thursday 5.00pm to 6.00pm. Students
                            who cannot keep an appointment within
                            these hours should phone and discuss
                            their situation with a counsellor.

                            STUDENT SERvICES UNIT
                            Tower Building
                            Level 6

 pArt-time student pAck
with fAcilities/resources At uts

Useful information on courses and other        UTS BELL PROGRAM:                               CITy CAMPUS MAP
university matters can be found in Faculty     Log on to Success
                                               The UTS BELL Program offers a range of
                                               classes, courses, modules and workshops
UTS Calendar:                                  which will help you to acquire some of the                   essential skills for effective learning – now
                                               and for the future. Includes ‘accessing
Union Diary: A to Z section, lists services,
                                               information’, ‘writing and speaking’,
resources and facilities.
                                               ‘referencing guide’, ‘being ethical’ and
Student help web site:                         ‘mastering mathematics’.
                                               Visit the BELL website for more
                                               information and for updates on the latest
STUDENT CENTRES                                developments!
The Student Centres operate in five
locations across UTS and provide general
student administration information and
advice to all previous, current and            U:PASS
prospective UTS students, as well as           (UTS Peer Assisted Study Success)
specific administration services and case      U:PASS (UTS Peer Assisted Study                     uts public car park
management support to the students and         Success) is a program which assists                 uts public car park
staff of the Faculties nearby.                 students with subjects that are perceived           car park ultimo/quay st
Services provided by the student centres       as difficult or have a historically high            her majesty’s theatre car park
include:                                       failure rate.
                                                                                                   wilson’s car park
> Subject and course information               Hourly group sessions are run for selected
> Admission and enrolment                      subjects and are designed as an additional      COMPUTING
> Timetable and class allocation               resource for learning alongside lectures        See ITD flyers on Computing facilities @
> Recognition of prior learning and            and tutorials. U:PASS sessions are run by       UTS ( contains information on locations
  subject substitution                         trained students called Peer Leaders, who       and hours of operation of ITD computer
> E‑Requests                                   have previously performed well in that          labs) and UTS Email and Lab Access
                                               particular subject and have a good overall
> Leave of Absence and concurrent study                                                        Account, included in pack.
                                               academic record.
> Exam and academic progress
> Progression and academic                     Website:
  caution matters                              peerlearning/about.html
> Graduation
Each of the student centres is located
     03             04

                                               Student discounts are offered at the
based to provide optimum student
                                               following car parks:
interaction. For further information on
student centre locations and opening           UTS Public Car Parks, Jones St. by
hours go to             Building 10 and Thomas St off Jones St.
                                               Her Majesty’s Theatre Car Park, entry via
                                               Thomas St. off Quay St.
                                               Car Park, cnr. Ultimo and Quay St.
                                               Wilson’s Car Park, via Darling Drive (near
                                               Entertainment Centre)
pArt-time student pAck
fAcilities/resources At uts

UTS:LIBRARy 2009                                  GETTING CONNECTED                             Closed Reserve includes library books,
                                                                    DVDs / videos, recent issues of journals as
The University Library provides services
                                                                                                well as lecturer’s personal copies of books.
through two campus libraries, the                 The UTS Library website is your primary
Blake Library (City Campus) and the               source of electronic information. Available   eReadings includes lecture notes,
George Muir Library (Kuring‑gai Campus),          24 hours a day, it provides access to the     journal articles and book chapters in
as well as online.                                Library Catalogue, over 28,000 full‑text      electronic format.
                                                  journals (unique titles), databases           Electronic databases
GETTING STARTED                                   containing thousands of articles, ebooks,
For detailed and current information              lecture notes and articles on your reading    > Databases
about Library services, resources and             lists as well as UTS past exam papers.
                                                                                                Library databases give you access to over
facilities visit the UTS Library website          You can access these resources on             28,000 full‑text electronic journals (unique                                workstations in the campus libraries, in      titles). Databases can be searched by both
                                                  computer labs on campus, and from any         title and subject.
For opening hours, locations, guides and
                                                  computer with Internet access.
maps visit
                                                  Access to most resources is restricted to     SuperSearch
> About UTS Library
                                                  UTS staff and students. To access these
> Location, maps & opening hours
                                                  resources from both on and off‑campus,        > Students
We encourage you to subscribe to our              you will need to activate your UTS webmail    > finding information
monthly email bulletin for up‑to‑date             username and password. For more               > SuperSearch
information about Library services,               information about online access visit         SuperSearch is a portal to online
resources, facilities, training sessions, and                            resources provided by UTS Library which
other activities of interest. To subscribe, go    > Online access or ask at the                 enables you to establish a personal list of
to the Library homepage and select the            Research Help Desk within the Library.        your favourite resources, search across
‘Bulletin sign‑up’ button.                                                                      several databases simultaneously and set
                                                  Catalogue                                     up alerts.
Tours and Workshops                               The UTS Library Catalogue lists all the
UTS Library offers a range of Library tours,      material held by the UTS Library including    Study guides
workshops and tutorials to help you               books and journals (including e‑journals).
succeed in your studies at university. Visit      Audio‑visual recordings can be accessed       > Students
the website to find out about Library             from any computer connected to the            > My subject resources
services and facilities available to you, learn   Internet.                                     > Study guides
what a database is and how to use it to find      The UTS Chinese Catalogue and                 Designed to give a quick introduction to the
information for assignments and research.         catalogues of other Australian and            best resources in a subject area, online
For more information about times and              international libraries are also accessible   study guides list useful terms for a
locations for Library workshops, tours and        via the UTS Library website.                  catalogue search and the most relevant
tutorials visit:                                                                                journal databases, web directories and
                                                  Closed Reserve and eReadings                  reference material.                      
> Students                                        > Students
> Discover your Library                           > My Subject Resources
> Tours & workshops, and                          Closed Reserve and eReadings are                                collections of high‑demand materials
> Students                                        selected by lecturers and arranged by
> Discover your Library                           subject number or lecturer.
> Online tutorials

pArt-time student pAck
fAcilities/resources At uts

BORROWING                                       Borrowing from other university libraries       Online help                                        
> Students                                      > Students                                      > Students
> Borrowing & membership                        > Borrowing & membership                        > Need help?
                                                > Membership                                    You can email the Library any questions
Information about how many books and
                                                > Membership at other libraries                 you might ask at the Research Help Desk.
AV items you can borrow and for how long
is available on the Library website.            UTS students may borrow in person from          You will receive an email response within
                                                any university library in Australia under the   one working day.
You will also find information about where
                                                University Library Australia (ULA) scheme.
to return Library items, fines, recalls, and                                                    Information Services Librarians
                                                More information on ULA and other
how to request books out on loan to                                                   
                                                institutions where you can borrow, as well
another borrower.                                                                               > About UTS Library
                                                as details about how to arrange borrowing
                                                rights is available on the website.             > Corporate information
MyLibrary: managing your borrowing
                                                                                                > Staff directory
record online
                                                REfERENCE SERvICES                              > Information Services Librarians
You can access your borrowing record by
                                                AND ASSISTANCE                                  Information Services Librarians are subject
signing in to MyLibrary directly from the
                                                Library staff are available in each             specialists and will help you with your
Library homepage.
                                                campus library to answer your questions.        advanced information needs.
With MyLibrary you can check online what
                                                Staff at the Enquiries and Loans Desk will
items you have on loan and when the items
                                                help you:
are due for return. You can then renew
items you wish to keep for longer.              > find your way around the Library
                                                > locate books and exam papers
BONUS+                                          > borrow books
BONUS+ is a collaborative project involving     > find other UTS Library services
several Australasian university libraries.
                                                > use other libraries.
If the book you need is not available at UTS,
you can search the BONUS+ catalogue             Staff at the Research Help Desk will show
which gives you access to over 3 million        you how to find books, journal articles and
books from the collections of participating     other information you need by accessing
libraries. You can then request the book        the Library Catalogue, journal and citation
and have it delivered to UTS for you to         databases and Internet search engines.
borrow. For Australian universities, you can
expect delivery in 2 to 4 working days.
                                                Rovers are UTS students who can assist
                                                with IT tasks including activation of email,
                                                logging on to computers and using the
                                                Library website. They will also help you
                                                search the UTS Library Catalogue and find
                                                an item on the shelves. Rovers are
                                                available in the Blake Library (City
                                                Campus) — you can recognise them by
                                                their orange T‑shirts.

pArt-time student pAck
fAcilities/resources At uts

POSTGRADUATES-RESEARCH                         withdrawal) and learning related issues        Academic Liaison Officers
DEGREE STUDENTS                                (enhancing motivation, managing time           Academic Liaison Officers (ALOs) are
                                               efficiently and assisting with exam anxiety)   academic staff in each Faculty who assist
Refer to the package sent to you by
the University Graduate School.                Counsellors can also help if you are           three groups of students:
                                               thinking of dropping out, seeking special      > Students with disabilities and ongoing
A seminar series will be held during
                                               conditions and accommodations, are on            illness
the year for you.
                                               academic caution, or appealing exclusion
Web based resource STAR (Skills                                                               > Students who have difficulties in
                                               or review of final subject assessment result
to Advance your Research) at                                                                    their studies because of their family
                                               Counsellors are sensitive to specific            commitments (e.g. if you are the primary
                                               issues‑related to students’ background           carer for small children or a family
                                               (e.g. indigenous, cultural diversity) or         member with a disability).
                                               preferences (e.g. religious, sexual).
                                                                                              > Students admitted through inpUTS
Careers Service                                Mon – Thurs 9.00am – 6.00pm,                     Educational Access Scheme and Special
The Careers Service website and                Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm                              Admissions.
noticeboards advertise part‑time, casual       Website:        Students with disabilities are encouraged
and full‑time jobs. Students can phone
                                               Tel: City campus              9514 1177        to see the Special Needs Service before
or visit the Careers Service for career
                                                    Kuring‑gai campus 9514 5342               they see their ALO.
                                               City campus, Tower Building Level 6            Students whose studies are disrupted by
Workshops on job search strategies,
                                                                                              their carer responsibilities are encouraged
resume writing and interview skills are        Special Needs Service                          to contact their ALO as soon as they are
run regularly. There is a resource centre      The Special Needs Service provides a           aware they are likely to need assistance.
with information, DVDs and a computer          central contact point for information about
database of employers and publications.        the services and procedures the university     assessment/index.html
Campus Recruitment Activities include          has in place to ensure the accessibility of
Information Sessions and Careers Fairs.                                                       financial assistance
                                               its educational programmes to people with
The Careers Service office is located at the                                                  The Financial Assistance Officer helps
                                               disabilities and ongoing illnesses.
City Campus, Tower Building, Level 3 (next                                                    with financial aspects of student life such
                                               The Service also provides a range of           as Centrelink benefits, budgeting, student
to Concourse Café) and office hours are:       services for individual students with          tax information and consumers’ rights
Mon, Tues, Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm                 disabilities and illnesses. These include      information.
Wed, Thurs 9.00am – 6.00pm                     notetaking, sign language interpreting and
                                                                                              Interest free loans (usually $500) and other
(during semester)                              equipment loans.
                                                                                              assistance may be available to students
Website:            The Service also provides assistance for       facing financial difficulties.
Email:                      students admitted through the inpUTS
                                                                                              Mon – Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm
                                               Educational Access Scheme.
Tel: 02 9514 1471                                                                             Website:
                                               The Service offers face to face and
Fax: 02 9514 1474                                                                             Tel: City campus              9514 1177
                                               telephone appointments.
Counselling Service                                                                                 Kuring‑gai campus 9514 5342
Counsellors are available by appointment.      Tel: City campus                               City campus, Tower Building Level 6
Counsellors help with personal                 Tower Building Level 6        9514 1177
(relationship and family difficulties,
                                               Kuring‑gai Campus
personal crises, depression, anxiety
                                               Near main entrance             9514 5342
and other stress related problems),
administrative (leave of absence,              Email
special consideration, course or subject

pArt-time student pAck
fAcilities/resources At uts

Health Service                                   PEER NETWORK                                     NETWORK CAfé
ABOUT US: The UTS Health Service                 The Peer Network is a voluntary group of         The Network Café programme
provides friendly and confidential medical       experienced UTS students, from diverse           matches new students from overseas
services for all students.                       local and international backgrounds who          with experienced UTS students to
FEES: On presentation of your current            have demonstrated good communication             ‘answer questions’, ‘share tips on local
Medicare or Medibank Private card the            skills, a passion for meeting new people         culture’, ‘practice new language skills’,
doctor’s consultation is of no cost to you.      and an interest in developing leadership         or ‘just hang out’
For all other insurance holders, the Health      skills. By participating in Orientation          Website:
Service offers competitive prices for            activities, the Peer Networkers assist new
doctor’s consultations.                          students to make the adjustment to
                                                 university life.
Vaccinations and some other items are not
rebatable on Medicare.                           Throughout the semester Peer
                                                 Networkers are involved in a range of
LOCATIONS AND OPENING HOURS:                     student life programs and events and play
Broadway campus                                  a key role in improving the UTS student
Tower Building 1, Level 6                        experience.
Monday to Thursday, 8:30am – 6:00pm              Want to get involved?
Friday 8:30 ‑ 5:00pm                             You can enhance your own career
Ph: 9514 1177                                    prospects! Employers often look for
For more information visit our website at        applicants who can demonstrate their                       skills in communication, team work and
                                                 leadership. As a Peer Networker you will
University Housing Service                       receive training in these areas, a certificate
                                                 of participation in the program, and a
Students can view accommodation options
                                                 reference from the Vice‑Chancellor as a
including UTS residences at the University
                                                 thanks for the contribution you make to the
                                                 UTS community.
The Listings Service is an option when
seeking private rental accommodation and         New Peer Networkers are usually
can be viewed at the same website, see the       recruited once a year in October.
link Listings Service. A noticeboard, listing    If you would like to be involved in the
the available accommodation is in the UTS        Peer Network and future Orientations
Housing Service office for student use.          go directly to the Peer Network website
Short term accommodation is available for        to express your interest.
students at the UTS Housing website at the       Website:
Temporary Accommodation link.
Tel: City Campus 9514 1529
Location: Tower Building Level 3, Suite 308
Meditation / Prayer Room
Available 24 hours / day. Level 3, Building 2.

                                                                                                                           40           30

pArt-time student pAck
useful weBsite Addresses

STUDENT INfORMATION                    STAR (SKILLS TO ADvANCE yOUR             THE STUDENT OMBUDS OffICE            RESEARCH)                      
                                       Web based resource for postgraduate      STUDy SKILLS AND STRESS
STUDENT SERvICES UNIT                  research degree students                 MANAGEMENT
UTS STUDENT HELP WEB                                                  
                                       IT PURCHASING                                                      stress.html
                                       GOvERNMENT fEES, LOANS                   index.html   AND SCHOLARSHIPS
shuttle                                                                         UTS BELL (BEING AN EffECTIvE
                                                                                LIfELONG LEARNER) PROGRAM
                                       CENTRELINK                               Offers a range of classes, courses                                                            modules and workshops which will help
                                                                                you acqire some of the essential skills for
LIBRARy SERvICE                                                                 effective learning‑now and in the future
                                       EqUITy AND DIvERSITy UNIT
                                       WORK, STUDy AND CARERS’                  SECURITy SERvICES             RESPONSIBILITIES POLICy
                                       carers.html                              UTS EvENTS CALENDAR
                                       UNION ACTIvITIES, CLUBS AND
SPECIAL NEEDS SERvICE                  ENTERTAINMENT                            U:PASS            
COUNSELLING SERvICE                                                             html
                                       UTS PUBLICATIONS – fACULTy         HANDBOOKS, UTS CALENDAR AND              NETWORK CAfé
                                       OTHER USEfUL INfO.
COUNSELLING SELf-HELP RESOURCES                                       
index.html                             SPORTS AND fITNESS CENTRE
HEALTH SERvICE                         Regular exercise increases mental
                                                       01            02         03            04              alertness and stamina and is important
                                       for‑stress management

pArt-time student pAck
hints for Busy people

                         > Plan to return your telephone calls all together during a particular time period when
                           you don’t want to study. Use an answering machine when you don’t want to be

                         > Make sure you are terminating longwinded, unwanted telephone calls.

                         > Some sacrifices of social life will be necessary. Think about which situations you are
                           prepared to sacrifice and which are important for you to maintain.

                         > Limit TV to programs you really want to watch.

                         > Use any available small periods of time e.g. revise material on index cards while
                           travelling, listen to study material on cassette while doing other routine things, read a
                           relevant book on the train.

                         > As soon as you have information on due dates for tests, assignments, presentations and
                           job related tasks etc. plan your semester’s study. Start tasks early enough to get first
                           choice of library resources and to complete task without panic.

                         > Make sure you know about time saving library resources, such as databases and full
                           text resources.

                         > Form your own study group to share resources and discuss academic material.
                           Learning and memorising of academic concepts can be enhanced by discussion with
                           fellow students. A few minutes group discussion after a lecture is an effective form of
                           time management because it cuts down on the time you would spend alone mastering
                           the topic.

                         > Delegate tasks at home and work where this is possible.

                         > If you would like to take recreational leave from work before exams make sure you plan
                           ahead and put in your application early enough to ensure success. (See information on
                           negotiating with employers)

pArt-time student pAck
Juggling your time

  Supportive family and friends are very                 > Friends miss the time the student used               Many new students are unsure how many
  important aids to successful study.                      to be able to give them and express                  subjects to take when the first enrol. A
  Inevitably some study time will have to be               their resentment.                                    very general rule of thumb is that for every
  taken from what was family time. It helps                                                                     hour of tutorials and lectures there is a
  for the family to understand this before               “for the first few weeks of semester my husband        minimum of one hour follow up study. If
                                                         missed my company after dinner, then he decided
  the student commences study. However,                                                                         you find that you can’t cope with study and
                                                         to take up an evening class of his own, which means
  even supportive partners and friends who                                                                      the other demands in your life it may be
                                                         that now we both have evening study to do.”
  want to be encouraging to the new                                                                             that you’ve taken on too many subjects.
  student may find themselves, at times                  > Friends or relations make guilt inducing             Students can withdraw from subjects
  feeling sad or resentful. The student will               remarks about the importance of being                before the HECS/PELS census date and
  have less time for them. Furthermore,                    at home for the family.                              even after this time if they have good
  there may well be more demands on the                                                                         reason and supporting documentation
                                                         “I certainly had to cut down on parties when I went
  non‑studying partner to take over                                                                             from a counsellor or other appropriate
                                                         back to study, but I sure became more stimulating
  domestic chores and child‑care.                                                                               professional.
                                                         company for my friends”
  Children may also have a hard time
  understanding why a parent suddenly                      Communication
  has less time to play games, appears to                                                                       While many relationship problems can be
                                                           Good communication goes a long way to
  be hurrying him/her to bed, or just                                                                           resolved by having a good chat with the
                                                           solving many of these problems. Speak
  seems more stressed or irritable.                                                                             person involved, in some cases you may
                                                           to your partner about your experience of
                                                                                                                prefer to seek professional help. University
  Some students find that they experience                  study and encourage him/her to raise
                                                                                                                counsellors are happy to talk to you about
  difficulties when:                                       any worries or difficulties that he/she is
                                                                                                                any adjustment difficulties you or your
                                                           facing. Getting additional support from
> partner begins to resent that study is                                                                        family are experiencing.
                                                           extended family or friends can help in
  taking time away from ‘couple’ activities.               relieving the non‑student spouse at a                “My partner needed a lot of reassurance that I was
                                                           practical level.                                     still interested in him after I started studying. His
“My wife became very irritated with having to bear
                                                                                                                insecurity became a real problem and eventually
the brunt of all the chores and child care while I was
                                                         “I always made a point of discussing the exciting      we-had to see a relationship counsellor”
studying. Eventually I decided I would have to
                                                         things I learned at Uni with my partner.”
reduce my academic load”

> Partner feels jealous and threatened by                “Studying and having young children was a big
  university, fearing that his/her partner               challenge. My partner and I had to work to get the
                                                         balance right so we could still enjoy each other and
  will grow away or lose interest in him/her.            our family. At times I had to withdraw from subjects
                                                         and take leave from the course. Anyway I did get
> Children’s needs conflict with study needs
                                                         through in the end and had a good family life”
“Linking with other mothers to share child care and
                                                           There will of necessity be less time to
support from relatives have been vital in giving me
the time I need to study”
       03               04
                                                           spend ‘as a couple’ but making sure that
                                                           the time spent is of high quality is
                                                           important. Try not to bring study worries
                                                           into family time so that you can get a
                                                           good rest from study and the family can
                                                           enjoy the time you have available for them.

pArt-time student pAck
     Juggling your time

                                  In an age of lifelong learning, juggling       suffer the frustration of having to wait for
                                  work and study will become the standard        resources when your time is limited.
                                  for many people. Employers who wish
                                                                              5 Allow some time to be at the University to
                                  to retain good staff also know that many
                                                                                 do administrative work or to speak with
                                  of their employees may be studying to
                                  maximise their career opportunities.
                                  Nevertheless it is a two edged sword for    6 If appropriate, link assignments with work
                                  most employers and so it is best for you to    interests to maximise use of time and
                                  take charge of the juggling from the outset    indicate relevance of study.
                                  so that your employer remains positive
                                                                              8 Be aware that sometimes work demands
                                  about your study. The following hints may
                                                                                 interfere with study. Ensure that you stay
                                  be of assistance:
                                                                                 in contact with your lecturers/tutors about
                              1   Find out when all assignments and exams        such times and negotiate leeway with
                                  are due and if you are entitled to leave       deadlines if necessary.
                                  or decide to use some recreation leave,
                                                                              9 Find out from your lecturers what
                                  schedule those days or half days in ahead
                                                                                 flexibility arrangements may already exist
                                  of time.
                                                                                 within a particular subject.
                              2   Read all subject information carefully,
                                                                              10 Remember that even with the best
                                  so‑that you don’t get caught with a time
                                                                                 intentions and management, juggling
                                  consuming task that needs planning.
                                                                                 study and/or work and/or family may
                              3   Organise tutorial times as early as            prove too difficult. Assistance is available
                                  possible so that you have a choice that        through Student Services to try and
                                  best suits your timetable.                     work through your issues or you may
                                                                                 need to‑use leave of absence or subject
                              4   Access library resources as soon as
                                                                                 withdrawal/ late withdrawal options.
                                  you get an assignment so that you don’t

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     pArt-time student pAck

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