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									September 21, 2009

Parent, Staff and Community Satisfaction Survey
Bluewater District School Board (BWDSB) wants to learn about the experiences of parents, staff and
community members in our system. All parents and guardians of BWDSB students, and all BWDSB staff
members, have been invited to participate in a voluntary, online satisfaction survey between September
21, 2009 and October 12, 2009. To collect data from the community, a random sample telephone
survey was administered between September 14 and September 19, 2009.

Last spring, BWDSB launched a multi-phase outreach plan to improve accountability and transparency
in the areas of involvement, responsiveness to complaints, and board communication. This system-
wide parent, staff and community satisfaction survey is an important part of the outreach plan. The
survey assesses overall satisfaction with Bluewater schools and the board, and provides a better
understanding of the key concerns raised during the public input meetings in May and June, 2009.
Survey results will help the board identify what is working well, and where it can improve. More
importantly, it will establish baseline data to measure the impact of actions taken as a result of the

Parent Survey
On September 21, 2009, letters were sent home with all parents and guardians of BWDSB students
inviting their participation in the voluntary online survey. To improve the reliability and validity of the
results, a unique code was assigned to each school, which must be entered to access the survey. Print
copies of the parent survey are available at each school for parents without access to computers.
Parents have been asked to complete only one survey per household per school, and parents with more
than one child attending the school have been asked to reflect on their overall school experience,
rather than the individual experiences of each child. Parents with children attending two or more
different schools are able to submit parent surveys for each school.

The results of the parent survey will be analysed and reported on a board-wide basis. However,
individual school results may also be available for discussion and review by School Community
Councils. A minimum number of responses will be required from a school for an analysis at the school
level, depending on the size of the school population. This will ensure valid and reliable results, and
will prevent the disclosure of identifying information about individual respondents. School data will
not be available unless there are a sufficient number of responses from each school’s parent

Staff Survey
Data for the staff survey is also being collected online, through a secure survey website. All BWDSB
staff members received an email invitation to participate, and results will be analysed and reported on
a board-wide basis. The survey gives staff the option of identifying the school at which they work, to
enable the analysis of school-based data when there are sufficient numbers of respondents, for

discussion and review at the school level. Staff members who are also parents are invited to submit
both a parent survey and a staff survey.

Community Survey
Data for the community survey was collected through a random sample telephone survey, administered
between September 14 and September 19, 2009. All Bluewater households had an equal chance of
being selected to participate in the survey, in accordance with the distribution of the population across
Grey and Bruce Counties. Respondents younger than 18 years of age, and Catholic school supporters,
did not qualify to participate. Parents and staff members who were randomly selected for the
community survey are also invited to participate in the parent and staff surveys.

Transparency, Security, Validity, and Reliability
The survey instrument was developed and finalized by Academica Group, a professional research firm
with many years of experience in satisfaction survey implementation and education policy. Three
versions of the instrument were created to measure satisfaction among parents, staff, and community
members. While the parent and staff surveys measure satisfaction at the school and board levels, the
community survey measures satisfaction at the board level only. Organizations representing Bluewater
staff, parents, and the community participated in a review of the instrument before it was finalized,
and their feedback was incorporated into the final survey.

Academica Group respects the privacy of BWDSB employees, and the confidentiality of staff personal
information. All survey data is being securely stored by Academica Group, and only Academica Group
will have access to the data for the purposes of analysis and reporting.

The results of the parent, staff, and community surveys will be presented by Academica Group at the
November 17, 2009 Bluewater District School Board meeting and will be posted to the board’s website.

Thank you for helping us to learn more about your experience with Bluewater schools. Your views and
opinions are important to us! If you have any questions about the administration of the survey, please
contact Peggy Sattler at Academica Group ( or 1-866-922-8636 ext. 222.


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