NSW Mini-budget - taxes up, spending sliced, hiring frozen

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					                     Economic Update
                     NSW Mini Budget raises taxes, cuts spending, freezes
                     jobs. Surpluses retained though
                     •    The NSW Mini budget has increased taxes across a range of areas, from ferry charges and
                          document copying to coal royalties.

                     •    Expenditures have been cut by $3.3bn over the budget estimates period. Rail infrastructure plans
                          have been scaled back.

                     •    The desire to maintain a AAA credit rating has won out over the need to assist the struggling NSW

                     Running with the tide?

                     The NSW mini-budget is framed against a significant deterioration in the state’s fiscal position. In attempting
                     to offset this deterioration there is a risk that fiscal settings become inappropriate for the economic backdrop.
                     Many governments around the world for example are acting to shore up their economies by introducing fiscal
                     stimulus in tandem with easier monetary policies. Even Japan’s government, with government debt topping
                     150% of GDP, has announced a US$51.5bn fiscal stimulus package.
                     Counter-cyclical fiscal policy – currently being employed by governments around the world - boosts
                     expenditure and/or cuts taxes during economic downturns, as governments attempt to bolster private sector
                     In an economy that has, arguably, borne the brunt of higher interest rates and is squarely in the firing line of
                     the financial sector job losses associated with the global financial crisis adopting pro-cyclical fiscal policy
                     would seem to be counter-intuitive.
                     The NSW mini budget manages to hold the budget in surplus. Over the 4 years from 2008-09 to 2011-12 the
                     cumulative surplus is projected to be $694mn, down from the $2,614mn estimated in June.
                     This has been brought about through a $3.6bn increase in taxes, and a $3.3bn cut in expenditures. Whilst a
                     number of key measures account for the bulk of increased revenue the spread of the grab for funds is broad.
                     A number of the smaller revenue measures, such as the increased harbour bridge tolls – a worthy measure on
                     congestion charging grounds – the ferry passenger charge, the parking space levy and increases in rail fares
                     will likely feed into inflation. Not even the severely impacted big end of town has been let off the hook, with
                     boat mooring fees east of the Sydney Harbour Bridge – the Eastern Suburbs & North Shore – jacked up.
  11 November 2008

                     As a short term measure the NSW government has deferred the abolition of a range of stamp duties that were
                     part of the agreement to introduce the GST. This measure to postpone expected tax reforms highlights the
                     NSW government’s desire to maintain a surplus. The decision to temporarily retain these duties, which
                     interfere with economic activity, will no doubt provide ample fodder for the Henry tax review, which highlighted
                     the reliance of the states budgets on inefficient transaction taxes. As the NSW mini budget shows, transaction
                     taxes can also be highly cyclical, destabilising government revenues at precisely the point in an economic
                     cycle that fiscal expansions may be appropriate.
                     Whilst expenses are higher, the largest influences are the impact of lower superannuation returns and
                     increase spending funded by the Federal government. At a time when the NSW jobless rate is amongst the
                     highest in the nation at 5.2%, the NSW government has instituted a freeze on non-frontline public service
                     hiring. Though many projects have been cut or deferred there are a few positive expenditure decisions. The
                     additional first home owner grants will compliment the Federal government’s already announced boost to new
                     home construction. Additional spending on buses, rail cars and commuter car parks should assist in meeting
                     public transport demands.
                     On the whole though, the mini budget, which cuts spending and freezes hiring in an economy that already has
                     weak employment growth whilst lifting taxes and introducing a bevy of new or increased levies and charges, is
                     unlikely to assist the flagging NSW economy a great deal.
                     Hopefully, the counter-cyclical fiscal policy being run by the federal government, in conjunction with significant
                     rate cuts from the RBA will be sufficient to provide a boost to the ailing NSW economy.

                     James McIntyre – Economist – 61 2 9312 4142 -

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Economic Update
Chart 1: Other recent fiscal policy announcements

Economic Update

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Economic Update

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