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					       Robert M. Lewis., D-ABMDI
        Supervisory Investigator
I have been employed with the Madison County
Coroner's Office since May, 1992.

Prior to that I was a Paramedic with Medco
Ambulance Service, Wood River Township Hospital
and Alton Memorial Ambulance.

I was enrolled in the St. Louis School of Medicine's
Medicolegal Death Investigation Course and received
a certificate January, 1993.

Since then I have several hundred hours of training
through seminars and conferences, from
Southwestern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission,
St. Louis School of Medicine's Master Conference's,
1997 and 1999, Illinois Coroner's & Medical
Examiner's Association, Illinois Division International
Association for Identification and most recently
attended a conference given by Wayne State School of
Medicine, Detroit, Michigan.

I am a Registered Medicolegal Death Investigator-
Diplomat as of July, 1999.
I am on the Motor Vehicle Committee of Madison
County Partnership for Community Health.