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					                                                                                 Tuesday, 27 January 2009
            General Collaboration                                                              2:43:47 PM
Country       Partner                                   Collaboration             Date signed
Europe        Australian‐European Network               Student exchange          31/07/2000
Germany       Brandenburg University Of Technology      General                   11/06/2008
Hong Kong     Institute of Advanced Nursing Studies,    General                   25/01/2007
              Hospital Authority
India         Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay    Other                      7/11/2006
India         Amity University                          General                   27/07/2005
India         Whistling Woods International             General                   15/01/2007
India         Xavier Institute of Communications        Academic collaboration    25/07/2005
India         Kishinchand Chellaram College             General                   25/07/2005
India         31                                        General                   31/10/2008
India         Asian Academy of Film & TV                General                   13/04/2006
India         Ansal Institute of Technology             General                   18/01/2007
India         Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur    Other                     13/06/2007
India         University of Hyderabad                   General                   14/02/2007
India         Jyoti Nivas College                       General                    8/01/2008
India         Manipal Academy of Higher Education       Advanced standing         12/05/2006
India         Amity University                          General                   27/07/2005
India         Mount Carmel College                      General                   15/12/2006
India         IILM Institute for Higher Education       Advanced standing         11/11/2008
India         National Law School of India University   General                   22/03/2008
India         Indian Institute of Technology,           Academic collaboration    24/06/1999
India         VIMTA Labs Limited                        General                    4/12/2008
India         Institute of Management Technology        General                   27/06/2008
India         Institute of Management Technology        General                   27/06/2008
India         Creative‐I College of Creative Arts       General                   22/04/2006
India         Xavier Institute of Management and        General                    2/11/2007
India         University of Pune                        General                   10/08/2007
              University of Pune
India         MassCoMedia                               General                   22/11/2007
India         Federation of Indian Chambers of          General                   27/08/2003
              Commerce and Industry
India         Indraprastha College for Women            Academic collaboration    23/12/2004
India         School of Convergence                     General                    3/04/2006
India         School of Broadcasting &                  General                   18/04/2006
Country       Partner                                   Collaboration              Date signed
Indonesia     PSKD Mandiri School                       Academic collaboration     18/03/2005
Indonesia     Universitas Mercu Buana                   General                    12/06/2007
Indonesia     Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember       Academic collaboration      7/10/2002
Iran          Iran University of Science & Technology   General                     8/04/2006
Ireland       University of Ulster                      Academic collaboration      1/07/2002
Italy         Universita Degli Studi Mediterranea Di    General                    16/06/2004
              Reggio Calabria
Japan         Shiga University                          General                    10/03/2006
Japan         Gakushuin Women's University              English language program   17/06/2008
Japan         Aichi Bunko University                    Academic collaboration     10/08/1999
Japan         Toyo Eiwa Women's University              English language program   20/02/2007
Japan         Kobe City University                      English language program   17/09/2007
Japan         Shinshu University                        General                     4/04/2008
Korea         Daekyung College                          Academic collaboration     24/12/2004
Korea         Dongguk University                        Academic collaboration     12/12/2002
Korea         Pohang University of Science and          English language program   12/12/2005
Korea         Chungju National University               Short term study program   22/03/2005
Korea         Pukyong National University               General                    20/10/2008
Korea         Dongkuk University                        Academic collaboration     21/11/2008
Korea         Chungbuk National University              General                    11/11/2008
Korea         Suwon Women's University                  General                    18/01/2007
Korea         Sogang University                         General                     7/12/2006
Malaysia      Asia Pacific University College of        Academic collaboration     18/08/2005
              Technology and Innovation, UCTI
Malaysia      KDU College Sendirian Berhad              Offshore course delivery   18/08/2004
Malaysia      Universiti Sains Malaysia                 Academic collaboration     23/04/2008
Malaysia      Universiti Utara Malaysia                 Academic collaboration     25/05/2005
Malaysia      Regional Centre for Education in Science  Academic collaboration     10/05/2006
              and Mathematics (RECSAM)
Malaysia      Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka                  Academic collaboration      1/12/2003
Malaysia      Universiti Sains Malaysia                 Academic collaboration     28/04/2005
New Zealand   Massey University                         General                     7/12/2007
Philippines   Santo Tomas University                    Academic collaboration     26/02/2007
PR China      Southwest University                      General                     7/11/2006
PR China      Communication University of China         Academic collaboration     10/07/2007
PR China      Australia City College                    Short term study program   17/09/2007
PR China      Capital Medical University                General                    24/08/2006
Country             Partner                                   Collaboration              Date signed
PR China            Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute    Academic collaboration     18/10/2005
                    of Applied Ecology
PR China            Peking University                         Advanced standing          20/05/2005
PR China            Peking University Health Science Center   Advanced standing          21/10/2003
PR China            Capital University of Medical Sciences    Academic collaboration     29/07/2003
PR China            East China University of Politics and Law  General                   13/06/2008
PR China            North China University of Technology      Academic collaboration     29/11/2007
PR China            Tianjin Polytechnic University            General                    26/06/2006
PR China            DaLian Polytechnic University             Advanced standing           9/08/2005
PR China            Beijing University of Chemical            General                    14/07/2006
PR China            Wenzhou Medical College                   General                     4/10/2006
Qatar               Hamad Medical Corporation                 Other                      28/09/2006
Singapore           Nanyang Polytechnic                       Advanced standing          23/11/2004
Singapore           Republic Polytechnic                      Academic collaboration     23/11/2004
Switzerland         Padagogische Hochschule                   Short term study program   14/12/2005
                    Zentralschweiz (PHZ)
Taiwan              National Chengchi University              Academic collaboration     13/11/2008
Taiwan              National Taiwan University of Arts        Academic collaboration     21/07/2006
Taiwan              National Taiwan Normal University         Academic collaboration      8/06/2004
Taiwan              Oriental Institute of Technology          General                    26/04/2007
Thailand            Asian Institute of Technology             Academic collaboration      7/08/2006
Thailand            Suan Sunandha Rajabhat Uni (SSRU)         Academic collaboration      3/04/2008
Thailand            Silpakorn University                      Academic collaboration      6/12/2001
Thailand            Sarasas Ektra School (SES)                Other                      26/07/2005
United Arab         VGBO Dubai                                Other
United Kingdom      Kingston University                       General                     8/11/2007
United Kingdom      Roehampton University                     General                    18/12/2006
United Kingdom      London College of Communication, Uni      Academic collaboration     22/11/2007
                    of the Arts London
United Kingdom      University of Huddersfield                General                    27/07/2007
United States of    Kansas State University                   Student exchange            1/01/1999
Vietnam             Hanoi Architectural University            Academic collaboration      6/09/2001

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