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					                                                                  Probable Cause
                                                                    Theresa Schwegel

   Title                         Probable Cause
   Author                        Theresa Schwegel
   ISBN                          9781847241023
   Imprint                       Quercus
   Binding                       Trade paperback
   Extent                        352 pages
   Dimensions                    234 x 153mm
   RRP                           $29.95
   Release Date                  August 2007

Theresa Schwegel follows her award-winning Officer Down with the tale of a rookie
Chicago cop whose desire to be one of the boys sees him getting into something way
over his head.


Officer Ray Weiss is a cop’s son, a cop’s grandson. All he’s ever wanted is to follow in their
footsteps. And when he finally gets to wear the badge, it seems everything is falling into

But first Ray needs to pass his initiation test. He’ll have to break the law to earn the respect
of the team. It goes against everything he believes in, but he has no choice and when it all
goes wrong, he can’t help but think this isn’t a coincidence.

Faced with a dead body and forced to make a false arrest, Ray begins to wonder if being one
of the boys is worth it.

Sales Points

◦ Theresa Schwegel’s previous novel, Officer Down, won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel
◦ Officer Down was also nominated for the Anthony Award for Best First Mystery
◦ Theresa Schwegel is an exciting new talent in the vein of Kathy Reichs and Tess Gerritsen

Author Profile

Theresa Schwegel grew up in Illinois and always believed she would be a crime writer. She
studied Communications Media at Loyola University in Chicago and went on to a screenwriting
course at Chapman University in Orange County. She lives in California and this is her second

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