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                   Creating Home Spaces for Wellness and Well-Being

M   ore and more Americans are treating their home as a sanctuary from the stress of the outside
world. Home-centered lifestyles are becoming even more common now as people cope with an
uncertain economy. One expression of this trend is creating spaces in the home that enhance a
family’s wellness and sense of well-being.
                                          Home fitness is a growing trend because it is convenient,
                                     fits into busy schedules, saves time, is often more comfortable,
                                     and enhances the benefits of weekly exercise classes. Creating
                                     a home fitness space can be as simple as putting a yoga
                                     mat in a spare room. Even a sophisticated workout room
                                     can be relatively easy to build, according to the National
                                     Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI)i, because
                                     little, if any, plumbing or electrical work is usually required.
                                     Popular scenarios include transforming a guest bedroom,
                                     basement, attic, or room above the garage into a gym, yoga or
                                     meditation room, or home spa.

                                     Home Gyms
                                       “Regardless of its size, the ideal space is one you’re going to
                                      use. It should be a place you enjoy being in,” says Leanne
                                      Lalor, a certified personal trainer, strength training specialist,
                                      and Pilates instructor. Leanne, who owns TeamMates Fitnessii
                                      in Wellesley, Massachusetts, with her husband, Mike, has
                                      helped clients
                                      design fitness        Features to consider
                                      rooms in their       for a home gym:
                                      homes. “It’s
                                                           • Good ventilation
                                      important to
                                      ask first what        • Ample storage
                                      you hope to          • Mirrors – for
accomplish by creating this space. What are                 checking posture
your fitness goals?” she says. The answer, will             • Cushioned flooring
determine what you put in the room.
                                                           • Audio/visual equipment
   Once your fitness room is completed, Leanne
                                                           • Bright or natural lighting
says, “It’s a great idea to have someone come in
and design an exercise program just for you. The           • Exercise equipment - Ask for
key is to have a fitness routine based on your               professional advice before purchasing
equipment and your individual goals.”                       equipment and try it before buying.

Yoga and Meditation Rooms
“When one person practices yoga in a home, everyone else in the home benefits as well,”
says Dr. Katyayani Poole, long-time yoga practitioner and founder of Shruti Institute of Vedic
Artsiii in Broomfield, Colorado. “When somebody is centered, happy, and peaceful, the whole
house is calm.”
   Since it requires no equipment other than a mat and a few props, space for yoga and
                                                                                                            Boston • New York
meditation practice can be carved out of almost anywhere in the house. A special designated
room, empty of distractions, however, becomes a personal sanctuary where you can nourish
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                    Creating Home Spaces for Wellness and Well-Being

yourself, explains Dr. Poole. “The simplicity of the room is what is so great about it. There are
so few places in our lives that are simply quiet and not filled with things and associations.”
    “A yoga or meditation room invites,
through repetitive practice, an energy                                                       Elements to consider for a home
of calm, peace, and uplift. That’s
                                                                                                yoga or meditation room:
why in India, there is always a room
dedicated to meditation, prayer, and                                                       • Room shape – square is best
yoga,” says Dr. Poole. “It makes the                                                       • Simple, unadorned walls
whole house blessed.”                                                                      • Hardwood or bamboo floor
                                                                                           • Abundant natural light
Steam Rooms, Saunas                                                                        • Water feature
and Spa Tubs                                                                               • Sound system – for background
Steam rooms, sauna, and spa tubs                                                             music or chants
offer the ultimate workout ending, as
well as therapeutic benefits, such as
detoxification, improved circulation, and relaxation. These spaces are easily retrofitted into a
home, according to John Raposo, Account Manager at Woodmeister Master Builders.
                                                 Raposo said one of the most popular renovation projects
                                             is converting a shower into a steam room. “It’s a relatively
                                             simple job of modifying
                                             the controls, tiling the
                                                                                   When planning a home spa
                                             ceiling and walls, and
                                             sloping the ceiling to avoid             consider the following:
                                             condensation build-up,”         • Location – build near the exercise area
                                             he explains.                    • Size – for one person or a whole family
                                                 With its dry heat, a       • Materials – tiles for steam shower,
                                             sauna can be built almost        aromatic woods for sauna
                                             anywhere, but is ideally
                                             situated near a bathroom       • Cold dipping tub or pool
                                             with shower. Some              • Sound system for background music
                                             homeowners accompany
                                                                            • Therapeutic or natural lighting
                                             their sauna with a cold
Custom sized saunas can fit most any space.
                                             dipping tub or pool, for a
                                             traditional Scandinavian experience.
        “The key to building a sauna or steam room,” Raposo says, “is dealing with the
moisture. If it’s done right in the beginning, maintenance will be minimal.”

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                                                                                                                         Nantucket • Newport
            Steam showers and spa tubs complete the workout routine.                                        

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