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									                                                                                             Media Release
          DEATH IN
        By Marek Krajewski
  Publishing May 2008, RRP $29.95

Breslau was a German city on the border of Czechoslovakia. It is now, since
World War II, Wroclaw, in Poland. Marek Krajewski has written a quartet of
novels which unfold the history of this exceptional city, standing on the
fault-line and crossroads of 20th century Europe. This is the first novel in the
Breslau 1933: the mutilated body of a young woman, an aristocrat, is found
dead on a train. Scorpions writhe in her slashed stomach, a horrifying image
that becomes crucial to the investigation.
Inspector Eberhard Mock is called to head an investigation that leads deep
into the city’s dirty underbelly, where perverted aristocrats cavort with
prostitutes, corrupt ministers torture confessions from lowly Jews and
Freemasons guard their secrets with blackmail and daggers.
As Mock and his assistant, Anwaldt, unravel a mystery of ritual killing that
dates back to the time of the Crusades, the elderly Mock and young,
fatherless Anwaldt become close. But the dark, occult aspect of this most
macabre of cases, coupled with the heavy presence of Germany’s secret
police proves too much for Anwaldt’s sanity.
Krajewski’s depiction of the sinister, beautiful, corrupt city of Breslau is not
only the vehicle for his dark and gripping stories but a notable literary
achievement in itself. He conjures a powerfully stifling atmosphere of a city
in the grip of the Gestapo.

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