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									              Madison County Consolidation Executive Committee

                                Meeting: August 29, 2007
                                       10:30 a.m.

                   Madison County 911 Communications Center
                     Wood River Facility – Training Room

William Gamblin opened the meeting with the following members present:

William Gamblin                        911 Coordinator
Deanna Roggio                          911 Staff
Alan Winslow                           Bethalto PD
Rich Schardan                          Maryville PD
David Schneider                        Collinsville PD
Marty Siglock                          MADCO Buildings & Lands
Otis Steward                           Wood River PD
William Webber                         ETSB Chairman

A Motion was made by Bill Webber and seconded by Otis Steward to nominate and
elect Alan Winslow as Chairman of the Executive Committee. Motion passed with a
voice vote.

A Motion was made by Bill Webber and seconded by Marty Siglock to nominate and
elect Rich Schardan as Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee. Motion passed
with a unanimous voice vote.

Chairman Alan Winslow opened the meeting.

Chairman asked for a report from each committee member.

Rich Schardan, Chairman of the Operations Committee gave a report. He stated that he is
waiting to hear back from his members as to what they would like to see in a Consolidated

At this time, a lengthy discussion took place regarding how to start the center and numerous
issues were discussed regarding start up costs, what the Comm Center should start out as
(i.e., full/partial call taking duties) as well as funding options and what charges if any would
or could a PSAP incur whether they choose to come in or stay out. Ultimately, the quality of
service provided to the citizens will be the driving force on what decisions are made.

It would take a referendum vote to increase the surcharge at anytime in the future.
Several members discussed that there was grant monies up to $37,000,000 for the State
of Illinois for Inter-Operability and there was an information meeting being held in
Springfield at the Crown Plaza Hotel on September 6, 2007. Bill Gamblin is going to
attend and he is going to report back with any information and invited any members
interested to attend as well. It was also mentioned that if we do it countywide, the
chances of receiving some monies would be better. This grant is a one-time shot
however, and if you miss any dates, you are just out of the running.

Again, discussion of how the center would run and how would run it was the topic of
discussion. The issue of liability came up.

The question became that of does this committee agrees with the concept (like several
other counties in Illinois) of having an oversight committee running it, with obvious
liability insurance rather than the ETSB assume all liabilities. The overall consensus was
yes, the oversight committee would be the best route to go.

Radio issues, CAD Issues, back-up PSAP issues and Inter-Agency Agreements were all

At this time, Otis Steward, Chairman of the Management/Personnel Committee stated
that in his report, he is a standstill as with all the committees as far as to what direction to
tell his members to go in. He needs guidance from this board and PSAP costs and what
charges will be incurred before he can go any further. However, he feels that he had a lot
of good information in this meeting today to move forward.

Marty Siglock presented an updated floor plan that Bill Janes had electronically sent to all
members prior to this meeting. The issue came up that Mr. Barry Moyer who did all the
work for this project is with another company and it was the consensus of the committee to
stay with him, as he knew the project, at his new place of employment FGM even though it
was outside of the county. He does a lot of work for Madison and again, the
recommendation was to stay with the architect who was had done all the plans up to this
point. All members on the Executive Committee agreed. Mr. Siglock wanted to mention
that there would be costs for use of the facility even though the 911 office is not being
charged anything to occupy their offices now. It will be a 24/7 operation and the county will
incur costs. By next meeting, Marty will provide the committee with an estimated cost of
constructing the center.
Alan Winslow stated that he is waiting on other committees to submit their recommendations
as well. He will sit in on all meetings between Mr. Gamblin and any county finance
committees as well as Chairman Dunstan and Joe Parente from this point forward.

David Schneider reported that his committee has only met once and is waiting on Mr.
Gamblin to get answers from SA John MaGuire to several questions before his committee
meets again.

William Webber asked that each Chairman of each committee be prepared to bring back all
the requested information to the next Executive Committee Meeting.

Mr. Gamblin stated that he would have all the numbers put together and sent out to each
member by September 21st, 2007.

Mr. Gamblin stated his last issue concerns two classes, NG911 and VoIP that will be offered
to PSAP Managers and committee members and will be offered here at the Wood River
Training Facility, more information to soon follow. He urged all to come, as the information
is invaluable and is of no cost to the attendees. Mr. Gamblin is attempting to get the dates
locked in for October 16 and 17, 2007. Each class is eight (8) hours in length.

Otis Steward made a Motion, seconded by Rich Schardan to Adjourn the Executive
Committee Meeting. Motion passed with a unanimous voice vote.

It was decided that the next Executive Committee Meeting will be held on Tuesday,
October 2nd @ 9:00 a.m. at the 911 Cood. Office

The meeting concluded at 12:17 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Deanna Roggio

Executive Committee Minutes August 29, 2007

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