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									Enterprise Integration

    Oil & Gas Joint Ventures

Creating Value for the Oil & Gas Industry
using Wireless, Telecommunications and
     e-Business Technology Forum
              Oct. 7, 2002
         Your Presenters
Shell Canada Ltd:
    Stacy Thuen - IWS Inc.

Sierra Systems:
    Christopher Duffield
•   Athabasca Oil Sands Project
•   The Opportunity
•   The Challenges
•   Business Benefits
•   Summary
•   QA
 Athabasca Oil Sands Project
• $5.2 Billion Capital project
• 60% Shell Canada Ltd., 20% Chevron
  Canada Resources, 20% Western Oil
• 155,000 barrels per day of bitumen
• Consists of:
  – Muskeg River Mine, 75km North of Fort McMurray
  – Scotford Upgrader next to Shell's existing Scotford
    Refinery north of Fort Saskatchewan
Joint Venture IT Requirements
• Production reporting at defined intervals of
• Tracking of variable costs during defined
  intervals of processing
          The Opportunity
• New systems to support mining and
  extraction of bitumen
• New systems to track variable costs for
• New configurations of existing systems
• Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  tools are finally ready
          The Challenge
• Rapid evaluations and timely selection
  of EAI tools
• Rapid implementation EAI infrastructure
• Integration of several heterogeneous,
  geographically diverse systems
• Learning what’s the hard part
• Learning what’s the easy part
   Rapid Evaluation & Timely
• Review of existing software investments
• Head to head evaluation of short listed
  EAI applications
  – Criteria
     •   Functionality
     •   Flexibility
     •   Existing out of box adapters to applications
     •   Integration development effort
     •   Maintainability and support
       Rapid Infrastructure
• Creation of Integration Department
• Internal Education:
  – what EAI is
  – what EAI can do
  – when EAI should be used
• Establishment of development, test and
  production environments
  – hardware/software
  – best practices and standards
Integration of Diverse Systems
• Applications to Integrate:
  – JD Edwards (ERP)
  – OSI PI - Plant Information
  – Oracle hosted Training Application
  – Site Security Application
  – Time and attendance system
  – Truck Dispatch System
  – B2B integration with 3rd party
  – Data warehouse - integrating both
    financial and operation data
           The Hard Part
• Clearly defining the business and data
  requirements of integrated systems
• Understanding the data:
  – What is the data’s system of record?
  – What limitations/assumptions exist on
• Abstracting the data from the source
          The Easy Part
• WebMethods - the tool works as
• Integration effort of:
  – Oracle
  – JDE One World
  – DB2
  – MS Access
       Steps to Success
• Senior level sponsorship
• The right team
  – senior technical lead
  – business analyst involvement in all
    integration areas
  – developer who has a business focus not a
    technology focus
• The right EAI tool for your integration
• The right environment
  – open communications
        Business Benefits
• Accurate data maintained in the entire
• Automated publication of production data
• Reduction of data entry and administration

• EAI Technology is finally here.
• EAI enable integration of data not
  previously possible
• Data enables Joint Venture reporting
• Ask away

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