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									ISSUE 60 UKRAINE FAMINE—HOLODOMOR                                                  JANUARY 2008

Man‟s inhumanity toward others is well docu-        Serving as an election monitor in the Ukraine
mented, but not always well remembered.             in September 2007, Mr. Goldring said he was
Starting in November 2007 the world is taking       struck by how much the Poltava region re-
time to remember one of the greatest atroci-        sembles Northern Alberta, and how fertile the
ties of the 20th century, the planned famine in     land obviously is. He could tell that such
Ukraine imposed by the Stalinist forces of the      farmland could never have a naturally occur-
USSR in 1932-33, known as the Holodomor.            ring famine – some outside force would have
                                                    to be involved.

Prime Minister Stephen                                                        Mr. Harper told the
Harper joined with Ed-                                                        gathering he was
monton East MP Peter                                                          “very honoured to
Goldring at a solemn                                                          join you tonight in this
Parliament Hill cere-                                                         solemn commemora-
mony Wednesday Nov.                                                           tion of the Holodo-
28, 2007, remembering                                                         mor.”
the deaths of seven mil-
lion Ukrainians during                                                        The Prime Minister
the Holodomor, an arti-                                                       went on to say that
ficial famine created by                                                      “the 20th century was
Joseph Stalin’s regime                                                        described by Pope
in 1932-33.                                                                   John Paul II as the
                                                                              „century of tears.‟ The
Mr. Goldring hosted                                                           world was infected by
and     organized     the                                                     a lethal combination
event for parliamentari-                                                      of utopian ideology
ans, diplomats and                                                            and brutal despotism.
members of the Ukrain-                                                        It spawned totalitar-
ian-Canadian commu-                                                           ian regimes that en-
nity, part of a series of                                                     slaved their own
events that will be held                                                       peoples and sought
across Canada and            The Holodomor Memorial In Edmonton serves        to conquer others.
                               as a reminder of the millions of innocent
around the world in a         Ukrainians who died as a result of the brutal
year of remembrance.             policies of Josef Stalin in the 1930s.       Rarely did dogma and
ISSUE 60 UKRAINE FAMINE—HOLODOMOR                 PAGE 2                           JANUARY 2008

dictatorship combine to more murderous ef-         Ukrainian people was a mortal offence
fect than in the regime of the communist ty-       against the values we hold dearest; freedom,
rant Josef Stalin. Tonight we remember and         democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
honour those Ukrainians who suffered horri-
bly during his                                                                 Ladies and gentle-
savage      reign.                                                             men, in remem-
The main instru-                                                               bering      these
ment of Stalin‟s                                                               events, we should
persecution of                                                                 also never forget
Ukrainians was                                                                 the efforts that
Collectivization.                                                              some made to en-
                                                                               courage us to cast
The honest and                                                                 aside these values
hard-working                                                                   and turn a blind
people who had                                                                 eye to this brutal-
tilled the rich soil                                                           ity. Between the
of       Eastern                                                               two world wars
Europe success-                                                                and the long cold
fully for centu-                                                               war that followed,
ries were forced                                                               apologists tried to
to farm for the                                                                 persuade us that
                        Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at the Holodomor
Soviet state. By        Remembrance on Parliament Hill, referring to 1932-33 in the ideology of
crushing private         the Ukraine as “one of the worst famines the world has communism was
ownership, ini-                              ever known.”                       benign.
tiative, and dig-
nity, collectivization destroyed most of their They said we should be neutral towards it –
agricultural production, and the soviets stole an “honest broker.” They said we should
the rest. The result was one of the worst fam- learn to live with it – that we had nothing to
ines the world has ever known, millions of fear from the Soviet Empire. Canadians knew
men, women and children - mostly Ukrainian, better. So we took a stand. We stood for free-
but also some Kazakhs and Russians – died dom and fundamental human rights. We
of starvation. Those who refused to yield stood against oppression in Ukraine. We
were slaughtered.                                      stood with its brave people, and those of the
                                                       other captive nations of central and Eastern
We in Canada are bonded to this dark chap- Europe. And when Ukraine won her freedom,
ter in human history by more than a million we became the first western country to for-
Canadians of Ukrainian descent, many of mally recognize her membership in the free
whom lost loved ones in the Holodomor. And world.
so, all Canadians join us in commemorating
this 75th anniversary of the terrible famine of Our special kinship with Ukraine was dis-
1932-33. Because what was done to the played to the world again last month.
ISSUE 60 UKRAINE FAMINE—HOLODOMOR                   PAGE 3                        JANUARY 2008

(October 2007) At UNESCO, Canada proudly          Harper and Mr. Goldring, Ukrainian Ambas-
co-sponsored the government of Ukraine‟s          sador Ihor Ostash and UCC President Paul
motion honouring the millions who perished        Grod shared their thoughts on the genocide.
in the famine and acknowledging that their        A time of prayer and remembrance was also
deaths      were                                                            held.
caused by the
brutal commu-                                                                  In the House of
nist dictatorship                                                              Commons earlier
of Josef Stalin.                                                               that     day  Mr.
That was just the                                                              Goldring spoke of
beginning of a                                                                 the need to re-
year of com-                                                                   member        the
memorative                                                                     atrocities of the
events in Can-                                                                 past to ensure
ada planned by                                                                 similar events do
the    Ukrainian                                                               not happen in the
Canadian Con-                                                                  future.
                                                                                “We      remember
Our government                                                                  today the victims
welcomes and                                                                     of the Holodo-
supports these           On behalf of the people of Canada, Peter Goldring,      mor, of the dark
efforts because       Member of Parliament for Edmonton East, laid a wreath at   side of human-
remembering            a Holodomor Memorial in Kyiv during a July 2007 visit to
                                                                                 ity,” Mr. Goldring
                                       Ukraine with the OSCE.
those who died,                                                                  said. “By remem-
and why they                                                                     bering we help
died, is our best hope against history repeat- the world guard against those who would re-
ing itself.”                                         peat such genocide. “

The Prime Minister’s address was enthusias- The full text of Mr. Goldring’s statement
tically received by the audience, who had reads:
earlier witnessed a moving video presenta-
tion on the Holodomor.                      “Mr. Speaker,

Joining in sponsoring the event were the          Today we remember the Holodomor, a crime
Ukraine – Canada Parliamentary Friendship         against humanity the world has chosen to for-
Group, of which Mr. Goldring was the chair,       get.
the Embassy of Ukraine in Canada and the
Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC).     More than seven million perished in Ukraine
                                       in a planned famine created by Stalin‟s des-
As well as hearing from Prime Minister potic 1930s regime.
ISSUE 60 UKRAINE FAMINE — HOLODOMOR                        PAGE 4                        JANUARY 2008

                                                       domor, of the dark side of humanity, and by
This annihilation was not caused by the rav-           remembering we help the world guard
ages of nature, nor the scourge of pestilence,         against those who would repeat such geno-
nor by the obliteration of war, but by the hand        cide. “
of a dictator consumed with hatred.
                                                       It is time to remember that crime against hu-
Why mankind wreaks death and destruction               manity. Philosopher George Santayana is
on its own in such unimaginable numbers                famous for saying "those who fail to learn the
might not even have the understanding given            lessons of history are doomed to repeat
it by the Almighty in the Hereafter.                   them." Let us hope that as the world spends
                                                       a year remembering the victims of the Holo-
Ukrainians, starved to death in the                    domor that we have at last learned some les-
“Breadbasket of Europe,” are being remem-              sons from history and can look forward to a
bered in ceremonies across Canada and                  day soon when genocides will be only be
around the world.                                      found in history.

We remember today the victims of the Holo-

Update: The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has a National Holdodomor Commemoration
Committee which will be coordinating various commemoration events throughout the year.
For more information on the Holodomor you can visit their website at

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