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Mahmood Hussain Resume


Mahmood Hussain Resume

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									                  MAHMOOD HUSSAIN
             House No. 5-A, 3/2, Paposh Nagar, Nazimabad # 5, Karachi
                               Cell No. 0345-2860984

                 I am an ambitious person seeking a position in a reputable
                 organization that challenges my skills and my strong abilities in the
                 related field.
                  H.Sc.
                 From Board of Intermediate Education Karachi.
Technical Qualification:
                    3 years Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Diploma Course
                       from Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi
Professional Experience:
                   Seven Years (1980-1987) worked with Carrier Services
                    Company Al-Khopbar, Saudia Arabia As Air Conditioning
                   Thirteen Years (1992-2005) worked with Bin Ladin Group of
                    Companies, Saudia H.V.A.C. Foreman Duty assigned in
                    Al-Makkah Haram Sharif A/C Plant.
                   During my carrier with Bin Ladin I earned excellent reports
                    and man of the month awards. I want through refresher course
                    on mechanical repairs and trouble shooting, Compressor
                    repairs and A/C maintenance as well on basic control of
                    electronic circuits & also installation of Air Handling Units &
                    Fan Coil Units & Ducting.
                   Working in Jel General, Electromechanic in worked as a Site
                    Engineer, Work for Telenor M.S.C . I complete Abbotabad,
                    Sargodha and Karachi Green Field M.S.C
                   Worked with Decent Trading Enterprise as a Sales Manager
                    from 10-12-2006 to 16-09-2007.
                   Presently working in MSK Company as a Site Engineer work
                    for Telenor MSC Site Honda Showroom Sentrum Grienfield
                    and Dewan MSC Telenor.
Personal Information:
              Name                          Mahmood Hussain
              S/o                           Mumtaz Hussain
              D.O.B.                        August 18th 1955
              Religion                      Islam
              Marital Status                Married

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