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River Plant
                                                                         Facility Highlights
                                                                         1 x 0 cogeneration consisting of a combustion
                                                                         turbine generator and a heat recovery steam

                                                                         Petro-Canada’s MacKay River Development, 60 km
                                                                         NW of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

                                                                         In-Service Date:
                                                                         Fall 2004.

                                                                         Nameplate Capacity:
                                                                         165 MW electrical and 720 tonnes/hr of steam.

                                                                         Natural gas and produced gas.

                                                                         Environmental Features:
                                                                         Highly fuel efficient – 75% at design conditions.
                                                                         Dry low NOx combustion technology to minimize
                                                                         air emissions.

                                                                         TransCanada Energy Ltd., a wholly-owned
MacKay River is an industrial cogeneration project that is situated on   subsidiary of TransCanada PipeLines Limited.
Petro-Canada’s MacKay River oilsands development, 60 kilometres
northwest of Fort McMurray, Alberta. The cogeneration plant is an        Operator:
integral part of Petro-Canada’s new bitumen extraction facilities.       TransCanada Energy Ltd. (through contract with
The project uses a General Electric 7FA combustion turbine equipped
with a dry low NOx combustion system to maximize fuel efficiency         Primary Customers:
and minimize air emissions.
                                                                         Petro-Canada, Merchant Market.
In order to deliver the large quantities of steam required by Petro-
Canada, the MacKay River project uses one of the largest Enhanced
Oil Recovery HRSGs ever built.
MacKay River Plant
The MacKay River cogeneration plant is configured around a single 165
megawatt (MW) General Electric 7241 (FA) industrial combustion turbine
generator equipped with a dry low emission system to serve Petro-Canada’s
enhanced oil recovery (EOR) bitumen extraction facilities. The turbine exhaust                    MacKay River Plant
gases, augmented by duct burners, pass through an EOR heat recovery steam
generator (HRSG) to produce high-pressure, wet steam for use in Petro-
Canada’s steam injection wells and production heaters. Produced gas, a
byproduct from the Petro-Canada injection wells, will be used in the HRSG duct
burners to augment steam production from the gas turbine train.

A large portion of the steam used in the injection wells is recovered by
Petro-Canada as produced water. This produced water supplies most of the
feedwater required for the HRSG. Feedwater makeup is obtained from a
groundwater aquifer.

The cogeneration plant is monitored and operated using a standalone
Distributed Control System situated within the Petro-Canada facility control
building. This provides Petro-Canada with complete control over steam
production and allows Petro-Canada staff to operate the cogeneration plant                      Power plants owned or controlled
as part of their daily routine. The plant is designed to operate at full load, 24               by TransCanada
hours per day, year-round, except for short periods of planned maintenance.
                                                                                                Gas storage
The high thermal efficiency and innovative commercial structures of the
MacKay River plant provides Petro-Canada with an opportunity to reduce
overall operating costs. Cogeneration represents a redundant supply of onsite               For further information on this facility, contact:
steam and power, increasing the reliability of Petro-Canada’s MacKay River                  Paul Isaak
Oilsands operations.                                                                        Telephone: 780.539.8831
A portion of the electrical power generated by the cogeneration plant is sold to            E-mail:
Petro-Canada for use onsite as well as at other offsite locations. In addition to
the power contracted to Petro-Canada, up to 150 MW of competitively priced
power is available to Alberta consumers.                                                    450 First Street S.W.
                                                                                            Calgary, Alberta
All dollar amounts are expressed in Canadian funds, unless otherwise indicated.             T2P 5H1
                                           Enhanced Oil Recovery
                           Natural Gas      Once Through Heat
                                         Recovery Steam Generator


                                         Burners                              80% Quality
       Air Filters        GE 7FA                                               Steam to
                        Gas Turbine                                             Process

MacKay River Plant Schematic

MacKay River Plant - June 2009

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