; JEWELLERY JEWELLERY 1 Pair of 9ct gold gents signet rings set
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JEWELLERY JEWELLERY 1 Pair of 9ct gold gents signet rings set

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 1       Pair of 9ct gold gents signet rings set with onyx stones               Estimate: R150-400
 2       9ct gold ring set with a small coin                                    Estimate: R150-300
 3       Silver & gold plated ring set with white stones                        Estimate: R100-350
 4       9ct gold ring set with a marquise cut amethyst                         Estimate: R150-450
 5       Gents titanium band ring                                               Estimate: R100-300
 6       Silver and gold plated gents ring                                      Estimate: R50-150
 7       18ct gold ring set with small diamonds                                 Estimate: R800-1400
 8       9ct gold ring set with a tiny diamond in the centre square             Estimate: R200-450
 9       9ct gold ring set solitaire white stone and a bagette white stone on either side of the
         solitaire                                                              Estimate: R400-850
10       18ct gold ring set with 3 diamonds (approx weight of diamonds is 0.30cts)
                                                                                Estimate: R2500-3500
11       9ct gold ring set with a small diamond                                 Estimate: R200-450
12       9ct gold ring set with an oval cut white stone surrounded by smaller white stones
                                                                                Estimate: R650-1100
13       9ct gold ring set with a solitaire white stone with 3 bagette white stones on either side
                                                                                Estimate: R675-875
14       18ct gold eternity ring set with 15 white diamonds, bagettes & brilliant cut
                                                                                Estimate: R3500-5000
15       9ct gold dress ring set with 1 diamond (approx weight 0.40ct)          Estimate: R1000-2000
16       9ct gold ring set with 1 diamond H colour, (approx weight 0.25ct) Estimate: R1000-1500
17       18ct gold dress ring set with 1 diamond, H colour, (approx weight 0.25ct)
                                                                                Estimate: R2500-3000
18       9ct gold ring set with solitaire diamond                               Estimate: R700-1500
19       18ct white gold ring set with 1 centre diamond and smaller diamonds on either side
                                                                                Estimate: R1500-3000
20       18ct gold ring set with 19 diamonds - total weight of diamonds is 1ct
                                                                                Estimate: R6000-9000
21       18ct gold eternity ring set with diamonds totalling 2.2ct in weight Estimate: R1500-3000
22       9ct gold ring set with a sapphire and small diamonds                   Estimate: R400-900
23       9ct gold ring set with a pearl                                         Estimate: R250-500
24       Silver & gold plated ring set with white stones                        Estimate: R100-200
25       Silver & gold plated ring set with solitaire white stone               Estimate: R100-200
26       Silver & gold plated ring set with 1 large white stone & 6 small white stones
                                                                                Estimate: R100-200
27       Silver & gold plated ring set with solitaire white stone               Estimate: R100-200
28       Silver ring set with a square cut citrine with white stones            Estimate: R150-250
29       9ct yellow and white gold gents dress ring                             Estimate: R750-1200
30       Timex gents wristwatch, quartz, perpetual calendar, time, day, date & month
                                                                                Estimate: R750-1500
31       Ladies Roamer wristwatch, with stretch strap                           Estimate: R400-800
32       Tag Heuer Carrera Gents wristwatch                                     Estimate: R10-20000
33       Seiko Chronograph gents wristwatch                                     Estimate: R1500-3000
34       Frederique Constant Gents quartz wristwatch                            Estimate: R2500-5000
35       Maurice Lacroix Gents quartz wristwatch with original box              Estimate: R4-10000
36       14ct gold Italian necklace with a rare 22ct gold Collector's Ducat coin , dated 1777.
                                                                                Estimate: R40-100000
37       9ct white gold cross                                                   Estimate: R250-500
38       9ct white gold cross                                                   Estimate: R450-800
39       9ct yellow and white gold cross                                        Estimate: R450-800
40       9ct gold cross with white stones                                       Estimate: R600-1000
41       9ct gold cross                                                         Estimate: R500-800
 42   Silver St Christopher                                              Estimate: R100-200
 43   Pair of silver & gold plated dangle earrings with white stones     Estimate: R50-150
 44   9ct gold earrings                                                  Estimate: R300-600
 45   9ct gold earrings set with garnets                                 Estimate: R950-1500
 46   18ct yellow, white and rose gold set of earrings and pendant       Estimate: R1500-2500
 47   Pair of marcasite clip on earrings                                 Estimate: R150-400
 48   Pair of marcasite clip on earrings                                 Estimate: R150-400
 49   Pair of gold plated & pearl clip on earrings                       Estimate: R150-300
 50   Marcasite Leaf brooch                                              Estimate: R150-400
 51   Scarab brooch on silver mount                                      Estimate: R150-400
 52   Gold plated brooch set with 3 pearls and 3 amethysts               Estimate: R100-300
 53   Gold plated brooch set with turquoise                              Estimate: R200-500
 54   9ct gold brooch set with a pearl                                   Estimate: R250-600
 55   Gold plated filigree brooch set with large brown quartz and surrounded by citrines
                                                                         Estimate: R200-500
 56   Silver brooch                                                      Estimate: R150-400
 57   Pair of roll gold mourning lockets                                 Estimate: R200-500
 58   Jade pendant set in a 9ct gold mount                               Estimate: R800-1600
 59   Silver Canadian 20 dollar coin with gold inlay                     Estimate: R500-1000
 60   9ct gold bracelet with 4 large charms                              Estimate: R250-500
 61   Victorian gold plated bangle with large amber stone                Estimate: R250-600
 62   9ct gold locket                                                    Estimate: R400-800
 63   Pair of small Delft pendants                                       Estimate: R100-200
 64   Large 1780 mixed metal coin                                        Estimate: R150-400
 65   Unset tanzanite, cut in a traingle shape, 0.67ct                   Estimate: R800-1200
 66   Unset amethyst and 2 unset citrines                                Estimate: R200-500
 67   14ct gold bangle set with garnets                                  Estimate: R300-750
 68   Silver Elgin pocket watch on a silver fob chain                    Estimate: R2000-3000
 69   Silver bracelet with 4 heart charms (2 with diamonds)              Estimate: R150-400
 70   9ct gold chain and pendant (weight 18,2gms)                        Estimate: R2500-4000
 71   21ct rope gold chain with a gold pendant                           Estimate: R4500-6000
 72   Silver fob chain                                                   Estimate: R250-600
 73   Silver gents necklace                                              Estimate: R450-800
 74   Silver and black bead rosiary (Italian)                            Estimate: R150-400
 75   9ct white gold chain                                               Estimate: R600-1200
 76   9ct white gold chain with 9ct white gold heart pendant             Estimate: R850-1500
 77   9ct white gold chain with 9ct white gold cross                     Estimate: R12-R2000
 78   18ct gold chain                                                    Estimate: R750-1500
 79   9ct gold chain and 9ct gold St Christopher                         Estimate: R500-1000
 80   Silver necklace                                                    Estimate: R400-800
80A   Jay Flex sterling and crystal necklace and earring set, boxed      Estimate: R200-500
 81   9ct gold necklace                                                  Estimate: R3000-5000
 82   Heavy African slave bangle                                         Estimate: R150-600
 83   Indian silver pendant of coin, bells and orange stone              Estimate: R150-600
 84   Indian silver necklace                                             Estimate: R150-600
 85   Indiain silver styled sporran (!)                                  Estimate: R150-600
 86   Tourbillon Chronometer gents wristwatch, manual wind, regulator, with a guarantee
      outstanding till December 2010 (replica)                           Estimate: R2000-5000
 87   IWC Automatic gents wristwatch (AAA grade replica)                 Estimate: R1100-2500
 88   1960's Seiko automatic gents wristwatch                            Estimate: R600-1200
 89   1960's Seiko automatic gents wristwatch                            Estimate: R600-1200
 90   1960's Seiko chronograph automatic gents wristwatch                Estimate: R600-1200
 91   1960's 9ct Ladies Rolex Precision wristwatch                       Estimate: R2500-5000
 92   Tudor Ladies wristwatch (strap needs attention)                    Estimate: R1500-3000
 93       Rolex Gents wristwatch (replica)                               Estimate:   R300-700
 94       Cartier Gents wristwatch (replica)                             Estimate:   R300-700
 95       Rolex Quartz Gents wristwatch (replica)                        Estimate:   R300-700
 96       Ladies Cartier wristwatch (replica)                            Estimate:   R300-700

101       Pair of leather bound SAR paperweights                          Estimate: R100-300
102       Stamp album containing stamps                                   Estimate: R100-200
103       Staffordshire art deco green jug                                Estimate: R100-300
104       A selection of miniature porcelain ornaments                    Estimate: R100-200
105       Set of Rabbit musicians                                         Estimate: R100-200
106       Indian silver trinket box and match holder                      Estimate: R150-450
107       Harrods Teddy Bear spoon holder                                 Estimate: R100-200
108       Carltonware Water Lily dish                                     Estimate: R150-500
109       Vintage iron                                                    Estimate: R100-300
110       3 x Indian silver scent bottles                                 Estimate: R150-400
111       Pair of crystal decanters                                       Estimate: R250-600
112       Brass toasting fork                                             Estimate: R150-400
113       Royal Doulton Montmorency Fall, near Quebec City plate (D6472) Estimate: R150-300
114       Murano paperweight                                              Estimate: R150-300
115       1977-1988 British coin set                                      Estimate: R200-500
116       Baby Alligator head letter opener                               Estimate: R200-500
117       Wedgwood pin dish                                               Estimate: R100-300
118       Pair of Indian silver lidded canisters                          Estimate: R150-400
119       Royal Doulton "The Admiral" plate (D6278                        Estimate: R250-500
120       Blue and white Woodsware oval plate                             Estimate: R100-200
121       Silver plated Hotelware sugar bowl                              Estimate: R100-200
122       Royal Doulton "Shakespeare" plate (D6303)                       Estimate: R250-500
123       Wade Commemorative Bells Whiskly Decanter , depicting the Marriage of Prince
          Andrew & Sarah Ferguson                                         Estimate: R150-500
124       Royal Worcester "Anne Hathaways Cottage" plate                  Estimate: R125-400
125       Pair of crystal preserve jars                                   Estimate: R100-250
126       Swarovski crystal "Bird" ornament                               Estimate: R300-600
127       Bronze: "Scotty Dog", signed Carlos Neto, numbered 8 of 200     Estimate: R600-900
128       Royal Doulton "Paddy" character jug (D5768)                     Estimate: R200-400
129       Limoges vase                                                    Estimate: R100-300
130       Royal Albert 14 piece "Enchantment" coffee set (crack on 1 cup) Estimate: R700-1200
131       Pressed glass water jug                                         Estimate: R100-250
132       Swarovski Crystal "Dog" ornament"                               Estimate: R450-700
133       Royal Doulton "John Peel" character jug (small)                 Estimate: R200-400
134       Japanese 4 panel Mother of Pearl miniature screen               Estimate: R200-400
135       Copper plate with ornate silver inlaid design                   Estimate: R250-600
136       Royal Doulton "Henry VIII" character jug (D6648)                Estimate: R300-600
137       Wade Chivers Regal Scotch Whisky decanter                       Estimate: R200-500
138       Oriental gold leaf vase                                         Estimate: R150-300
139       Canteen of fish knives & forks for 12 place setting             Estimate: R350-600
140       Selection of 10 teaspoons and sugar tongs                       Estimate: R200-500
141       Glass Millefiore style paperweight                              Estimate: R200-400
142       Crystal trinket box                                             Estimate: R200-400
143       Adam "Cries of London" plate                                    Estimate: R150-300
144       Vintage Coffee grinder                                          Estimate: R150-300
145       Cut glass carafe jug                                            Estimate: R150-300
146       Brass wall mounted dinner gong                                  Estimate: R150-300
147       1920's art deco leather hand bag                                Estimate: R150-400
148   Royal Doulton "The Gleamers" ashtray (D4123?)                        Estimate: R150-300
149   Pair of Bock Freies Belgium Delft wall plates                        Estimate: R300-600
150   Royal Doulton "Porthos" character jug (medium)(D6453)                Estimate: R300-600
151   Carved ivory bust                                                    Estimate: R600-1200
152   American silver plated dome top butter dish                          Estimate: R150-300
153   Carnival glass vase                                                  Estimate: R150-300
154   Royal Doulton "Strawberry Cream" cup and saucer                      Estimate: R150-300
155   Indian silver candle holder                                          Estimate: R150-300
156   Boxed set of of Apostle teaspoons                                    Estimate: R150-300
157   Royal Goedewagen Gouda coffee set                                    Estimate: R300-750
158   Royal Doulton "Parson Brown" character jug (medium) (D5529, 1935-1960)
                                                                           Estimate: R350-750
159   Set of 6 French sherry glasses                                       Estimate: R250-500
160   Crystal Ship's decanter                                              Estimate: R400-800
161   Frieda Harmsen: "Looking at South African Art"                       Estimate: R500-800
162   "The country Life Book of Rugs & Carpets of the World", edited by Ian Bennett
                                                                           Estimate: R250-600
163   French Art of the 18th Century (published by Longmans)               Estimate: R150-300
164   "Findens Tableaux of the Affections", edited by Mary Russel Mitford
                                                                           Estimate: R200-400
165   Bryn Youds: "Susie Cooper, An Elegant Affair"                        Estimate: R150-300
166   Albert Werth: "Armondo Baldinelli"                                   Estimate: R400-800
167   Michael Jeffrey: "Christie's Arts & Crafts Style"                    Estimate: R250-600
168    "Chagal Watercolours 1942-1946", introduction by Edith Hoffmann
                                                                           Estimate: R200-400
169   Justin Fox: "The Life and Art of Francois Krige"                     Estimate: R600-1000
170   Camille Mauclair: "Degas" and Edward Alden Jewell: "Cezanne" Estimate: R250-600
171   James Ambrose Brown: "War of a 100 Days, Springboks in Somalia and Abysinnia,
      1940-41" (1st edition)                                               Estimate: R150-300
172   Charles Kingsley: "Water babies", illustrated by Linley Sambourne Estimate: R150-300
173   Otto Lorenz: "Art Nouveau Graphic Art"                               Estimate: R150-300
174   Naka Pillman: "African Portrait, The Life & Sculpture of Sister Joe Vorster"
                                                                           Estimate: R150-300
175   H W Janson: "History of Art"                                         Estimate: R150-300
176   Michael Baraitser & Anton Obholzer: "Cape Antique Furniture"         Estimate: R200-600
177   Joe & Sue Davidson: "Smokers Art" (1st edition)                      Estimate: R200-700
178   J A Verbeek: "Victorian & Edwardian Natal"                           Estimate: R150-300
179   "Ons Land/Our Land", a 100 drawings by Charles E Peers               Estimate: R150-300
180   Jessie McNab: "Silver"                                               Estimate: R150-300
181   The Book of Common Prayer                                            Estimate: R150-300
182   Mid 19th century handpainted milk glass urn with copper inside       Estimate: R900-1500
183   Set of 6 French Baccarat crystal glasses                             Estimate: R300-700
184   Carved ivory figurine                                                Estimate: R150-300
185   Boxed silver plated Christening mug                                  Estimate: R150-300
186   Hallmarked silver backed dressing table set.                         Estimate: R300-700
187   Royal Doulton "The Fire King" toby jug limited edition 129 of 1500 Estimate: R600-900
188   Sadler teapot                                                        Estimate: R150-300
189   Victorian silver plated shell dish                                   Estimate: R400-600
190   Royal Doulton "Simon the Cellarer" character jug (medium)            Estimate: R250-500
191   Royal Doulton "Balloon Man" bunnykins figurine (D366)                Estimate: R350-750
192   Copper plate with ornate silver inlay                                Estimate: R200-500
193   New Chelsea tea set                                                  Estimate: R200-500
194   Royal Doulton "The Jester" character jug (medium)                    Estimate: R250-500
195   Hallmarked silver cigarette box                                      Estimate: R300-700
196   Crown Devon "Fieldings" vase                                         Estimate: R150-300
197   Pair of 19th century bronze figurines holding glass painted bowls Estimate: R8 - 12000
198   Royal Doulton "Rupert finishing arrows & stringing his bow"" figurine (with its original
      box)                                                                 Estimate: R350-600
199   Cutlers of Sheffield Carving Knife set, boxed                        Estimate: R250-600
200   Swarovski Crystal "Fox" ornament                                     Estimate: R400-700
201   Bronze: "Duck Feeding", signed Carlos Neto, 14 of 100                Estimate: R600-1000
202   Royal Doulton "Tony Weller" character jug (medium)                   Estimate: R250-600
203   Hand cut crystal fruit bowl                                          Estimate: R200-500
204   Italian plated fruit bowl                                            Estimate: R300-600
205   Royal Doulton "Pretty Ladies Stephanie" figurine (HN4861)            Estimate: R600-900
206   Royal Doutlon "King & Queen of Diamonds" double toby jug, limited edition 1553 of
      2500 (D6969)                                                         Estimate: R500-900
207   Minton plate (circa 1851)                                            Estimate: R200-400
208   Royal Doulton "Hockey Player" figurine (HN 4519)                     Estimate: R550-900
209   Hallmarked silver cigarette case (Birmingham 1908-09)                Estimate: R150-300
210   Sylvac Dachshund ornament                                            Estimate: R300-600
211   Boxed set of 6 Sterling silver teaspoons                             Estimate: R300-600
212   Royal Doulton "Captain Ahab" character jug (large D6506)             Estimate: R500-1000
213   Set of hallmarked silver salt & pepper pots                          Estimate: R350-700
214   Bronze: Art Deco Lady sitting figurine                               Estimate: R3750-8000
215   Royal Doulton "Country Girl" figurine (HN 3051)                      Estimate: R900-1500
216   A set of 5 Pauly & Co (Venezia) glasses                              Estimate: R300-700
217   Royal Doulton "The Ice Queen" toby jug limited edition 129 of 1500 ( D7071)
                                                                           Estimate: R600-1000
218   Royal Albert "Greenwood Tree" 13 piece coffee set                    Estimate: R600-1000
219   Antique birdcage                                                     Estimate: R600-900
220   Royal Doulton Doultonwille "Charlie Cheer the Clown: figurine (D6768)
                                                                           Estimate: R400-800
221   Royal Doulton "Tam O'Shanter" character jug (large) (D6632)          Estimate: R500-850
222   Art nouveau spelter table lamp                                       Estimate: R2500-4500
223   Pair of Victorian handpainted vases                                  Estimate: R600-1200
224   Silver plated 3 light candlebra                                      Estimate: R300-700
225   Royal Doulton "Scout Leader" bunnykins figurine (DB432)              Estimate: R350-700
226   Bronze: "Sleeping Cat" signed Carlos Neto 1 of 20                    Estimate: R600-1200
227   Swarovski crystal "Oyster Shell" ornament                            Estimate: R650-900
228   Daum Vase (French, 1940's)                                           Estimate: R4000-8000
229   Ornate silver plated water jug                                       Estimate: R200-500
230   A set of Psalmes in a bone case and bound                            Estimate: R250-500
231   Pair of silver plated berry spoons                                   Estimate: R150-300
232   Royal Doulton Doultonville "Mr Litigate" the Lawyer" figurinne       Estimate: R400-800
233   Crystal glass water jug                                              Estimate: R250-700
234   Speelman Mahlangu (SA 1958-2004): "The Harmonica Player" bronze, numbered,
                                                                           Estimate: R12-25000
235   Rose crystal table lamp                                              Estimate: R600-1500
236   Royal Doulton "Falstaff" toby jug (large)                            Estimate: R500-800
237   Coalport "Beau Monde Kate" figurine                                  Estimate: R600-1500
238   Hallmarked silver bon bon dish                                       Estimate: R300-900
239   Copeland Spode blue and white chocolate pot                          Estimate: R250-500
240   Maruyama Figurine (made in occupied Japan)                           Estimate: R300-600
241   Edmond Etling (opulescent) art deco glass figurine table lamp on chrome base
                                                                           Estimate: R15-25000
242   Set of 12 Lalique "Honfleur" clear and frosted glass dessert plates, c 1945
                                                                           Estimate: R12-20000
243   Hallmarked silver hand mirror embossed with cherubs              Estimate: R300-700
244   Royal Doulton "Apothecary" character jug (large) (D6567)         Estimate: R450-900
245   4 piece silver plated tea/coffee set                             Estimate: R450-900
246   Royal Doulton "Apothecary" character jug (large) (D6567)         Estimate: R450-800
247   Royal Doulton "Coppelia" figurine (RD 2115) (restored)           Estimate: R450-1000
248   Royal Dux "Reclining Nude" figurine                              Estimate: R3500-7500
249   Lladro "Magistrates" figurine                                    Estimate: R2000-3000
250   Pair of WMF silver plated candlesticks                           Estimate: R1500-3000
251   Royal Doulton Lambeth jug (circa 1918)                           Estimate: R900-2500
252   19th century Arthur Wood blue & white chamber pot                Estimate: R800-2000
253   Boxed 3 piece pickle set with mother of pearl handles            Estimate: R150-300
254   Early 20th century oriental vase                                 Estimate: R150-300
255   Large Murano glass Fish ornament                                 Estimate: R3000-4500
256   Bronze: "Gymnast", initialled and numbered by (van Ewter)        Estimate: R15-20000
257   Royal Doulton "Regency Beau" character jug (large) (D6559)       Estimate: R800-1200
258   Silver plated Carlton Hotel sugar tongs                          Estimate: R200-500
259   Set of 12 oriental cups and cake plates                          Estimate: R600-1500
260   Pair of Victorian silver plated candlesticks                     Estimate: R3000-4000
261   WMY Art Nouveau Vase (missing liner)                             Estimate: R2000-3000
262   Crystal glass bowl                                               Estimate: R800-1200
263   Antique German ornate silver plated jewellery box                Estimate: R1000-2000
264   Silver plated wine cooler                                        Estimate: R300-700
265   1950's blue mirror photo frame                                   Estimate: R350-900
266   Lalique opalescent wine cooler                                   Estimate: R30-50000
267   Royal Albert "Serena" 20 piece tea set                           Estimate: R2000-3000
268   Hallmarked silver boxed 5 piece dressing table set               Estimate: R700-1200
269   Crystal glass decanter                                           Estimate: R650-1200
270   Beswick Vase                                                     Estimate: R250-600
271   Pair of handcut ruby flash overlaid table lamps                  Estimate: R5 - 10000
272   Late 19th century mahogany writing desk/travelling companion with brass inlay
                                                                       Estimate: R400-900
273   Crystal glass vase                                               Estimate: R600-900
274   Art deco flask jug                                               Estimate: R300-800
275   Pair of French art nouveau vases                                 Estimate: R5 - 10000
276   Miniature mahogany wooden kist                                   Estimate: R350-900
277   Vintage brass rolling pin                                        Estimate: R150-300
278   6 x Royal Albert "Dimity Rose" trios                             Estimate: R600-1000
279   Victorian cranberry glass and handpainted oil lamp               Estimate: R750-1500
280   Vintage bean slicer                                              Estimate: R250-600
281   Carved mahogany jewellery box                                    Estimate: R450-900
282   Copper bed warmer                                                Estimate: R300-600
283   Bronze water feature                                             Estimate: R1500-3000
284   Collection of Masonic sashes etc                                 Estimate: R400-1200
285   Vintage blow butter churn                                        Estimate: R250-600
286   Vintage brass car horn                                           Estimate: R300-600
287   Copper jam pot                                                   Estimate: R300-600
288   Enamel rectangular pan                                           Estimate: R200-400
289   5 x vintage copper soldering irons                               Estimate: R300-600
290   Set of 3 wooden moulding planes                                  Estimate: R300-600
291   Copper pot                                                       Estimate: R300-600
292   Vintage Railway lantern                                          Estimate: R300-600
293   Copper and brass pot                                             Estimate: R300-600
294   Brass scale                                                      Estimate: R300-600
295   Brass jug                                                        Estimate: R200-400
296        Copper and brass coal bucket                                      Estimate:   R250-500
297        Brass telescope                                                   Estimate:   R1500-3000
298        Art nouveau reguladra clock                                       Estimate:   R1500-3000
299        Mantle Clock                                                      Estimate:   R300-600
300        SAR Wall Clock                                                    Estimate:   R1000-2000
301        Art deco Burr walnut mantle clock                                 Estimate:   R2500-5000
302        Early 20th century walnut cased dial clock                        Estimate:   R1000-3000
303        Ansonia (American) carved cased Gingerbread clock                 Estimate:   R1500-3000
304        Set of 3 Copenhagen framed plaques                                Estimate:   R2500-5000
305        Framed photograph of Steelworkers at Salt River Works, C.T.       Estimate:   R100-300
306        Framed photograph of Station Hotel at Majuba Station, Natal       Estimate:   R100-300


401        European School (19th C): "Farm Scene", oil on canvas, signed Estimate: R750-1500
402        European School (19th C): "Farm Scene", oil on canvas, signed Estimate: R750-1500
403        Macala, Benjamin Mzimkulu (SA 1938-1997): "Woman", mixed media, signed and
           dated '70 (lot of foxing on the painting)                           Estimate: R500-750
404        After Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Coastal Village", coloured lithograph
                                                                               Estimate: R300-750
405        After Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Woodland Scene", coloured lithograph
                                                                               Estimate: R300-750
406        After Battiss, Walter Whall (SA 1906-1982): "Rhodes Univeristy from Westhill",
           coloured lithograph                                                 Estimate: R300-650
407        Furst, Geo (German 19th C): "Fish Cutter", oil on canvas, signed Estimate: R250-450
408        Job Lot: Two works: a mixed media by Kassman, Jeff (SA 1932-) and an oil painting
           by Darroll, J**                                                     Estimate: R300-500
409        Els, B** (SA 20th C): Rugby Players", mixed media, signed           Estimate: R500-800
410        Vorster, Gordon (SA 1924-1988): "Wildebeest", coloured lithograph print, signed
                                                                               Estimate: R1000-2000
411        Pilcher, S** (SA 20th C): "Street Scene", oil on board, signed      Estimate: R250-750
412        SA School (SA 20th C): "Landscape", watercolour, signed             Estimate: R250-500
413        Adnani, Brian (SA 20/21st C): "Landscape", watercolour, signed Estimate: R250-600
414        Ball, Cynthia (SA 1914-?): "Cosmos by a Stream", watercolour, signed
                                                                               Estimate: R400-600
415        Kosch, Wim (SA 20th C): "Landscape at Sunset", oil on board, signed
                                                                               Estimate: R600-1200
416        Russian School (20th C): "Moonlight Winter Landscape", oil on canvas, signed
                                                                               Estimate: R600-1500
417        Jacobi (SA 20th C): "Landscape", oil on board, signed               Estimate: R850-1200
418        Ntukwana, Hargreaves (SA 1938-1998): "Figures", a pair, mixed media, each signed
                                                                               Estimate: R300-500
419        van der Westhuizen, Pieter (SA 1931-2008): "Birds Nest", etching, signed and
           numbered 33/50, dated 88                                            Estimate: R1500-3000
420        Goldin, Alice (SA 1925-): "Summer Day", etching, signed, numbered, dated 81
                                                                               Estimate: R300-500
421        Goldin, Alice (SA 1925-): High Tide, etching,signed, numbered, dated 93
                                                                               Estimate: R300-500
422        Job Lot: Two etchings: by Haden, Sir Francis Seymour (British 1818-1910) and
           Goldin, Alice (SA 1925, both signed                                 Estimate: R400-600
423        Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Twee Jongegellen", lithograph
                                                                               Estimate: R800-R2500
424        SA School (20th C): "Still Life of White Roses in a Vase", oil on board, signed
                                                                               Estimate: R300-900
425   Barnard, Barbara (SA 20/21st C): Still Life of Flowers in Vase", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R300-750
426   Wolf, G (SA 20th C): "Trees by a River", oil on board, signed        Estimate: R250-600
427   Cantrell, Arthur (SA 1917-?): "Architectural Composition", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R400-600
428   Matshidiso, Daniel (SA ?-1991): "Mask II", pastel, signed, dated 87
                                                                           Estimate: R300-500
429   Ntukwana, Hargreaves, (SA 1938-1998): "Figures and Birds", pastel, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R700-1000
430   After Welz, Jean (SA 1900-1975): "Jean Welz 1975", 10 photolithographs, each
      signed in the image, in a folio                                      Estimate: R500-700
431   de Jongh, Ernst (SA 1934-): "Shield II", silkscreen lithograph, signed and numbered
                                                                           Estimate: R300-600
432   Schimmel, Fred (Dutch 1928-2009): "Landscape", silkscreen, signed and numbered
      and dated 78                                                         Estimate: R300-700
433   Dutch School (SA 20thC): "Landscape Scenes", a trio, glazed blue and white tiles
      in ebonized frames                                                   Estimate: R300-500
434   Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Landscape, Soutpansberg", lithograph print
                                                                           Estimate: R800-2500
435   Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Single Tree", lithograph print
                                                                           Estimate: R800-2500
436   Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Tree", lithograph print Estimate: R800-2500
437   Pierneef, Jacob Hendrik (SA 1886-1957): "Wilgeboom in Somer, Tvl", lithograph print
                                                                           Estimate: R800-2500
438   Faure, J**L** (SA 20th C): "Mountain Landscape", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R500-700
439   Errington, David (SA 20th C): "Trees by a River", oil on canvas, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R500-700
440   Killian (?) Johan (SA 20th C): "Autumn Landscape", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R300-500
441   Mossop, R O (SA 20th C): "Seascape", oil on board, signed dated 1938
                                                                           Estimate: R4500-7500
442   Mossop, R O (SA 20th C): "Landscape", oil on board, signed dated 1937
                                                                           Estimate: R4500-7500
443   Koenig, Dezso (SA 1`902-1972): "Landscape", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R8-12000
444   SA School (20th C): "Homestead below Mountains", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R2000-3500
445   Sdoya, Carlo (SA 1914-1996): "Still Life of Pommegranites", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R5000-7000
446   Zeelie, Adelio Zagni (SA 1911-1991): "Still Life of Fruit and Flowers", oil on board
      signed                                                               Estimate: R5000-8000
447   Sdoya, Carlo (SA 1914-1996): "Street Scene", oil on board, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R10-16000
448   Baloyi, J H (SA 20th C): "Township Scene", acrylic under glass, signed
                                                                           Estimate: R6000-9000
449   van der Merwe, F* (SA 20th/21st C): "Women Picking Flowers", oil under glass,
      signed                                                               Estimate: R3500-6000
450   Victor (SA 20/21st C): "Zebra", painted on plaster board, signed Estimate: R1500-3000

501       Tapestry upholstered salon chair, back leg missing                Estimate:   R150-200
502       Riempie chair                                                     Estimate:   R100-200
503       Side chair (circa 1850's)                                         Estimate:   R200-400
504       Vintage cabinet                                                   Estimate:   R50-100
505       Imbuia milk maid's stool                                          Estimate:   R50-100
506       Mahogany 2 tier side table                                        Estimate:   R150-250
507       Rhodesian teak carved clock on pedestal                           Estimate:   R800-1500
508       Oak fall front writing bureau with 2 drawers                      Estimate:   R800-1500
509       6 light chandlier                                                 Estimate:   R3500-4500
510       Smokey glass 5 light chandlier                                    Estimate:   R1500-2200
511       Amber glass hanging lamp                                          Estimate:   R100-200
512       Wrought iron 5 light hanging light                                Estimate:   R150-300
513       Arch top mirror                                                   Estimate:   R50-100
514       Stinkwood cheval mirror with barley twist uprights and bottom drawer
                                                                            Estimate:   R900-1500
515       Mahogany 2 seater salon couch                                     Estimate:   R1000-2000
516       Art deco mahogany and brass frame shop display cabinet            Estimate:   R1000-2500
517       Yellowwoo+C540d kist                                              Estimate:   R800-1500
518       Victorian walnut and oak nursing chair                            Estimate:   R500-1200
519       Mahogany Queen Anne leg telephone seat                            Estimate:   R250-350
520       Stinkwood riempie bench                                           Estimate:   R2000-3000
521       Vintage spinning wheel                                            Estimate:   R400-800
522       Pair of early 20th century riempie corner chairs                  Estimate:   R600-1500
523       Pair of mahogany bussel back chairs                               Estimate:   R700-1400
524       Early 20th century SAR oak folding and travelling desk            Estimate:   R600-1800
525       Carpet                                                            Estimate:   R200-400
526       French oak table                                                  Estimate:   R3000-6000
527       French walnut pot pedestal with 4 drawers and marble top          Estimate:   R4000-7500
528       Victorian inlaid walnut 3 tier barley twist wot not               Estimate:   R5000-8000
529       Burmese teak 2 tier plant stand                                   Estimate:   R300-750
530       Upholstered bedroom chair                                         Estimate:   R200-500
531       Victorian walnut oval occasional table                            Estimate:   R4000-8000
532       Pair of mahogany art deco armchairs                               Estimate:   R700-1200
533       Burmese teak 6 drawer knee hole desk                              Estimate:   R900-1800
534       Imbuia magazine stand                                             Estimate:   R150-200
535       Foot stool                                                        Estimate:   R50-150
536       Karachi runner                                                    Estimate:   R300-600
537   Display case                                                 Estimate:   R100-300
538   Wine table                                                   Estimate:   R150-300
539   Oval mirror                                                  Estimate:   R100-300
540   Stinkwood fall front writing bureau with 3 drawers           Estimate:   R1200-2500
541   2 x mahogany filing stands                                   Estimate:   R300-600
542   Edwardian mahogany envelope card table                       Estimate:   R6000-8000
543   Mahogany oval extension table                                Estimate:   R2000-3000
544   Set of 6 walnut side chairs                                  Estimate:   R1200-2500
545   Stinkwood 3 piece riempie lounge suite                       Estimate:   R2500-4000
546   Imbuia standing lamp                                         Estimate:   R400-600
547   French oak table                                             Estimate:   R3000-6000
548   Telephone seat                                               Estimate:   R100-300
549   Mahogany collapsible travel organ                            Estimate:   R1200-3000
550   Early 20th century painted oregon pine kist                  Estimate:   R150-300
551   Stinkwood dropside table with drawer                         Estimate:   R1000-3000
552   Wing back rocker                                             Estimate:   R600-1200
553   French walnut table                                          Estimate:   R3000-4000
554   Kiaat 2 tier drinks trolley with drawer                      Estimate:   R400-800
555   Mahogany 2 drawer desk                                       Estimate:   R300-500
556   Filing tray                                                  Estimate:   R150-300
557   Art deco walnut Batchelor's wardrobe                         Estimate:   R1000-2000
558   French art deco sideboard                                    Estimate:   R2000-3000
559   Retro 3 piece lounge suite                                   Estimate:   R1500-3000
560   Chinese carpet                                               Estimate:   R3500-5000
561   Victorian walnut tilt top firescreen table                   Estimate:   R2500-4500
562   Oak monk's bench                                             Estimate:   R500-1000
563   Oregon pine and yellowwood riempie bench                     Estimate:   R1200-2500
564   Round mahogany frame bevel edged mirror                      Estimate:   R150-250
565   Stinkwood chest of drawers                                   Estimate:   R1000-2000
566   Victorian satinwood chest of drawers                         Estimate:   R4000-7500
567   2 x filing trays                                             Estimate:   R300-600
568   4 x kiaat horseshoe chairs                                   Estimate:   R800-1800
569   Burmese teak bobbin gate leg table                           Estimate:   R1000-2200
570   Early 20th century stinkwood 3 drawer low boy                Estimate:   R1000-2000
571   Kiaat cot                                                    Estimate:   R500-800
572   French walnut marble top pedestal                            Estimate:   R1800-3000
573   French walnut bed with inlay and ormulu fittings             Estimate:   R4000-7000
574   French walnut bed with carved detail                         Estimate:   R3000-6000
575   French walnut pedestal                                       Estimate:   R1800-2500
576   Burmese teak dressing table                                  Estimate:   R1500-4000
577   Edwardian mahogany wardrobe with bevel edged mirror and drawers
                                                                   Estimate:   R2500-4500
578   Victorian dresser with carved detail and bevel edged mirrors Estimate:   R2500-4000
579   French walnut 3 door wardrobe with large mirror              Estimate:   R10-18000
580   8 piece dining room suite: 6 chairs, table and sideboard     Estimate:   R1500-3500
581   French walnut bed with inlay and gilt trim                   Estimate:   R5500-8000
582   French walnut pedestal                                       Estimate:   R2200-3000
583   Kiaat 3 drawer desk                                          Estimate:   R600-1000
584   Retro 3 piece lounge suite                                   Estimate:   R1300-2500
585   R. Gors & Kellerman Burr walnut piano                        Estimate:   R1000-5000
586   Stinkwood ball & claw 8 seater dining room table             Estimate:   R2500-3000
587   Set of 6 Edwardian walnut side chairs                        Estimate:   R5500-7000
588   Victorian burr walnut loo table                              Estimate:   R9-12000
589   Mahogany campaign chair                                      Estimate:   R500-700
590   Oak arts & crafts bed                                              Estimate:   R1500-2500
591   Yellowwood cottage table with drawer                               Estimate:   R1100-2000
592   Early 20th century sideboard with bevel edged glass display        Estimate:   R6-9000
593   Arts & crafts 3 door oak wardrobe with oval bevel edged centre mirror
                                                                         Estimate:   R4500-6000
594   French walnut table                                                Estimate:   R3200-4500
595   Early 20th century ebonised imbuia 2 1/2 door wardrobe with 4 drawers
                                                                         Estimate:   R2500-4500
596   Yellowwood 10 seater dining room table                             Estimate:   R6500-9000
597   Tambojtie partner's desk                                           Estimate:   R2000-3000
598   Set of 6 French walnut side chairs
                                                                         Estimate:   R3000-4500
599   French walnut table                                                Estimate:   R3000-5000
600   Walnut writing bureau with side bookcase/display                   Estimate:   R1500-2500

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