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									Creekside Intermediate Band
4320 W. Main St. Houston, TX 77573
Archie Cassidy, director ( 281.284.3589
Michelle Bueche, assoc. director ( 281.284.3588

August 25 2009,

Dear Concert Band Parents,
          Welcome back to school! I hope that you had a fun and relaxing summer. My summer was packed full of fun things to do, and
I am ready to get the year started. I am very excited to be a teacher in the Clear Creek school district and at Creekside Intermediate
School. This district and school has an amazing reputation and I am so thrilled to be a part of it. I can’t wait to meet you all! Here are a
few things about me. I have lived in Friendswood, TX since 1992 and graduated from Friendswood High School. From there I went to
Baylor University and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music Education with emphasis in Bassoon. While at Baylor I performed with the
Golden Wave Band (Marching Band), Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Orchestra, and various chamber ensembles. I have been
teaching privately for five years and student taught at Artie Henry Middle School and Vista Ridge High School in Leander ISD.
          We have planned a year full of activities your child will find enjoyable and challenging. Since it is important to have all students
present for all functions, a list of events is printed on back of this letter. Please post it in a prominent location! If additional events are
scheduled you will be notified as soon as possible. All performances are mandatory so mark your calendars.
          Private lessons are not required, but are encouraged for all Concert Band members. Our performance schedule is quite
demanding and students are expected to learn much of the music on their own. You will receive an application for private lessons that
will need to be filled out and returned to a band director. A check for $130 (the first month’s and last month’s payment, May) must
accompany the form (even for those of you who are already taking private lessons). After the first month of private lessons, you will
receive a bill for lessons and payment should be mailed directly to the CCISD Music Enrichment office. A more detailed explanation
may be found in the private lesson packet. Our Band Booster Club sponsors a private lesson financial aid program, which pays for half of
cost of each lesson for those in need of financial assistance. Please notify me if you would like to receive financial assistance.
          Your child’s grade in band will be divided into three categories: 1] Daily Grades – 45% (including participation); 2] Major
Grades – 50% (tests-mostly performance; occasionally written); 3] Reading Assignment – 5% (District requirement for every course).
Performance test grades for Concert Band will be taken during morning sectionals and during class. Class participation, performances,
and having supplies during class will make up daily grades. Weekly section rehearsals are encouraged for Concert Band members until
October 19 and then are required. Sectionals occur from 7:45 am to 8:45 am, except for Percussion, which are 7:30-8:30. Sectionals will
begin the week of September 1st for those participating in Region Band Auditions. The section rehearsal schedule will be as follows:

         MONDAY: Saxophone (Bueche), Tuba (Cassidy)
         TUESDAY: Clarinet (Bueche)/ Trumpet (Cassidy)
         WEDNESDAY: Flutes (Brady)/ Percussion (Vega) 7:30-8:30
         THURSDAY: French horn (Cassidy)/ Trumpet (Johnson)/ Bueche (Bass Clarinet and Oboe)
         FRIDAY: Euphonium, Trombone & Bassoon (Bueche)

          Before you turn the pages of this packet, get yourself a refreshing beverage, your favorite pen, a comfy chair, and of course, your
checkbook! In this packet you will find:
    o Band Calendar (on back)—Keep in a prominent place
    o Symphonic Band Expectations Agreement (sign and return);
    o CCISD Extracurricular Student Rules of Conduct (sign and return)--This mandatory CCISD form states that you have read
          the eleven-page Code of Conduct, which is part of the CCISD Student/Parent Handbook. This may be found on-line at the
 website. You will have to fill out a separate form for each extra-curricular organization in which your child participates.
    o Concert Band Order Form (fill out, sign and return with payment)—On back you’ll find an explanation of items needed.
    o Parent Consent Form for School-Sponsored Trips (sign and return)—This mandatory CCISD form will cover all band travels
          this year.
    o CCISD Emergency Information For School Activity (sign and return)—This mandatory CCISD form will cover all band
          events this year. You are not required to copy your insurance card. Instead, you may write all of the card info on the emergency
          form. If you prefer, you are welcome to send a copy of the insurance card.
    o Students Practicing Agreement (sign and return)
Please fill out all six sheets and have your child return them by Friday, September 4 th. Please accept my sincere apology for all of these
forms. Doing all of this at once will eliminate me from hassling your child all year long with various forms! I am looking forward to a
wonderful year! If you have any questions please call or e-mail me.


Michelle Bueche

                               Hope to see you at Open House on September 3!
                2009-2010 Concert Band Calendar-please post in a prominent place!
DATE           EVENT                           TIME                LOCATION                       DRESS
Oct 7th*       Football game at District       4:00-7:00PM         District Stadium, take buses   Band shirt
Oct 12th*      CCISD Band Extravaganza         After school, TBA   District Stadium, take buses   Band Shirt
Oct 19 *       Sectionals Begin!               7:45 AM             CIS Band Hall                  N/A
Oct 17th       Region Band auditions           All day             Victory Lake Int. (CCISD)      Relaxed (no band shirt; no shorts)
Nov 7          Region Band clinic & evening    All day             Westbrook Intermediate         Band shirt during day; dress uniform for
               concert (optional)                                                                 concert
Nov 19th *     Ensemble Concert ―Music and     6:00-8:00pm         CIS Commons                    Blue jeans are okay
Dec 5th        Spaghetti Ware House and        3:00-11:00          Buses to downtown Houston      Formal Attire (not the uniform)
               Nutcracker Ballet trip
Dec 8th *      Winter Concert for Symphonic    7:00PM              CIS Commons                    Dress uniform (pictures after concert)
               & Concert Band (and pictures)
February 5*    Solo Contest                    Immediately after   CIS                            School dress okay.
February 26    Lock In                         6:00-midnight       CIS Commons/Gyms               Comfortable clothes!!
March 10th-    Pre-UIL Contest                 After school, TBA   TBA                            Dress Uniform
March 31 or    UIL Concert & Sightreading      TBA                 McAdams Jr.                    Dress uniform
April 1*       Contest
May ?          Spring Trip and Festival        TBA                 TBA                            Dress Uniform
May 13th *     Spring Concert                  7:00                Clear Springs HS               Dress Uniform
May 28th       Band Awards Ceremony and 7:00-10:00 pm CIS                    Formal event
Student Name
                         Creekside Intermediate Band
                     Concert Band Expectations Agreement
The following criteria must be met in order for a student to maintain his/her status in Concert

 The student must be present for all required functions unless the absence has been excused.
 The student must have the following items for every class: instrument, music, books, pencil,
   equipment needed to play the instrument correctly (i.e. reed, valve oil, neck strap, mouth
   piece, sticks, mallets).
 The student must be prepared to perform assigned music on the date given by the director.
 The student must receive passing grades (70 or higher) in every class, every nine weeks.
 The student must attend (on time) the section rehearsals that occur on a weekly basis.
 The student must have the appropriate ―uniform‖ for performances. The ―uniform‖ will
   either be a band shirt & school dress-code pants, OR tux shirt, black pants (or full-length
   skirt), black shoes, black socks or hose, vest and bow tie (last two items are provided by the
 The student must display appropriate discipline in all classes. The student must also be
   courteous and respectful to peers and adults.

I understand the expectations listed above. I am aware that if I do not meet the expectations
I may lose my privilege to be in the Concert Band.

                                                                 Student Signature

I am aware that if my child fails to meet the expectations listed above, he/she may lose the
privilege to be in the Concert Band.

                                                                 Parent Signature
CCISD requires all Extra-Curricular Directors to have this form signed by parents. I chose to refer you to view
this document on-line, instead of making a copy for every student, which will save thousands of copies!
    - M Bueche

           CCISD Extracurricular Student Rules of Conduct
                   CCISD Policy FM Regulation
                      2009-2010 School year

_______________________________                      Creekside Int.
Full Name                                   School

Home Address

______________________________              _______________________________
Home Phone Number                           Current Grade

I have reviewed and accept the CCISD Student/Parent Handbook, Extracurricular Rules of Conduct, and
Creekside Int. Band organization’s rules/constitution. I have reviewed and accept these handbooks and rules.
I agree to follow these guidelines and expectations.

_______________________________             _______________________________
Student’s Signature                         Parent’s Signature

_______________________________             _______________________________
Date                                        Date

The Extracurricular Rule of Conduct may be viewed on-line at:
Student name                                                     Instrument

           CONCERT BAND ORDER FORM 2009-2010
                   Please check the appropriate blanks and fill in the total at the bottom
(all 7th/8th grade band students-IT’S DIFFERENT FROM LAST YEAR’S SHIRT!!!)

                 $10 - Circle size:

  youth large     adult small         adult medium         adult large        adult X-large   adult XX-large

REQUIRED MUSIC LYRE (bracket that holds flip folder on the instrument)
                 Flute (clamps on wrist) $11.00
                 Clarinet $7.00
                 Saxophone $6.00
                 Trumpet (clamp on style for Bach) $16.00
                 Trumpet (straight) $5.00
                 Trumpet (bent) $5.00
                 Trombone (Bach 42 B) $5
                 Trombone (fits most beginner trombones) $10
                 Trombone (Yamaha beginner model) $7
                 Trombone (any trombone-clamps on bell) $11.00


REQUIRED TUXEDO SHIRT (may use last year’s if it fits)

REQUIRED REGION BAND FEE (optional for Concert Band; Required for Symphonic)

REQUIRED SOLO & ENSEMBLE FEE (required for all Symphonic and Concert Band Students)

OPTIONAL TUNER (not required, but Ms. Bueche hopes you get one!)

OPTIONAL TUNERCLIP (You’ll need this if you purchase the tuner, unless you have one from last year)

               TOTAL (Tax already included in prices) $__________
             “CIS BAND”. Contact Ms. Bueche if this presents a financial burden.
    Explanation of CIS Band Supplies
There are several items that will need to be purchased this year for band. Please fill out the
form on the front of this letter to purchase the items from the school. I realize that by
combining all of these items the cost is rather high, especially if this is your child’s first year in
Concert Band. However, I hope it will be more convenient for you to write one large check,
rather than several small checks (it definitely makes my job easier!). If you are unable to
handle this financial burden at this time, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can help.
Mark those items that your child needs on the order form. Indicate the total on the bottom of
the form.

Our formal uniform consists of a white tux shirt, black pants, solid black shoes, black socks (or
black hose), band provided vest and bow tie. This formal uniform is worn at most concerts and
contests. While I prefer girls to wear pants, they may wear long black skirts (no short skirts)
and black or neutral hose if desired (with solid black shoes). The Band Booster Club will
provide the vest and bow tie that accompanies the formal uniform. Parents must provide the
other articles of clothing.

The band shirt is worn at pep rallies and football games, as well as other band events. Region
Band is a required contest for Symphonic Band students and the entry fee is $12. Solo and
Ensemble Contests are actually two different events, but the $8 fee is a one-time only fee. More
details will be sent home later. Note: a pianist must accompany the solos performed at this
contest. [The student will need to pay the accompanist $30-$35 at the first rehearsal in
January.] The optional tuner and clip may be used daily in class to ensure proper tuning on
each student’s instrument. Proper tuning will be a component of the playing test grades and
will also be a consideration for choosing soloists for various pieces we perform for concerts and

New for this year: we will be using lyres and flip folders at the pep rallies, football games and
Band Extravaganza night at the District stadium. The lyre is a small bracket that mounts on the
student’s instrument. The flip folder is a small music holder that fits into the lyre. This is our
first year to use these and everyone who plays flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, horn and trombone
are required to purchase one.

If you would like more information regarding the items on the order form please call me. Your
child should be able to help you determine which items he/she needs.

Michelle Bueche
Clear Creek ISD                            Parent Consent Form                                      FMG
084910                                    School-Sponsored Trip

My child,                                          , has my permission to attend and participate in the
following school-sponsored trip(s):

Various Band Events (permission slips will be sent home)   (name of activity/event)

CIS Band                                                   (sponsoring group, club, or class)

Archie Cassidy/Michelle Bueche                     _____ (name of adult sponsor)

Various locations                                          (location)

Various dates/time                                         (departure and return dates/times)

I authorize the trip sponsor, employee(s), and/or associate(s) of the Clear Creek Independent School
District to allow my child to travel to and from the above referenced activity or event with the
sponsoring group, club or class.

I understand that the sponsor(s) will attempt to provide necessary supervision during the course of
the trip.

I understand that I may be held responsible for my child’s actions during the trip.

I understand that the Clear Creek Independent School and its professional employees cannot be held
liable for personal injury or loss or damage to personal property, which may result from my child’s
participation in the above-referenced activity or event, unless such personal injury or loss or damage
to personal property results from the negligent use or operation of a motor vehicle.

______________________              ___________________________________________________
Date                                Signature of Parent/Guardian

*Note: The trip sponsor(s) will travel with a copy of each participant’s Authorization to Secure
Emergency Medical Treatment. Parents/guardians are requested to advise sponsors in writing of any
special medical conditions or issues that may affect or impact a child’s participation in the trip and/or
the receipt of emergency medical treatment (e.g., known drug allergies).

***Note from Mr. Cassidy & Ms. Bueche: We will never take
your child on a trip without you filling out a separate
permission slip. This form will not replace permission slips!
Clear Creek ISD                                                                                              FMG
084910                                   Clear Creek Independent School District
                                         Emergency Information for School Activity
Social Security #                                                          School

Student’s Name                                                                      Grade
                         Last               First                 Middle

Student’s Address:
                         Street                                                             City             Zip

Mailing Address:
                         Street                                                             City             Zip

Father’s Name                                                                       Home Phone

                         Business Phone                                             Other Phone

Mother’s Name                                                                       Home Phone

                         Business Phone                                             Other Phone

In case of minor illness or injury, if parent cannot be reached, notify (Must be 21 years or older)

Name:                                                                      Relationship

                         Home Phone                                                 Other Phone

Name:                                                                      Relationship

                         Home Phone                                                 Other Phone

Pre-existing medical conditions:

Prescription medication taking:

Optional: In case of minor illness or injury, please administer the above prescription medication.

                                         Parent or Guardian Signature                                 Date

Optional: In case of non-life threatening illness or injury, you can admit student to a hospital.

                                         Parent or Guardian Signature                                 Date

In case of an emergency, if parent cannot be reached, notify:

Doctor                                                            Emergency Phone

Or take my child to the nearest medical facility for emergency care.

                                                  Parent or Guardian Signature               Date
Must have a photocopy of current medical insurance card. Additional parent comment on separate paper
              Concert Band Student Practice Agreement

Students are required to practice 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week. This
is the minimum requirement for Concert band class. Practicing more time
per week is certainly encouraged.

Creating a routine for practicing every day is better than saving it all for a
long practice session once a week. For example: It is better to practice 20
minutes each day than to practice once a week for several hours.
Practicing during holidays is optional.

Students are required to learn his or her assigned music (region band
music, concert pieces, warm-ups, private lesson music, scales, etc.) during
his or her home practice time and to be able to perform the music during
class and sectionals.

New this year: Concert Band students will be required to turn in a weekly
practice card. 7th graders are used to this, but the 8th graders may be a little
out of practice. I feel that this will hold every student accountable for
practicing the required amount, and it will benefit the ensemble as a whole.

Like any other assignment, if a teacher suspects any cheating or forgery on
practice cards, the grade for that week will be recorded as a ‘zero’.

_______________________________      _______________________________
Student’s Signature                  Parent’s Signature

_______________________________      _______________________________
Date                                 Date

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