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					    PPE Exercise
     Session 6

Infection Control for LPHA
 Train the Trainer Course
      August 25, 2005

• Demonstrate the ability to don and
  remove PPE correctly

• Demonstrate the ability to select and
  wear the appropriate PPE in given
            PPE exercise
          Order of Donning PPE

1.   Gown
2.   Mask or respirator
3.   Goggles or face shield
4.   gloves
           PPE exercise
         Order of Removing PPE
1.   Gloves
2.   Goggles or face shield
3.   Gown
4.   Mask or respirator
           PPE exercise

• Type of PPE used is based on:
  – disease/symptoms = modes of
  – tasks/procedures
               PPE exercise
           (see notes pages for answers)

Scenario 1:
A mass smallpox vaccination clinic has been
initiated in your jurisdiction due to cases on the
east and west coasts. You are a worker assigned
to administer smallpox vaccine at the vaccination
–   What disease is of concern?
–   What mode(s) of transmission is (are) involved?
–   What PPE should you wear?
–   Why?
–   Where should you dispose of used PPE?
               PPE exercise

Scenario 2:
You are a public health nurse administering
immunizations at your local health department
immunization clinic.

–   What PPE would you wear?
–   Why?
–   Where would you dispose of PPE?
–   What mode(s) of transmission and what diseases are of
                PPE exercise

Scenario 3:
You are assigned to do directly observed therapy on a TB
case in your county. You will be visiting the client in his
 – What mode(s) of transmission is (are) of concern?
 – What PPE will you wear?
 – Why?
 – At what point will you begin wearing the PPE?
 – In addition to donning the PPE, what step should you
 – Where/when will you remove the PPE?
 – Where will you dispose the PPE?
                 PPE exercise
    Scenario 4 :
    A mom and her three children are sitting in the
    waiting area of your facility. One of the children
    becomes sick and you need to clean up the
    emesis in the waiting area.
•   What PPE would you select for the task?
•   Why?
•   Describe the steps to clean the area.
•   How would you dispose of used PPE?
•   How would you dispose of the cleaning items
    (towels, rags, cloths)?
          PPE exercise
Scenario 5:
You need to visit a suspect SARS case on
home isolation to collect a blood
specimen. He has had a fever and cough
for 3 days, and is not improving. He will be
able to come to the door to let you in,
however. When you arrive, you realize he
lives in a mobile home with no entry—you
will be in the patient’s immediate
environment the moment you step in to
the home. It is December, and the
temperature is 5 degrees below zero.
               PPE exercise
Scenario 5
  – What mode(s) of transmission is(are) involved?
  – What PPE will you wear?
  – Why?
  – When and where will you put it on?
  – What might you consider telling the patient before
  – When and where will you remove PPE?
  – How will you dispose of it?
  – What other equipment do you need?
              PPE exercise

Scenario 6:
It is Tuesday and that means Hmong refugees
in your area will be bringing in their stool
samples for you to package for shipment to
–   Mode(s) of transmission?
–   PPE? Why?
–   Where should the specimens be processed?
–   What should be done after they are processed?
                  PPE exercise
Scenario 7:
 It is health screening day and many clients are at your
 facility waiting for their BP checks and cholesterol
 screening. You notice an elderly woman with cold-like
 symptoms, including a cough.

  –   What, if anything, should you do?
  –   What mode of transmission is of concern?
  –   What PPE, if any, would be used?
  –   Who would wear it?
Infection Control Principles
        and Practices
     Gwen Borlaug, CIC, MPH
 Infection Control Epidemiologist
Bureau of Communicable Diseases
 1 West Wilson Street Room 318
         Madison, WI 53701

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