Just Playdates National Mom 2 Mom Sale Vendor Contract

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        Just Playdates National Mom 2 Mom Sale Vendor Contract

                             Date of Sale: May 1st 2010
                Time of Set-up: TBA                Time of Sale: TBA

The Just Playdates National Mom 2 Mom sale is only for vendors who are selling
children’s clothing and accessories that are gently used or new. Items must be in good
working order and not broken if they are used. If they are new then they must be for
immediate purchase at the show and not just for display.

Name of Vendor_______________________________________________________

Business Name (if any) _________________________________________________

Contact Phone Number _________________________________________________

Contact Email _________________________________________________________

Mom 2 Mom Sale Location _______________________________________________
                         (city)                  (province)

Number of table/s required __________X $25.00 per table =$________ owed

Payment made by (circle one)          Cheque          Paypal

Full payment and this form must be received to ensure you have a table at your desired
location for the National Mom 2 Mom sale. No tables can be reserved in advance
without payment, or without this form and all tables are on a first come first served basis.

Just Playdates National Mom 2 Mom Sale Rules
   1. If due to circumstances beyond our control (i) the National Mom 2 Mom sale at
       your location can not be operated on the day and no other day for its operation is
       chosen that suites you, the full amount of your payment will be returned to you.
       These circumstances are considered as follows though not limited to:
          i. not enough tables sold at the location to warrant the event being held
         ii. an act of God or vandalism that restricts access to/or function of the
   2. If the Mom 2 Mom sale at your location is not cancelled but you fail to attend the
       event due to your own circumstances your payment shall not be reimbursed
   3. If you cancel your attendance 2 weeks or less prior to the event your payment
       shall not be reimbursed unless you have a substitute for your space
   4. Please alert your location leader or us to any problems before, during or after the
       National Mom 2 Mom sale immediately so we can take steps to fix the situation
   5. Pictures and/or Video need to be taken at the show as a method of verification for
       Guinness World Records™.
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   6. You shall be notified of any changes to the National Mom 2 Mom sale, if they
       effect your location, as soon as they occur
   7. Please give yourself plenty of time to set-up your table for the event
   8. Bring only items for sale that are in good working order, not broken, clean and
       safe to use under Health Canada Guidelines, Transport Canada or your own
       provincial guidelines. This means do a quick check to see if products such as ,
       but not limited to; Breast pumps, baby bottles, car seats & helmets have not been
       recalled and are still OK to sell
   9. Additionally, some baby/child products can only be resold if they have the
       manual to be sold with them. If you do not have the manual you can not sell the
   10. Please notify your location leader if you are bringing large items (e.g. Stroller,
       bed, play equipment, mattress)
   11. Please provide your own bags
   12. Have as many items as possible (large & small) priced in advance
   13. Have enough small change on hand to make change for customers
   14. For safety keep your money on your person at all times
   15. If you have a lot of items it might be best to invite a friend or relative to help you
       sell them as well as help you watch them
   16. Just Playdates will not be liable for any money or items that go missing, or
       become broken at the sale
   17. Children are welcome at the sale if they are cared for. Please don’t leave
       children unattended at the sale at any time!!!
   18. Just Playdates will not be liable for any injury or accidents that happen during the
       duration of the sale, including set-up and tear-down
   19. Unless you sell out of all your items prior to the stated end of the sale we ask that
       you remain till the end of the sale as a courtesy to late comers

I _________________have read and understood all 19 of the above Rules____________
       (name)                                                         (signature)

Please fax or mail all two pages of this document to:

Just Playdates                                       Toll Free Fax# (888) 440-1545
C/O Laurie Konkle
25 Second Street North                  Payment by Cheque or Paypal can be done to
Stoney Creek, ON                           Just Playdates (info@justplaydates.ca)
L8G 1Y8

*********************** OFFICE USE ONLY*******************************

Date Form Received ________________Date Payment Received___________________

Confirmed ___   Waitlisted #____

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