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Job Shadow Program


									                                            Job Shadow Program
                                                Student Application

First Name:                                                   Last Name:
University PO Box #:                                          Home Address:
City/Province:                                                Postal Code:
School Phone #:                                               Home Phone #:
E-mail Address:                                               Student ID #:

When would you like to do your Job Shadow? (Check those that apply):

        September        October                 November              December              Reading Week

        January          February                March                 April      Summer (indicate month)

What career or occupation are you interested in? (Please be as specific as possible):

Are you able to travel outside of Guelph? (Check whichever applies):            Yes                No
                                                  If yes, where?

What is your degree, major, and area of specialization or interest?

When do you expect to graduate? (yyyy):

How did you find out about the Job Shadow Program? (Check those that apply):

Direct referral      Word of Mouth          Yellow Pages        Advertisement        Direct Mail    Website/Internet

Directory/Guidebook          Info Session        Job/Career Fair         Cold Call         Other         Unknown

If you have any questions, please contact the Job Shadow Peer Helpers at (519) 824-4120, ext. 54797
or by e-mail at

Office use only:

Status of Student:             MATCHED                   PENDING

Date Application Received:

Student Debriefed:             Yes                       No

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