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The Talking Card
X259069       Each          $11.90 +$1.49GST
X261677       Buy 2         $18.90 +$2.36GST
X261685       Buy 10        $79.90 +$9.99GST
X265165       Buy 20      $155.00 +$19.38GST                                                  Hygienic Craft Rolls
Send a special message to family and friends! These innovative cards allow you to             School Pack
record messages for up to 10 seconds. Cards feature a clear plastic wallet to insert
pictures or notes. Can be re-used over and over again. Cards are double-sided and
                                                                                              X214783 Pack of 110              $32.90    +$4.11GST
come plain for you to decorate. Envelopes included. Each measures 15.5 x 11.5cm.              Thick cardboard rolls each measuring 11 x 3.8cm.
Suitable for all ages.                                                                        A great hygienic alternative.

Paper Lanterns
X268516 Pack of 24
$39.90 +$4.99GST
X268524 Pack of 48                                                                            Foil Board
$64.90 +$8.11GST                                                                              Christmas Shapes
Lanterns come white for you
                                                                                              X156687 Pack of 48              $22.90 +$2.86GST
to decorate. Each measures
approximately 19cm in                                                                         Shiny metallic shapes in red, green, gold and silver.
diameter. Ideal for use with                                                                  Plain matt white back can be decorated with
Liquid Watercolor®. (Search                                                                   markers or crayons. 48 pieces consisting of four
for Liquid Watercolor® on                                                                     shapes – angel, bell, star and Christmas tree. The                                                                             angel measures 15cm H.

NEW! Tinsel Pom Pom                                                                                                                      Christmas
Character Class Pack                                                                                                                     Lick & Stick Shapes
X305490 $51.90         +$6.49GST                                                                                                         X038653 Pack of 100 $5.00 +$0.63GST
                                                                                                                                         Big stickers for little hands! Boldly coloured,
Every one can make a different Tinsel Pom Pom Character with this kit. This kit contains plastic eyes, chenille stems,
                                                                                                                                         Christmas lick and stick shapes. Santa
craft poms, stretch magic cord and a plastic yarn needle. The kit contains instructions to make Bobby Bat, Flurrie
Snowman, North Pole Elf, Jolly Santa, Alley Cat, Jingles Deer, Just Ducky, Funny Bunny, Flutters Butterfly, Spidey                       measures 6cm H. For 3 years plus.
Spider, Bumbles Bee and Ladie Bug. For 5 years plus.

14                                            = downloadable activities at
NEW! Wooden
Hanging Frame
X322214 Pack of 10
$20.90 +$2.61GST
X322313 Pack of 20
$34.90 +$4.36GST

                                                                             NEW! Wooden Person Frame
Each set contains 3 frames. Please
note that these frames do not have
backing to hold in the photos they
                                                                             X322271 Pack of 12           $13.90   +$1.74GST
will have to be glued to the timber.
Simply hang by threading string or                                           This Wooden Person Frame has a large tummy for you to stick a photo
wool through the holes provided.                                             or decorative paper behind to form the inside of the tummy. Please note
Frames measure 6.5 x 6.5cm, 10 x                                             the photo or decorative paper will require gluing to the wooden frame
10cm and 13 x 13cm.                                                          as it doesn’t contain a photo pouch. Frame measures 17cm H x 14.5cm W.

Reindeer                                                                     Wooden Christmas
Wooden Frames                                                                Tree Photo Frame
X294454 Pack of 12                                                           X182246 Pack of 12            $19.90   +$2.49GST
$29.90 +$3.74GST                                                             X261099 Pack of 24            $29.90   +$3.74GST
Adorable photo frames that are the                                           This enchanting wooden photo frame shaped like a Christmas tree,
perfect gift for family and friends.                                         would look lovely simply with a photo of someone special, but would
Decorate with paints, markers,                                               really dazzle with a bit of decoration. Use paints, markers, sequins,
sequins and much more. Frame                                                 pom poms or whatever takes your fancy, to make each frame unique.
measures 18 x 15cm with room for a                                           An attached string means each frame is ready to hang. Each frame
photo 7cm in diameter.                                                       measures 12.5 H x 11cm W.

                                                                             Photo Frame
                                                                             X206078 Pack of 12
                                                                             $19.90 +$2.49GST
                                                                             These adorable wooden

                                                                             photo frames can be
                                                                             decorated with paints,
Wooden                                                                       markers and more! Each

Christmas Frame
                                                                             measures 10.5 x 16cm,
                                                                             with a space for a photo
                                                                             measuring 7 x 7cm.
X294447 Pack of 24             $29.90   +$3.74GST
Personalise your own Christmas baubles! Simply add paint, glitter, sequins
and much more. String supplied so they are ready to hang. Measures 9cm in
diameter with room for a photo 4.5cm in diameter.

                         Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                   15
                          wooden craft
                                                                                                                                                                  $ 90

                                                                                                                                                                  $ 50

                                                                                          Wooden Christmas Shapes
                                                                                          X100479 Trees            Pack of 12         $5.50 +$0.69GST
                                                                                          X100511 Stars            Pack of 12         $5.50 +$0.69GST
                                                                                          X235598 Bells            Pack of 12         $5.50 +$0.69GST
                                                                                          Made from craft wood these shapes are ideal for painting and decorating. Make
                                                                                          brooches, magnets, gift tags, tree decorations and key rings. Shapes and designs
                                                                                          may vary. Shapes measure approximately 7cm H. Accessories not included.

                                                               markers,                                                                                       Take to
                                                               sequins                                                                                       Carols by
                                                              and glitter!                                                                               Candlelight!

                                                                                          Wooden Star Tea Light
Wooden Bottle Opener                                                                      Candle Holder
X292094 Pack of 12            $24.90   +$3.11GST
X292110 Pack of 24            $39.90   +$4.99GST                                          X292086 Pack of 10            $28.50   +$3.56GST
X322727 Pack of 36            $56.90   +$7.11GST                                          X292102 Pack of 20            $49.90   +$6.24GST
A great gift for Mum and Dad this Christmas. Pack includes an assortment of girl and      Simply decorate and use as a table piece for your Christmas
boy bottle openers. Decorate with paint, markers, sequins, glitter and much more.         dinner. Add your own touch with paint, markers, sequins, glitter
Measures 5.5 x 10cm. No sharp edges. For 3 years plus.                                    and much more. Measures 12 x 12cm. Candle not included.

                                                                   Great for
                                                                 your end of
                                                                  year class
                                                                    play!                 Wooden
                                                                                          Bead Dolls
                                                                                          X260364 Pack of 10
                                                         NEW! Wooden                      $19.90 +$2.49GST
                                                         Totems                           X260406 Pack of 20
                                                                                          $34.90 +$4.36GST
                                                         X301663 Pack of 10
                                                                                          These adorable wooden Dolls
                                                         $38.90 +$4.86GST
                                                                                          are a great craft activity this
                                                         Decorate these Totems as         Christmas! Personalise with
                                                         Santa and Mrs Claus to use in    patty pans, chenille stems,
                                                         end of year plays or for role    rhinestones and much more.
                                                         play in the block corner. Each   Dolls come plain for you to
                                                         totem measures 17cm H.           decorate and measure 7.5cm H.

16                                          = downloadable activities at
                                                                                                wooden craft

  NEW! Wooden Christmas Shapes
  X322131      Stockings       Pack   of   12      $5.50 +$0.69GST
  X322149      Bauble          Pack   of   12      $5.50 +$0.69GST
  X322156      Angel           Pack   of   12      $5.50 +$0.69GST
  X322297      3 Designs       Pack   of   36     $12.90 +$1.61GST
  Made from craft wood these shapes are ideal for painting and
  decorating. Make brooches, magnets, gift tags, tree decorations and
  key rings. Shapes measure 7 to 9cm H. Accessories not included.

                                                                                                       Key Rings
                                                                                                       X155788 Pack of 12
                                                                                                       $7.75 +$0.97GST
                                                                                                       X199083 Pack of 24
                                                                                                       $12.90 +$1.61GST
                                                                                                       Metal key rings. Ideal
                                                                                                       for use with split rings

Brooch Backs                                         Self-Adhesive Magnets
X088229      Pack of 25       $6.50 +$0.81GST        X088468 Pack of 75 $19.90 +$2.49GST
                                                                                                       Split Rings
X149591      Pack of 50       $7.50 +$0.94GST        X284018 Pack of 150 $25.90 +$3.56GST              X105460 Pack of 10 $3.90 +$0.49GST
                                                                                                       X199075 Pack of 20 $5.90 +$0.74GST
Made of nickel. Measure 2.5cm and can be either      75 self-adhesive magnets for creating fridge
sewn or glued to hundreds of surfaces to create      ornaments. Magnets measure 5cm L x 1cm W and      Silver split rings with a diameter of 2.5cm. Ideal for
that special something. For 3 years plus.            can be easily cut to size. For 3 years plus.      use with key rings (X155788). For 3 years plus.

                                                                                     Wooden Eggs
Wooden Egg Cups                                                                      X228346 Pack of 10 $11.50 +$1.44GST
X228353      Pack of 10      $11.50 +$1.44GST                                        Eggs measure approximately 4cm in diameter.
Egg cups measure 5cm H x 4.5cm D.                                                    Egg carton not included.

                       Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                              17
                                                                                                                                  Each book
                                                                                                                                    10 white

                                                                                            Wooden Lace Up Notebook
                                                                                            X322198 Pack of 6            $23.90 +$2.99GST
                                                                                            This kit includes 12 wooden covers to make 6 Wooden Lace Up Notebooks
                                                                                            (a cover for front and back) and enough paper sheets so that each note book
                                                                                            will have 10 pages. Simply decorate the cover, then thread some string or wool
                                                                                            through the holes at the side to join together. Our Metallic Yarn (X206987) or
                                                                                            Assorted Raffia (X322552) is perfect for this. Now you just have to decorate the
                                                                                            pages inside with stories or photos. Notebook measures 20 x 20cm.

               a                                                                                                           Also make
                                                                                                                            a person
                                                                                                                            or teddy


                                                                           Each pack
 a   NEW! Wooden Calendar Album                                             makes 25
X322164 Pack of 25             $18.50 +$2.31GST                             Calendar
X322305 Pack of 50             $28.50 +$3.56GST                             Albums!

These wooden calendar albums are a perfect alternative to the Cardboard Squares for
displaying your Calendar Tabs. Each calendar album comes with two pieces of timber
for you to display your calendar in. Simply connect with Multi Coloured Book Rings
                                                                                         NEW! Wooden Gingerbread Man
(X302455) or Raffia Balls (X322552). Calendar Tabs not included.                         X322289 Pack of 12            $12.90 +$1.61GST
                                                                                         This cute Gingerbread man, made of wood, can be painted or decorated by adding
 b   Calendar Tabs                                                                       sequins, ribbon or material with PVA glue. You could even personalise him and
                                                                                         decorate to be a person or a teddy bear. Each Gingerbread man has a hole in the top
X042572 Pack of 25              $7.50 +$0.94GST                                          so he can be hung as a decoration. Measures 15cm H x 12cm W.
X260620 Pack of 50             $11.50 +$1.44GST
2010 tear-away, month by month, calendar pads. Each calendar pad measures
6.5 x 5cm (non-adhesive). White Cardboard Squares (X043109) and Wooden Calendar
Album (X322164) available separately.

 c   White Cardboard Squares
X043109 Pack of 40               $5.50 +$0.69GST
X291807 Pack of 80               $8.50 +$1.06GST
Blank cardboard squares to use with calendar tabs and other craft activities.
Squares measure 12.5 x 12.5cm.

                                                        NEW! Multi
                                                        Coloured Book
                                                        X302455 Pack of 12

                                                                                         NEW! Assorted Raffia Balls
                                                        $8.50 +$1.06GST
                                                        These book rings can be used
                                                        for a multitude of purposes.     X322552 Pack of 10            $36.90    +$4.61GST
                                                        Great for joining together our   These raffia balls are great for hanging Christmas craft or for
                                                        Wooden Lace Up Notebook and      use in constructing projects. The pack has an assortment of red,
                                                        our Wooden Calendar Album.       blue, yellow and green balls. Each ball contains 50g.

18                                           = downloadable activities at
                                                                                                     wooden craft

NEW! Wooden Shapes Joining                                      Coloured Popsticks
X322859 Pack of 50 $9.90 +$1.24GST                              X003533        Pack of 1000        $13.90    +$1.74GST

Use these joining shapes to make various designs or combine
                                                                X149526        Pack of 2000        $21.90    +$2.74GST
with other wooden products to make more detailed structures.    Multicoloured popsticks to create all sorts of artworks.
Each piece measures 4.5cm D. For 3 years plus.                  Popsticks measure 11cm L.

Construct                                                       NEW! Wooden
A Sticks                                                        Geometric Shapes
X301648 Pack of 1000                                            X301655 Pack of 117 $12.90                +$1.61GST
$25.90 +$3.24GST                                                Wooden Geometric Shapes can be used as a craft
These natural wooden Construct                                  decoration, in combination with other wooden craft
A Sticks slot together to make 3D                               products or to add a new dimension to block play.
structures. Each measures 11.5 x 1cm.                           They vary from 1.8cm to 5cm. Designs may vary.

NEW! Assorted Spools
X302398 Pack of 72              $28.75    +$3.59GST
Pack of 72 spools in assorted sizes. For 3 years plus.

                                                                NEW! Wood Turning Shapes                                                    pg 31.

                                                                X302406 $25.90         +$3.24GST
                                                                1.1kg of Wood Turning Shapes for all your art and craft projects. For 3 years plus.

                          Shop online at or call us FREECALL on 0800 92 92 62                                                 19

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