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Gun Sale Oct 27_ 2007 - Catalogue_ Bud Haynes Auctions

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Gun Sale Oct. 27, 2007 Catalogue 
    1. Bill C-68, or Prohib 12-6, indicates guns which were prohibited under Bill C-68 & they can only be purchased
       by people who already own this type of gun. Please ask us if you are in doubt.
    2. Some firearms such as machine guns & some s/auto rifles can only be sold to Special Category Buyers & you
       must be sure that you already qualify.
    3. Some firearms that are considered "Antique" by U.S.A. standards, such as modern perc. & flintlocks, & any
       gun made before 1898, are not always considered "Antique" in Canada. Ask Jim Baggaley about any guns you
       may want to buy so as to avoid problems. Please familiarize yourself with the current import regulations as we
       cannot be responsible for U.S. regulations any more than we can be responsible for changes in Canadian
    4. Please note: We cannot store guns forever, so please make your shipping arrangements etc. as soon after the
       Auction as you can.
    5. NOTE!... All ammo & components require at least a P.O.L. & we cannot ship these by regular carriers so please
       make other arrangements.

214-A-1.--- Bag lot Books; Canada Sons In World War ** Capt. Scott ** F/Marshal Viscount French ** Trench Art .

214-A-2.--- Bag lot Books; Encyc. Amer. Gun Design ** Guns Ant. & Modern ** Gun Care & Repair ** Shotgun
Trends ** Amer. Ammo. & Ballistics.

214-A-3.--- Bag lot Books; (2)-B/act. Rifles ** Assault Weapons ** Amer. Shotgun ** Milt. Small Arms ** Modern

214-A-4.--- Box lot Books incl: Gun Digest Treasures ** Musket to M-14 **, On The Edge To Nowhere, ** Blue
Book, etc....


214-A-6.--- Jar containing: approx. 13-lbs. 10mm brass.

214-A-7.--- Jar containing: approx. 19-lbs. 9mm Luger brass.

214-A-8.--- Lot; 2-Jars containing: approx. 14-lbs. .45 Auto brass.

214-A-9.--- Outstanding, Shepherd, 3x9x40 scope w/adjust. objective, [as new in box.]

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-A-10.--- Ser.# 311158, Mauser, (Banner), mod. 1914, 7.65 cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/89mm bbl. [appears
VG+, slight holster wear w/checkered wooden grips.] FRC#11011167. HG*

214-A-11.--- Ser.# 25109447, Marlin, mod. 1894, .44 Rem. mag. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. full mag. [appears
Exc.] FRC#11023537.

214-A-12.--- Ser.# SM40517, Colt, mod. Govt. Mk.IV, Series 70, .45 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/127mm bbl.
[satin finish rcvr., blued bbl. & slide, wooden grips w/Colt medallion, adjust. r/sight, appears VG.] FRC#11093795.

214-A-13.--- Ser.# 0345409, Savage, mod. Mk. II, .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [Black composite
p/grip stock, appears as new.] FRC#11303839.
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214-A-14.--- Ser.# 2554321, Win., pre-64, mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [grey rcvr, has Yukon
medallion on left side of stock & BC medallion on right side..] FRC#11261688.

214-A-15.--- Ser.# 34331, Harrington & Richardson, Mod. May 14, 1901, .44/40 Shot cal. H/brk. shotgun w/26"
bbl. [cracked @ wrist, fading blue.] FRC#1197633.

214-A-16.--- Ser.# Nil., Zulu, mod. Zulu, European, Snider style, .10 ga. flip-open, breech loading, s/shotgun
w/31" bbl. [firing pin in bag.] FRC#11319623.

214-A-17.--- Ser.# 1392141, Win., mod. 12, .16 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [appears VG,+ blue,
w/Pachmayr recoil pad, professionally repaired @ toe.] FRC#11328632.

214-A-18.--- Ser.# 1314889, Win., mod. 12, .20 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/26" bbl. [appears exc., some marks
on varnish on stock., has Win. butt-plate.] FRC#11328633.

214-A-19.--- Ser.# 1328775, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4". P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [blue has carry-wear,
w/Whiteline recoil pad.] FRC#11328621.

214-A-20.--- Ser.# 740751, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [flaking blue on rcvr.,
Hawkins recoil pad.] FRC#11328622.

214-A-21.--- Ser.# 8665A, Ansley H. Fox, mod. SxS, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls. [traces of
case color on rcvr., lightly engraved, rnd. checkered p/grip stock, good bores, tight action.] FRC#11083687.

214-A-22.--- Ser.# 246356, Win., mod. 1894, .32/40 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. full mag. [traces of blue,
repaired upper tang, sanded & varnished wood.] FRC#11208423.

214-A-23.--- Ser.# 81379, Win., mod. 1895, .30/40 Krag cal. L/act. rifle w/28" rnd. bbl. [grey rcvr., fading blue,
appears fair, cresc. buttplate & schnabel forend w/ebony insert.] FRC#11197627.

214-A-24.--- Ser.# 315097, Anschutz, mod. Sporter, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/460mm bbl. FRC#11197632.

214-A-25.--- Lot: 3-rifle cases.

214-A-26.--- Lot: 3-rifle cases.

214-A-27.--- Lot, bundle of 4-gun socks, & 2-screw type trigger locks.

214-A-28.--- Ser.# NRA16622, Win., mod. 94, "NRA Cent. Comm", .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears
as new in box.] FRC#_______________

214-A-29.--- Ser.# Nil., Win., mod. Thumb Trigger, .22 Long cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/18" bbl. [Extremely rare,
appears VG.] FRC#______________

214-A-30.--- Ser.# J54272, Marlin, mod. 336SC, .35 Rem. cal. L/act rifle w/20" bbl. [appears VG, w/regular sights
& Lyman peep-sight, & posts for swivels.] FRC#_______________

214-A-31.--- Ser.# 1027494, C-I-L, (Franchi), mod. 68, .22LR, cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/21" bbl. [appears VG, a
few marks on stock.] FRC#____________

214-A-32.--- Ser.# 90487, Savage, mod. 1899, T/down, 30/30 Win., L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. [tight smooth
action, Lyman tang sight, blackened finish.] FRC#_______________

214-A-33.--- Ser.# 27475A, Ithaca, mod. SxS, .12 ga. 2 3/4", hammer type, brk./act. shotgun w/32" bbls.
[blackened finish, rnd. checkered p/grip stock, missing lower tang screw.] FRC#_____________

214-A-34.--- Ser.# R516, Vostok, mod. TL3-17, .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [appears VG, slight rust
on clip.] FRC#______________
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214-B-1.--- Ser. # 21105173, Ruger Mod. Mark. II Target 22LR cal. 10-shot, s/auto pistol w5 ½ inch bull bbl., [in
orig. box & packing box, appears test-fired.] FRC # 3838773

214-B-2.--- Ser. # G99080, Rossi, mod. 62SA, 22LR cal. P/act., tube fed rifle w/23 " bbl. [Slight storage damage
surface rust.] FRC# ___________

214-B-3.--- Ser.# L051883, Lakefield mod. 64B, 22LR cal., clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [slight surface rust.]

214- B-4.--- Ser. # 175769, Fair Rizzini mod. Jubilee 902 Trap,. 12 G. 2 3/4 inch Over & Under Trap Shot gun,
w/30" bbls. [screw-in chokes. lightly engraved satin finished recvr., gold plated single trigger, swollen p/grip
checkered stock w/adjustable comb. Appears excellent in fitted original fair hard plastic locking case.] FRC #
8005311. ( Appraised Value: $ 3500 to $ 4000 )

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-B-5.--- Ser.# 199491, Mauser, mod. 1914, 7.65 cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/86mm bbl. [cond. poor, missing
clip.] FRC#5213330. HG*

214-B-6.--- Ser.# 741072, Mauser, mod. C-96, Broomhandle, Oberndorf, w/Mauser Banner, 7.63 cal. 10-shot
s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [Small ring-early mod. 130 Commercial w/milled grooves machined in rcvr rails, dull
blue worn finish w/repro. wooden shoulder stock/holster.] FRC#3596184. HG*

214-B-7.--- Ser.# 5CH2802, F.N. Browning, Mod. Mk. I*, (Inglis), .9mm cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/118mm bbl.
[appears VG, w/wooden shoulder stock/holster, (snap broken).] FRC#3596186. HG*

214-B-8.--- Ser.# 6903, Walther, CYQ, mod. P-38, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears
VG, Nazi marked, brown grips.] FRC#3596183. HG*

214-B-9.--- Ser.# 398246/N1578, Webley, Mk.VI, .455 cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [Appears Good, original ser.
number has been crossed out and the # N1578 is on the butt, (it is regd. w/both numbers)] FRC#5306899. HG*

214-B-10.--- Ser.# 8629, Lee Enfield, (BSA-1915) mod. No. 2, Mk. IV, .22 LR cal. conversion, B/act. rifle w/25"
bbl. [Appears VG, converted training rifle, empty clip for cosmetic purposes.] FRC#5213358.

214-B-11.--- Ser.# 353230, Win., mod. 1894, .32 WS cal. L/act. rifle w/25 3/4" oct. bbl. & full mag. [ca. 1905,
some rust damage, bbl. has been trimmed 1/4", wood appears fair., w/cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#3596188.

214-B-12.--- Ser.# AM5158, Lee Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I (T), Sniper Rifle, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. rifle w/640mm bbl.
[said to have been converted by Holland & Holland, the scope reads; "Tel Sighting No. 32 Mk. II, OS1650A, 1944
No. 9227. Stock has raised comb piece, & it comes w/wooden case & leather sniper sling.] FRC#3596191.

214-B-13.--- Ser.# E31277, Lee Enfield, No.4, Mk. I, .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed full wood milt. B/act. rifle w/640mm
bbl. [appears good, some slight rust marks.] FRC#5213346.

214-B-14.--- Ser.# 662, , Ross Rifle Co., mod. 1905, .303 cal. B/act. full wood milt rifle w/28" bbl. [appears VG+.]

214-B-15.--- Ser.# 36997, Arisaka, (Japanese Military), 6.5 Jap. cal. B/act. full wood milt rifle w/31" bbl. [appears
good w/web sling.] FRC#5213339.

214-B-16.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 6743, Snider/Enfield, (1852), Mk. III, .577 cal. full wood milt rifle w/30 ½" bbl.
[appears VG+, w/good clear markings on stock, iron ramrod, & white leather sling.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-B-17.--- Ser.# 10183, Lee Enfield, mod. Sht. L.E., Mk. III*, (1916), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. full wood milt.
rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#5213361.
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214-B-18.--- Ser.# 7509, Mauser, mod. 98-Israeli, 7.62 cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/24" bbl.[appears good.]

214-B-19.--- Ser.#193821, U.S. Enfield, (ERA), mod. P-14, .303 cal. full wood milt. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears VG.]

214-B-20.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 573, Snider/Enfield, (BSA Co.) Mod. 1861, .577 cal. full wood milt. rifle w/30 ½" bbl.
[appears good, missing ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-B-21.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil, Martini Enfield, (1887), mod. Mk. IV, .577/450 cal. s/shot rifle w/33" bbl.
[appears good, w/ramrod.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-B-22.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 310, Snider/Enfield, (BSA Co.), (1864), mod. Mk. II **, .577 cal. full wood milt. rifle
w/35 ½" bbl. [appears VG, brass trigger guard & butt-plate, has nipple protector, ram/rod, & a newer leather

Prohibited, you must have one in this class!

214-B-23.--- Ser.# A148515, FN FAL Mod. L1 A1, (B.S.A.) 7.62mm Nato cal. clip-fed, s/auto milt. rifle w/530mm
bbl. [has wooden hand grip, carrying handle, forend & stock.] FRC#5213328. RI*

214-B-24.--- Ser.#617601, Arisaka, mod. Japanese Milt. Carbine, 6.5 Jap. cal. full wood milt. rifle w/20" bbl.
[appears fair.] FRC#5213340.

214-B-25.--- Ser.# DA125, Ross Rifle Co., mod. 1910, .303 cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/31" bbl. [appears
VG+, w/white web sling.] FRC#5213332.

214-B-26.--- Ser.# 21728, Lee Enfield, mod. Sht. L.E., Mk. III, (Prison Issue) Ishapore, .410 ga. B/act.
s/shotgun/conversion w/640mm bbl. FRC#5213367.

214-B-27.--- Ser.# AC2604, Lee Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. full wood, clip-fed, B/act. milt. rifle w/640mm
bbl. [appears good w/some slight rust.] FRC#5213356.

214-B-28.--- Ser.# 75L2741, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I*, (Longbranch) (1944), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. full
wood milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#5213354.

214-B-29.--- Ser.# 1982, `Mauser, mod. 88, (Loewe Berlin 1890), 8x57 J cal. full wood B/act. milt. rifle w/29 ½"
bbl. some slight rust, has ramrod, wood appears good.] FRC#3596190.

214-B-30.--- Ser.# 16446, Mosin Nagant, mod. 1891, 7.62x54R cal. B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/31" bbl. [has
ramrod, some rust.] FRC#5213337.

214-B-31.--- Ser.# U13659, Lee Enfield, mod. Sht.L.E., Mk. III, (BSA Co. 1908), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. full wood
milt. rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears good.] FRC#5213373.

214-B-32.--- Ser.# 9927, Lee Enfield, mod. No. 5, Mk. I, (Jungle Carbine), .303 cal. clip-fed, full wood B/act. milt
rifle w/19" bbl. [ was regd. w/a B at the start of number which it doesn’t have, a few tiny rust specks.]

214-B-33.--- Ser.# S73715, Lee Enfield, mod. Sht.L.E., (1918) Mk. III*, .303 cal. full wood, clip-fed B/act. milt.
rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#5213364.

214-B-34.--- Ser.# OL3781, Lee Enfield, mod. #7, Mk.I, (Longbranch), .22 LR cal. full wood B/act. milt training
rifle w/640mm bbl. [appears VG+, w/web sling.] FRC#3596192.

214-B-35.--- Ser.# 6870, Lee-Enfield, mod. Sht. L.E., Mk. III, (South African proto-type) (1917), .303 cal. clip-fed,
B/act. rifle w/15" bbl. [specially modified by the Military w/pistol grip addition to regular stock, a most interesting
item!] FRC#5213348.
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 5 
214-B-36.--- Ser.# D060629672, Lee-Enfield, (BSA Co.), Fulton Long Lee, (Bisley), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. full
wood milt. rifle w/30" bbl. [appears good.] FRC#5213376.

214-B-37.--- Ser.# 1217723, U.S. Enfield (Eddystone) mod. P-17, (1917), .30/06 cal. B/act. full wood milt rifle
w/26" bbl.[ appears good.] FRC#5213370.

214-B-38.--- Ser.# 9782, Lee-Enfield, mod. Mk. I, (Carbine), .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. full wood milt. rifle w/20"
bbl. [appears good, w/flat side bolt knob & 5-rnd. clip.] FRC#5213344.

214-B-39.--- Ser.# 080717, Lee-Enfield, No. 5, Mk. I, .303 cal.B/act. clip-fed, full wood, Jungle Carbine, w/19" bbl.
[appears good, w/matching number bolt, & web sling.] FRC#5213350.

214-B-40.--- Ser.# 5084, Enfield, Martini, mod. 1902, AC III, .303 cal. martini action full wood milt. rifle w/21"
bbl. [appears VG+ w/exc. bore, and side safety.] FRC#5213342.

Prohibited, 12-3, converted Auto, you must own a similar gun to purchase this, if not sure check w/Jim!

214-B-41.--- Ser.# 0013MW, Bren Gun, mod. Mk. I, Inglis, (1941), .303 cal. clip fed Converted Auto, rifle w/21"
bbl. [Please be sure you can own this type of gun before bidding.] FRC#3596185. RI*

214-B-42.--- Ser.# 158062, Antonio Zoli, mod. Savana Deluxe, 9.3x74R cal. over & under double rifle w/26" bbls.
[box-lock, ejectors, has elaborate game scene engraving, leaf type bbl. sights, scope mnt., w/2-sets of rings,
(30mm & 1"), has swivels, appears exc.] {Manf. suggested retail price was $8,295 US} FRC#10901817.

214-B-43.--- Ser.# C32779, Rem., mod. 14 ½, .44 Rem. cal. or .44 WCF, tube-fed, pump/act. rifle w/22" bbl.
[slight crack in forewood, lots of blue.] FRC#8012112.

214-B-44.--- Ser.# 5553, Win., mod. 1910 SLR, .401 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [faded blue, forewood was
cracked but professionally repaired, looks good.] FRC#________________

214-B-45.--- Ser.# 13731, Win., mod. 1903, .22 Win. Auto cal., tube-fed s/auto rifle w/20" bbl. [cracked &
screwed @ wrist.] FRC#11290626.

214.-B-46.--- Ser.# 4149V,Steyr-Mannlicher, mod. M-95, Short Rifle, 8x50R cal. straight pull, full wood milt. rifle
w/20" bbl. FRC#10135177.

214-B-47.--- Ser.# KD28731 (under left grip), F.N. Browning, mod. 1935, Hi-Power, 9mm Luger cal. 10-shot
s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [finish poor, orig. ser.# not visible, has adjustable sights, appears to function well.]
FRC#_______________ HG*

214-B-48.--- Ser.# 182589, Mauser, mod. C-96, Pre-War Commercial Broomhandle 7.63 cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol
w/142mm bbl. [small ring, all matching numbers, 23-line grips, some holster wear, has lanyard ring.]
FRC#________________ HG*

214-B-49.--- Ser.# 2093A, Luger, (DWM), mod. 1918 Artillery, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w8" bbl.
[appears VG+, slight holster wear, matching numbers except clip (#357).] FRC#8596140. HG*

214-B-50.---Ser.# 54114, Herbert Schmidt, mod. 21, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev., 120mm bbl. FRC#9246754. HG*

214-B-51.--- Ser.# BER042451M, Beretta, mod. 96-D, .40 S&W cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/126mm bbl. [some
wear, has Hogue grips.] FRC#10977876. HG*

214-B-52.--- Ser.# BER029831, Beretta, mod. 96-D, .40 S&W cal., 10-shot s/auto pistol w/126mm bbl. [slight
holster wear, Hogue grips.] FRC#10977885 HG*

214-B-53.--- Ser.# 104389, Rem., mod. 1894, .10 ga. SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls. [rnd.
checkered p/grip stock fading Damascus finish.] FRC#10852043.
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 6 
214-B-54.--- Ser.# 34619, Folsom Arms Co. New York, mod. Knickerbocker, .12 ga. 2 3/4" SxS hammerless
H/brk. shotgun w/28" bbls. [checkered p/grip stock & forend, some case color.] FRC#10852055.

214-B-55.--- Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 530A, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls.
[checkered p/grip stock & forend, case colored rcvr.] FRC#10852056.

214-B-56.--- Ser.# 20168, Ansley H. Fox, Phila. P.A., .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls.
[light scroll engraving w/game birds, boxlock, ejectors, checkered straight stock & forend, w/Pachmayr recoil pad.]

214-B-57.--- Ser.# 135809,Parker Bros. mod. CH Grade, .12 ga. SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [box
lock, extractors, checkered p/grip stock & forend, traces of blue, very slight ding on right bbl.] FRC#11111929.

214-B-58.--- Ser.# 109617, Parker Bros., mod. AA, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbl.
[box lock, extractors, light scroll engraving w/game birds, deluxe checkered p/grip stock & forend, grey finish.]

214-B-59.--- Ser.# 130763, Parker Bros. mod. DH, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls.
[traces of blue, box-lock, extractors, checkered p/grip stock, recoil pad.] FRC#11197502.

214-B-60.--- Ser.# 116553, Parker Bros. mod GH, .12 ga. 2 3/4", SxS hammerless H/brk. shotgun w/32" bbls.
[replaced butt-stock, & trigger guard, traces of blue.] FRC#11114359.

214-B-61.--- Old Gurkha knife w/sheath & the 2-smaller knives.

214-B-62.--- Ser.# 25403, Win., mod. 1894, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. [ca. 1902, apprx. 50%
color.] FRC#__________________

214-B-63.--- Ser.# 57865, Win., mod. 1876, .40/60 Win., cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [ca. 1885, single set
trigger, metal has oxidized to a nice plumb-brown color, good wood, fair bore. NOTE! Madis Book says, "Standard
bbl. length is 28", however most. Winchesters could also be bought in 24, 30, 32, & 36 inch, even 22" in "Short
Rifle".] FRC#_________________

214-B-64.--- Box lot; Approx. 18-"Gun Report" Magazines. (1970 & 71)

214-B-65.--- Box lot; Approx. 36-"Gun Report" Magazines. (1972,73,& 74)

214-B-66.--- Box lot; Approx. 30-"Gun Report" Magazines. (1975, 76, 77)

214-B-67.--- Box lot; Approx. 24-"Gun Report" Magazines. (1978 & 79)

214-B-68.--- Ser.# 808475, Win., mod. 1894, .32/40 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl., full mag. [ca. 1917, appears
VG.] FRC#_______________

214-B-69.--- Ser.# 795432, Win., mod. 1894, .38/55 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" rnd. bbl. full mag. [ca. 1911, plumb
color rcvr.] FRC#_______________

214-B-70.--- Ser.# 276055, Win., mod. 61, .22 LR cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears exc., 90% blue.]

214-C-1.--- Special Collector’s Item: 1966, XLCH Harley Davidson, Sportster, Motorcycle; This extremely rare
motorcycle has been carefully maintained and is in as new or better condition and is just the right choice for
someone who wants a lighter machine. This Magneto, 55 cu. California Hi-way Racing Bike has extra parts &
accessories including a windshield, the original front forks, wheel, brakes, fender, & tire. Also 2-boxes w/custom
tail-light, saddle-bags, $400 worth of special black Harley paint, spare headlight, Harley manual & other parts etc.
                                                                                                           P a g e  | 7 
214-C-2.--- Good Man’s leather motorcycle jacket w/long fringes, size 44.

214-C-3.--- Ladies black leather motorcycle jacket by "Golden Crown", lots of fringes & zippers.

214-C-4.--- Ladies white motorcycle jacket by "Golden Crown", w/lots of fringes & zippers.

The following Limited Edition Collectible Motorcycles are finely crafted in pewter in fine detail and have never been
played with or handled:

214-C-5.--- Harley Davidson Motor Co., "1995- FLHR Road King" pewter replica, Ltd. Edit. 2529/7500, with orig.
box, (never handled).

214-C-6.--- Harley Davidson Motor Co., " XLH Sportster 1200" pewter replica, Ltd. Edit. 1970/7500, with orig. box,
(never handled).

214-C-7.--- Harley Davidson Motor Co., " Softail" pewter replica, Ltd. Edit. 3458/7500, with orig. box, (never

The following Harley Davidson Museum replica motorcycles are finely detailed & have never been handled or
displayed as you can see by the condition of the boxes:

214-C-8.--- Harley Davidson Museum replica, "1936 Knucklehead, Joe Petrali Racer", w/orig. box, (never handled)

214-C-9.--- Harley Davidson Museum replica, "1933 VL", w/orig. box, (never handled)

214-C-10.--- Harley Davidson Museum replica, "1942 XA", w/orig. box, (never handled)

214-C-11.--- Harley Davidson Museum replica, "1922 JD", w/orig. box, (never handled)

214-C-12.--- Harley Davidson "FLHTC Electra Glide", Limited Edition 1359/4000, replica in orig. box. (never

214-C-13.--- Harley Davidson "FXSTC Softail Custom", Limited Edition 1366/3000, replica in orig. box. (never

214-C-14.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, "A Good Day’s Catch" (Man & Boy w/motorcycle by fishing stream,
w/a fish), w/orig. box.

214-C-15.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, "Rest Stop Bebop" (Man & Girl w/motorcycle resting while he plays
a saxaphone), w/orig. box.

214-C-16.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, "Trusty Friends" (Older Man & Dog w/motorcycle), w/orig. box.

214-C-17.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, "Off Road Adventure" (Man riding a motorcycle on it’s rear wheel),
w/orig. box.

214-C-18.--- Cast iron toy motorcycle w/rider: A replica of a toy from the 1930's, painted red, w/white rubber
tires, & says Harley Davidson on the tank, Ltd. Edition 1395/1500, w/it’s orig. box, certificate, & bill of sale from
Antique Cycle Supply, {not played with or handled.)

214-C-19.--- Large finely detailed cast plastic model of 1948 Indian Motorcycle in it’s original display box.. {not
handled or played with)

214-C-20.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "The Harley Davidson Police Patrol" in it’s original package, (never
handled or taken out of the styrofoam package)

214-C-21.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "The Harley Davidson Electra Glide" in it’s original package, (never
handled or taken out of the styrofoam package)
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 8 
214-C-22.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "The Blues Missile" in it’s original package, (never handled or taken
out of the styrofoam package)

214-C-23.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "The Ultimate Chopper" in it’s original package, (never handled or
taken out of the styrofoam package)

214-C-24.--- Built by Ertl,1:10 scale, Collector’s Motorcycle, "Toronto Maple Leaf Chopper", as new in orig. box.

214-C-25.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "1942-Indian" in it’s original package, (never handled or taken out of
the styrofoam package)

214-C-26.--- Franklin Mint, Precision model, "The Billy Bike" in it’s original package, (never handled or taken out of
the styrofoam package)

214-C-27.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, "Keeping The Peace" (Policeman w/Motorcycle.), w/box.

214-C-28.--- Harley Davidson pewter sculpture, (Man relaxing on a Motorcycle, drinking a coffee & reading a
book.), (no box.)

214-C-29.--- Harley Davidson, Archive Figure Series, pewter ltd. edition 0791/2500, "Catch of The Day", (two
Fisherman with a vintage sidecar motorcycle & 2 big fish, w/wooden base, in it’s orig. box.

214-C-30.--- Harley Davidson 1933-Collectible Motorcycle/Sidecar bank, in original box, (un-handled)

214-C-31.--- Harley Davidson "Rolling Sculpture" picture book full of color pictures of motorcycles from 1903-1998,
(95 Year Celebration)

214-C-32.--- Large Harley Davidson Truck & Semi-trailer.

214-C-33.--- Iron cut-out Harley Davidson sign.

214-C-34.--- Ser.# 684306, Win., mod. 1892, .44 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [ca. 1912, button mag, cresc.
butt-plate, fading blue turning brown, good wood.] FRC#9990923.

214-C-35.--- Ser.# 1733271,Win., pre-64, mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [ca. 1952, blue fading,
appears VG+.] FRC#9990931.

214-C-36.--- Ser.# 4627aa, Mauser,mod. 98, (42) dated 1939, 8mm Maus. cal. full wood milt B/act. rifle w/24"
bbl. [appears unissued, Nazi marked, all matching numbers, including the stock.] FRC#9990970.

214-C-37.--- Harley Davidson Collector Item: "Telephone" .

214-C-38.--- Harley Davison wall clock.

214-C-39.--- Harley Davidson framed collage depicting bike & accessories.

214-C-40.--- Harley Davidson wall plaque depicting old time Bike Shop..

214-C-41.--- Replica Harley Davidson sign approx. 3' wide by 2' tall.

214-C-42.--- Card album containing approx. 280 Harley Davidson Collector cards (Visible both sides).

214-C-43.--- Vintage metal sign, "Tecumseh Engine & Transmission FACTORY SERVICE", approx. 2' x 3'.

214-C-44.--- Vintage round metal "B A" service station sign approx. 3' in diameter, w/metal frame.

214-C-45.--- Lot: Jacket, uniform cap, & 3-Loomis Armored Car Service shirts, plus Loomis uniform sweater, as
well as 2- Commisionaires uniform caps.[very collectable, & great for a costume party.]
                                                                                                   P a g e  | 9 
214-C-46.--- Ser.# 60293M, Colt, mod. New Service, Flat Top Target, .455 Eley cal. 6-shot rev. w/191mm bbl.
[appear 95-98% , adjust. sight, checkered trigger & front & back strap.] FRC#4548013. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-47.--- Ser.# 168617, Colt, mod. 1903 Pocket Hammerless, .32 Auto cal., 8-shot s/auto pistol w/95mm bbl.
[appears VG+.] FRC#4548010. HG*

214-C-48.--- Ser.# B455427, Smith & Wesson, mod. 10, .38 spl. cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl.. [appears exc.]
FRC#45448012. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-49.--- Ser.# 58635, Walther, mod. 2, 6.35 cal. s/auto 6-shot s/auto pistol w/54mm bbl. [appears good.]
FRC#4548011. HG*

214-C-50.--- Ser.# 2490856, High Standard, mod. The Sharpshooter, 10-shot s/auto pistol w/140mm bbl. [Right-
hand target grips, bull bbl., adjust. rear sight, appears VG.] FRC#11106096. HG*

214-C-51.--- Ser.# 512325, Ruger, mod. Single-Six, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/165mm bbl. [appears VG, w/alloy
grip strap trigger guard, & "Pearlite" grips.] FRC#9301221. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-52.--- Ser.# A96055, Llama, mod. XV, .22 LR cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/95mm bbl. [appears VG, w/orig.
plastic box.] FRC#931384. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-53.--- Ser.# 250591, Llama, mod. Especial, .22 LR cal. 9-shot s/auto pistol w/92mm bbl. [appears VG,
missing clip.] FRC#1059305. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-54.--- Ser.# A102020, Sterling Arms, mod. 302, .22 LR, 6-shot s/auto pistol w/62mm bbl. [appears VG,
w/orig. box & extra clip.] FRC#917326. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-55.--- Ser.# 003122, Erma, mod. EP-752, .22 LR cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/84mm. [appears good, 1-pce.
wooden grips.] FRC#1211237. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-56.--- Ser.# 001916, Erma, mod. EP-752, .22 LR cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/84mm. [appears VG+, 2-pce.
black plastic grips.] FRC#1211236. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-57.--- Ser.# 30064, Burgo, mod. 106-S, .22 LR cal. 8-shot rev. w/101mm bbl. [appears VG.] FRC#753417.

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-58.--- Ser.# 255266, Arminius, mod. HW-5, .22 LR cal. 8-shot rev. w/102mm bbl. [fading blue.]
FRC#5756526. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 10 
214-C-59.--- Ser.# 554296, Ruby Extra, mod. XII, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/82mm bbl. [appears slight holster
wear.] FRC#4488962. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-60.--- Ser.# 508080, Ruby Extra, mod. XIII, .32 S&W Long cal. 6-shot rev. w/83mm bbl. [appears fading
blue.] FRC#4488963. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-61.--- Ser.# 92173, Basque, mod. Basque, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/79mm bbl. [appears satin
finish rcvr. w/nickle slide etc. & pearlite grips.] FRC#10785402. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-C-62.--- Ser.# R60964, Harrington & Richardson, mod. 922, .22 LR cal. 9-shot rev. w64mm bbl. [appears
VG.] FRC#1134165. HG*

Prohib: 12-5, S/auto.

(You must already own one in this class)

214-C-63.--- Ser.# BH8643, FN FAL, mod. 1-A-1, 7.62 Nato cal. 5-shot, clip-fed s/auto milt. rifle w/530mm bbl.
[India model, wooden stock, p/grip & forwood.] FRC#4402815. RI*

214-C-64.--- Ser.# 900151, Voere, mod. Titan II, .270 Win., cal. clip-fed. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears exc., a
few slight marks on wood, swollen checkered p/grip stock w/rosewood caps, heavy leather sling & fitted w/Bushnell
Scopechief IV, scope, deluxe rings & mounts.] FRC#1000756.

214-C-65.--- Ser.# A129, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. II, 7.62 Nato cal. s/shot B/act. Competition Long-Range,
rifle w/27" bbl. [Special competition, formerly D.C.R.A, conversion 1690,UF-55. Large custom p/grip stock
w/adjustable comb, (small chip), rail under forewood.] FRC#6440386.

214-C-66.--- Ser.# E430, Lee-Enfield, mod. Envoy, 7.62 Nato cal. s/shot, Long Range Competition rifle w/28" bbl.
[Maddco, milled, stainless steel, 12-twist, bbl., swollen large p/grip stock w/adjustable comb & recoil pad, custom
trigger & floorplate & trigger guard assembly, aluminum rail, missing most of rear sight, (base only).]

214-C-67.--- Ser.# 19823L, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III*, .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed, full wood milt. rifle
w/640mm bbl. [w/RFI 1950 converted to EY, w/copper wire wrapping & discharger cup for grenade launching, &
milt. web sling.] FRC#6440366.

214-C-68.--- Ser.# Y34786, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk.½, 7.62 Nato cal. clip-fed B/act. full wood milt. rifle
w/640mm bbl. [5-rnd. clip, web sling, appears good.] FRC#6440378.

214-C-69.--- Ser.# 79427, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. I** IP, 303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. full wood milt. rifle
w/640mm bbl. [web sling, Enfield 1904 converted @ RFI, 1915, DPD model, rare.] FRC#6440375.

214-C-70.--- Ser.# 497804, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal., S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. & full mag. [traces of blue,
old time large1909 Canadian 1-cent coin (the year it was made), inlaid in stock.] FRC#11171175.

214-C-71.--- Ser.# 619745B, Win., mod. 1906, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, P/act. T/down rifle w/20" bbl. [grey finish.]

214-C-72.--- Ser.# Nil, (Poss. regd. w/#514, but not visible), Win., mod. 72, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, B/act. rifle
w/635mm bbl. [w/Monoscope, 4x31 scope w/rings & bases.] FRC#11103342.
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 11 
214-C-73.--- Ser.# Nil., Win., mod. 37, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/shot brk./act. shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#11103344.

214-C-74.--- Ser.# 17052, Ross Rifle Co., mod. 1910, .303 cal. B/act. sporting rifle w/22" bbl. FRC#11103345

214-C-75.--- Ser.# 188775, Ithaca, mod. SXS, Hammerless, .12 ga. 2 3/4" H/brk. shotgun w/30" bbls. [engraved
dog on side, colors fading, stock professionally repaired. FRC#11103343.

214-C-76.--- Ser.# 006968, Knight, mod. LK-II, (Wolverine II), .50 cal. perc., In-line rifle w/23" rnd. bbl. [New, in
Value Pack, camo comp. stock, w/accessories & packing box.] FRC#8688684.

214-C-77.--- Ser.# 006967, Knight, mod. LK-II, (Wolverine II), .50 cal. perc., In-line rifle w/23" rnd. bbl. [New,
(not in the plastic pack), but has all accessories, camo comp. stock & packing box.] FRC#8688683.

214-C-78.--- Ser.# 000166, Knight, mod. Wolverine-209, .45 perc. cal. In-line rifle w/27" bbl. [New, w/black
comp. stock, cassette & accessories etc.] FRC#8756337.

214-C-79.--- Ser.# E870, Stevens, mod. 101-Featherweight, .44 shot cal. H/brk. rifle w/26" bbl. [appears good.]

214-D-1.--- Ser.# 16180598, Ruger, mod. Security Six, .357 ma. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [some storage
rust damage on bbl., good rubber grips., w/box.] FRC#6166123. HG*

214-D-2.--- Ser.# 14529282, Ruger, mod. Old Army, (Stainless), .44 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/191mm bbl.
[stainless finish, wood grips.] FRC#6166114. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68

214-D-3.--- Ser.# R408408, Astra, mod. Astra Police, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/77mm bbl. appears VG+
w/spare 9mm Para. cyl. etc. in box.] FRC#8753305. HG*

214-D-4.--- Ser.# TCY6905, Smith & Wesson, mod. 622, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/152mm bbl. [appears
VG, checkered wood grips, w/box.] FRC#6166115. HG*

214-D-5.--- Ser.# 72614, Arminius, (H. Weihrauch), mod. HW9,.22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [worn blue,
good target type grips for right hand shooter.] Old FRC# K-526519, {re-regn. applied for.) HG*

214-D-6.--- Ser.# 22985, Colt, mod. 1903-Pocket Automatic, .38 Auto cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/114mm bbl. [this
was Colt’s first "Pocket Size" automatic pistol, very similar to the 1902 Military and this is the early model w/the
rounded hammer, finish poor.] FRC#6166120. HG*

214-D-7.--- Ser.# 90341, Armi San Marco, mod. Replica Colt 1851-Navy, .44 perc. cal. 6-shot rev. w/150mm bbl.
[was used as a "Shooter" appears good.] Old FRC# K-205946, HG*

214-D-8.--- Ser.# 56B, Walther, BYF 43, mod. P-38, 9mm Luger cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/120mm bbl. [appears
good, fading worn blue, Nazi marked ] FRC#6166119. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68

214-D-9.--- Ser.# 61649, Frommer, mod. Stop, .32 ACP cal. 7-shot s/auto pistol w/98mm bbl. [finish poor, grips
good, has grip safety.] FRC#61661254. HG*

214-D-10.--- Ser.# 17222957, Ruger, mod. GP100, .357 mag. cal., 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears VG,
stainless finish, w/rubber grips having inset wood panels, w/box.] FRC#6163116. HG*

214-D-11.--- Ser.# 314469, Ruger, mod. Mk. I, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/174mm bbl. [appears good,
blue finish.] Old FRC# L-098628. {Re-regn. applied for.} HG*

214-D-12.--- Ser.# 01195, Pietta, (Navy Arms), mod. copy of Rem. 1858-Army, .44 perc. cal. 6-shot rev.
w/165mm bbl. [finish poor.] FRC#6166121. HG*
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 12 
214-D-13.--- Ser.#8486856, Ruger, mod. New Model Blackhawk, .44 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/267mm (10 ½") bbl.
[appears VG, stainless finish & rubber grips, & leather holster.] FRC#6166122. HG*

214-D-14.--- Ser.# 51423, Armi San Paolo, (Euroarms), mod. Colt 1851 Navy Replica, .36 perc. cal. 6-shot rev.
w/190mm bbl. [finish shows some rust specks, grips are good.] FRC#6166126. HG*

Prohib, 12-6, Bill C-68

214-D-15.--- Ser.# S05710, Ethan Allen, (Hoppe’s), mod. Corsair, .36 perc. cal. SxS 2-shot pistol w/105mm bbls.
[modern replica pistol, the single trigger operates either hammer, has light engraving & bag style grips.] Old FRC#
K-097771. {re-regn. applied for} HG*

214-D-16.--- Ser.# 062406, Erma-Werke, mod. EG-712, .22LR cal. tube-fed, L/act. rifle w/18 ½" bbl.
FRC__________ (Applied for)

214-D-17.--- Ser.# C17597, Lee- Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I, (1943), .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle
w/640mm bbl. FRC#6163117.

214-D-18.--- Ser.# 4248, Green & Co., mod. SxS, (Coach Gun), .12 ga. H/brk., hammerless shotgun w/21 ½"
bbls. [homemade forend.] FRC#____________ (applied for)

214-D-19.--- Ser.# 4830, (should be 5430, error), Henry Boker, mod. Remo Populair, .12 ga. B/act. shotgun
w/30" bbl. FRC#_______________(applied for)

214-D-20.--- Ser.# 36C5563, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I*, (1942), .303 cal., clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle
w/640mm bbl. [ste up for hunting, w/Hakko, Marksman 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings, safety switch removed, milt.
web sling, & leather 10-rnd. ctg. carrier fitted on stock.] FRC#__________

214-D-21.--- Ser.# C135295, Rem., mod. 812, .12 ga., H/brk single shotgun w/w/30", FC bbl. [w/leather sling &
rubber slip-on recoil pad.] FRC#6166130.

214-D-22.--- Ser.# 009969, Ardesa, (Spain), Kentucky Style, .45 perc. cal. modern black powder rifle w/33" oct.
bbl. [brass furniture & buttplate, missing ramrod.] FRC#6163118.

214-D-23.--- Ser.#P25666, Baikal, mod. 18-M, .12 ga. H/brk. s/shotgun w/29 ½" bbl.[w/checkered p/grip stock.]

214-D-24.--- Ser.# D56, Lee Enfield, (BSA) mod. No. 1, Mk. III, .303 cal. clip-fed B/act. sporterized rifle w/640mm
bbl. FRC#______________(Applied for, they couldn’t find the ser.# which is D56)

214-D-25.--- Ser.# 6265, Lee Enfield, mod. No. 1, Mk. III, .303 cal. clip-fed, B/act. sporterized rifle w20" bbl.
[w/dust cover, missing buttplate, clip, & sights.] FRC#___________ (poss not applied for yet)

214-D-25-A.- Bag lot: Co2 pellet revolver, & Rifle scope.

214-D-26.--- Lot of 2-replica decorator type flintlock pistols.

214-D-27.--- Ser.# L3504416, Win., mod. 1300, .12 ga., 3", P/act. shotgun w/22" bbl. [appears as new in box,
fitted w/sights, for slugs, test fired only.] FRC#10142433.

214-D-28.--- Interesting, framed:"Goose Head Study", by Ducks Unlimited.

214-D-29.--- 2-Goose Prints by; Ken Kirkby, for Ducks Unlimited. {x-2}

214-D-30.--- Unframed, Limited Edition 28/1,200, print, "Snows Return" (geese) by; Dave Herbert.

214-D-31.--- BX19297, Lee Enfield, No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. sporterized rifle w/640mm bbl. [w/white vinyl case.]
                                                                                                     P a g e  | 13 
214-D-32.--- Ser.# 50DU384, Win. mod. 1300, "Ducks Unltd. 50 Years of Consideration", Ltd. Edit of 400, .12 ga.
3", P/act. shotgun w/28" V-rib bbl. [appears new, deluxe burled checkered p/grip stock, comes with Ducks Unltd.
foam-lined hard shell case w/key & choke inserts.] (was incorrectly regd. w/an "S" instead of a "5" starting the
ser.#.] FRC# 6024403.

214-D-33.--- Ser.# 06113491, Marlin, mod. 60SS, DU, (For Ducks Unltd), .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/22"
bbl. [ appears as new, Tested & Targeted, Stainless Steel breech bolt, bbl., & outer magazine tube, w/w/attractive
grey laminate style stock, open sights, Tasco scope, & Nylon sling, w/black padded, zippered case. ]

214-D-34.--- Ser.# 92629M69, Browning, mod. BAR, .270-cal. s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [appears exc., checkered
p/grip stock, w/open sights & also a Great West 4x32 scope & leather sling.] FRC#6024407.

214-D-35.--- Ser.# C6025558, Sears, mod. 4-C, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/21" bbl. [appears exc., w/open
sights & Tasco 4x15 scope, w/impressed checkered p/grip stock & forend. {also shows a #18123 on action}]

214-D-36.--- Ser.# S3948/84358, Shweiz Industne-Gessellschaft Nowhausen, mod. Military, 8mm cal. full wood
milt. B/act. rifle w/31" bbl. [bolt # matches 3948.] FRC#7040094.

214-D-37.--- Ser. # G614796, Lakefield Mossberg, Mod. 400G, .12Ga. 3 " Pump Shotgun w/30 " Bbl. [Plain Pistol
grip stock, few bumps. Used very little.] FRC#4193829.

214-D-38.--- Ser. # C67088, Rem. Mod.14A, .30 Rem. Cal..Pump Action Rifle w/22"bbl. FRC# 4193826.

214-D-39.--- Ser. # Z216805, Win. mod.131, .22LR Cal. Clip fed. B/act. Rifle w/21"bbl. [Weaver B4 Scope & mnt.]
FRC# _________________

214-D-40.--- Ser.#Nil., Stkr # 4086507, Hiawatha mod. Hiawatha , .22LR Cal. Tube fed, B/act. rifle w/24 " bbl.
{Running Rabbit Pistol Grip Stock, (Missing the bolt knob.)] FRC # 4193827.

214-D-41.--- Ser. # 47769, Cooey mod. 84, .12 Ga 2 3/4 " brk. act. s/shotgun w/ 30 " bbl. FRC# 4193830.

214-D-42.--- Ser. # Nil., Stkr. # 4086505,. F.N. mod. Sporter, .22LR Cal. s/shot Bolt Action, Rifle w/530mm. bbl.
FRC # 4193825

214-D-43.--- Ser. # 58803, Simpson & Co. mod. Prazison-Karabiner, .22LR Cal. s/shot B/act. rifle w/600mm.
Spoon bolt rounded checkered pistol grip stock. FRC# ____________

214-D-44.--- Ser. # Nil, Stkr. # 4086500, Kessler Arms Corp. mod. 326FR, 20Ga. 2 3/4 " Clip fed B/act. shotgun
w/25 " bbl. FRC# 4193820

214-D-45.--- Ser. # Nil., Stkr.# 4086502, Cooey mod.-75. 22LR Single Shot B/act. rifle w/27" bbl.

FRC # 4193822

214-D-46.--- Ser. # 391082, Cooey /Win. mod. 840, .410Ga. 3", s/shotgun, 26 " bbl. FRC# 4193821

214-D-47.--- Ser. # Nil, Stkr. # 4086504, Deutsche Werke mod.1, .22LR cal. 23 " bbl. FRC # 4193824

214-D-48.--- Ser. # 553, Stkr. # 4086508, W. Richard mod. SxS Hammer .12Ga. 2 3/4 " Shotgun w/32 " bbls.
[Oak Leaf engraved rcvr. & Oak Leaf carved rounded p/grip stock & forend.] FRC# 4193828

214-D-49.--- Ser. # 2094577, Savage mod. 6A, .22LR cal. tube-fed s/auto., rifle w/24" bbl., [Checkered p/grip
stock, side mounted 22 Scope. (Surface rusted )] FRC# 4193823.

214-D-50.--- Ser.# 87591, Cooey mod.84, .12ga. 2 3/4" brk/act. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC# _______

214-D-51.--- Ser.# 94184, Ruger, mod. Single-Six, .22LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/140mm bbl. [3-screw, blue finish,
black grips.] FRC#4518853. HG*
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 14 

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

214-D-52.--- Ser.# 29580, Harrington & Richardson, mod.. Hammer-Ejector .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/76mm
bbl. [appears VG+, nickle finish, good grips, w/leather holster.] FRC#4518851. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68.

114-D-53.--- Ser.# 96, TAC, mod. S&W 32 D/act. copy, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/78mm bbl. [nickle finish]
FRC#4518852. HG*

114-D-54.--- Ser.# 93545, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Superposed, Lightning, Over & Under, Broadmore, .12 ga. 2
3/4", H/brk. shotgun w/32", 5/8 wide matted Vent-rib bbls. [appears VG+, hi-gloss finish deluxe checkered p/grip
stock w/semi-Beaver-tail forend, lightly engraved, single gold plated trigger.] FRC#______________

114-D-55.--- Ser.# 13941, Browning, (Belgium), mod. Superposed, Over & Under,.12 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. shotgun
w/28" solid-rib bbls. [Appears VG, lightly engraved, checkered rnd. p/grip stock, semi-Beaver tail forend w/metal
cap, a De-accelerator recoil pad.] FRC#_____________

114-D-56.--- Tan, hard cover, foam lined 2-gun case.

114-D-57.--- Ser.# 307705, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/24" bbl. [fading blue, semi-p/grip
plain stock w/recoil pad.] FRC#4518855.

114-D-58.--- Ser.# A03424, Brema, mod. 35, .177 Pellet, spring loaded, pellet rifle w/450mm bbl. [appears VG, a
few marks on stock.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-E-1.--- Harley Davidson die-cast Collector Bank, "1929-Model A Ford Roadster" in orig. box, (un-handled)

214-E-2.--- Harley Davidson die-cast Collector Bank, "1931-Hawkeye Tanker" in orig. box, (un-handled)

214-E-3.--- Die-cast Collector Bank, "1993 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Pick-up Truck" in orig. box, (un-handled)

214-E-4.--- Bag lot: 3-Harley Davidson Collector tins containing 2-decks of cards each. (new unopened)

214-E-5.--- Bag lot: 2-Harley Davidson collector motorcycles, "1909 Twin 5D V-twin", & 1942-WLA Flat Head",
both new in boxes.

214-E-6.--- Bag lot: 2-Harley Davidson collector motorcycles, "1936-EL Knucklehead", & 1962-FLH Duo Glide",
both new in boxes.

214-E-7.--- Bag lot: 2-Harley Davidson collector motorcycles, by; Maisto, die-cast metal w/plastic parts, "1948-FL
Panhead", & FLTRSEI Screamin Eagle Road Glide", both new in boxes.

214-E-8.--- New, scale model kit, "Harley Davidson FLH electra Glide Motorcycle. (sealed un-opened.)

214-E-9.--- Bag lot: 4-Harley Davidson Collector tins containing 2-decks of cards each. (new unopened)

214-E-10.--- Bag lot: Halmark Keepsake Ornament, "1971-Harley FX-1200 Super Glide, & American Chopper
Series, "Custom Rigid #1, (both new in boxes.)

214-E-11.--- Package lot, Indian Motorcycle toy that looks good but don’t run & Terminator Cycle w/Action figure.

214-E-12.--- Collection of 4-cast metal "Motorcycle" cigarette lighters.

214-E-13.--- Tray lot: Franklin Mint, "1957 Harley Davidson XL-Sportser, ** Harley Davidson Heritage Softail
Classic, ** Blue Harley Davidson motorcycle.

214-E-14.--- Tray lot: 3-smaller Harley Davidsons including one with a sidecar.
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 15 
214-E-15.--- Tray lot: 2-models of Antique motorized bicycles.

214-E-16.--- Cast iron toy "Popeye The Sailor on a Motorcycle, {Rider & bike are two separate pieces so don’t drop
it on your foot}

214-E-17.--- Box lot: 4-cast iron toy motorcycles.

214-E-18.--- Bag lot: Large ornate Harley Davidson belt buckle & cast iron Santa Clause w/Motorcycle ornament.

214-E-19.--- Bag lot: Harley toy, new in box, & 2-Harley semi-trailer trucks.

214-E-20.--- Harley Davidson bank, "1931-Panel Delivery Truck, new in box, only 25,000 made.

214-E-21.--- Ser.# Nil, Sticker #8063432, Mossberg, mod. 151-M, .22 LR cal. tube fed (through stock), s/auto rifle
w/20" bbl. [full wood p/grip style stock.] FRC#10617378.

214-E-22.--- Ser.# Ser.# 141505A, Win., mod. 1886, .33 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" bbl. w/ ½ mag. [ca. 1906,
fading blue turning brown, no main-spring, shotgun style butt.] FRC#9520258.

214-E-23.--- Ser.# 318423, Win., mod. 1894, .32 WS cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl;., full mag. [ca. 1905, replaced
wood.] FRC#9520303.

214-E-24.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Sticker #8063412, Wm. Moore & Co., .12 ga. perc. SxS shotgun w/31" bbls.
[missing hammers & ramrod, was regd., but should be de-registered as it’s percussion, poor cond.]

214-E-25.--- Ser.# 33390, Win., mod. 1895, .38/72 cal. L/act. rifle w/26" tapered oct. bbl. [ca. 1902, finish poor,
wood good w/cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#_________________?

214-E-26.--- Ser.# 403531, Win., mod. 1894, .32 WS cal. L/act. rifle w/26" tapered oct. bbl. [ca. 1907, mag
appears shortened to 3/4, finish poor, wood good w/cresc. butt-plate, missing hammer pin..] FRC#

214-E-27.--- Ser.# 37389, Win., mod. 1876, .50 Express cal. L/act. rifle w/26" oct. bbl. [ca. 1883, finish poor,
dust cover reads "Winchester Express .50 cal. 95 Grs.", butt-stock scarred but solid w/cresc, butt-plate w/butt
trap, missing fore-wood & mag. tube.] FRC#________________?

214-E-27-A.-- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #8063417, C. Golden, .12 ga. SxS H/brk., hammer shotgun w/30" bbls. [finish
poor, bbls. by Carr Bros. Huddersfield, checkered straight stock w/piece missing at butt, missing one dolphin style
hammer & under-lever for opening, has scroll engraving. FRC#10623361.

214-E-28.--- Ser.# 5228, Win., mod. 53, .25/20 cal. L/act. rifle w/22" bbl. & button mag. [ca. 1926, finish fair,
wood good.] {When applied to register, it was called a "Marlin"} FRC#__________________?

214-E-29.--- Ser.# 274016, Marlin, mod. 1893, .30/30 cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [finish poor, wood fair, missing
1-screw.] FRC#9522421.

214-E-30.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #8063418, Wm. Parkhurst, (Belgium), .12 ga. SxS hammer type, H/brk. shotgun
w/30" bbls. [condition poor, wood has animal face carved @ p/grip end, stock broken, missing both hammers.]

214-E-31.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #8063416, Deutsche-Werke, mod. I, .22 LR cal. s/shot lift-up, B/act. rifle w/19"
bbl. [appears fair, missing hinge pin, stock has good crest.] FRC#10623794.

214-E-32.--- Ser.# 45455, Win., mod. 1892, .44 WCF cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [ca. 1894, appears fair,
hammer pin jammed.] FRC#_______________?

214-E-33.--- Ser.# 384547B, Win., mod. 1873, (3rd model), .38 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl., full mag. [
ca. 1891, appears fair, w/cresc. butt-plate w/trap for cleaning rod.] {regn. applied for using the last letter in ser.#
as an "8" instead of a "B"} FRC#_____________________?
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 16 
214-E-34.--- Ser.# 1662/RE475418, BSA, mod. 1907, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle w/24" bbl. [missing bolt.]

214-E-35.--- Ser.# 6158, Danzig Mauser, mod. 71/84, .43aus. cal. Full wood milt. B/act. rifle w/31" bbl. [missing
bbl. bands, has matching numbered bolt.] FRC#________________?

214-E-36.--- Ser.# 11248, Win., mod. 1905 S.L., .35 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [ca. 1906, stock & fore-
wood have hairline cracks, traces of blue remaining.] FRC#9520455.

214-E-37.--- Ser.# 688HJ, Sticker # 8063414, Ranger, mod. Ranger, .12 ga., H/brk. s/shotgun w/36" bbl.
[appears fair.] FRC#10625186.

214-E-38.--- ANTIQUE, Ser.# 11846, Sharps & Hankins, (Army Type), mod. 1862 Carbine, 52 RF cal. s/shot
breech loader carbine w/24" bbl. [missing hammer & some pins, stock is broken.] NO FRC REQUIRED.

214-E-39.--- ANTIQUE, Ser.# Nil, Enfield, mod. 1861, .577 cal. s/shot full wood milt. rifle w/36" bbl. [missing
hammer, has cleaning rod, brass butt-plate stamped "MLI over 83."] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-E-40.--- Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. Favorite, .25 Stevens RF cal. falling block rifle w/24" bbl. Stock taped @
wrist, missing bbl. retaining bolt.] FRC#__________

214-E-41.--- Ser.# Nil., Stevens, mod. 87-A, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. FRC#____________

214-E-42.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 9839, Spandau Mauser, mod. 71, .43 Maus. cal. full wood B/act. s/shot milt. rifle
w/20" bbl. [has a bag w/various parts incl. trigger etc.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

214-E-43.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 117569, Swiss Vetterli, (Waffenfabrik).41 Swiss RF cal. sporterized milt. b/act. rifle
w/33" bbl. [poo.] NO FAC REQUIRED.

214-E-44.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker #8063423, Win., mod. 67, .22 LR cal. B/ac. s/shot rifle w/27" bbl. [missing bolt.]

214-E-45.--- Ser.# 12188, Enos James & Co., 36, 37 & 38-Loveday St., Birmingham, .10 ga. SxS hammer type,
h/brk. shotgun w/33" bbls. [poor, missing hammers.] {Regd. w/ser.#37838, which is incorrect} FRC#10624938.

214-E-46.--- Ser.# 9711, Western Arms Co., mod. Machine Made, .12 ga. SxS hammer type H/brk. shotgun w/30"
bbls. [missing hammers.] FRC#____________________?

214-E-47.--- Lot; bundle of gun parts, dug-up relic, bbls., etc. UNREGISTERED! (ANY USEABLE ACTIONS MUST BE

214-E-48.--- Ser.# R360717, Astra, mod. 44, .44 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/216mm bbl. [appears exc., blue,
w/adjust. sight, walnut grips & leather holster.] FRC#K-381215. HG*

214-E-49.--- Ser.# 904133, Llama, mod. Comanche I, .22 LR cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm V-rib bbl. [appears exc.,
has adjust. sight walnut grips, & Bianchi 5-BH leather holster.] FRC#K-505860. HG*

214-E-50.--- Ser.# 6793904, Sturm Ruger, mod. New Model Super Single-Six Convertible, .22 LR & .22 mag. cals.,
6-shot rev., w/165mm bbl. [appears exc., has extra cyl., , w/Hunter, leather holster.] FRC# H-255551. HG*

214-E-51.--- Ser.# B36272, Webley, mod. Mk. IV, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/127mm bbl. [slight holster wear,
has lanyard ring.] FRC# K-458576. HG*

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68:

214-E-52.--- Ser.# 69211, Melior, (Robar), mod. Melior New Model, 7.65 cal., 7-shot s/auto pistol w89mm bbl.
[missing palm safety, ] FRC#K-505857. HG*

214-E-53.--- Ser.# 4318853, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal., L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [metal butt-plate, some
wear.] FRC#_________________
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 17 
214-F-1.--- Ser.# 399187, U.S. Enfield, mod. P-14 (1914) .303 cal. sporterized B/act. rifle w/22.5" bbl.[ appears
good, w/Marbles open sights & scope w/Weaver mnts., w/leather sling.] {was actually regd. w/the name of the
added rear sight.} FRC#3589867.

214-F-2.--- Ser.# 281130, C-I-L, mod. 402, .20 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/28" FC bbl. [has a few specks of
surface rust, wood is good.] FRC#3589957.

214-F-3.--- Ser.# Nil., Sticker # 3469786, Lakefield Mossberg, mod. Mk. III, .22 LR cal., clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20"
bbl. [has a few specks of surface rust, wood is good.] FRC#3589986..

214-F-4.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 208, Allen & Wheelock, "Drop-breech" Rimfire Rifle, ca. 1860-1871, .44 RF cal. s/shot
falling block rifle w/26" part rnd., part oct. bbl. [fading blue on bbl., the iron mountings & action show some age
pitting, wood appears good for it’s age w/very slight damage at the heel by butt-plate. rear sling swivel is missing.
Comes w/what appears to be an original full length leather scabbard that show much wear. The bore is actually
fairly good.. This is often considered a secondary martial type carbine. It functions well.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-F-5.--- Ser.# 213514, Rem., mod. No. 6, .32 RF cal. falling block rifle w/20" bbl. [appears good, w/fading
blue, open sights & tang sight, good wood.] FRC#__________________?

214-F-6.--- Ser.# VA2786, Colt, mod. Python, .357 mag. cal. 6-shot rev. w/152mm bbl. [appears exc., w/target
grips & orig. wood grips w/Colt medallion.] FRC#6061480.

214-F-7.--- Ser.# 17820, Win., mod. 94, "Can. Cent. Comm.", .30/30 cal. L/act. S/ring carbine w/20" oct. bbl [no
box, has some very tiny handling marks on wood.] FRC#_________

214-F-8.--- Ser.# 5V72093, Browning, mod. Auto-Mag., .12 ga. 3", s/auto shotgun w/31" V-rib bbl. [Appears VG+,
w/checkered p/grip stock & forend w/Browning recoil pad.] FRC#__________

214-F-9.--- Ser.# MAG-93912, Parker-Hale, 7mm Rem. mag. cal., B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, w/open
sights & scope mnts, checkered p/grip stock & forend w/rosewood cap & tip, & recoil pad, missing clip. ]

214-F-10.--- Leupold 3x9, Vari-X scope, S#U122977, w/Weaver rings.

214-F-11.--- Ser.# D289132, Savage, mod. 24-C, 22 LR /20 ga. 3", H/brk. combo gun w/20" bbls. [appears VG+,
w/case colored action, & butt-trap that holds a shotgun shell & some .22 ammo. Comes with padded vinyl case.]

214-F-12.--- Ser.# 91767760, CVA, Apollo Dikar, .54 perc. cal., in-line black powder rifle w/27" rnd. bbl. [p/grip
stock w/raised cheek-piece, appears good., w/composite ramrod.] FRC#10213298.

214-F-13.--- Ser.# 123582, Krag-Jorgensen, (Springfield Armory), mod. 1898, U.S. Carbine, .30/40 Krag cal.5-
shot B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [ "T.R. & N.Y. Ross" carved in stock.] FRC#9854358

214-F-14.--- Ser.# 2261, Gonic, mod. GA87, .458 perc. cal. in-line black powder rifle w/26" bbl. [p/grip stock,
composite ramrod, scope bases, & bag of accessories, appears VG.] FRC#7490906.

214-F-15.--- Ser.# 7668B, Ljungmann, mod. 42-B, 6.5x55 cal. clip-fed s/auto full wood milt. rifle w/24" bbl.
[appears VG.] FRC#7742295.

214-F-16.--- Ser.# 46761, Win., mod. 1890, .22 Short cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/610mm oct. bbl.[traces of blue,
new butt-stock.] FRC#10998679.

214-F-17.--- Ser.# 1396, Mauser, mod. 98, 8mm/06 Imp. cal. B/act. 4-shot rifle w/24" step-bbl. [p/grip stock
w/raised cheek-piece, 6-small inlays, swivels, Lyman peep sight, & engraved rcvr., w/bag of fire-formed brass in
8mm/06.] FRC#6027880.
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 18 
214-F-18.--- Ser.# C201119, Win., mod 1897, .12 ga. 2 3/4" P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [cracked & repaired p/grip
stock, chip out of forewood, fading blue.] FRC#10998689.

214-F-19.--- Ser.# 152, Forehand Arms Co., .12 ga. brk./act. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. FRC#7749299.

214-F-20.--- Bag lot; 4-old gun cases, 1-gun sock, & 4-screw type trigger locks.

214-F-21.--- Ser.# L909604,Win., mod. 1200, .12 ga. p/act. shotgun w/30" V-rib bbl. [appears as new, checkered
p/grip stock & forend.] FRC#2559798.

214-F-22.--- Ser.# 205612, Husqvarna, mod Light Weight, .308 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [checkered p/grip
stock w/schnabel forend, leather sling & Weaver base, appears VG.] FRC#2559797.

214-F-23.--- Nikko, Sterling Deluxe, 4x32 scope w/Weaver rings.

214-F-24.--- Homsafe, metal gun safe w/key.

214-F-25.--- Lot, 2-rifle & shotgun cases.

Prohib: 12-6, Bill C-68:

214-F-26.--- Ser.# 121128, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Hammerless Ejector, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev.
w/76mm bbl. [flaking nickle finish, good grips, w/1-box Dominion .32 S&W ammo.] FRC#H62909. HG*

214-F-27.--- Ser.# BN14401, Lee-Enfield, mod. No. 4, Mk. I, .303 cal. B/act. clip-fed sporterized rifle w/22" bbl.
[w/leather sling.] FRC#__________

214-F-28.--- Ser.# 144826, Mosin-Nagant, (Rem. Armory), mod. 1891, dated 1917, 7.62x54R cal. B/act. rifle full
wood milt. rifle w/32" bbl. FRC#_____________

214-F-29.--- Ser.# 231182, Ruger, mod. Mk. I, .22 LR cal. 9-shot s/auto pistol w/152mm bbl. [appears exc. Old
model w/poor orig. box, & booklet.] FRC#7463250. HG*

214-F-30.--- Ser.# 950493, Norinco, mod. M-93 Sportsman, .22 LR cal. 10-shot s/auto pistol w/117mm bbl.
[appears exc., copy of Colt Woodsman, w/box & booklet.] FRC#10978406. HG*

214-F-31.--- Ser.# 0401206, Norinco, mod. 97-A, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w 20 5/16" bbl. [Copy of Win.,
Milt. Trench-Gun, has heat shield pad, bayonet lug, sling swivels, appears new-unfired.] FRC#9281157.

214-F-32.--- Ser.# 112482, Win., mod. 74, .22 Short cal., tube-fed, s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+, a .22
Short Gallery gun w/British Proof marks, Note: The ejector shield, w/a chrome pin as a Gallery Gun, also the British
proof marks & not-English make, plus it’s a .22 Short, possibly a Carnival gun shipped to England] FRC#9426953.

214-F-33.--- Ser.# 132362, Win., mod. 77, Deluxe Grade, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl.. [appears
VG+, diamond inlay in p/grip, finger grooved forewood.] FRC#7237019.

214-F-34.--- Ser.# 113546, Win., mod. 77, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/32" bbl. [appears VG+.]

214-F-35.--- Ser.# 137416, Win., mod. 74, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/24" bbl. [appears VG+.]

214-F-36.--- Ser.# 367878V, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [an early
model, appears VG+.] FRC#7237024.

214-F-37.--- Ser.# 44442, BSA, (Martini) International, .22 LR cal. s/shot target rifle w/29" bbl. [w/detailed
adjust. rear sight w/a range of different aperture inserts for the peep sight, proper Parker-Hale sling, raised comb
on stock, faded blue finish.] FRC#7402514.
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 19 
214-F-38.--- Ser.# 7652, Martini-Enfield, Mk. II, dated 1885-1901, .303 cal. s/shot short level Artillery Carbine
w/21" bbl. [bore is exc., C-arrow marked, good condition, stock was made after the cleaning rod was discontinued,
traces of blue, and polished.] FRC#9300212.

214-F-39.--- Ser.# 5691C, Sheridan, mod. "Blue Streak", 5mm cal. P/act. spring pellet rifle w/19" bbl. [when
pumped to a maximum of 10-times, it’s over 500 f.p.s.] FRC#7237025.

214-F-40.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 91746, Swiss, Vetterli, (W8), mod. 1869, .41 Swiss RF cal., B/act. tube-fed
sporterized rifle w/25" bbl. [should be de-regd. FRT#33500-1] FRC#7237026.

214-F-41.--- Ser.# N847, Stevens, mod. Favorite, .32 Long cal. s/shot rifle, w/22" part rnd., part oct. bbl. [missing
firing pin.] FRC#_________________

214-F-42.--- Ser.# JG1906, Mannlicher Carcano, (Beretta), mod. 1938 Carbine, (dated 1940) 6.5 Carc. cal. B/act.
short carbine w/18"bbl. [missing "attached" bayonet. ] FRC#6642212.

214-F-43.--- Ser.# SH1729, Mannlicher Carcano, (Gardone V.T.), mod. 1938 Carbine 6.5 Carc. cal. B/act. short
carbine w/18"bbl. [missing "attached" bayonet. ] FRC#6642934.

214-F-44.--- Ser.# 56287M70, Belgian Browning, mod. BAR, .30/06 cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl. [gloss
finished checkered p/grip stock, appears VG+, w/Browning rings & bases, leather sling w/quik-off swivels& extra
clip.] FRC#2829186.

214-F-45.--- Browning, 5x scope w/Butler Creek rubber covers.

214-F-46.--- Browning, padded, zippered rifle case, & Edwards Day padded zippered rifle case.

214-F-47.--- Ser.# 8038664, Ithaca, mod. 37, Featherlight, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [fading blue,
butt-stock has a few deep scars.] FRC#2829183.

214-F-48.--- Ser.# 021605, Rem., mod. 812, .410 ga. 3", H/brk. s/shotgun w/28" bbl. [appears VG.]

214-F-49.--- Ser.# CG050653, Cooey/Win., mod. 600, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [w/leather sling.]

214-F-50.--- Green, Homak, metal gun safe w/keys.

214-G-1.--- Ser.# WFC11297, Win., mod. 94, "Wells Fargo & Co. Comm. Carbine", .30/30 Win., cal. L/act. carbine
w/20" bbl. [appears as new in box.] FRC#_________________

214-G-2.--- Ser.# AG19364, Win., mod. 94, "Antlered Game Comm.", .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl.
[appears as new in box.] FRC#_________________

214-G-3.--- Ser.# 909, Hopkins & Allen Arms Co., (Norwich, Conn.) .16 ga. 2 3/4" SxS hammerless h/brk. shotgun
w/30" bbls. [checkered p/grip stock, matte rib.] FRC#___________________

214-G-4.--- Ser.# 544587W, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .16 ga. 2 3/4" P/act. shotgun w/28" plain bbl. [p/grip
stock w/broken non/orig. butt-plate & slip-on recoil pad.] FRC#______________

214-G-5.--- Ser.# Y2053, Baikal, mod. IJ12, .12 ga. 2 3/4", over & under h/brk. shotgun w/730mm bbls. [solid
matte rib, checkered p/grip stock & forend, lightly engraved, w/swivels.] FRC#_________

214-G-6.--- Ser.# 2007465, Pre-64, Win., mod. 94, .30/30 Win. cal. L/act. rifle w/20" bbl. [ca. 1955, blue fading
on rcvr, & mag tube, metal butt-plate.] FRC#_____________

214-G-7.--- Ser.# RW57818, Rem., mod. 12A, .22 LR cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [fading blue.]
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 20 
214-G-8.--- Ser.# Y0172, Stevens, mod. Crack-Shot, .22 LR cal. falling block s/shot rifle w/20" bbl. [missing parts
incl; falling block firing pin, etc.] FRC#______________

214-G-9.--- Ser.# Nil, Pieper, mod. Rimfire Sporter, .22 LR cal. B/act. s/shot rifle.[old homestead repair to stock.]

214-G-10.--- Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. FRC#_____________

214-G-11.--- Ser.# a6311, Radom, mod. VIS-35, 9mm cal. 8-shot s/auto pistol w/4 ½" bbl. [some surface pitting,
Nazi mkd., missing clip.] FRC#D593968. HG*

Prohib. 12-6, Bill C-68

214-G-12.--- Ser.# 37257, Iver Johnson, mod. Safety Hammerless Automatic, .32 S&W cal., 5-shot rev. w/5" bbl.
[missing hammer cover pins.] FRC#D-593966. HG*

Prohib. 12-6, Bill C-68

214-G-13.--- Ser.# 124, Hopkins & Allen, mod. Forehand 1901, .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/4" bbl. [chipped Left
grip.] FRC#D-593972. HG*

Prohib. 12-6, Bill C-68

214-G-14.--- Ser.# M2718, Janssen Fils & Cie, mod. copy of S&W D/act., .38 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/89mm bbl.
[nickle plated, was regd. as "Unknown Belgian"] FRC#D-266400. HG*

Prohib. 12-6, Bill C-68

214-G-15.--- Ser.# KD13476, Unknown Belgian, mod. British Bulldog, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/2 5/8" bbl.
[missing trigger guard screw.] FRC#D-505720. HG*

214-G-16.--- Lot; Blue suitcase w/misc. ammo, tobacco can w/9mm ammo, & bag of various shot-shells.]

214-G-17.--- Bag lot: 17-rnds .338 Win. ammo, 30-rnds. + brass, .303 ammo.

214-G-18.--- Bag lot: Snider bayonet w/scabbard, leather shot-pouch, & leather powder flask.

214-G-19.--- Ser.# 12061, Webley, mod. Wilkinson 1st Model, .455/476 cal. 6-shot rev. w/6" bbl. [ has W788
stamped in grips, also M.A.M. engraved on inlay in backstrap of grips, w/lanyard ring & leather flap type holster.]
FRC#229018. HG*, (Should be de-regd.)

214-G-20.--- Ser.# 351086, Charles Daly, mod. Superior Grade Trap, .12ga. 2 3/4" , single bbl. Mono trap, H/brk.
shotgun w/32" matte rib bbl. [w/floral scroll engraving, deluxe gloss finished checkered p/grip stock & forend,
single gold plated trigger.] FRC#_____________

214-G-21.--- Ser.# 110199, Sako, mod. Vixen, L4161, .222 cal. B/act. rifle w/24" bbl..[Integral bases,gloss
finished Monte-Carlo style p/grip stock w/rosewood caps & leather sling.] FRC#_____________

214-G-22.--- Weaver, Classic-600 scope w/Sako rings, (fits above or similar)

214-G-23.--- Ser.# 202994, Husqvarna, mod. AB, .270 Win. cal.B/act. rifle w/21" bbl. [Monte-Carlo style p/grip
stock w/rosewood caps, leather sling & Weaver K-3 scope w/Weaver rings & mnts.] FRC#______________

214-G-24.--- Ser.# 638719, Win., mod. 1894, .25/35 WCF cal. S/ring carbine w/20" bbl. [missing the ring, has
tang sight, missing back bbl. sight, traces of blue on rcvr., worn blue on bbl. & tube.] FRC#7349076.
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 21 
214-G-25.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# 158682, Sharps, mod. 1874, .40 cal. sporting rifle w/25 ½" heavy oct. bbl. [missing
right side of lock, & lock parts, hammer, etc., double set trigger, broken top tang, no butt-plate or sights.] NO FAC

214-G-26.--- Ser.# 63198A, Win., mod. 63, .22 LR cal. tube-fed s/auto rifle w/23" bbl. [side mntd. Weaver mod.
330 scope, blue fading on bbl., good wood.] FRC#_____________

214-G-27.--- Ser.# 1643673, Win., mod. 12, .12 ga. 2 3/4" Pump/act. shotgun w/30" bbl. [ca. 1957,plain p/grip
stock, appears good.] FRC#__________________

214-G-28.--- Ser.# 940801,Win., mod. 12, .20 ga. 2 3/4", Pump/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. [Ca.1942, recoil pad
added, fading blue, plain p/grip, "US-TEC-GL-6" penciled on left side of rcvr.] FRC#________

214-G-29.--- Ser.# 345540, Win., mod. 1894, .30 WCF cal. L/act. rifle w/26", ½ rnd., ½ oct. bbl., button mag.
[ca. 1906, fading blue-grey, cresc. butt-plate.] FRC#7349078.

214-G-30.--- Ser.# 10516, Win., mod. 1885, Hi-wall, .303 Brit. cal. falling block s/shot rifle w/30" rnd. bbl.
[Straight stock, w/cresc. butt-plate, schnable forend w/ebony tip, lollipop tang sight, target front sight, missing
back sight, good wood & bore, lots of blue, double split trigger, ca. 1913-1923.] FRC#_______________

214-G-31.--- Ser.# 292950, Savage, mod. 99, .300 Sav. cal. L/act. Take-down rifle w/24" bbl. [tang sight, p/grip
stock, w/raised cheek-pce., missing back bbl. sight, has Bishop butt-plate.] FRC#______

214-G-32.--- Ser.# 287061V,Rem., mod. 1100, .12 ga. 2 3/4", s/auto shotgun w/30" bbl. [lightly engraved ,
checkered p/grip stock & forend, Whiteline recoil pad.] FRC#_________________

214-G-32-A.- Rem., mod. 1100, .12 ga. 2 3/4", matted V-rib bbl. in box. [used]

214-G-33.--- Ser.# 86433, BRNO, mod. 1. .22 LR cal. clip-fed B/act. rifle w/23" bbl. [w/Weaver G-4 scope, Weaver
rings, part of a Williams peep sight, leather sling, checkered p/grip stock, missing clip, appears VG.]

214-G-34.--- Ser.# Nil., C-I-L, mod. 621, .410 ga. 3", pump/act. shotgun w/26" V-rib bbl. [plain p/grip stock,
appears good.] FRC#_______________

214-G-35.--- Ser.# 384244W, Rem., mod. 870-Wingmaster, .16 ga. 2 3/4", pump/act. shotgun w/26" bbl.
w/deluxe Poly-choke. [plain p/grip stock] FRC#______________

214-G-36.--- ANTIQUE: Ser.# Nil., Trulock Bros., 13-Parliament St., Dublin, .450 Rev. cal. 5-shot, rev. w/2 ½" bbl.
[ca. 1859-1878.] NO FAC REQUIRED


The following gun cannot be regd. & is sold for parts, frame to be destroyed here. (no prev. reg.)

214-G-37.--- Ser.# 16016, Harrington & Richardson, mod. Automatic Ejecting, .32 S&W cal. 6-shot rev. w/83mm
bbl. [nickle finish, good grips.] FRC#_____________

214-G-38.--- Ser.# 12845,Savage, mod. 25, .22 LR cal. tube-fed, pump/act. T/down rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [stock
cracked & chipped @ wrist.] FRC#____________

214-G-39.--- Ser.# H541, Stevens, mod. Favorite, .25 Stevens RF cal. falling block rifle w/22" part rnd., part oct.
bbl. [good wood, grey finish.] FRC#________________

214-G-40.--- Ser.# J691, Stevens, mod. Favorite, .22 LR cal. falling block rifle w/24" oct. bbl. [stock wired @
wrist.] FRC#___________
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 22 
214-G-41.--- Ser.# 372109,CZ-Slavia, mod. 620, .177 pellet cal., s/shot pellet rifle w/19.25" bbl. [appears exc.]

214-G-42.--- Ser.# 310510, Rem., SxS, .12ga. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls. [matching numbered buttstock.
[also includes extra unknown SxS bbls. & forewood, missing a few parts.] FRC#_______

214-G-43.--- Redfield, Frontier, 2x-7x scope w/Weaver rings.

214-G-44.--- Daisy, mod. 36, 500-shot BB gun w/Master trigger lock & key, plus: a wooden cleaning rod, & 2-
metal rods.

214-G-45.--- Green "Homak" metal gun safe w/key.

214-G-46.--- Lot:2-good, padded zippered rifle cases.

214-G-47.--- Box lot:2-old gun cases, cleaning supplies, gun booklets, etc.

214-G-48.--- Ser.# 130285, Ruger, mod. Standard, .22LR cal., 10-shot s/auto pistol w/121mm bbl. [blue shows
some "use" wear, good grips.] FRC#7463251. HG*

214-G-49.--- Ser.# 5220, Marbles, mod. Game Getter, .22 LR & .44 cal., over & under hinge/break 2-shot pistol
w/305mm bbls. [fading blue, good grips, to open, pull back on trigger guard.] FRC#7463256. HG*

214-G-50.--- Ser.# 24727, Stevens, mod. No. 43 1st Issue, .22 RF cal. 1-shot pistol w/152mm bbl. [ca. 1886-
1896, replaced left grip.] FRC#8427004. HG*

214-G-51.--- Ser.# 227959, Enders Royal Service, mod. SxS, .12 ga. H/brk. hammerless shotgun w/30" bbls.
[missing parts, needs lock spring.] FRC#6036347.

214-G-52.--- Ser.# 23577, Feinwerkbau, mod. L.G., .177 Pellet cal., s/shot, air/spring target rifle w/17"
bbl.{Exceptional high-power target type rifle w/custom right-handed checkered p/grip w/raised cheek-pce. &
Target sights.] FRC#8476226

214-G-53.--- Ser.# G291710, Win., mod. Mod. 70, Classic Stainless, 7mm Rem. mag. cal. B/act. rifle w/26" bbl.
[appears new, unfired, w/compos. camo style checkered p/grip stock, stainless scope rings, quik-off swivels
w/leather adjustable sling, c/w/hanging tag, Allen wrench, etc. FRC#7285698.0002

214-G-54.--- Ser.# NC278742, New England Firearms, mod. SB2 Mag., .10 ga. 3 ½" , h/brk. s/shotgun w/31 ½"
bbl. [appears new, unfired, w/plain p/grip stock & recoil pad.] FRC#7480262.

214-G-55.--- Ser.# Nil, Sticker #44636, Stevens, mod. 820-B, .12 ga. 2 3/4", P/act. shotgun w/28" bbl. w/adjust.
choke. [appears exc., plain p/grip stock, w/recoil pad.] FRC#7285707.

214-G-56.--- Ser.# Nil, Sticker #44634, Mossberg, mod. 195, .12 ga. 2 3/4", clip-fed B/act. shotgun w/26" bbl.
w/adjust. choke. [appears VG+, w/plain stock having integral trigger guard/finger grip for p/grip on stock, w/recoil
pad.] FRC#7480217.

214-G-57.--- Ser.# 274247, American Gun Co., (New York), mod. SxS hammer, .12 ga. SxS, H/brk. shotgun
w/30" bbls. [looks good for an old gun, solid matte-rib, checkered semi-p/grip stock.] FRC#7480232.

214-G-58.--- Ser.# 25613, The Continental, mod. SxS Hammer, .12 ga. SxS h/brk. shotgun w/30" matte-rib
laminated steel bbls.[missing both hammers, wood poor, some light engraving.] FRC#6642206.

214-G-59.--- Ser.# 227589, Lefever Arms Co., (Ithaca, N.Y.), mod. Nitro Special, .12 ga. h/brk., hammerless SxS
shotgun w/30" matte-rib bbls. [stock poor, missing buttplate.] FRC#6036350.

214-G-60.--- Ser.# 107807, American Gun Co., (New York), mod. Knickerbocker, .12 ga. SxS h/brk. hammerless
shotgun w/30" matte-rib bbls. [appears good, w/checkered semi-p/grip stock.] FRC#6036351.
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 23 
214-G-61.--- Ser.#20647, Janssen Sons & Co., mod. SxS hammer, .12 ga. h/brk. shotgun w/27 ½" matte-rib bbls.
[missing both hammers & other parts.] FRC#6036349.

214-G-62.--- Ser.# 1806711F, Win., mod. 12, Feather Weight, .12 ga. 2/34", P/act. shotgun w/30" F/choke bbl.
[appears VG+, plain p/grip stock.] FRC#7285712.

214-G-63.--- Aluminum, foam-lined 2-gun case, (no lock)

214-G-64.--- Ser.# 36018, Win., mod. 25, .12 ga. 2 3/4", 28" F/choke bbl.& part recvr., only. {was regd. as a
firearm because the bbl. is still attached to the rcvr.} FRC#7480234.

214-G-65.--- Ser.# 17037, Marlin, mod. 27-S, .32/20 cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/24" oct. bbl., & action only. [ still
regd. as a rifle, very rusty.] FRC#6644950.

214-G-66.--- Tray lot; 4-registered shotgun actions only as listed here: Ser.# 4418, Tho’s Haynes, rcvr. w/butt-
stock, engraved. FRC#6644300. ** Ser.# 35527, Unknown, engraved, hammerless rcvr. FRC#6644299. ** Ser.#
246928, American Gun Co., rcvr. w/buttstock. FRC#6644295. ** Ser.#VVCROWNS, Unknown, hammer type rcvr.
w/Jones under-lever. FRC#6644297.

214-G-67.--- Tray lot; 4-registered shotgun actions only as listed here, & 3-packs of gun cradles: Ser.# 254438,
Rem., rcvr, w/butt-stock & 1-hammer. FRC#6644296. ** Ser.# 249926, Rem., rcvr, hammers, w/butt-stock.
FRC#6644947. ** Ser.# 748011, Crescent Firearms, s/shotgun rcvr. w/butt-stock. FRC#6644948. ** Ser.# 21,
Unknown, rcvr, FRC#6644298.

214-H-1.--- Ser.# A6801361, Rem., mod. 700-BDL, Left Hand, .270 Win. cal. B/act. rifle w/22" bbl. [bbl. sights,
Weaver scope bases, leather sling w/quik-off swivels, appears exc.] FRC#___________

214-H-2.--- Redfield, 4x wide-angle scope w/Weaver rings.

214-H-3.--- Ser.# J034284, Win., mod. 490, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/22" bbl.. [w/Weaver V-22A scope &
rings, appears VG+, missing clip.] FRC#______________

214-H-4.--- Ser.# Nil, Mauser, mod. 1871, .410 ga. B/act. s/shotgun w/26" bbl. FRC#_______________

214-H-5.--- Ser.# 308098, Cooey/Win., mod. 840, .12 ga. 3", h/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [rusty & weathered.]

214-H-6.--- Lot: 2-padded, zippered scoped rifle cases.

214-H-7.--- Bag lot: Belt buckles, on leather strap, (mostly Western).


The following gun cannot be regd. & is sold for parts, frame to be destroyed here. (no prev. reg.)

214-H-8.--- Ser.# 32827, Iver Johnson, mod. 1900, .32 S&W cal. 5-shot rev. w/64mm bbl. [needs work, good
grips.] FRC#________________ HG*

Prohib:12-6, Bill C-68.

214-H-9.--- Ser.# 951434, Smith & Wesson, mod. 38-Military & Police 1905, Fourth Change, .38 S&W cal. 6-shot
rev. w/76mm bbl. [British proof marks ground off, & butt stamped "W.B. CP", also marked "U.S. Property".] FRC#
K-526479. HG*

214-H-10.--- Ser.# B1418075, Rem., mod. 572-Fieldmaster, .22 LR cal. tube-fed P/act. rifle w/21"bbl. [appears
exc.] FRC#____

214-H-11.--- Ser.# A570184, Squires Bingham, mod. 20-p, .22 LR cal. clip-fed s/auto rifle w/20 ½" bbl. [appears
VG+, has ejector shield.] FRC#____________
                                                                                                           P a g e  | 24 
214-H-12.--- Bushnell, wide-angle 4x38 scope w/rings & caps.

214-H-13.--- NON FIREARM: Ser.# 89029013, Baikal, mod. IJ-38, .177 cal. pellet rifle w/450mm bbl. [w/Bushnell
Sportview, 4x15 scope.] A non/firearm, but use with care.

214-H-14.--- Lot: Win., padded, zippered, gun case & Browning gun case.

214-H-15.--- Ser.# A473391, Squires Bingham, mod. 16-A, .22 LR cal. clip-fed, s/auto rifle w/19" bbl. [w/Crosman
electric sight & collapsible stock.] FRC#_______________

214-H-16.--- Black plastic, foam-lined two-rifle case & Italian, .22 cal. 8-shot starter pistol in orig. box.

214-H-17.--- Ser.# 14421, Cooey, mod. 84, .12 ga. 2 3/4", H/brk. s/shotgun w/30" bbl. [forend taped on.]

214-H-18.--- Ser.# Nil., Cooey, mod. 60, .22 LR cal. tube-fed B/act. rifle w/24" bbl. [missing the bolt.]

214-H-19.--- Scale model: Hay wagon w/2-Horse team.

214-H-20.--- Scale model: 2-horse Team w/sleigh.

214-H-21.--- 5-Lge. Nylon Gun Cases, 1.3 metre long, [new in plastic bags.], {x-5}

214-H-22.--- 5-Lge. Nylon Gun Cases, 1.3 metre long, [new in plastic bags.], {x-5}

214-H-23.--- Bag lot: 5-Soft Nylon Pistol cases. [new.]

214-H-24.--- Bag lot: 5-Soft Nylon Pistol cases. [new.]

214-J-1.--- Sword: Navy Lion’s Head, pommel, George V, engraved Manton & Co. England, w/wire bound grip &
brass hilt, etched blade w/gold "Proof", w/leather & metal scabbard.

214-J-2.--- Sword: German Naval Officer’s dress sword w/brass & ivory hilt, etched blade w/Sailing ships, hilt
engraved w/name Bereiter, Lion’s Head pommel & Carl Eichorn mark., w/leather & brass scabbard.

214-J-3.--- Sword: Heavy Dragoon Sabre, ca. 1896, Imperial & also Nazi marked, (an Heirloom as allowed to be
carried by a Nazi Officer if a direct Ancestor actually wore it in battle). Has Nazi ordnance marks, & CE/36 (Carl
Eichorn-1936), W/iron scabbard. [well marked and worth researching.]

214-J-4.--- Sword: Nazi Officer’s dress sword, Alcoso, Solingen, w/brass hilt having ornate Eagle & Swastika
decoration w/wire bound handle & black metal scabbard.

214-J-5.--- Sword: Russian, Imperial fully engraved Prussian Officer’s pattern, w/Lion’s head pommel, (Clement &
Jung, Solingen, w/leather & metal scabbard..

214-J-6.--- Sword: Infantry, pattern 1895, basket hilt, Victorian cipher, wire bound shark-skin grip, engraved,
w/leather covered metal scabbard.

214-J-7.--- Sword: Pattern 1822, rifle volunteers, Victorian Crown proof engraved, w/brass hilt & leather covered
metal scabbard. [no shark-skin]

214-J-8.--- Sword: 1898, Prussian Cavalry (Erfurt 726 Cypher Nilhelm II 1897, blade mkd. Otto Meriens, Solingen,
w/basket hilt, & metal scabbard.

214-J-9.--- Sword: Prussian or Bavarian, Infantry Officer’s sword w/brass hilt & wire bound handle w/metal

214-J-10.--- Sword: Japanese Police, WW II, w/Chrysanthemum decor on brass hilt, w/metal scabbard.
                                                                                                     P a g e  | 25 
214-J-11.--- Sword: Japanese, 1886 pattern Military sword w/green painted hilt, cast metal handle & metal

214-J-12.--- Wooden cased Surgeons medical kit: DR campaign chest w/layers of instruments w/British Military
markings & large number of antique medical instruments.

214-J-13.--- Dagger: Nazi, 1938, DRK, Red Cross Hewer, w/saw-tooth back & metal scabbard w/leather frog.

214-J-14.--- Dagger: Nazi, 1937, Luftwaffe 2nd. model dagger w/hanger, by; Paul Weyers & Co. Solingen.

214-J-15.--- Dagger: Nazi, 1933, SS Elite Guard, C. Bertram-Reinholm, Solingen, (blade inscribed "Meine Ehreheist
Trume", w/metal scabbard.

214-J-16.--- Dagger: Nazi S.A. Service dagger, 1938, (Carl Eickhorn)blade inscribed "Ulles fur Deutschland",

214-J-17.--- Dagger: Nazi, 1934/35 Luftwaffe 1st model w/scabbard & hangers. by; Ernst Pack & Sohre Solingen.

214-J-18.--- Gorget, Nazi Field Police (Feldgendarmerie)

214-J-19.--- Gorget, Nazi Veteran’s League standard bearer. {engraved "ehem, 91 er, Jever".

214-J-20.--- Flag staff finial; NSKOV (National Socialists War Victims Support) & Kameradschaft Gr. Frankfurt
Abtig, 48.

214-J-21.--- Bayonet: 1898/05 Butcher blade, (saw-back removed, due to Allied propaganda) 17-Prussian,
w/metal scabbard.

214-J-22.--- Bayonet: 1898/05, Butcher blade, w/Prussian cypher, Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen Foche, w/metal
scabbard & leather frog.

214-J-23.--- Bayonet: 1884/98, 3rd pattern wood grip, Weimar, w/metal scabbard..

214-J-24.--- Bayonet: 1884/98, W43, composition grip, ser.# 1291a, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-25.--- Bayonet: 1884/98, WA519, 42 COF, composition grip, w/metal scabbard, ser.#2603.

214-J-26.--- Bayonet: Trench knife w/crank handle, Prussian cypher, Demag, D.R.G.M., w/metal scabbard.

214-J-27.--- Bayonet: U.S. Bolo Knife, mod. 1917, Plum Phila, 1918, scabbard Brauer Bros., metal khaki-leather
w/locking device, pommel from 1894 Kregmode Norwegian device, blade only U.S., recorded 1898, Krag-Bolo, only
6-made. {An experimental bayonet troops in Phillipines, according to Lt. Col. Wm. Brophy, in his book on the Krag
Rifle. Springfield Armory states that only six were made.}

214-J-28.--- Bayonet: M-1 Garand, 60-6 KS, w/painted green scabbard.

214-J-29.--- Bayonet: M-4, M-1 Carbine, 1944 Camillus, w/scabbard & web belt..

214-J-30.--- Knife: KA-BAR, U.S.M.C. fighting knife, Olean N.Y., w/leather sheath.

214-J-31.--- Bayonet: M5-A1, M-1 Garand, 01673-S-Eichorn, w/metal scabbard & web belt.

214-J-32.--- Bayonet: 1897, Krag-Jorgenson, US, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-33.--- Bayonet: 1917, Remington, US, w/leather covered metal scabbard.

214-J-34.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co. 1907, , DC 08, 1-09, (rare 2,000 trial bayonets) w/leather scabbard.

214-J-35.--- Bayonet: FN FAL, CND. 1229, (very rare experimental , #1229 of only 2,000), w/metal scabbard.
                                                                                                     P a g e  | 26 
214-J-36.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co., 1907, II, 2/15, w/leather scabbard.

214-J-37.--- Bayonet: 1913, Mk. I, pattern, P-14303, 3/17 Rem. U.S., w/leather scabbard. [scabbard tip is

214-J-38.--- Commando Knife: Sykes Fairburn, stiletto, w/leather sheath.

214-J-39.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co., 1905, Quebec, 6/16, w/leather scabbard.

214-J-40.--- Bayonet: Ross, Rifle Co., 1905, Quebec, 8/16, w/leather scabbard.

214-J-41.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co., 1907, Quebec, 3/16, w/leather scabbard.

214-J-42.--- Bayonet: Cdn. FN FAL, 1955, chrome plated parade bayonet & scabbard.

214-J-43.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co., 1907, Quebec, D.A.181, Naval, for HMS Canada in Battle of Jutland,
w/leather scabbard.

214-J-44.--- Bayonet: #7, 1945, Mk II (Sten-330,000) no scabbard.

214-J-45.--- Bayonet: #9, Mk. I, Enfield, D517, (500,000) w/metal scabbard & web frog.

214-J-46.--- Bayonet: 1888, Mk. ½ E -> WD, w/leather scabbard.

214-J-47.--- Bayonet: 1887, Mk. III, Martini-Henry, Wilkinson Sword, W.D.49.

214-J-48.--- Bayonet: 1845, East India Sword socket, .577 musket (Sappers & Miners) w/leather & brass tipped

214-J-49.--- Bayonet: 1855, Lancaster Sword, 29, (Engineer, only 15,000), no scabbard, w/24" blade.

214-J-50.--- Bayonet: 1853/58, .577 musket, (Snider long rifle) E 47/351, w/brass tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-51.--- Bayonet: 1853/58, .577 musket, (Snider long rifle) CMGA 135, w/brass tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-52.--- Bayonet: Martini-Henry, .577 R/84, bayonet w/brass tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-53.--- Bayonet: 1856/58, Sword type,.577 (Snider short rifle) CMGA 118, w/iron tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-54.--- Bayonet, 1856/58, Sword type, 22/5, Oxford Rifles, 22nd Regt., w/metal tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-55.--- Bayonet: Belgium, 1880, model-80, 1889, 5665, rare saw-back sword type, no scabbard.

214-J-56.--- Bayonet: mod. 1866, Chassepot, St. Etienne, sword type, w/brass handle & iron scabbard.

214-J-57.--- Bayonet: Lebel, mod. 1874, Gras L. Derry, Paris, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-58.--- Bayonet: Lebel, mod. 1886, (orig. long bayonet w/20.5" blade, metal scabbard.

214-J-59.--- Bayonet: Mod. 1874, Armes de St. Etienne, 1886, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-60.--- Bayonet: Argentine, mod. 1891, Weyersberg, K, Solingen, R.A., w/metal scabbard.

214-J-61.--- Bayonet: Russian, 1968, SVD Dragunov, w/comp. handle & metal scabbard.

214-J-62.--- Bayonet: Italian, mod. 1871/87/16, Vetter: Vitali,(Torino), ser.# KU8092, w/brass tipped leather
scabbard, mkd. A.C.T. 1917.

214-J-63.--- Bayonet/knife: Italian, mod. 1938, folding Mannlicher-Carcano, E65531, (SA), complex rare earliest
design, w/metal scabbard.
                                                                                                       P a g e  | 27 
214-J-64.--- Bayonet: Turkey, 1903, Shortened ASFA-Star of David 4463, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-65.--- Bayonet: Swiss, 1911, Schmidt-Rubin Pioneer, saw-tooth blade, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-66.--- Bayonet: Swiss, 1863 Peabody rifle, cruciform style socket type, no scabbard.

214-J-67.--- Bayonet: Swedish, 1896 Mauser, w/metal scabbard & leather frog.

214-J-68.--- Bayonet: Swedish, 1896 Mauser, "Navy", w/metal scabbard.

214-J-69.--- Bayonet: Japanese, Nagoya Arsenal, Type 30, 30 year of Emperor Meiji, 1897 high quality early model
metal scabbard.

214-J-70.--- Bayonet: Japanese, Tokyo Arsenal, Type 30, earliest flat bird’s head pommel, w/leather covered metal

214-J-71.--- Bayonet: Siamese, "Tiger Head", pattern w/modified metal scabbard, [scabbard dented,]

214-J-72.--- Bayonet: British,1944, India Pattern, IS, 1944, Mk.III, metal tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-73.--- Bayonet: British, 1907, 12 MA 27, Lithgow, (Australian), w/metal leather tipped scabbard.

214-J-74.--- Bayonet: British, 1907 pattern, Mk.I, SMLE, CA, w/metal tipped leather scabbard.

214-J-75.--- Bayonet: British, 1888 Mk.I, 2nd. type, Martini Metford, Artillery carbine, .303, OEC 49, no scabbard..

214-J-76.--- Bayonet; British, 1944, #5, Mk. I, 5MT, rare Jungle carbine-Sten, no scabbard.

214-J-77.--- Bayonet, British, (U.S. marked) 1913, Mk. I, 5/17, (WW I), no scabbard.

214-J-78.--- Bayonet: Cdn., CI, 1956, 150-3900-CI, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-79.--- Bayonet: Ross Rifle Co. 1907, Quebec, Mk. II, 11/17, no scabbard.

214-J-80.--- Bayonet: British, 1939, #4, Mk. II, Chrome Parade (Long Branch), w/scabbard & white web frog.

214-J-81.--- Bayonet: British, 1939, #4, Mk. II Chrome N87, w/blue scabbard..

214-J-82.--- Bayonet: British, 1939, #4, Mk. I, C, w/scabbard & web frog.

214-J-83.--- Bayonet, British, 1939, #4, Mk. II, C, w/scabbard & web frog.

214-J-84.--- Bayonet, British, 1939, #4, Mk. II, (Savage) w/scabbard.

214-J-85.--- Bayonet: British, 1939, #4, Mk. III, w/scabbard & web frog.

214-J-86.--- Bayonet: British, 1907 pattern, Mk. I, SMLE, CA, no scabbard.

214-J-87.--- Lot: 3-Bayonets: British, #4, Mk. II, w/scabbards.

214-J-88.--- Lot; 3-Bayonets, British, #4, Mk.II- PS & S Ltd. - #4, Mk. II, - #4, Mk. II, w/scabbards, (1-has a

214-J-89.--- Bayonet: Argentine, mod. 1891, w/wooden handle, Weyersberg, Solingen, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-90.--- Bayonet: Belgian, mod. 1924, Exporo Mauser, w/metal scabbard.

214-J-91.--- Sword: Nepal, Executioner’s sword, w/wide blade, no scabbard.

214-J-92..--- Civil War era handcuffs, dated June 17/1862, July 17/1866. (no keys)
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 28 
214-J-93.--- 1944, Entrenching tool w/web piece.

214-J-94.--- Morrocan, Jambiya, dagger, w/wire inlay in handle & scabbard.

214-J-95.--- Morrocan, Jambiya, dagger, w/brass & silver scabbard.

214-J-96.--- Antique, Cavalry leather cartridge case & belt.

214-J-97.--- Nazi, M-35, steel helmet, w/leather liner & faint decal on side.

214-J-98.--- German, 1916 pattern Imperial, steel helmet w/non-original lining insert, w/bullet bulge in back.

214-J-99.--- Canadian tropical sun helmet, (Howlett, Prod. Brantford, Ont. w/C-Broad Arrow mark.

214-J-100.--- U.S. helmet w/fibre-glass lining, camo covered, w/Vietnamese & English writing on liner.

214-J-101.--- U.S. helmet, painted brown, w/fibre-glass lining, WW II.

214-J-102.--- Canadian, Mk. II complete steel helmet, & 1-helmet w/no liner.

214-J-103.--- French,?, steel helmet w/liner.

214-J-104.--- Lot: Camo net, web straps, leather straps, sword holder, metal sword scabbard only,

214-J-105.--- Can. WW I, Sam Browne officer’s belt.

214-K-1.--- Bag lot: 76-rds. 7mm rem Mag. fact. ammo & 2 & a part bxs. Brass. {#35 + 3bxs.7mm}

214-K-2.--- Bag lot Fact. ammo: 1-bx. Win. .44 spl. 246 gr. lead, (50), 2-bxs. Rem. .41 mag, 210 gr. SP, (50-
each), 1-bx. Win. .12ga. 2 3/4",# T Steel (10 per bx.) 1-bx. Rem. 221-Fire Ball 50 gr. SP, (20-rds), 1-bx. Rem.
Kleanbore, .44 spl., 246 gr. lead. (50), 3-bxs.Win. .41 cal. 210 gr. bullets only, 1/4 box .38 spl.(this 1/4 box only,
is reloads) {#35}

214-K-3.--- Bag lot: 5-bxs. Win. Super-X .10 ga. 3 ½", 4-Buck in 5-per box. (all full) {#34}

214-K-4.--- Box lot Fact. shot-shells: 1-bx. Fed, .12 ga. 1 3/8 oz. steel #3, .3" mag., 1-bx. Fed, .12 ga. 1 3/8 oz.
steel #BB, .3" mag., 1-bx. Challenger, .12 ga. 1 3/8 oz. steel #BBB, .3" mag., 2-bxs. Rem. Nitro, .12 ga. 3" mag,
steel #T, 1-bx. Rem. .12 ga. 1 1/4 oz., 2 3/4" steel # BB, 1-bx. Rem. Nitro, .12 ga. 3" mag. steel, # BBB, 1-bx.
Rem. Nitro, .12 ga. 2 3/4" steel, # 1. {#33}

214-K-5.--- Box lot shot shells: 5-bxs. Rem. .12 ga. Express Long Range 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz. #2 lead shot, & 1-bx.
the same in Win. Super-X, (all full boxes except for 1-missing about 7-shells.) {#30}

214-K-6.--- Box lot shot shells: 1-bx. Rem. Nitro-Magnum, .12 ga. 3", 1 7/8 oz. #2 lead, 1-bx. Fed. .12 ga.
Buffered shot 3" mag. 1 7/8 oz. #2-lead, 1-bx. Fed. .12 ga. Buffered shot 1 ½ oz. 2 3/4" #2-lead, 1-bx. Rio, 3",
.12 ga. 1 3/4 oz. #bb-lead, (all full boxes) {#32}

214-K-7.--- Box lot Federal shot-shells: 3-full bxs. Fed, Hi-Power, .12 ga. 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz. # BB-lead. {#29}

214-K-8.--- Bag lot shot-shells: 1-bx. Rem. Nitro-Magnum, .12ga. 3" mag, 1 7/8 oz. #4-lead, & 2-bxs. Fed.
Buffered, 3" mag. 1 7/8 oz. #4-lead, (all full boxes) {#31}

214-K-9.--- Bag lot: Weaver & Parker-Hale scope bases for many makes & models of rifles. [note, hundreds of
dollars value] {#12}

214-K-10.--- Bag lot: Weaver & Parker-Hale scope bases for many makes & models of rifles. [note, hundreds of
dollars value] {#12}

214-K-11.--- Bag lot: A variety of scope lens-covers in boxes. {#14}
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 29 
214-K-12.--- Bag lot: Variety of older scope bases & ring parts, [used] {#13}

214-K-13.--- Nikko Sterling, stainless finish, rifle scope, 3-9x40 [as new.] {#40}

214-K-14.--- Black box containing: a LEE Pistol Machine rest for holding a handgun while sighting it in. Cast iron
base. Comes w/jigs to fit the following handguns; Colt 1911, Hi-Standard 22's, S&W 41, Ruger Blackhawks &
Super, S&W revolvers, S&W-59, & Ruger Mk. I & Mk.II. {#21}

214-K-15.--- Forster, Jig for installing front & rear rifle sights straight on the barrel. [w/bag of accessories.] {#5}

214-K-16.--- Old Lyman, multi-stage shotgun press, [rusty] {#4}

214-K-17.--- Pacific single-stage loading press w/extra parts taped to handle. [rusty.] {#1}

214-K-18.--- Lyman Orange Crusher, single-stage press. [rusty] {#2}

214-K-19.--- Old Lyman turret press. [rusty] {#3}

214-K-20.--- Blue leather case containing: 2-RCBS FL group A die sets for 7mm Rem. mag, 1-RCBS group A seater
die in 7mm Rem. mag., 1-Lyman die set in 7mm Rem. mag, 1-set of Millet front & back pistol sights for Colt, 1911,
& 1-set of Millet front & rear pistol sights for Ruger GP100, Leupold stainless steel bases& rings for Win. mod. 70
long action, 2-fish spear forks, 1-Browning BAR .308/243 mag., 1-Redfield scope base for the Ruger Mini-14, 1-
leather pouch w/2-choke tubes for ??, 1-target trigger group for a 98-Mauser, & a front bbl. retainer & screw for
Hawken type black powder rifles. {#18}

214-K-21.--- Bag lot: 1-Wyoming gut knife, 1-Outers foldable camp saw, 1-RCBS competition dies set in .222.

214-K-21.--- Metal case containing: 2-Bushnell bore-sighter plus parts for scopes & sights. {#11}

214-K-23.--- "Automotive related"; metal bucket containing hand tools used in either Chryslers or Fords in the
later 1930's to 1940's. These tools were made in the machine shops @ the Windsor, Ontario plants, (or possibly
Detroit), & were each designed to do a specific job on the assembly lines. The tools were never used, & are still as
new. {#28}

214-K-24.--- Wood Dryness/Moisture rating kit, (tells you if the wood is dry enough to make gun stocks). {#24}

214-K-25.--- Box lot: a set of Camo-Synthetic butt-stock & forend for Rem. mod. 1100, .12 ga. {#27}

214-K-26.--- Bag lot; Old metal cans, gun screw-driver kit, & a kit for reloading .45 LC shot-shells. {#16}

214-K-27.--- Blue plastic box containing: Gold plating electro-kit, w/solutions & instructions, will also do copper,
brass, & silver plating with the correct solutions. {#23}

214-K-28.--- Wooden drawer containing: a bunch of shotgun recoil springs, action springs, magazine springs, Win.
mod. 12 mag tubes, & a bunch of .22 cal. mag. tube inserts. {#9}

214-K-29.--- Large plastic box containing: a large variety of butt-plates for many makes & models of rifles &
shotguns. {#20}
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 30 
214-K-30.--- Large plastic box containing: 1-bx. bore brushes & parts, shot-shell chart, .30 cal. cleaning rod, a
variety of lens covers, cleaning bits, old gun part boxes, several grip adapters for revolvers, & a variety of misc.
small items. {#19}

214-K-31.--- Large plastic box containing: Dealer Catalogs & parts lists for Colt, Savage, Mossberg, & S&W. Plus, a
book on Training the Hunting Dog, Bear Attacks, & some gun magazines. {#8}

214-K-32.--- Bag lot: 1-.45 cal. brass cleaning rod for handguns, 2-Williams fire sights, 2-10-rnd. mags, for the
Ruger10-22, 3-mag loaders for a Colt 1911, 45 ACP, 1-mag loader for a Browning Hi-Power 9mm. {#10}

214-K-33.--- Bag lot: A bag of Carcano clips, 1-target trigger group for the Savage models; 110, 111 & 112, Rem.
mod.788, .308 Win. clip, Redfield base for Rem. mod. 788, & see-thru mount. for Win., mod. 94. {#10}

214-K-34.--- Bag lot; Plastic box w/scope bases, rings, & parts, plus:.... 2-bags w/front & rear rifle sights, sight
hoods, peep sights, etc. {#10}

214-K-35.--- Bag lot: Lyman choke tubes & wrenches, 3-Lyman large size mold handles, & 2-Ruger, Mini-14 upper
hand guards. {#10}

214-K-36.--- Bag lot: Box w/rear sights, hoods, etc., 2-plastic tubs parts, sights, hoods, etc., & clip parts, etc.

214-K-37.--- Plastic box containing: Vintage shotgun parts, some misc. reloading parts, some old checkering tools,
a bag of cleaning rods for ari pistols, 5-leather shoe tabs, 2-silicone treated gun sock cases, misc. parts, 1-brown
vinyl shell pouch, 2-red Outers, cleaning kit cans,(1-is empty), 1-Bushnell sun glasses in pouch, 1-black rifle ctg.
pouch, 1-brown Carhart hat, 2-vintage Hodgsons empty powder cans, 1-G.I. belt pouch, 3-brown plastic ctg.
holders, & 4-leather game carriers. {#10}

214-K-38.--- Bag lot: New or as-new, pump/act. handles, & forends. {#39}

214-K-39.--- Bag lot: Matching set (cut short), Browning wood, 2-new forends, Italian butt-stock, & unknown new
butt-stock. {#39}

214-K-40.--- Box lot: Used forends & pump act. handles, & Win. shotgun butt-stock w/chipped plate. {#39}

214-K-41.--- Bag lot: Maple stock blank, Walnut stock blank, Burled, unfinished stock, & Beretta AL390, .12 ga.
butt-stock. {#39}

214-K-42.--- Bag lot: Lyman, All American, dies etc. including: .22/250 seating dies, .45 ACP Tungsten Carbide
resizing die, .243,2.244, 6mm Rem., seating dies, 6mm Rem., .243 Win, precision alignment seat die. {#22}

214-K-43.--- Bag lot: Lyman All American, dies incl: .22/250 seating die, .22 CF seating die, .243 Win. W-die, .300
Win. mag. M-2 die, .222 M-1 die, Spartan Ram die. {#22}

214-K-44.--- Bag lot: Misc. reloading equipment, (some new, & some used.) {#22}

214-K-45.--- Bag lot: RCBS, .357 mag. trim die, & .38 spl. trim die, Bonanza, .350 Rem. FL dies, LEE pocket
cleaner, Lyman reloading tools, Lyman handles & dies, in .222 Rem., .303 Brit., .223 Carb..

214-K-46.--- Bag lot: Misc. reloading equipment, etc. {#22}

214-K-47.--- Rifle stock for 98-Mauser, [new, all glass bedded.] {#41}

214-K-48.--- Rifle stock for Mauser, Mk. X, commercial action. [new] {#42}

214-K-49.--- Lot: 4-rifle stock blanks, walnut, nice straight grain. {#55}

214-K-50.--- Bag lot: 1-Webley & Scott, "Senior" pellet pistol, (missing bbl. & piston, frame cracked, NO FAC REQ),
The Gat, Pellet & Dart pistol, (England), (missing trigger, NO FAC), 1-Webley & Scott, "Senior" pellet pistol,
(Rusty), NO FAC REQUIRED. {#?}
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 31 
214-K-51.--- Lot of 2-pellet pistols: Hi-Score, (parts missing), Crosman, mod.-600, (needs seal), & Non Gun:
decorator item depicting old French perc. pistol. {#?}

214-K-52.--- Bag lot: 1-handgun case & 3-bxs. .25 ACP ammo.

214-K-53.--- Bag lot: 1-bx. Win., Super-X, .300 mag. 180-gr. SP, & 2-bxs. Norma, 6.5 Carcano 156 gr, SP

214-K-54.--- Lot: Trophy-48, eye piece, 1-Victors leg-hold animal trap, 2-bxs. Brownell’s Acraglas galss bedding
kits, 1-Rem. .12 ga. choke tube, 1-Tikka gun manual for mod. 595 & 695, 1-bx .38 spl. (old), & 1-bx. .308 Norma
mag, (mostly empty)

214-K-55.--- 3- Rifle stocks, (used, Rem. 700-BDL long action standard bbl.), ** Savage early mod. 10 ** Mauser,
Mk X commercial rifle. [x-3]

214-K-56.--- 2-Rifle stocks, for Win./Cooey mod.64 s/auto. rifles. [x-2]

214-K-57.--- 2-Rifle stocks, for Cooey mod. 39 & 75, s/shot rifles. [x-2]

214-K-58.--- 2-Rifle stocks, for Rem., 700-BDL Classic, early 1970's model w/Varmint bbl. channel for heavy bbl.,
new short act. rifles. [x-2]

214-K-59.--- 2-Rifle stocks, 1-for Rem., 700-ADL early model w/heavy bbl. rifles, & 1-for Rem., 700-BDL, w/heavy
Varmint bbl. [x-2]

214-K-60.--- Lot: H & R mod.-176 B/act. shotgun stock in box.

214-K-61.--- Small box w/bullets incl: .41 cal, 6mm, 7mm & 9mm etc., & wax bullet kit .45 cal.

214-K-62.--- Box lot: Artillery shell head (inert), a belt (50" waist), & a Paymaster Commercial check writer.

214-K-63.--- Bag lot: Vintage Williams scope bases, & 4-rings, (some retail @ $89.95, per box.)

214-K-64.--- Bag lot Griffin & Howe scope bases & rings, 1-bag of Mauser swing-safeties, Giant head cross-bolt
safeties (Rem., Ithaca) & hammer extensions.

214-K-65.--- Bag lot: Several Speer bullets & cases, Rossi .22 scope mnt., 1-bx. win. .30-Luger empty brass, 1-bx.
Win., .45 LC brass, 1-bx. Win. .41 mag brass, 2-Herters adjustable vari-chokes, a set of JC Higgins choke tubes &
2-trigger locks w/keys.

214-K-66.--- Blue plastic box w/Dealer books, magazines, gun manuals,, most are old vintage.

214-K-67.--- Rem., 11-87, .12 ga. Premier shotgun bbl., (new w/3-new chokes & a Speer wrench), also comes w/a
second full choke 30" .

214-K-68.--- Box lot: Orange back-pack, & 2-rifle rests for use w/sand-bags.

214-K-69.--- Original Springfield mod. 1903A3 milt. bbl., (un-issued & still in milt. grease & paper), also 2-un-
issued 1903A3 bolt bodies in orig. milt. box.

214-K-70.--- Bullet trao, 3/16" thick, for .22 LR, shotguns but not slugs, & handguns up to .45 ACP. Do Not shoot
.22 C.Fire or larger cal. ammo. at it !!

214-K-71.--- Tray lot: Misc. screw-drivers, Allen wrenches, various hand tools etc. from a gun shop.

214-K-72.--- Plastic box w/hand tools, pliers, screw-drivers, wrenches, & more, (mostly used for gunsmithing, but
also some other tools.

214-K-73.--- ½ horsepower motor w/sanding wheel, sanding backs, & paper.
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 32 
214-K-74.--- Bolt-on guide/stop for beds on bridgeports, milling machines & large drill presses, etc., metal tray
w/a variety of machining components & vice jigs for removing or installing rifle bbls., a jig to hold bolts for
"Jewelling", etc.

214-K-75.--- Commercial grade, 1.5 HP motor w/wire wheel & a buffing wheel attached.

214-K-76.--- Metal machinist chest of drawers w/various lathe & milling machine components, & metal wall cabinet
containing an unused old set of feeler gauges.

214-K-77.--- Delta belt sander.

214-K-78.--- Wooden chest contain: Trade show table-top cabinet, w/safety glass, lock, & anchor point to chain it
to table,(no key), & a patent press stamping tool.

214-K-79.--- Bag lot: 8-Slip-on gun sock type cases.

214-K-80.--- Lot: 8-long term storage gun cases, (will not rust gun).

214-K-81.--- Cutting wheel & rule for cutting arrow shafts.

214-K-82.--- Bag lot: Handgun grips & plastic bullets.

214-K-83.--- Bag lot: 19-watches.

214-K-84.--- Box lot: Variety of Gun Dealer catalogs, Tool supply locations, old fishing reel, trigger lock, knife,

214-K-85.--- Sanding wheel rig, & air compressor hoses.

214-K-86.--- Upland hunting jacket w/game bag, (size med. adult), pants (30" waist), [the jacket is an Eddie
Bauer, & pants are Browning, plus: man’s large size green camo jacket.

214-K-87.--- Box lot: Variety of MEC shot & powder bars, (solid aluminum).

214-K-88.--- Metal can w/a good variety of vintage gun parts & some old air compressor parts.

214-K-89.--- Box of books & gun manuals. (#112)

214-K-90.--- 4-old double bbls. only, .12 ga, (3 are 30", & 1-is 28", plus 1-old shotgun cleaning rod.

214-K-91.--- Bushnell Sportsman, 1.5x4.5x32, scope w/caps.

214-K-92.--- As new in case: Range Finder form the 1960"s.

214-L-1. --- Repro. Oriental Decorator Sword w/brass furniture, Mahog. colored Handle & Scabbard.

214-L-2. — Repro. Oriental Spring loaded Sword w/silver colored scabbard.

214-L-3. — Repro. Pair Japanese Style Swords that form the shape of one handle w/black nylon case.

214-L-4. — Black Sportcraft fishing Rod Case only (as new)

214-L-5. — Master Cutlery Dakkar short Sword w/ black plastic/Nylon case, Designed by Thomas Anderson.

214-L-6. — Repro. Japanese short Sword & Matching Cleaver style Knife, 440 Stainless steel w/Black nylon Case/

214-L-7. — New in Box Dagger w/sheath model HK4035 & New in Bow Craft Sword /Missing the Base.
                                                                                                        P a g e  | 33 
214-L-8. — Small Decorator Knife in box w/clip on metal sheath & Decorator Knife w/fighting Buck scene on handle
w/leather sheath.

214-L-9. — Attack Star Model WLS2000 Light for Rifle or Shotgun. New in Box w/rings. Retail $200

214-L-10.--- New in Box General Purpose 1000-lbs. Rope Hoist. & Stainless Hunting Knife with Compass & Nylon

214-L-11.--- Bag Lot Containing Metal tin full of: 300 Win. Mag. Brass, 30-06 Brass, 223 Brass, & other Cal. Brass.

214-L-12.--- Bag lot 4-books; Vietnam War, Battle For Berlin End of 3rd Reich, Comando, & Secret Weapons of

214-L-13.--- Bag lot of 5-Books: Life Goes to The Movies, Classic Photographs, Canada Our Century, Getty Images
1910-30's (2 books)

214-L-14.--- Box lot; International War history VHS tapes (10) in all.

214-L-15.--- Bag lot; 2-books-Great Disasters, & RCBS, .30 Luger FL dies.

214-L-16.--- Schrade, scrimshaw decor. knife w/leather sheath.

214-L-17.--- Schrade, I-XL, 1787, Ltd. Edition folding knife w/leather case, #0690.

214-L-18.--- Schrade, I-XL, 1787, Ltd. Edition folding knife w/leather case, #1239.

214-L-19.--- Schrade, I-XL, 1787, Ltd. Edition folding knife w/leather case, #1387.

214-L-20.--- Bag lot: Small Browning drop-point knife w/sheath, & old antique hunting knife w/modern sheath.

214-L-21.--- Bag lot: Berkley fishing knife w/plastic sheath & Rapala fishing knife w/leather sheath.

214-L-22.--- Lot; 2-fishing rods & 1-tackle box w/fishing supplies.

214-L-23.--- Bushnell, Spotting Scope w/tripod.

214-L-24.--- Forster precision case trimmer w/box.

214-L-25.--- Lot;2-LEE lead melting pots (electric), in wooden C-I-L shot-shell box.

214-L-26.--- Lyman Turret Press, w/Primer access. in C-I-L Canuck wooden shot-shell box.

214-L-27.--- RCBS, Lub-a-matic, w/collets, in orig. box.

214-L-28.--- Lyman, M-5, loading scale, w/orig. box.

214-L-29.--- Large box w/paper Duck Decoys.

214-L-30.--- Bag lot; RCBS, .45/70, 3-die set, RCBS primers, & CT handle.

214-L-31.--- C-I-L, wooden box containing: 4-Lyman bullet molds, handles, bushing, etc.

214-L-32.--- Bag lot: as new in box, Fred Wisemann’s Flinch-X recoil buffer, , Ruger parts, & misc. sight parts.

214-L-33.--- C-I-L, Bent-D, wooden shot-shell box & a can of lead bullets.

214-L-34.--- Box lot: assorted leather, slings, etc.

214-L-35.--- Wooden "Fish" wall coat hanger, & a bundle of cleaning rods, etc.

214-L-36.--- Bag lot: Sharp’s marked ctg., used Bushnell scope, bore-sight tool, in case.
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 34 
214-L-37.--- Box lot: Shot bag, seed & flour bags, 3-ear protectors & 3-sharpening stones.

214-L-38.--- Box lot: misc. cleaning kits, & 2-tomahawks.

214-L-39.--- Box lot: 2-black powder possibles bags, w/contents & plastic bag of black powder items.

214-L-40.--- Box lot: Manuals & balck powder items, bullet starters, etc.

214-L-41.--- Box lot, 5-books: Great book of Wildfowl Decoys, F. Rem. , Buffalo Bill & the Wild West, Story of Wild
Goose Jack, The Lawless decade, & 1966 Rem. Postage group.

214-L-42.--- Bag lot: Bonanza, powder measure, 2-lube pads, tray, & funnels.

214-L-43.--- Large box misc: reloading, cleaning, gun parts, Win., plastic bag, etc.

214-L-44.--- Box lot: Cleaning supplies.

214-L-45.--- Bundle of 4-gun cases.

214-L-46.--- Bundle of 4-gun cases.

214-L-47.--- Lot: Metal detector & 2-gun cases.

214-M-1. — Bag -Herter’s 270 Win. two Die Set & 60, 270 Brass in plastic cases.

214-M-2. — Black Plastic Pistol Case w/6 boxes Imperial 12Ga 2 3/4 " Shot Shells.

214-M-3. — Box lot: 5-boxes plus 2 Part Boxes of 12Ga. 2 3/4 " Shot Shells 1 Box 20Ga. Shot Shells etc.

214-M-4. — Bag lot: 3-boxes Win. 1 box Imperial 270 Win. Cal. Factory Ammo.

214-M-5. — Bag lot: approx. 87-rnds. 207 Win. assorted Ammo.

214- M-6. — Royal D- 60mml. 15 x 20 x 30 x40 x60 x Spotting Scope w/tripod.

214-M-7. — Bag Lot: 2-Plastic Trays full of Various gun parts including triggers, swivels, bolts, screws, sights, etc.

214-M-8. — Bag Lot 4 Boxes Rem.,1 Box Win. 30/40 Krag Factory Ammo.

214-M-9. --- Bag lot 48 Rnd. plus Brass 6.5x 54 M./Sch.32 Rnds. 6.5 X45 Ammo. 19 Rnds. 7 mm. primed Brass

214-M 10.--- Bag lot: Antique Ammo & Brass in Win. 2 pce. boxes .22 single shot approx. 8 rnds. ammo. &

2 ½ boxes of brass. box w/approx. 45 Rnds. 38 long Rim Fire in 2 pce. box, 3 boxes 30 Rnds. Kynoch 280 Rimless

214-M-11.--- Bag lot : 2 Boxes Win., I box Dominion 30/40 Krag.

214-M-12.--- Bag lot 3 Books : Shotgun book, Complete Book of Rifles & Shotguns, The Gun and its Development
by W.W. Greener.

214-M-13.--- Bag lot: 3 Books: Great Century of Guns, The British Dueling Pistol, Encyclopedia 19th Century Fire

214-M-14.--- Bag lot: 3 Books: Speer reloading Manual, The Amateur Guns Craftsman, The Art of Shooting .

214-M-15.--- Bag lot: 3-Books: Game Guns & Rifles, The Speer Manual, The Firearms Price Guide.

214-M-16.--- Redding Reloading Scale in RCBS Box.
                                                                                                          P a g e  | 35 
214- M-17.--- Bag lot : 4-Books: Still more Single Shot Rifles, Single shot Rifles, Boy’s Single shot Rifles.

Single Shot Finale by Grant

214-M-18.--- Bag lot: 2-Books: English Gun Makers & Flayderman’s Guide.

214-M-19.--- Box lot: including Hand Owners Manuel Flaydermans Guide, 3 Gun Digests, Bolt Action Rifles, Gun
Smithing Tools, Etc.

214-M-20.--- Bag Lot: 3-Leather Holsters including a Don Hume Miami # 14, Hunter, One for Short Revolver.

214-M-21.--- 4-Boxes Rem. 7mm. -08.Factory Ammo.

214-M-22.--- 3-Boxes 35 Rem. Factory Ammo. & 3 boxes 25-35 Win. Factory Ammo.

214-M-23.--- 2-Boxes Win. 307 Cal. Factory Ammo., 19 Rnds. Win. 225,& 2 Boxes 300 Savage Factory Ammo.

214-M-24.--- 3-Boxes 17 Rem. Cal. Ammo., & Approx. 30, 219 Zipper Brass & 1 Box Imperial 32/20 Win.

214-M-25.--- 1- 2-Pce. Box Rem. Lobaloy 25 Rem. Ammo.& 2 Boxes 25 Rem. Reloads in CIL Boxes, 3 Boxes Rem.
Kleanbore 25 Rem.Reloads. & 1 box Brass in CIL box.

214-M-26.— Bag lot: 53, 45 Basic Brass, & 12, 40-90 Sharps 3 1/4 Brass& 2 Boxes 405 X 31/4 New Brass.& 1 Box
43 Mauser Brass New in Box.

214-M-27.--- Bag lot: 77- .348 Win. New Brass, 19.- 405 Win. New Brass, 17 400 Purdy Brass, Bag 50 New 348
Win. Brass.

214-M-28.--- Bag of Various Primers.

214-M-29.--- 35 Rnds. of .40/65/260 Ammo. 10 Rnds. 45/70 Ammo, 6 Rnds. Factory 45/70 Ammo. Plastic Case
w/20 45/70 Reloads

214-M-30.--- 40- .50 Sharps 3 1/4 Base Brass. & 4-Rnds. .50 Sharps Reloads & 8-used Brass.

214-M-31.--- Bag lot: 1-box Dominion .38-55 Ammo., 11-rnds. .303 British Ammo., few rnds. .25/06 ammo &
approx. 3-boxes .25/06 brass, 1-box 6.5 Carcano ammo., 1-box 35 Rem. ammo.

214-M-32.--- Bag lot : 25-rnds. .38/55 - 165-reloads, 50-.32/20 reloads, 24-.25/20 reloads , 20-rnds. in plastic
cases, .38 Special, 54-rnds. .357 Mag. ammo. approx. 35-rnds. .32 Short Rim Fire ammo.

214-M-33.--- Tool for Drilling out rifle bbl. for re-sleeving .22 cal. Rifles Value $100.

214-M-34.--- 7-Hand tapered Pin Reamers Various sizes Value $50 each.

214-M-35.--- Bag lot: Lyman model 57SME Peep sight in Redfield Box, Simplex .44/40 cal. Die & .30/30 Die by
Simplex, Tomlinson Gun Cleaner, Brownell’s Book, case of various cleaning attachments.

214-M-36.--- Box lot: 10- .12ga. Slugs, approx. 2-boxes .22 LR ammo, 1-box .32/40 Dominion ammo., 5- rnds,
plus primed brass .43 Mauser, 20-rnds. in case .22 Hornet, .30/30 brass, various Dummy rounds, a few Bullets,
.30/40 Craig Brass, ½ Box .32-40 John Wayne brass.

214-M-37.--- Box lot: Bag of .45 cal. bullets, bag Round Balls, bag .610 Round Balls, ½ Bag .45 cal. bullets, 3/4
bag .38 cal. bullets, ½ bag .451 cal. balls, ½ bag ..44 cal. balls, .405 Lead bullets in tube, plus more lead bullets.

214-M-38.--- Black Nylon, velvet-lined Gun Case.

214-M-39.--- Lot: 3-Brown Vinyl shotgun cases.

214-M-40. — Bundle of 4 items;1-Canvas scoped rifle case, 2-Vinyl shot gun cases, & 1-Vinyl rifle case.
                                                                                                         P a g e  | 36 
214-N-1.--- Black leather Police belt & holster w/Bucheimer pouch.

214-N-2.--- Black leather, basket weave pattern, Police belt & holster, (belt marked Bucheimer, L.A. Calif. Clark).

214-N-3.--- Black leather Police belt & holster w/Don Hume pouch.

214-N-4.--- Bag lot: Safari, black leather holster, Unk, black leather holster, 2-black leather pouches, etc.

214-N-5.--- International Flare Signal Co., 1 ½" flare gun, [brass & iron, needs some work to hammer spring.] NO

214-N-6.--- U.S. Property, Pistol Pyrotechnic MB, 1 ½" flare gun. [fading blue.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-N-7.--- U.S. Property, Pistol Pyrotechnic MB, 1 ½" flare gun. [some holster wear, includes holster.] NO FAC

214-N-8.--- U.S. Property, Pistol Pyrotechnic MB, 1 ½" flare gun. [grey finish.] NO FAC REQUIRED

214-N-9.--- Bag lot: Heavy leather belt (Ted Bourdon), double 9mm pouch, & black partly basket weave leather

214-N-10.--- Bag lot: Sears, 1942, (US) marked black leather holster w/green web belt & heavy leather basket
weave, Don Hume Jordan holster, No.1, 4".

214-N-11.--- Bag lot: Leather belt, w/USN WW II Officer’s buckle, Korean National Police belt & buckle, & Russian
belt & buckle

214-N-12.--- Bag lot: Horse leather, Eamor’s Saddlery etc.

214-N-13.--- Bag lot: 1918, Herbert Brush Mfg. Co., Horse brush, & 1913, NJ Brush J.M.C. marked (US) horse
brush, & Crown on 8-pointed Star belt buckle.

214-N-14.--- Bag lot: 3-rifle slings w/quik-off swivels & 1-rifle sling (no swivels).

214-N-15.--- Box lot: Milt. green duffle bag & small box of slings, etc.

This concludes the Auction, thanks for attending 

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