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Downtown – for eating out anytime
Downtown is a combined knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener. It is easy to carry around and use. A
perfect, practical gift for the person who has everything. Anders Ljungberg about Downtown

BodaNova is now launching Downtown – the gift for those who have everything! A small, individual cutlery set
that will quickly become an indispensable favourite in every busy home. Downtown was designed to fit in with
our changing lifestyles and eating habits. We don’t just eat at the table at home; we shift mealtimes around. We
eat a quick ice cream in town, open a bottle for a picnic in the park or peel an apple while on the go. Downtown
is perfect for all those impromptu meals we grab when we have the opportunity.

Downtown is cutlery that is easy to take with you. It is small, versatile and takes up hardly any space. It’s also
very comfortable in the hand. Downtown is a combined fork, spoon, knife and bottle opener, and can
quickly be stowed away inside its neat plastic pouch. Downtown makes eating easier wherever you are. The
designer of the smart cutlery with its distinctive styling is Anders Ljungberg. It’s a simple, attractive and highly
practical product at a very good price.

For more information

Sophie Giescke Linné
Communicator, BodaNova,
tel. 042 36 11 33

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