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                                            Gifts and Donations

                                        Donor Recognition Policy


A donation or gift is a voluntary transfer of property without valuable consideration. A gift is made in any circumstance
where all three of the conditions listed below are satisfied.

·   Some property - cash, stocks and bonds, gifts-in-kind, land, etc. - is transferred by a donor to The University of

· The transfer is voluntary. Any legal obligation on the donor would cause the transfer to lose its status as a gift.

·   The transfer is made without expectation of return.

Unit means a Faculty, Department or Division of The University of Calgary.


To provide recognition and appreciation to donors in an appropriate and consistent manner.

To cultivate future support with the University's current donor base.

To stimulate interest and support among potential donors


Responsibility for the general administration of the Donor Recognition Policy rests with the Office of External
Relations or as may be delegated to the Development Office which reports to External Relations.

Donor recognition shall be subject to, and consistent with, University-wide donor policies, the policy on the naming of
buildings and the policy on the naming of academic programs and positions.

The extent of recognition afforded donors shall be in proportion to the value of the contribution, compatible with
University standards and consistent on a unit-to-unit basis.

Donor recognition shall equitably acknowledge the support of governments, foundations, corporations and private

Donor recognition ceremonies for significant gifts (generally $5,000 or more) may be undertaken in collaboration with
donors. The University will respect a donor's preference for low profile or anonymity.

Donor recognition programs shall, to the extent feasible, highlight the benefits to the community, our society and the
end-users, especially the students and faculty of the University.
An amount not to exceed one per cent of all donations of $5,000 or more shall be allocated to donor recognition
programs. Expenses to be covered include cost of donor walls, honor rolls, wall plaques, certificates, receptions,
newsletters, etc.

Potential donor recognition requirements, such as donor walls, shall be considered at the conceptual and detailed
planning stages of new buildings and the re-development of existing ones. Recommendations of the Committee for
Art in Public Spaces and the appropriate unit shall be considered in this process.