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									Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation presents


October 12th 2007                                           Event Catalog
                      Student Artist: Carolyn Moore, 2006
                            Holy Names Academy
Dear Friends of the Haas Foundation,

      Thank you very much for joining us at our second annual                   We look forward to meeting you, whether you are new to
fundraising event, Jazz with Haas. We have been actively                   our organization or are already an active supporter of the Haas
partnering with schools for 44 years by providing grants to                Foundation, we hope you will prepare for memorable evening.
encourage students to stay in school and get involved in their             We highly recommend completing the Speed Registration form in
learning communities. Our aim is to prevent secondary students             advance. This will allow you to avoid any lines during our check in
from self-selecting out of school participation because of an              and check out process.
inability to participate in programs with fees or pay for personal              On behalf of our Board of Directors and staff, we want to
supplies. In the 2006-2007 school year 14,055 students at 688              give special thanks to Jazz Vocalist Ernestine Anderson for her
eligible schools received Haas funds. Your active participation            support for this evening, and to Nancy McKernon who helped
in the Jazz with Haas event will assure that hundreds of students          make this happen. We also want to thank the steering committee,
across the state of Washington will receive support.                       Dahli Bennett who provided the space at the Sanctuary at Admiral,
      As you read through the Jazz with Haas catalog, peruse our           our in-kind donors, HEAP members, volunteers, and School Fund
27 silent auction packages and 6 live auction items, all of which          Coordinators from around the state for helping to make this
have been generously donated. We are proud of all of our                   evening possible.
auction items and want to highlight that we will be auctioning off         On behalf of the students we serve,
a piece of space history. Astronaut Fred Haise has donated a
patch that flew on the Apollo 13 mission around the Moon. Please
read more on page #26.
      We have a dedicated and energetic steering committee of
20 individuals who have provided their time and talent to make               Martin Neeb           Roger Percy              Bonnie Hilory
this event possible. The seating capacity for this intimate jazz and           2007 Chair            President                 Executive
auction event is 128 people. Thanks to our table captains, we                Jazz with Haas      Board of Directors             Director
anticipate an exciting event.                                          i
                                                                            Board of Directors
                                                                                       Table of Contents
                                                                           Letter From Our Leadership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . i
                                                                           Our Mission. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ii
                                                                           Steering Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1
                                                                           Board Of Directors/HEAP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                           About Saul Haas Foundation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                           Evening Schedule/Menu . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

                      Mission                                              Ernestine Anderson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                           Silent Auction - Bid For Kids/First Edition Book . . . . . . . 6
                                                                           Silent Auction Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
   Creating equity for students (6th through 12th grades) by               Student Artwork Centerpieces . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
   partnering with over 840 schools statewide. The Saul and                Thank You to Our Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21
   Dayee G. Haas Foundation is committed to improving the                  Live Auction Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
quality of life among needy secondary students in communities              Raise The Paddle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27
 throughout the state of Washington by supporting schools to               In-kind Donors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28
  encourage students to stay in school, return to school or get            Thank You To Our Volunteers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34
            involved within their learning community.                      Sanctuary At Admiral . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35
                                                                           Impact Stories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

                                             Please visit our website for more information:

                   2007 Steering Committee
  Procurement                   Table Sales                   Graphics
 Jessica Gaitan             Martin Neeb, Chair          Carolyn Cuykendall
 Valicia Valiani        Roger Percy, Board President       Karin Hopper
 Corrie Dudley                    Logistics                 Accounting
  Martin Neeb                  Velle Wright                  Paul Bailey
  Roger Percy                Nancy McKernon                 Registration
    Dick Lee                Catering & Rentals               Sue Russell
Nancy McKernon                    Dick Lee             Volunteer Coordinator
Debbie Williams                   Catalog                  Danae Moore
   Auctioneer                  Corrie Dudley            Recipient Presenter
 Gary Dederer                  Michele Fugiel           Delena Martin Neves
      Music                    Cindy Roberts               Photography
Nancy McKernon             Catalog Photography             Jamie Mitchell
                                 Ian Hilory
            Board of Directors                          HEAP
                                                    Haas Educator
   Roger D. Percy
                          Ruth A. Gerberding
                           R. Danner Graves
                                                   Ambassador Program
Carver Gayton, Ph.D.         Joel W. Groen
        Vice President     Frank S. Hanawalt       Christine Anderson-Bryan, ESD 123
   Deesa M. Haas             Kate Janeway                Sharon Harris, ESD 105
          Secretary      Hon. Charles V. Johnson         Richard Jones, ESD 112
  Thomas Gleason               Laura Kohn                   Kim Lubin, ESD 114
          Treasurer        John L. MacKenzie                Rod Luce, ESD 171
     Dan Barritt          Richard McCormick              Kathy Olafson, ESD 123
 Jon Galt Bowman               Jim Menzies                Cheri Pepka, ESD 121
     Artie Buerk                Lee Miller           LaVerne Rettkowski, ESD 101
    Emory Bundy           George P. Moynihan              Wendy Ross, ESD 105
      Ron Elgin              Martin J. Neeb               Heath Tayon, ESD 189
     Nancy Fike             Tiffany V. Phelps             Fran Stevens, ESD 113
Hon. Betty B. Fletcher      Robert A Ratliffe             Steve Wiley, ESD 189
     Jody Foster           Wallace Williams            Debbie Williams, ESD 123
                           About the Saul and Dayee G. Haas Foundation
Saul Haas was born in 1896 to an immigrant family in New York. As a            The Jazz with Haas event is two-fold in purpose: First, to raise funds,
young man, he traveled across the country and developed a passion for          allowing us to offer more support to students in Washington State and,
journalism. He settled in Seattle and began a long career in the media         second, to raise awareness about the impact of The Haas Foundation.
arts. His interests lay with public involvement, and providing informative     All funds collected (after expenses) will go towards the Haas portion of
and educational news sources that were accessible to all. Saul Haas            Challenge grants. Haas Challenge Grants are offered throughout the
became co-owner of the Seattle Union Record in 1925, and cultivated an         school year, to all 844 eligible schools who get involved in fundraising in
interest in politics. He formed a relationship with many political figures,     their own communities. Please contact our Executive Director Bonnie Hilory
and managed Homer T. Bone’s successful Senate campaign in 1932. Saul           at or 206 352-1199 for future inquiries.
Haas acquired a small, struggling Seattle radio station, KCPB, in 1935. He     Two recent examples of students helped by The Haas Foundation are:
changed the call letters to KIRO and gradually built what was to become
the largest radio station in the Northwest. Throughout his life, Saul Haas     From Cleveland High School
remained faithful to his vision of an educated, empowered public, aided        One student was very anxious to run for student office for next year, but
by reliable media sources. While his daughter was attending Garfield            had a fine for Art fees that she was unable to pay due to family financial
High School in 1963, Saul Haas learned that the needs of some students         difficulties. The Haas fund paid her fine and enabled her to run for office;
were going unmet, jeopardizing their school participation and personal         and she became her class’s Student Treasurer!
growth. He wrote a check for $500 to the principal, to help ensure that
students could receive the immediate support they needed. The Saul and         From Central Kitsap Jr. High School
Dayee G. Haas Foundation arose from that first gesture. Over the last 44        One young man at school was unable to afford a physical exam, which is
years, the Haas Foundation has spread its umbrella over the entire state of    required for a student to participate in sports. The Saul Haas Foundation
Washington, partnering with over 844 schools to “do that which otherwise       account allowed the school to pay for this student’s physical exam at a
would not be timely done” for at-risk secondary school students.               local clinic. He was then able to participate in several sports during his
                                                                               time at school. It is a very rewarding feeling to help a deserving student.
This October, for the first time, The Haas Foundation Board is inviting the
public to partner for the Jazz with Haas event, to provide funds for the                       To learn more about Haas Foundation,
immediate needs of students in Washington State. Currently, The Haas                       explore our website at
Foundation serves more than 14,000 students annually. With your help, the
Haas Foundation will be able to serve even more communities.               3
                                               Evening Schedule
  5:15 p.m. Check-in begins                     7:00 p.m. Dinner                               7:35 p.m. Special Guests
    ~ Silent Auction Begins                    Catered by Kaspars
       ~ Cocktail Hour                                                                           7:45 p.m. Live Auction
         w/Dry Soda,
       Waterbrook Wines,
                                                   Menu                                    “Bids for Kids” & Raise the Paddle
                                                                                               ~ with volunteer Auctioneer
         Stina Martini
                                              Autumn Vegetable and
                                                 Goat Cheese Tower                                    Gary Dederer
 ~ Garfield High Jazz Combo
                                              w/Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette
    plays until 6:30 p.m.                             ~                                       8:10 p.m. Jazz with Haas-
                                        Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast
                                                                                             Ernestine Anderson & her trio
6:50 p.m. Silent Auction Closes       w/Tomato, Caper, Garlic Mediterranean Sauce
~ Guests are asked to be seated                        or
                                  Le Puy Lentil, Okra, & Smoked Tomato Stew                     9:10 p.m. Martin Neeb
                                   w/Crispy Jasmine Rice Firecrackers & Zucchini Piccata          Special recognition
      7:00 p.m. Welcome
                                       House Baked Breads and Spreads                         ~ How many in attendance?
        ~ Martin Neeb                                ~                                         ~ How much was raised?
        Chair & Emcee                       Northwest Apple Trio:                            ~ How many new schools were
         ~Roger Percy                              Granny Smith Sorbet
                                                  Rustic Gala Apple Tart                     added in “Raise the Paddle”?
           President                                Fuji Apple Mousse
                                                                                                  9:15 p.m. Check out
                                         Starbucks Coffee and Fine Teas
                        Ernestine Anderson
Ernestine Anderson is one of the most beloved and versatile jazz vocalists to emerge from
the big band era. Years of singing and living have created a vocalist who can make your
heart cry one moment and dance the next. Poignant ballads, sassy swing and down-home
blues, Ernestine Anderson is master of them all. She has been performing worldwide for over
60 years and continues to perform all over the country, including New York, Chicago, and Los
Angeles, to name just a few. An excerpt from the New York Times Music section on February
15th exclaims, “Still in strong voice at 78, Ms. Anderson knows how to make stoicism feel
         Ernestine has recorded more than 30 albums, performed at all the major jazz festivals
world wide, and is a recipient of 4 Grammy nominations. She has worked with some of the
biggest names of her era, including Gene Harris, Hank Jones, Lionel Hampton, Ray Brown, Quincy Jones, Duke Ellington and
Count Basie.
         In 2004, Ms. Anderson received the IMPACT award from the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Recording Academy,
which recognized her for her 60 year career and musical achievements. In addition, Ernestine was one of 75 women featured
in the book I Dream a World: Portraits of Black Women Who Changed America by Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer Brian
Lanker, joining such company as Rosa Parks, Toni Morrison, and Oprah Winfrey.

                          CD’s will be available (20% of proceeds will go to Haas Foundation)

                                                                                                                           As a special thank you to
                                                                                                                         those who contribute $250 or
                                                                                                                         more, donors have an option of
                                                                                                                         receiving our first edition book,
                                    Silent Auction                                                                       which is a compilation of 430
                                            5:15pm - 6:50pm
                                                                                                                           success stories from around
                                      Bids for Kids                                                                           Washington State.
                                                                               IRS Fine Print:
Donors who purchase items at a charity auction may claim a charitable contribution deduction for the excess of the purchase price paid for an item over its fair market value.
The donor must be able to show, however, that he or she knew that the value of the item was less than the amount paid. For example, a charity may publish a catalog, given
to each person who attends an auction, providing a good faith estimate of items that will be available for bidding. Assuming the donor has no reason to doubt the accuracy
of the published estimate, if he or she pays more than the published value, the difference between the amount paid and the published value may constitute a charitable
contribution deduction. (Source:,,id=123204,00.html )

   S1 Taste of Washington                                                                        S2Back & Body Pampering
 Enjoy Chef Tom Douglas’ recipes with dinner for two, then use his                                Align your spine and spirit while taking fitness at your own pace.
 cookbook to create those recipes at home, while enjoying Made in
 Washington goodies.                                                                              Items:
                                                                                                  • Four-month membership to LA Fitness
 Items:                                                                                               (Value $530) BONUS: Four one-month
• Lola Restaurant - Dinner for Two (Value $100)                                                       certificates for your friends (each certificate
    Tom Douglas’ Lola features Mediterranean themed dishes made with                                  includes a personal trainer session), LA
    fresh Northwest ingredients.                                                                      Fitness Gym bag, water bottle, and workout
• Tom’s Big Dinners, autographed (Value $32.50)
    Each section features a different meal from “Dinner with                                      • Interurban Chiropractic (Value $250)
    Dale Chihuly” to “A Chinese Feast”.                                                               Consultation by Dr. Chinn, exam, X-ray, and report of findings.

• Made in Washington Gift Basket (Value $60)                                                      • Five visits to Banya No. 5 Urban Spa (Value $120)
    A basket filled with: AJ’s Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard,                                                                       Hot tub, salt pool, sauna, steam room,
                Pacific Northwest Butter Toffee Peanuts, Market Spice                                                                tepid pool, cold plunge, movement and
                     Tea, Seattle Chocolate Truffles, Parter’s Walla                                                                 napping areas, and tea lounge for a
                        Walla Sweet Onion Crackers, Seabear Alder                                                                   revitalizing sensory experience.
                        Smoked Sockeye Salmon, Tillen Farm’s Pickled                              •   “Larry The Lobster” Ice Pack (Value $25) Created by Chiropractic
                        Crispy Beans, Biringer’s Lemon Tea Cookies, and                               Physician Brenda L. Hilby. The only ice pack that gets all the right
                        Seattle’s Best Coffee.                                                        spots: neck, shoulders, spine, low back, and hips!
Terms and Conditions: Dinner Certificate for up to $100 at Lola’s Seattle. One visit only,         Terms and Conditions: Chiropractic exam must be completed before Dec. 31,
unavailable December. Does not include tax, gratuity, or alcohol. Expires Aug. 1, 2008
                                                                                                  2007. Winner must register for L.A. Fitness Membership at the Westlake Branch.

Total Market Value:                    Starting Bid:                                            Total Market Value:                 Starting Bid:
      $192.50                             $50.00                                                       $925                             $225
   S3 Pamper Skin & Spirit                                                                   S4Pamper Your Look
 Relax….relax….relax. Achieve a healthy glow by gently working                                It feels good to look good, and you will feel great as you update
 your body in a six-week Yoga for Real People class that mixes                                your look with this package. Explore the Northshore YMCA and
 breathing study with gentle stretching for all experience levels and                         take control of your fitness by taking a class, joining a club,
 physical capabilities. Treat yourself to a relaxing and therapeutic                          or just stopping in for a swim. Visit Bombaii Haircutters for a
 massage at New Seattle Massage. Make
                                                                                              fabulous haircut, and show off your style with a Cookie Lee
 sure you maintain your soft, healthy skin
 with natural, luxurious Fay Farm beauty                                                      pendant necklace and gift certificate.
 Items:                                                                                       • One Year Membership to Northshore YMCA, Bothell
                                                                                                  Includes the use of all facilities: Pool, two gyms, weight rooms,
• Yoga For Real People at Greenwood Whole life Yoga
  6 weeks (Value: $75.00)                                                                         cardiovascular room, climbing tower, and all fitness classes (i.e.
• One-hour massage with Licensed Massage Practitioner,                                            yoga, weight training, dance, etc.) (Value: $688)
  Doris Brevoort, at New Seattle Massage (Value: $70)                                         •   Haircut at Bombaii Haircutters in Kirkland. (Value: $50.00)
• Basket of Fay Farm’s luxurious beauty products. Includes
                          body scrub, liquid goat milk soap, bath bar,                        •   Cookie Lee “Cabernet Rapture” Long
                          warming muscle rub, and an additional small gift                        Pendant Necklace & $75 Gift Certificate
                          bag with lotion bar, body butter, and bath bar all                      (Value: $109.00)
                          in assorted scents. (Value: $60.00)

 Terms and Conditions: Winner should contact Whole Life Yoga to register for classes.
 Certificate expires 10/12/08. Winner of Massage must contact Doris Brevoort at
 New Seattle Massage to set up appointment by 8/15/08. Fay Farm products are                  Terms and Conditions: One adult YMCA membership covers both the $100 joining fee
 gentle and effective. They do not contain chemicals or artificial preservatives, and          and 12 months of $49 monthly fees. Winner must bring letter to Northshore YMCA
 therefore are best if used before 12/31/2008                                                 front desk by 10/31/08. Cookie Lee certificate expires 12/31/07

Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:                                          Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:
        $205                              $50                                                      $847                            $200
   S5 Apple Cup                                                            S6Start Up Your Business
 Own a part of Cougar-Husky history! Pump up for the 2007                   Take some of the strain out of starting your new business with a
 Apple Cup with a pair of tickets to witness the Huskies defend the         professional website, stylish tools and business cards, entertainment
 Cup, and a Washington football signed by the team that currently           for your employees and the confidence to hob-nob with elected
 holds the Cup. But don’t forget that the rivalry has gone from the         officials. You will attend the annual meeting of the Suburban Cities
 field to the court! Own a basketball with signatures of the WSU             Association as the guest of Steve Mullet, Mayor of Tukwila!
 Men’s Basketball team that swept the
 Huskies during the 2006-07 season                                          Items:
 and secured their spot in the NCAA                                         • Website consultation from Cascade
 tournament.                                                                  e-Commerce Solutions (Value: $300)
                                                                            • Graphic Design by our Talented
 Items:                                                                       Graphic Artist, Carolyn. (Value $100)
• 2 tickets to any University of Washington 2007 season football            • VIP party at Jillian’s Game Center and Café. (Value: $120)
   game, including the Apple Cup. (Value: $130)                             • Dinner and Dessert with the Mayor and First Lady of
                                                                              Tukwila at the annual meeting of the Suburban Cities Association
• Football autographed by the University
                                                                               on November 28, 2007. Meet elected officials from the 39 cities
  of Washington 2006 Football team                                             in King County and enjoy the wonderful voice and satirical lyrics of
  (Value: $25+)                                                                Dave Ross on the political topics of the day. (Value: priceless)
• Basketball featuring signatures of the WSU                                • Legal assessment of business risks from Small Business
   2006-2007 team. (Value: $26)                                               Legal Services PLLC (Value: $500)
                                                                            Terms and Conditions: Dinner with the Mayor is restricted to the date of November 28,
 Terms and Conditions: Tickets must be ordered in advance                   2007
 and must be used for the 2007 season.

Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:                        Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:               BUY IT NOW:
       $181+                              $50                                   $1,020                             $255                       $2,000
   S7 Pamper Your Business                                                                         S8Up, Up & Away
 This package will pump up your business! Enjoy premium courier                                  This above-and-beyond package combines three amazing opportunities
 delivery service. Keep up morale by treating your whole company to                              to experience the world of flight. You and a friend will be greeted
 an exciting Aviation Learning Center Experience at the Museum of                                in the Museum of Flight lobby by Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar, President
 flight. Impress a guest or client with a round table lunch with Seattle                          and CEO and retired NASA Astronaut, for lunch. Docents will lead
 Mayor Greg Nickels in his private office. Sign contracts with a stylish                          you on a guided tour of the Museum of Flight. You will experience
 wooden pen, handcrafted by students at Jubilee Youth Ranch.                                     flying a Cessna Skyhawk firsthand, with Wings
                                                                                                 Aloft. Then take three friends to the Museum of
 Items:                                                                                          History and Industry to see the B-1.
• Fleetfoot Messenger Service (Value: $200)
• Aviation Learning Center at the Museum                                                         Items:
  of Flight. A private 2 hour program for up                                                     • Wings Aloft Discovery Flight Lesson with an FAA Authorized
  to 40, where you will polish team building and                                                   Flight Instructor. Your individual complete lesson will include pre-flight,
  problem-solving skills using flight simulators, including a Cirrus SR20                            take off, in-flight maneuvers, and landing; all at the controls of a Cessna
  for pre-flight experiments in a wind tunnel! May also be used for youth                            Skyhawk! (Value: $140)
  groups and schools (or a family reunion!). (Value: $500)                                       • VIP Lunch Tour for Two at Museum of Flight (with retired
• Roundtable lunch for two with Mayor Greg Nickels in his                                          astronaut Dr. Bonnie Dunbar) Includes: Museum of Flight book and
  private office. (Value: Priceless)                                                                 special sand-carved magnum of wine. (Value: $500+)
• Elegant Wooden Pen Student made at Jubilee Youth Ranch. (Value:                                • Four passes to the Museum of History and Industry - Visit
  $35)                                                                                              the stunning display of the B-1, Boeing’s first plane from 1919 and
 Terms and Conditions: Fleetfoot Messengers will hand-deliver any package weighing                  fascinating exhibits highlighting the Pacific Northwest. (Value: $28)
 less than 50 lbs anywhere within a 3-county area with one-, two-, or four- hour, or same
 day service. Winner must contact Gary Brose to receive coupons and information. Expires         Terms and Conditions: Advance booking of Discovery Flight with Wings Aloft is
 3/31/2008. Museum of Flight Aviation Learning Center experience must be used                    required. Expires 8/1/2008. Passes to the Museum of History and Industry Expire
 before 9/1/2008. Lunch with Mayor Nickels will take place at a mutually agreed upon             10/12/2008
 time. Expires 10/08

Total Market Value:                   Starting Bid:               BUY IT NOW:                    Total Market Value:               Starting Bid:           BUY IT NOW:
       $735+                              $200                       $1,000                            $668+                          $170                    $1,500
      S9 Family Fun                                                                         S10Outdoor Enthusiast
    Get folks together with an old-fashioned, good-time hoedown!                             If you love fresh air, enjoy the outdoors both in the city and the
    Dance caller Sherry Nevins will make sure people of all ages are                         country. Learn more about boating at the historic Center for
    up on their feet dancing to WB and Bonnie’s live string band. You                        Wooden Boats and enjoy a meal at Duke’s Chowder House.
    provide the location and guests, they provide the fun! After you’ve                      Then, spend a weekend on the Skagit River in a fully furnished
    worked up a sweat take your family out for gelato at Bottega                             cabin, where you can watch the river from the comfort of your
    Italiana. Now that everyone’s really smiling, pose for a family or                       deck or venture off to the community park and enjoy a kayak
    individual photograph at Photography by Steven.                                          ride.
    Items:                                                                                   Items:
•      Have a Hoedown at your next family reunion, company party, 8th
                                                                                             • Center For Wooden Boats One Year Family Membership
       or 80th birthday party! Caller Sherry Nevins (with over 3
                                                                                               & Two Hours Rowing in a historic wooden
                      decades of experience) and WB and Bonnie’s                                rowboat. (Value: $ 95)
                      live string band make dancing fun and easy for all
                      ages. All dances are taught on the spot. Includes band,                • A Weekend Cabin on Skagit River. Fully
                      caller, and P.A. system. (Value: $500)                                    furnished and appointed. (Value: $240)
•      Gift Certificate to Seattle’s Bottega Italiana                                         • Gift Certificate to Duke’s Restaurant (Value: $50)
       (Value: $20)
•      Photography by Steven in Burien - one family or individual portrait                                       Terms and Conditions: Cabin must be used before May 1,
       session, including one 11”x14” color portrait. (Value: $ 230)                                             2008 Duke’s certificates expire 2/28/2008

    Terms and Conditions: Photography certificate expires 4/12/2008
    Hoedown certificate expires 8/31/2008. Travel expense may apply if event is held              Skagit River
    more than 20 miles from Seattle.

Total Market Value:                    Starting Bid:                                       Total Market Value:             Starting Bid:              BUY IT NOW:
           $750                            $190                                                  $385                          $100                        $600
  S11 Outdoor Family Fun                                                                  S12 Hot Baths
 Take your family out for a fun-in-the-sun weekend at the beautiful                        This steamy package will make you want to never leave the water.
 Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp over Memorial Day weekend                                        Dress up your bathroom with handmade “Hot Baths” decorative
 2008. Stop off at Kahler Glen Golf Course for a couple of                                 wooden artwork. Then you need only decide whether you want a
 rounds of golf, then enjoy a carefree weekend of fresh air and                            relaxing night in with soothing candles and bubble bath, or a hot
 fun. Let the YMCA staff prepare the food and do the dishes while                          night out with three of your friends at a private, after-hours hot
 you and other families take part in traditional camp activities like                      tub party at Olympic Hot Tub Company!
 swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts, campfires, and archery.

 Items:                                                                                    Items:
• A Weekend at Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp Includes all meals                                 • “Hot Baths” Hanging Wall Art
   and a rustic cabin that sleeps up to eight people,                                          made by students at Jubilee Youth
   from the evening of Friday May 23 through noon,                                             Ranch, and decorative box with bath
   Monday May 26, 2008. (Value: $ 465)                                                         supplies. (Value: $ 100)

• Two 18-hole Rounds of Golf at Kahler                       Lake Wenatchee                • Handmade Candles by Gayle in
                                                               YMCA Camp                       assorted styles. (Value $19)
  Glen Golf Course in Leavenworth (Value: $60)
                                                                                           • Hot Tub Party at Olympic Hot Tub (4 people) Soak in
                                                                                               any of the Hot Spring Spa models, while enjoying appetizers and
                               Terms and conditions: Lake Wenatchee YMCA camp                  refreshments. Bring your suits, towels and your favorite CD to feel the
                               voucher must be redeemed by 4/30/2008 to reserve a
                                                                                               music through our incredible Spa Audio sound system. Rubber duck
                               cabin for Memorial Day weekend 2008.
                                                                                               provided! (Value: $250)
     Kahler Glen Golf Course
                                                                                           Terms and Conditions: Olympic Hot Tub Certificate good Monday-Thursday evening, 2
                                                                                           hour maximum, adults over 21 only. Expires 4-30-08
Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:            BUY IT NOW:                  Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:             BUY IT NOW:
       $525                           $135                       $750                           $369                             $90                       $500
   S13 Pamper Your Date                                                              S14Experience Music & Marriott
 Take out your honey to a night of sweet and spicy eats at Wild                       Enjoy a weekend stay at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel on Seattle’s
 Ginger, and swinging tunes from Les Brown’s Band of Renown at                        Lake Union. Sleeping only minutes from Seattle Center and
 Benaroya Hall. Don’t forget to show how much you care on this                        downtown, you can spend the weekend exploring the city. Have
 romantic evening by presenting your date with chocolates and a                       breakfast at the hotel and stop into the Experience Music Project
 stunning 14k white gold bracelet from Ben Bridge Jeweler.                            music museum where you can learn about music history and try
                                                                                      the interactive music displays before sightseeing the rest of the
 Items:                                                                               city.
• Two tickets to Seattle Symphony “Pops”
  at Benaroya Hall to see Les Brown’s Band                                            Items:
   of Renown performing hits from the ‘40s, ‘50s,                                     • Two Night Weekend Stay at Courtyard Marriott Hotel,
   and ‘60s. (Value: $74)                                                               Seattle includes a gorgeous room with water views of Lake Union,
                                                                                          breakfast, and complementary parking. (Value: $420)
• Dinner at Wild Ginger (Value: $100)                                                 • Two Tickets to Seattle’s Experience
                                                                                        Music Project (Value: $32)
• Ben Bridge 14k White Gold Bracelet (Value: $300)
                                                                                      • Seattle Chocolates, and Guitar-
                                                                                        Shaped Chocolate Bar (Value: $15)
• One Pound Box of Sees Chocolates (Value: $14.50)                                    • Ferry Ornament, Marriott Water
                                                                                        Bottle, Glass Paperweight (Value:
 Terms and Conditions: “Pops” tickets good on April 10, 2008 only.                        $15)
                                                                                      Terms and Conditions: Marriott stay expires 8/22/08. EMP tickets expire 5/29/08

Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:               BUY IT NOW:        Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:
      $488.50                            $120                        $650                  $482                            $120
   S15 Seattle Skyline                                                                         S16A Night on the Town
 Take in the beautiful sights of the Emerald City. Spend an                                     Are you ready for a lovely night out in downtown Seattle? Enjoy a
 afternoon on Elliot Bay with a harbor cruise from Argosy Cruise                                fine meal at the Metropolitan Grill. Then take your date out to the
 Lines, enjoying the waterfront views, then shoot up the Space                                  5th Avenue Theater to see the delightful musical comedy, “Into
 Needle. You’ll enjoy dinner at the amazing revolving restaurant,                               the Woods”. After your date you will have plenty to talk about,
 Sky City, and even more fabulous views.                                                        so spend some quality time together at L.A. Fitness where you can
                                                                                                each enjoy a session with a personal trainer.
• Dinner at Sky City Restaurant, the                                                            Items:
   revolving restaurant with 360 degree views                                                   • Dinner at any of the Consolidated Restaurant Inc. locations,
   of Seattle at the top of the Space Needle.                                                       such as The Metropolitan Grill, Union Square Grill, Elliott’s or DC’s
   (Value: $125)                                                                                    (Value: $200)

• One Hour Cruise for Two on an                                                                 • Two tickets to the play, “Into the
  Argosy Cruise Ship - takes you on                                                               Woods” at the 5th Avenue Theater on
   an eight mile cruise of Elliot Bay. See the stunning Seattle skyline, the                        October 28, 2007. (Value: $140)
   majestic Olympic Mountains, and all the sites of the bustling Seattle                                                                                           Into the Woods
   harbor. (Value: $37.14)                                                                      • Two One-month L.A. Fitness Memberships Each of you will
                                                                                                    also have the opportunity to meet with a personal trainer.
 Terms and Conditions: Certificate for Sky City not valid on holidays. Does not include
 alcohol or gratuity. Expires 1/15/08
                                                                                                    (Value: $150)
 Argosy cruise expires 10/12/08
                                                                                                Terms and Conditions: Certificate for Consolidated Restaurants, Inc. does not include
                                                                                                alcohol or gratuity. Tickets to 5th Avenue Theater must be used for the October 28,
                                                                                                2007, 7:00 p.m. show, and are not negotiable. Winner must register for L.A. Fitness
                                                                                                Membership at the Westlake Branch

Total Market Value:                   Starting Bid:                                           Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:
      $162.14                              $40                                                       $490                              $120
     S17 Celebrate Seattle’s Sue Bird                                          S18 WNBA Laruen Jackson
    Sue Bird’s long list of achievements include being one of only six          The Seattle Storm’s Lauren Jackson (MVP of the WNBA) has
    players ever to win all three: an NCAA Championship, a WNBA                 been praised as one of the brightest upcoming stars of the
    Championship and an Olympic gold medal. Display this Sue Bird               WNBA. Considered the league’s most versatile scorer, Jackson’s
    Autographed Jersey with the miniature locker that was a player’s            84-game streak of scores in the double-digits is the second
    gift from the 1989 Women’s Final Four game.                                 longest in WNBA history. This autographed jersey will make
                                                                                a wonderful addition to your sports collection, especially
    Items:                                                                      when paired with a 1989 Women’s Final Four memento glass
•     Sue Bird Autographed Jersey                                               basketball globe and 1987 NBA All Star Game staff memento
      - Size L (Value: $400)                                                    basketball hoop.

•     1989 Women’s Final Four
      Player’s Gift of a                                                        Items:
      Miniature Locker with                                                     • Lauren Jackson Autographed Jersey - Size L (Value: $400)
      Accessories (Value:
      priceless)                                                                • 1989 Women’s Final Four
                                                                                  Memento Glass Basketball
•     Anne Donovan Bobble                                                         Globe (Value: priceless)
      Head Doll (Value: $10)
                                                                                • 1987 NBA All Star Game
                                                                                  Staff Memento Mini
                                                                                  Basketball Hoop (Value:

Total Market Value:             Starting Bid:         BUY IT NOW:             Total Market Value:         Starting Bid:        BUY IT NOW:
        $410+                      $100                   $800                     $400+                     $100                  $800
  S19 Super Sonics Memories                                              S20 Pamper Your Home
This Seattle Sonics pennant signed by Nick Collison is a true             Give a new look to a special place in your home. Let D.A. Burns
collector’s item. Combined with the framed 1987 NCAA Men’s                & Sons clean your carpet, rugs, or upholstery to instantly perk up
Final Four ticket featuring a picturesque image of the Kingdome,          a room. Display the lovely lithograph, “Emerald City Orcas” by
and limited series beer mug, this is a truly unique package for           Tim Winstrom on your wall and turn on your tranquil fountain to
those who love basketball.                                                create a pleasant, calming oasis in your own home.

Items:                                                                    • D.A. Burns and Service Certificate towards the cleaning of
• Nick Collison Autographed Pennant                                           your wall-to-wall carpet, oriental and specialty rugs, and/or fabric
  (Value: $200)                                                               and leather upholstery (Value: $200)

• 1987 NCAA Men’s Final Four Framed                                       • Handmade Specialty Fountain from The Indoor Sun
  Ticket and Limited Series Beer Mug.                                       Shoppe will help create a pleasing, calm environment in any room
  (Value: $100+)                                                              of your house. (Value: $65)

                                                                          • Tim Winstrom Lithograph
                                                                            (Emerald City Orcas) This
                                                                              lithograph, Emerald City Orcas shows
                                                                              what the orca’s world would look like
                                                                              under the water as a ferry glides past.
                                                                              Value: $85

                                                                          Terms and Conditions: D.A. Burns certificate expires 11/1/2008

Total Market Value:         Starting Bid:        BUY IT NOW:            Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:
     $300+                      $75                 $600                       $350                             $90
  S21 BBQ’s are better withCocaCola                               TM         S22Wet Your Palate with Dry Soda                      TM

Great for backyard BBQs, this Coca-Cola basket comes with plenty              Host your very own Dry Soda tasting with this attractive basket
of items to make sure your beverage service will be stylish and               containing four bottles of Dry Soda with a special food item to
convenient. You and your guests can sip ice-cold Cokes while sitting          complement each flavor. Also included are two Dry Soda glass
in the shade of the cheery red patio umbrella.                                flutes, a bottle opener, coasters with serving suggestions, and two
• The Insulated Steel Cooler Tub will keep your drinks nice and               Items:
   chilly                                                                     • 1 Bottle Each of Lavender, Lemongrass, Kumquat and
• The Patio Umbrella is a splash of color for your outdoor                      Rhubarb Dry Soda
   get-togethers                                                              • 1 Theo Chocolate Bar
• 6 Collector’s Glasses are a fun way to serve beverages                      • Sahale Gourmet Nuts Mix
• Wall-mounting Bottle Opener means                                           • Cabernet Sauvignon
   you never have to ask who has the bottle                                     Cheese Spread
                                                                              • Carr’s Crackers
• Black Baseball Cap will keep the sun
                                                                              • 1 Bottle Opener
   out of your eyes while you are grilling or
   gardening                                                                  • 2 Dry Soda Champagne Flutes
• Pens and Pad of Paper                                                       • 2 T-shirts
                                                                              • Serving Suggestions

Total Market Value:             Starting Bid:                               Total Market Value:          Starting Bid:
       $195                          $50                               17
                                                                                   $75                       $20
  S23 Perk Up with Starbucks                           TM                 S24 Wings A loft, Flight School
Stock up for happy mornings, or give the gift of perk to a friend          This is your chance to go to flight school. With this starter
with this gift basket of Starbucks Coffee items.                           package from Wings Aloft, you will experience an exciting
                                                                           introductory flight with a FAA approved pilot. You will receive
                                                                           a student membership and the opportunity to attend the Wings
Items:                                                                     Aloft “Real World” ground school programs for both private
• 5 lbs of Starbucks Coffee                                                pilot and instrument ratings in state-of-the-art teaching facilities.
• 1 box of Tazo Tea                                                        Far more in-depth than simple “test-prep” courses, these programs
                                                                           are carefully designed to provide
• Biscotti                                                                 you with a thorough knowledge of
                                                                           the course material. This is a great
• Cookies
                                                                           way to get started in flight training
• Gum and Mints                                                            or learn more about the workings of
• Starbucks Coffee Mug
• $50 Starbucks Gift Card
                                                                           • Introductory Flight with FAA Approved Pilot - consists of
                                                                               pre-takeoff, in flight maneuvers, and landing. Upon completion you
                                                                               will also receive a pilot’s logbook.
                                                                           •   Ground School, where you will learn in-depth techniques and
                                                                               practical flight knowledge.
                                                                           • Student Membership with Wings Aloft.

Total Market Value:          Starting Bid:                               Total Market Value:            Starting Bid:          BUY IT NOW:
      $100                       $25                                            $679                       $170                   $1,350
     Emerald City Escapes
   S25                                                                    S26 Theo Chocolate, Factory Tour
Enjoy a fantastic weekend retreat. Your weekend stay at Seattle’s                                  Serious chocolate lovers only! Take your
newly renovated Southcenter Doubletree hotel includes wonderful                                    closest friends out to Theo Chocolate
accommodations and breakfast for two. Hop on over to Emerald                                       Factory, located in a beautiful historic
Downs for an engaging horse racing experience and take                                             building in the Fremont neighborhood of
advantage of one of their fun-filled weekend events.                                                Seattle. Theo Chocolate is the first roaster
                                                                           of Fair Trade Certified cacao (cocoa beans) and the only roaster
                                                                           of organic cacao in the U.S. You and up to nine guests will
Items:                                                                     enjoy a VIP chocolate factory tour and chocolate tasting. Your
• 2-night Weekend Stay at Southcenter                                      experience will include a captivating explanation of chocolate
  Doubletree Hotel. Includes breakfast                                     making, from cacoa to the delicious finished product!
   (Value: $300)

• 4 Passes to Emerald Downs Racetrack for weekend family fun.
                                                                           • Private Theo Chocolate Factory
   (Value: $60)                                                              Tour and Tasting for up to 10
                                                                             people. Take an intimate look at
                                                                             roasting, conching, and molding of
                                                                             specialty chocolate (Value: $250)

                                                                           Terms and Conditions: Tour must be scheduled at
                                                                           least two weeks in advance. Expires 10/12/2008
Terms and conditions: Doubletree certificate expires 10/1/2008

Total Market Value:                  Starting Bid:                       Total Market Value:               Starting Bid:
        $360                             $100                                   $250                            $70
  S27New Orleans Carnivale Basket                                                  Centerpieces
Celebrate Mardi Gras in style with this wonderful collection of             Students are the center of our mission. To honor the students we
authentic New Orleans flavors. With the accompanying assortment              are here to help, we are hoping to have 16 student or teacher
of festival and costume gear, you can dress up, set the stage and           handmade art centerpieces donated to help raise funds for
throw your own New Orleans-style party on Mardi Gras. .                     matching. 1/2 of what is donated will go back to the school the
                                                                            artists are from, the other half will go towards raising matching
Items:                                                                      for all the schools around the state. At the time of printing our
   •   Signed print from artist Leo Meiersdorff                             event catalog, 9 pieces were contributed as displayed below from
   •   Beads and Mask
                                                                            Kentlake High School. Lucky guests at each table will have a
   •   Tee shirt, Size Medium
   •   Cloth Bag                                                            chance to bid on the centerpiece at their table.
   •   Bourbon St. baseball cap
   •   Jazz CD
   •   Ornament
   •   Café Du Monde Coffee and Chicory,
       with collectible Mug
   •   Hurricane Cocktail mix
   •   Aunt Sally’s Creole Pralines
   •   New Orleans Cookbook and pot holder, and
        o Mardi Gras chopped seasoning
        o E’touffee Seasoning
        o Creole seasoning
        o Tabasco Sauce
        o 4 New Orleans hot sauces
   •   Beignet mix
Total Market Value:        Starting Bid:                                 Total Market Value:         Starting Bid:
       $360                   $100                                              TBA                      TBA
                       Thank You to Our Sponsors
                                                                              For 44 years the Haas Foundation
                                                                               has served as an important link
                                                                                    in the chain of caring.

Raikes Family Foundation
                                               THE NEEB FAMILY FOUNDATION

           Thank you to Gary Johnson, Thomas Hayward, Anonymous Donor and Education Legacy Fund
                                for your generosity and financial contributions.
  LA Chocolate Basket                                                         LB Wines
      This diverse selection of scrumptious chocolate treats is             This collection of wines is sure to delight even the most
      sure to satisfy every kind of chocolate lover. The Haas               discriminating collector. Haas Foundation board members have
      Foundation’s dedicated volunteers and staff have put                  hand picked this stunning selection, including six
      together an amazing collection                                        pinot noir verticals. It is a perfect addition to
      of chocolate bars, truffles,                                           your established wine cellar, or a wonderful
      and candies from well known                                           way to start your collection.
      chocolatiers, including Godiva,
      Fran’s, Theo, Dagoba, Trader
      Joe’s, See’s Candies, Rocky
      Mountain Chocolate Company
      and many more!

                                                                            Total fair market value, starting bid, and complete wine selection is to be
      Complete chocolate selection and starting bid to be announced.        announced.

Total Market Value:             Starting Bid:                               Total Market Value:                Starting Bid:
       TBA                         $100                                             TBA                            $150
LC Rosario Resort
 Rosario Resort & Spa on Orcas Island has long been a favorite destination for travelers
 seeking relaxation and unparalleled beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Surrounded by
 the Northwest’s natural beauty with views of magnificent East Sound and Cascade Bay
 on Orcas Island, Rosario Resort & Spa’s 116 comfortably appointed guest rooms and
 suites are spread out over 30 waterfront acres. Accommodations are provided near the
 resort’s centerpiece, the historic Moran Mansion, and on a hillside above Rosario’s marina,
 overlooking a stunning panorama of forested mountains and pristine shorelines Amenities
 such as gas fireplaces and private balconies are available

 Rosario Resort & Spa is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a member
 of Historic Hotels of America, a division of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The Historic Moran Mansion houses the
 restaurant, lounge, spa, boutique, music room and museum, along with administrative and management offices.

 You will arrive at Rosario Resort in style with a private flight from Wings Aloft. Enjoy spectacular views of Seattle and the San
 Juan Islands as you soar off to your two night getaway. Enjoy deluxe accommodations at Rosario Resort and take advantage
 of the wonderful amenities the resort has to offer, including the Spa at Rosario, water activities, hikes, and wildlife exploration,
 and fine dining at the Mansion Dining Room and Moran Lounge. Or take advantage of your two night stay to explore other
 activities offered on Orcas Island, including horseback riding, golf, bicycling, and shopping. At the end of
 your stay, Your Wings Aloft pilot will pick you up and return you to Seattle.

 Wings Aloft will provide round trip transportation from Seattle to Eastsound Airport on Orcas Island. Rosario Resort
 accommodations are available between November 3 and June 30. Not valid on weekends or holidays.

                            Total Market Value:                                                         Starting Bid:
                                   $1,380                                                                   $650
LD Kaspars
  Kaspars Special Events and Catering, with over 20 years of experience and
  a reputation for excellence, has superb fare, impeccable service, and proper
  ambiance. Chef owner Kaspar Donier takes advantage of the freshest local
  fish and shellfish available to create outstanding and innovative dishes, from
  Penn Cove Mussels and Dungeness crab to Alaskan King Salmon. Everything
  from the bread to the desserts is made fresh on the premises. It’s easy to
  realize why national publications such as Bon Appetit and Gourmet have
  recognized Kaspar as an extraordinary chef. Now it’s time to see for yourself.

 • Dinner for Four (Value $400) You will delight in an intimate wine tasting and dining experience at Kaspars Special Events and Catering.
    Enjoy the ambiance with a group of your intimate friends, or impress a special client with the extraordinary dishes and ingenious pairings
    provided at this excellent establishment.

                                                       “Chef Donier subtly combines the gutsy flavors of the American
                                                       Southwest with the Asian influences of the Pacific Northwest, creating
                                                       such dishes as Dungeness crab and chopped vegetable salad in
                                                       sushi rolls, and a smoked salmon and goat cheese quesadilla. The
                                                       dishes are well balanced and showcase the best quality ingredients.”
                                                       - Gourmet Magazine


                           Total Market Value:                                                   Starting Bid:
                                  $400                                                              $200
LE Cave B Inn at SageCliffe
 Located at the Columbia River and I-90’s spectacular entry to Washington State’s wine
 country, SageCliffe is a place of serenity and stunning panoramas. Poised 900 feet above
 the Columbia River, Cave B Inn at SageCliffe is surrounded by estate vineyards, fragrant
 orchards and thought-provoking beauty. Intimate in nature, experiential by design, Cave B
 was created to celebrate those things which elevate and refresh us, providing an enriching
 environment where guests can experience firsthand the power of the land.

 Comprised of 30 guest rooms, including 15 finely appointed Cliffehouses, accommodations
 offer breathtaking views of sky, water, canyon and vineyard.

                                  You will enjoy an overnight stay for two in a fabulous Cavern Room featuring a spectacular view
                                  over the Columbia River, floor-to-ceiling windows with personal terrace or balcony, color satellite
                                  television, private bathroom with shower and deep soaking tub, luxurious king-size bed, comfortable
                                  sitting area with desk, with a basalt rock “cave like” entrance.

 Rooms have first or second floor availability with potential to upgrade to a Cliffehouse if desired.
 Reservations must be made in advance and are subject to availability. Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays,
 and Gorge Amphitheater concert nights excluded. Expires 11/8/2008.

                            Total Market Value:                                                        Starting Bid:
                                    $250                                                                  $100
LF Mission Patch - Flown on Apollo 13
 The third scheduled lunar landing mission, Apollo 13, was launched without incident on the afternoon of April 11, 1970. The
 crew consisted of James A. Lovell Jr., Commander, John L. Swigert Jr., Command Module Pilot, and Fred W. Haise Jr., Lunar
 Module Pilot. Apollo 13 lunar module pilot, Fred Haise, recalls,

  “At just 56 hours into the mission, an oxygen tank explosion resulted in a major loss of electrical power to
 the Command and Service Module. This event caused a scrub of the lunar landing and forced us to move
 into the Lunar Module in order to survive a four day journey around the moon and return back to earth.
 Many individuals from NASA and our contractor team worked around the clock to ensure our safe return.”

                       After nearly four days of living in the Lunar Module, which was only designed to
                       sustain life for two days, the Command Module landed in the Pacific Ocean on April
                       17, 1970. Incredibly, all the crew members made it back to Earth safely.

                       You may own a rare piece of this remarkable voyage around the moon, a beta
                       cloth silk screened mission patch carried around the moon on Apollo 13. Fred
                       Haise has kept the patch in his own personal collection since the mission in 1970.
                       He has written “Flown around the moon on Apollo 13, Fred Haise, Apollo 13
                       LMP” along the bottom of the patch. Framing of the patch has been generously              Flown Mission Patch - Apollo 13
                                                                                                                       16-5/8” x 25-1/8”
                       donated by Jon Galt Bowman and Ann Bowman. You will also receive a letter                  Museum Quality; Conservation
 of authenticity signed by Fred Haise describing the patch and the Apollo 13 mission, along with an                   Glass. Pocket on back
 autographed mission photo. In addition, the Museum of Flight has donated a documentary movie,                   with additional documentation.

 Apollo 13: To the Edge and Back.
                         Total Market Value:                                                Starting Bid:
         Raise the Paddle, Etc.
                                           Challenge Grant Matching Program
Each year the Haas Foundation raises funding for the challenge grant to encourage schools to take initiative and get involved in their
communities. The Challenge grant provides opportunities for schools to double the funds in their Haas account. At any time throughout the
year when a school participates in fund-raising for their school’s Haas account, the Foundation will match the proceeds, up to an additional
50% of the original grant amount awarded to the school in August. The net proceeds from the table sales and auction will contribute to
the Haas portion of the Matching Challenge Grant program and help us with our goal of expanding support to help 100% of secondary
schools in Washington State.

                                                     Raise the Paddle 2007
                                                       For New Schools
Each year the Haas Foundation invests in adding new schools. As a Haas Foundation funded secondary school (public or private), each
new school is provided with their own website and funding for that year. The aim of the Raise the Paddle portion of the evening is to
allow us to register new schools to broaden our support to those in need. At the Jazz with Haas event, the Haas Foundation will add
one new school for every $200 raised.

Your fully tax-deductible gift is dedicated to expanding our mission of helping the immediate needs of students. Your generosity is
responsible for making a difference in the lives of over 14,000 students each year.

How you can help:
Auctioneer Gary Dederer will call our funding levels of $2,500, $1,000, $500, $250, $100 and $50. When you hear the amount
you would like to contribute, simply raise your bidder card high until your number is called. Your donation is a direct 100% tax-
deductible donation.
        Thank You to our In-kind Donors (Under $250)
         Haas Board of Directors- Wine                              Duke’s Chowder House
     Haas Volunteers and Staff- Chocolate                   Kahler Glen Golf Course and Ski Resort
             Tom Douglas Restaurants                                Dick and Karen Hadley
            Made in Washington Store                               Wild Ginger/Triple Door
                  Brenda L. Hilby                                      Argosy Cruise Line
                 Banya No. 5 Spa                                    Seattle Space Needle
                   The Fay Farm                                  Consolidated Restaurants, Inc.
              New Seattle Massage                                     5th Avenue Theater
                 Whole Life Yoga                                             Ed Parks
               Bombaii Haircutters                                     D.A. Burns & Sons
               Cookie Lee Jewelry                                   The Indoor Sun Shoppe
 University of Washington Athletics Department                        A Class Act Gallery
Washington State University Athletics Department                            Coca-Cola
       Jubilee Youth Ranch and Academy                                       Starbucks
           Fleetfoot Messenger Service                          Handmade Candles by Gayle
         Steve Mullet, Mayor of Tukwila                                  Emerald Downs
         Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle                       Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
               Carolyn Cuykendall                                      Richard (Dick) Lee
         Museum of History and Industry                                   Whole Foods
                   See’s Candies                                          Sherry Nevins
                      Jillian’s                                Above $250 Special Thanks to:
                 Bottega Italiana                                    Roger & Penny Percy
                   Robin Mallory                        Fred W. Haise, Jr. - Apollo 13 Astronaut (retired)
          Thank You to our In-kind Donors ($250 or more!)
      “The direction in which education starts
      a man will determine his future in life.”

                                                                                Haas Foundation deserves our thanks
   Lake Wenatchee YMCA Camp                                                     for encouraging students to get
                                                       involved in their learning community

                                                          Experience the Craft.
                                                        The Center for Wooden
                                                          Boats offers a range
                                                          of hands-on maritime
                                                        education programs for
                                                           kids. Scholarships
           We love your mission!                           available for both
                                                         individuals and groups.
Encouraging students to stay in school is vital.
                                                        1010 Valley Street, Seattle, WA
                      ~ 206-382-2629

          Thank You to our In-kind Donors ($250 or more!)
                                                             W.B. and Bonnie’s
Thanks Haas                                                    String Band
 for giving                                         

 students                                                        ”Joining Haas
   a lift!                                                       Foundation to
                                                              brighten spirits and                                       strengthen communities”

                                                               Thanks Haas Foundation for
                                                            supporting students in our community
                                                                       for 44 years!.
          Thank you Haas Foundation for
supporting students with immediate needs statewide.

Thank You to our In-kind Donors ($250 or more!)
                                                   Lake Union
     Thanks Haas for providing
        golden opportunities
           for 44 years!

                                           Haas Foundation receives high marks
                                         for continued success. Congratulations on
                                                     Jazz with Haas!

                                              We at Rosario applaud the efforts of the
                                             Haas Foundation & and Board of Directors
                                        for making young people in our community a priority

        Thanks Haas Foundation
        for encouraging students
              to dream BIG!
             Haas is Sweet!                                      

          Thank You to our In-kind Donors ($250 or more!)
“The only person who is
educated is the one who
                                                “No one should negotiate their dreams.
                                                Dreams must be free to fly high…”
has learned how to learn                                       - Jesse Jackson -
and change...”
Carl Rogers


                                                                                         The Double Tree
              dream, discover, soar                                                         Guest Suites
                                                                                           salutes Haas’
                                                                                         partner schools,
                                                                                             for making
                                                                                          in all aspects of
                                                                                         school a priority.

           Thank You to our In-kind Donors ($250 or more!)
                                                                             Thanks Haas Foundation for
                                                                                    partnering with schools
                                                                                    in Walla Walla!

For 44 years the Haas Foundation has been
 encouraging kids not to warm the bench.
  Thank you for your continued support.

                                                                                                    Haas and his wife created the Saul
   SageCliffe seeks to be a catalyst and balancing                                                  and Dayee G. Haas Foundation in
    force for the good of all by promoting the                                                      1963 when he found that some
      dynamic interchange between the arts,                                                         students at Garfield High were
        the sciences, and the environment.                                                          handicapped by lack of so-called
                                                                                                    extras...eyeglasses, uniforms, test-
                                                                                                    ing or tutoring feeds, field trips or
                                                                                                    athletic shoes.

Thank you Haas Foundation for supporting schools statewide.                                                It’s Your Life...
                                       Live it in Health!
                         Thank You
                   Haas Foundation Volunteers
                     We would like to thank all our volunteers this evening.

  Help us recognize Danae Moore, who volunteers as our volunteer Coordinator. With Danae’s
leadership and strong organizational skills the Haas Foundation continues to implement its mission
               through the support of a dedicated and growing volunteer team.

                                                    Margaret Mead said it best:
                                                 “Never doubt that a small group of
                                                    thoughtful committed citizens
                                                        can change the world;
                                               indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

                   In 2006-07 the Haas Foundation’s 61 volunteers logged in
                 over 4,525 hours, saving the foundation $83,237 in expenses.

           Thank You - Sanctuary at Admiral
You are in for a treat! Many thanks to Dahli Bennett and her team for working with us to make this
a memorable evening. During the planning phase we have viewed the site numerous times, with the
caterer, sound crew, and steering committee and have always been greeted with a smile. We are
sure you will enjoy this special venue as well as their hospitality.

                                                          Sanctuary at Admiral
                                                           2656 42nd Ave. SW
                                                        Seattle, Washington 98116

                                                             Explore online:

                                                          Impact Stories
                           ~ Explore a new story daily on our site.

From Columbia High and Elementary (Burbank)                                       From Bates Technical High School (Tacoma)
A student was unable to fully participate in physical education class             This student became a teen parent at 17 years old. He has taken his
because his shoes were falling apart. Thanks to Haas Funds, this student          responsibility as a parent very seriously. His own father is unknown to
received a new pair of gym shoes and now joins in with his classmates             him and he did not want to be a deadbeat father with his son. He
during PE. For just $30.00 this child’s educational experience was dra-           promised himself that he would earn his high school diploma so that he
matically improved!                                                               could provide a better future and example for his son. Unfortunately,
                                                                                  he was forced to find a job to help support his child, which caused him
From West Seattle High School (West Seattle)                                      to fall behind in his studies. He eventually quit school to earn a living.
Watching this student create artwork is pure joy. One can feel the                After a few months of struggling he decided it was most important to
happiness that creating art causes her. Being a part of the art class             get back in school and complete his diploma. He humbled himself and
and having access to all of the wonderful tools available has made a              asked his family for assistance until he finished high school. He enrolled
big impact on her school success. She has excellent attendance and has            at Bates Technical College and within a very short time realized his
always done her very best. Hopefully, she will continue in art and take           dream of being the first person in his family to earn a diploma was
part in one or more of the many art contests and exhibits available to            within reach. Finances have been hard and getting to school has been a
her in the future. I know she is grateful for the support provided by the         challenge, but knowing that he will be taking the first step toward
Saul Haas Foundation. She is just one of the many art students                    providing his son with a better future has made all of it bearable. He
supported by the Saul Haas Foundation this year                                   never anticipated walking in a graduation ceremony; thus, he hadn’t
                                                                                  forecasted the cost associated with participating in a commencement.
From Wind River Middle School (Stevenson)                                         The Saul Haas funds allocated to Bates Technical College helped to
A young student at our school comes from a very poor single parent                make it possible for him to realize his dream. He will be the first
family, and has many siblings. There is no money for extras. Through the           member of his immediate family to earn a high school diploma. The
Haas Foundation Fund, she was given the opportunity to participate in             pride in his eyes is unmistakable. Graduation promises to be a night he
girls basketball at the middle school level. Basketball keeps this student        will remember for years to come.
motivated and in school.
           Special Thanks from our Executive Director, Bonnie Hilory
    On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and volunteers we         For this evening’s event, many people came together to give
thank you for your generosity. We have enclosed our evening          their time and talent. Our evening catalog was designed by
catalog (designed and created by volunteers).                        talented volunteer graphic artists and printed on our copier in our
    On page 27 we describe in detail the Challenge Grant             office. The venue and the caterer reduced their pricing. The local
Matching Program, to which auction and table sales contributions     business community donated over $12,000 in items and Ernestine
will go, and Raise the Paddle for New Schools, which will allow      Anderson graciously donated her performance. This amaz-
us to fund new schools from our waiting list. Our statewide school   ing support from our community and from the partnerships we
partners will match your Challenge Grant gifts with funds raised     develop will help us achieve our goals. With great appreciation
locally, and use them to support additional individual students      and humility I thank each and every person who helped make
who need help immediately.                                           this evening a success. We are fortunate to have strong volunteer
    The culture of the Haas Foundation is to operate with a lean     leadership and a Board of Directors that believes in our mission
staff, an amazing team of volunteers, and a dedicated Board of       and is willing to work hard to achieve our goals.
Directors to leverage our funding expressly for our mission. We          On behalf of our 600+ active school partners and 14,000 stu-
are proud of the Jazz with Haas event, notably, that 100% of the     dents we serve statewide, “thank you” for taking to heart our aim
silent and live auction items were donated, procured by volunteers   to help create equity in education, one child at a time.
and staff.


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