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					                                        VOLUNTEER MEMBERSHIP MEETING MINUTES
                                                     April 8, 2009

              Director Valentine called the meeting to order at 7 PM. Kathy led us in the
              Pledge of Allegiance.
              Ed Kipple made a motion, second by D. Durbin to approve the minutes of the
previous meeting as corrected. Motion passed.
Barry welcomed Daniel McNamer. He is interested in weather spotting.

Director Valentine:
       Grant pending on interoperable communications plan. We will hire a contractor for this
       and they would have to do a table top exercise.
       We had nearly 250 people for the Severe Weather Spotters class. Thank you Sue and
       Laris and all of you that helped out.
       Storm spotting training is still available in Lake and Kenosha County. Let Barry know if
       you want more info.
       Starcom may be installed later this month or early next month.

A/D Ellsworth:
Passed around signup sheets for the Fox River Grove, Milk Days and Founders Days details.

We’ve had a request from Don Brewer, a former County Board member, to assist for a
basketball tournament on June 13 and 14 in Algonquin. This will be a large event expecting
800-1200 people. All money raised will go to charity. This will be good PR and we will work
along with Kane County handling communications for Fire & Police. This was approved by the
members. The details will be worked out.

D/D Jim Rospopo – The Fox River Grove detail conflicts with Field Days. We’ll need to figure
out which equipment will go to each location.

Kathy Werrbach reminded everyone if you lose your ID card to call the office immediately. On
weekends call Barry or Bob. Also, call the office before you come in for your ID card since
Kathy needs to be sure the Deputy in the Sheriff’s Dept. is available as they make up the ID
cards. Please also do not forget to sign in and out on the sign in sheets. Be sure to get the sign
in sheets into the office ASAP.

No Report – Rita Valentine, PIO; Ed Kipple, Special Needs; Jim Neumann, Dive Support

John Zelz – RACES – The new anemometer will be installed shortly.
John made a motion, second by Jim Neumann to spend $190 for an antenna and $48 for
Repeater Assn dues. Motion passed.

Steve James, Telecom – Steve demonstrated the new trailer dolly we purchased.
Steve attended the pipeline conference and the special needs symposium in Palatine.
He also recommended anyone to attend the LEPC conference in Winnebago county on May 6-
7-8. The fee is $125 but is well worth the expense. This year on Friday morning the Harvard
tornado will be discussed and we will finally be able to see the video. Barry thanked Steve for
all his help.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM

O:\STAFF\Staff Minutes\2009\April Minutes.doc
                    NEXT MEETING – WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2009 AT 1900 HOURS

                           RACES/ARES NET CHECK              2000
    4/16               MTG ROOM                 SAR MEETING                             1900     ESSER
    4/28               MTG ROOM                 ARES/RACES MEETING                      1900     ZELZ
    5/13               MTG ROOM                 MEMBERSHIP MEETING                      1900     VALENTINE
    5/21               MTG ROOM                 SAR MEETING                             1900     ESSER
    5/26               MTG ROOM                 ARES/RACES MEETING                      1900     ZELZ
    6/5-6-7            HARVARD                  MILK DAYS DETAIL                        TBD      LOCKE
    6/10               MTG ROOM                 MEMBERSHIP MEETING                      1900     VALENTINE
    6/13-14            ALGONQUIN                BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT                   TBD
    6/18               MTG ROOM                 SAR MEETING                             1900     ESSER
    6/21               FRG                      FOX RIVER GROVE BIKE RACE               0800     LOCKE
    6/23               MTG ROOM                 ARES/RACES MEETING                      1900     ZELZ
    6/27-28                                     FIELD DAYS
    7/8                MTG ROOM                 MEMBERSHIP MEETING                      1900     VALENTINE
    7/24-25-26         ALGONQUIN                FOUNDERS’ DAYS DETAIL                   TBD      LOCKE
    7/28               MTG ROOM                 ARES/RACES MEETING                      1900     ZELZ

                              Check the web site for the full calendar at www.co.mchenry.il.us

O:\STAFF\Staff Minutes\2009\April Minutes.doc