Food Satisfaction – Contracted Residential Sites

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					  Food Satisfaction – Contracted Residential Sites

                                     VIHA Overall Ratings of Meals                     Most recent data available is as of September 2009
                                     at Contracted Residential Sites
                              100%                                            90%
   Percent of Acceptable or

                                                          79%                                           Performance is significantly outside acceptable
                                                   77%                  78%
    Enthusiastic Ratings

                              80%                                73%                                    range, take action and monitor progress

                                                                                          Improvement               Target                  Actual

                               0%                                                          Yes                  ≥ 90%                    78%
                                     2003   2005   2006   2007   2008   2009 target

Data Source: Nesbitt Research Associates Food Satisfaction Survey

WHAT IS BEING MEASURED?                                                               HOW ARE WE DOING?

Every year VIHA engages a third party to survey VIHA                                  Current performance is not meeting the target overall but it
patients in long term care facilities about their meals.                              has improved. The most recent survey of six contracted
Residents are interviewed in person at the facility and are                           sites in the South Island shows that, on average, 78% of
asked to use a five star scale to answer the question:                                patients rate the overall quality of meals as acceptable or
“Overall, taking everything into consideration and thinking                           better.
of all the meals – breakfast, lunch and supper, how would
you rate the meals provided to you while you were at the
hospital?” The percent of Acceptable (3 stars) and                                    WHAT ACTIONS ARE WE TAKING?
Enthusiastic (4 or 5 stars) ratings are presented here.
                                                                                      The survey covers many aspects of quality through
Sites in Central and North Island were not included in this                           several questions. Overall, satisfaction is highest for
survey because the patient food services are not provided                             delivery service, followed by getting cold food properly
by a contracted service provider and previous food                                    cold. Ratings are lowest for having a choice of food items
satisfaction survey results were consistently above the                               and appetizing looking meals.
                                                                                      Aberdeen was identified as needing improvement in 2008.
                                                                                      Food satisfaction focus groups were held at Aberdeen
WHY IS THIS OF INTEREST?                                                              November 27 2008, January 20 2009 and September 10
                                                                                      2009. On the basis of these focus groups, menu items
The provision of nutritious and tasty meals for residents is                          have been introduced and/or enhanced, resulting in the
an essential component of quality of care and overall                                 overall satisfaction at Aberdeen being significantly higher
patient satisfaction. Measuring satisfaction with food and                            than in the previous survey.
food services is also important in assessing performance
at facilities where a contracted service provider provides                            New menu items were introduced after June 2009 and the
food services.                                                                        vegetable cooking procedure has been improved at all
                                                                                      residential sites.

WHAT IS THE TARGET?                                                                   Internal audits of food satisfaction are performed regularly
                                                                                      by the contracted service provider. As annual third-party
The VIHA baseline prior to contracting this service to the                            audits are taking place in fall 2009, VIHA opted to defer
private sector was 85%. The target is 90%, based on the                               additional internal auditing.
contract between VIHA and the contracted service
provider.                                                                             VIHA continues to participate in implementation of
                                                                                      provincial audits for food safety, client satisfaction and
                                                                                      nutritional adequacy.

VIHA Performance Report                                                                                                        Published November 2009