“The Advanced Feed System automatically moves
                           your material to position, automatically clamps the
                           material, and cycles the machine with +/- 0.004"
                           repeatable accuracy, cut after cut.”
                                                                - Jerry Kroetch

       cotchman Industries recently introduced a          Another option is downloading cut list information
       new advanced feed system designed to allow         directly from a PC. Not only does this speed produc-
       companies increase productivity, decrease          tion, but it also reduces the chance of operator error.
set-up time, reduce operator error and eliminate             One-off cuts are easy, too, just key in the desired
waste.                                                    cut length in inches, fractions or metric, and push
    “We are really excited about this new product.        start. The automatic stop moves to position.
The Advanced Feed System, coupled with a                     The Advanced Feed System will cut production
Scotchman circular cold saw turns your semi-auto-         time in half, virtually eliminating set-up time. Now,
matic machine into a fully automated production           operators no longer need to use a tape measure or set
machine,” said president, Jerry Kroetch. “It is really    and adjust manual stops,” said Kroetch.
easy for any operator to enter cut lists into the con-       The Scotchman Advanced Feed System can be
troller. Next, secure the material in the indexing        used as a programmable stop system or a fully auto-
clamp and hit start. That’s all there is to it. The       matic programmable push feed system with the
Advanced Feed System automatically moves your             optional material clamp.
material to position, automatically clamps the mate-         Eliminate your scrap by using the optional opti-
rial, and cycles the machine with +/- 0.004" repeat-      mizing software. You can pull out any piece of
able accuracy, cut after cut.”                            material, even scrap material, and then enter the
   Operators can manually enter dimensions into the       clear stock length into the controller. The system cal-
controller or pull a cut list from the controller, pow-   culates how to best optimize the material for the
ered by TigerStop, which stores up to 99 programs.        highest yield.
                                                                             In other company news, Scotchman
                                                                          Industries recently introduced the CPO
                                                                          350 Circular Cold Saw.             This
                                                                          American-made machine features a
                                                                          double clamping and self-centering
                                                                          vise that provides burr-free, high qual-
                                                                          ity, volume parts. This saw has 135-
                                                                          degree mitering ability and a miter-
                                                                          locking device that automatically stops
                                                                          at 45-degree left, 90-degree straight,
                                                                          and 45-degree right giving it the abili-
                                                                          ty to slot and notch.
                                                                             Additional machine features include
                                                                          a double reduction gearbox, a two-
                                                                          speed motor and utilizes up to a 14”
                                                                          diameter blade giving them a 4 7/8”
                                                                          OD round capacity.
                                                                         For     more    information,        visit

CNC Carbide Cutoff System
  According to the company, a single Nishijimax         trim cut position. During this cycle, the remnant end
CNC carbide cutoff system can often replace three to    is discharged into a scrap bin, and the trim cut is
four production saws.                                   made and discarded into a scrap bin. The machine
  Available from Pat Mooney Inc., Nishijimax sys-       then feeds to proper cut length and continues pro-
tems can cut more parts per hour and more parts per     duction. The machine will continue to cycle as long
blade than a standard production saw.                   as bars remain on the table or until a pre-determined
  Developed in 1990, Nishijimax cutoff technology       number of cuts are made.
was originally introduced to improve the uptime            With Nishijimax’s exclusive NC saw spindle feed
demands of Japanese automotive forgers. By inte-        axis, a precise feed rate is set automatically and input
grating cutoff technology into a sawing machine,        chip load is maintained. The saw blade feed rate is
Nishijimax has achieved dramatic reductions in          controlled via an AC servo motor with encoder, a
operations (cuts from dropped to seven seconds from     Mitsubishi programmable servo drive and a preci-
50) high RPM with minimal kerf and swarf and            sion ball screw.
greater chip load than any other production saw.           Compared to hydraulic systems, there is no fluctu-
  Nishijimax systems are equipped with a range of       ation for temperature or condition of the oil. What’s
features that promote productivity. Designed for        more, job set-up takes less than five minutes with the
fully automatic cycles, all Nishijimax saws feature     CNC controller.
auto loaders and bar stockers. After a bar length has      Other features include Nishijimax’s original pow-
reached the remnant end, the loading table intro-       der metal saw blade brake for zero vibration when
duces a new bar on the in-feed conveyor.                the blade enters the cut, a gearbox oil chiller to main-
  The gripper vise locates the bar and feeds it into    tain constant gearbox temperature throughout 24/7
operation, thereby extending the life of the gearbox      ceramic guides that provide six point contact for
and the saw blades and an easily accessible oil pres-     zero deflection and blade wobble.
sure adjustment valve. Magnetic and drag style auto-        Nishijimax blade capacities range from 2.75"
matic chip conveyors are offered as options.              to 9.00"
  The rigid construction of the Nishijimax System           Three types of Kanefusa ‘throw away’ blades are
contributes to its highly accurate operation, and sur-    available from Pat Mooney for use with the
face finishes from 40 to 80 RMS. The saw head trav-       Nishijimax System, including TA-4 high perfor-
els on hardened and ground linear rails and the saw       mance and versatile blades, ST-4 higher grade blades
blade housing is mounted to the massive saw head.         for more demanding applications and TI-4 featuring
The saw blade is guided into the workpiece by             coated blade technology.s

                                                            The rigid construction of the
                                                            Nishijimax System contributes to its
                                                            highly accurate operation, and
                                                            surface finishes from 40 to 80 RMS.

                                          Production Cutting and Longer Life
                                    The L. S. Starrett    alloys. Gladiator Blades cut a variety of shapes, solids
                             Company has introduced       and tubing. Blades come in seven different widths and
                         a new line of production         thickness, from 3/4" by 0.035" to 3 1/8" by 0.063".
                     cutting bi-metal band saw blades        The company claimed recently that after repeated
                called Gladiator that provide increased   tests, Gladiator cut faster and blade life was proven
            sawing performance for cost effective cut-    to be significantly longer than the competition.
       ting in a wide range of applications.              Starrett further stated that Gladiator blades saw at
      Gladiator Blades feature bi-metal construction      reduced noise levels when compared to competitive
with fatigue-resistant alloy steel backing for higher     products.
wear and heat resistance. With a new tooth design            For large, solid sections of exotic and nickel-based
that includes triple-tempered M42 high-speed steel        alloys and high hardness steels, Starrett is also offer-
teeth with eight percent cobalt (RC 67 to 69) at up to    ing Gladiator Pulsator. Gladiator Pulsator’s specially
a 12-degree rake angle, Gladiator delivers easy pen-      designed tooth edge allows the teeth to cut in an
etration, excellent chip clearance, improved surface      aggressive, surging cutting action, providing maxi-
finishes and faster, straighter cuts.                     mum blade performance. Pulsator comes in six dif-
   Gladiator is ideal for high production cutting in a    ferent widths and thickness, from 1" by 0.035" to 3
full range of steels – from mild to stainless, up to 42   1/8" by 0.063".
HRC – as well as for nickel-based and non-ferrous           For more information, visit www.starrett.com.s

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