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                              We deliver our
                                               Top quality branded
                                               products that get
                                               you noticed

                                promotional    Outdoor and Leisure

                               items faster.   Novelty Products

                                               PC And Mobile

                                               Desk Top Items

                                               Car And DIY

 So you can                                    Executive Gifts

 promote your                                  Postcard Discs

 company quicker.
Top quality promotional
items when you need them
Branded promotional items are playing an             And, of course, you get to enjoy prices that are
increasingly important – and increasingly            as competitive as you are likely to find.
successful – role in the marketing mix of many
businesses. Often they form part of long-term        We deliver your promotional items faster, so you
strategies, complementing ad campaigns or direct     get to promote your business quicker.
mail shots.

But just as often they have to meet an immediate     The service
need – a presentation, a conference, an
exhibition. Sometimes as immediate as later the      This brochure sets out just some of the
same week.                                           promotional items we can supply, from mugs to
                                                     t-shirts, from USB drives to sewing kits.
Which is why there are three things you need in      To make things easy for you, we have included
your branded promotional items partner.              the print specifications with each item so you
The ability to deliver real value for money and to   know exactly how your logo or branding will
match budgets. The ability to supply a               look. As for quantities, we are as adept at
comprehensive range of top quality items,            fulfilling large scale orders as we are smaller
printed to your exact specifications. And the        runs.
ability to supply those items exactly when you
require them – even if it is later the same week.

We like to think that we excel at all three. Trust
us with your brand and, whatever the item, you
will have the perfect way of promoting your
business. What’s more, chances are, you will
have it within days, not the weeks it takes most
of our competitors.

That’s because the majority of our items are kept
ready in stock, so there are no delays, no order
chains, no waiting on third parties who may not
have your interests quite as much at heart as
we do.

The products

               Page                        Page
                 4.   Baseball Caps          9.   Puzzles
                16.   Calendars             21.   Rulers
                16.   Calculators           11.   Sewing Kits
                12.   CD Holders            15.   Sim Card Back Up
                25.   Clocks                10.   Shoe Shine Kit
                17.   Coasters              10.   Stress Toys
                24.   Currency Converter     5.   Sweatshirts
                 9.   Frisbees               6.   T Shirts
                 7.   Golf Balls            24.   Tape Measures
                 6.   Golf Tees             23.   Torches
                22.   Ice Scrapers           7.   Umbrellas
                22.   Key Rings             13.   USB Ports
                26.   Manicure Kit          13.   USB Phone Chargers
                18.   Mousemats             11.   Yo-Yos
                15.   MP3 & MP4 Players
                20.   Mugs
                20.   Paper Clip Pyramid
                21.   Pens
                26.   Pen Sets
                 5.   Polo Shirts
                27.   Post Card Discs

     Outdoor and
     Leisure              How better to promote a business than to be seen out and about? Our choice of
                          well-produced leisure and sports wear, and sports equipment, is ideal for making
                          a real impact at special events – company golf days, for example – exhibitions
                          and other business occasions.
     Baseball caps

     Golf balls

     Tees & accessories

     Polo shirt
                                  CLTH001                              PREMIUM CAP
                                                                       Heavy brushed cotton cap with
                                                                       slide buckle adjuster.
                                                                       Various colours available.
                                                                       Code: CLTH001
                                                                       Printable area: 100cm x 55cm

                                                                       TWILL CAP
                                                                       6 panel cotton cap with
                                                                       pre-curved peak.
                                                                       Various colours available.
                                                                       Code: CLTH002                                            CLTH003
                                                                       Printable area: 100cm x 55cm
                                                                                                                               FRUIT OF THE LOOM SWEATSHIRT
                                                                                                                               80% cotton 20% polyester. 280gsm.
                                                                                                                               Available in various colours & sizes.
                                                                                                                               Code: CLTH003
                                                                                                                               Printable area: 30cm x 30cm

                                 All caps and clothing can be screen printed in one or two colours or up to 6000 stitch embroidery



                                CLTH004                                      CLTH007

FRUIT OF THE LOOM                         FRUIT OF THE LOOM
100% cotton. Heavyweight quality with     65% polyester 35% cotton.
tapered neckline & 3 button collar.       Also available in long sleeves.
Available in various colours & sizes.     Available in various colours & sizes..
Code: CLTH004                             Code: CLTH005                                PARISO TEE WALLET
Printable area: 30cm x 30cm               Printable area: 30cm x 30cm                  6 x Tee Wallet (wooden) with plastic fork & marker
                                                                                       Code: GOLF001
                                                                                       Printable area: Fork & Marker: 15mm diameter


 CLTH006                                    CLTH005

100% cotton. 180 gsm. Taped neckline       100% cotton. 165 gsm. Taped neckline
with twin needle stitching.                with twin needle stitching.                 MIJAS TEE WALLET
Available in various colours & sizes.      Available in various colours & sizes.       5 x Tee Wallet (Plastic)
Also available in long sleeves.            Code: CLTH007                               Code: GOLF002
Code: CLTH006                              Printable area: 30cm x 30cm                 Printable area: 40 x 30cm
Printable area: 30cm x 30cm

     Outdoor and
     Leisure                                                                               GOLF004

     Baseball caps

     Golf balls

     Tees & accessories

     Polo shirt



                          RUBBER TEE BAR
                          12 Plastic Tees with Fork, Marker & Pencil
                          Code: GOLF003
                          Printable area: Fork & Marker 15mm diameter

                                                                                          HOYLAKE GOLF FOB
                                                                                          One Metal Fork & Marker
                                                                                          Code: GOLF004
                                                                                          Printable area: Fork & Marker 15mm diameter

                                                                                  ROUND TIN OF TEES
                                                                                  Brass Tin containing 54 Wooden Tees
                                                                                  Code: GOLF005
                                                                                  Printable area: 60mm diameter

                                                                                                                     TELESCOPIC UMBRELLA
                                                GOLF006                                                              Compact mini telescopic umbrella with
                                                                                                                     reinforced frame and colour co-
                                                                                                                     ordinated handle. Comes with sleeve
                                                                                                                     Code: UMBR001
                                                                                                                     Printable area: 8 panels. Printable area
                                                                                                                     per panel 12 cm x 12cm.


Plastic box containing 3 tees, metal fork & marker
Code: GOLF006
Printable area: Fork & marker 15mm diameter


                                                                                                    SPORTS/GOLF UMBRELLA
                                                                                        Stylish modern golf sized umbrella.
                                                                                       Hardened steel frame. Storm proof
                                                                                             ribs. Various colours available.
                                                                                                             Code: UMBR003
                                                                                                    Printable area: 8 panels.
                                                                                     Printable area per panel 20cm x 20cm

                                 DUNLOP GOLF BALLS
                                 3 x Dunlop Distance Golf Balls in card sleeve
                                 Code: GOLF007                                                                  For our full range of umbrellas please visit
                                 Printable area: 24mm diameter
                                                                                                                Use the ‘Design Your Umbrella’ feature, to create endless colour and
                                                                                                                design options

     products                 Why shouldn’t promotional items be fun as well as useful? It can pay to put a smile on
                              the face of your customers or to intrigue them with a neat idea. Whether it is a puzzle or
                              stress toy, our novelty products are guaranteed both to amuse and to get you noticed.

     Activity puzzle

     Bottle opener                                                                          ACTIVITY PUZZLE
                                                                                            This popular puzzle will keep you amused for hours
     Folding brush/mirror                                                                   Code: NOVL001
                                                                                            Printable area: 70 x 90mm

     Instant shoe-shine kit

     Sewing kits

     Stress balls


                                                                                                                                             KEYRING BOTTLE OPENER
                                                                                                                                             Ideal give away for pubs and clubs
                                                                                                                                             Code: NOVL002
                                                                                                                                             Printable area: 30 x 10mm



          MINI FRISBEE
          Fun mailable mini flyer, ensuring your
          message will travel far.
          Code: NOVL003
          Printable area: 60cm diameter


                    STANDARD FRISBEE
                    The ever popular flying promotion
                    Code: NOVL004
                    Printable area: 100mm diameter
                                                        SKIMMER FRISBEE
                                                        Stylish Flyer which can be printed in
                                                        up to 4 positions
                                                        Code: NOVL005
                                                        Printable area: Wings 60 x 10mm
                                                        Middle 20mm diameter


                                                                                           * Please ask for our separate
                                                                                           ‘Stress Toy’ catalogue with over
                                                                                           300 different shapes and sizes in.
  Activity puzzle

  Bottle opener

  Folding brush/mirror                                STRESS TOYS
                                                      We offer a unique range of over 300 different
  Frisbees                                            shapes, sizes & colours. Sourcing your ‘give aways’
                                                      has never been so easy and ‘stress’ free!
  Instant shoe-shine kit                              Code: STRB-VARIOUS
                                                      Printable area: Various - please ask
  Sewing kits

  Stress balls                       INSTANT SHOE SHINE KIT
                                     Smarten up your merchandising!
  Yo-yos                             Supplied in a round compact case.
                                     Code: NOVL006
                                     Printable area: 50mm diameter

                                                                                                    CREDIT CARD SIZED SEWING KIT
                                                                                                    With a surprising number of
                                                                                                    sewing items this is a useful
                                                                                                    gift to any client.
                           NOVL006                                                                  Code: NOVL007
                                                                                                    Printable area: 60 x 30mm


NOVL008                                                                                                                 NOVL0012

                                                   MIRRORED SEWING KIT
                                                   Attractively designed, hinged
                                                   lid with mirror.
                                                   Comprises numerous items.
                                                   Code: NOVL008
                                                   Printable area: 50 x 30mm


                                                                                            STANDARD YO-YO
                                                                                            Popular traditional yo-yo.
                                                                                            Code: NOVL0012
                                                                                            Printable area: 30mm diameter

                                                                                   FLAT YO-YO
                                                                                   Our flat yo-yo gives optimum space
                                                                                   for your logo/design
                                                                                   Code: NOVL0013
           FOLDING BRUSH/MIRROR                                                    Printable area: 60mm diameter
           Handbag (or pocket) sized fold-away
           brush & mirror set. Ingenious design!
           Code: NOVL0011
           Printable area: 40 x 40cm

  PC and Mobile
  Accessories                Computers and mobile phones are essential and integral parts of the modern business
                             world. There isn’t a business that can function effectively without either. So branding
                             a USB drive or a MP4 player makes not only a stylish and highly desirable item, but one
                             that is going to be used – and seen – each and every day..
  CD holders

  Laptop travel kit
  MP3/MP4 players

  Mobile phone chargers

  Sim card back-up
  USB 4 port hub

  USB sticks

  Wireless optical mouse

                           CD HOLDERS
                           Hard Plastic Case safely holding
                           up to 24 discs.
                           Code: PCMO001
                           Printable area: 40mm x 40mm

                                                                                                  USB PHONE CHARGER
                                                                                                  Charge your mobile phone by PC or MAC via the USB
                                                                                                  port. Retractable cord, comes with multiple connections
                                                                                                  for most types of mobile phones
                                                                                                  Code: PCMO008
                                                                                                  Printable area: 25mm x 25mm

                                          USB FLASH TWIST
          PCMO005                         Hardy mini design in robust
                                          stainless steel. Simply flip
                                          the cover for easy use.
                      PCMO002             Code: PCMO003
                                          Printable area: 10mm x 20mm

                                          USB FLASH TWO-TONE
                                          The most popular of our designs.
                                          Brushed Aluminium, light weight
                           PCMO003        and shockproof.
                                          Code: PCMO002
                                          Printable area: 10mm x 20mm
                                          FLASH PEN & LASER POINTER
                                          Multi-functional presentation tool.
                                          Store your data on the flash, write
                                          with the pen, use the laser to
                                          support your presentation.
                                          Code: PCMO005
                                          Printable area: 10mm x 20mm


                    USB FLASH STEEL
                    Stainless Steel design with Key Ring                        LAPTOP TRAVEL KIT
                    attachment.                                                 All you need for your note-book. USB battery charger, mini retractable
                    Code: PCMO004                                               optical mouse, 4 port USB Hub, Mono ear set for use with VOIP.
                    Printable area: 10mm x 25mm                                 Code: PCMO007
                                                                                Printable area: 40mm x 60mm

  PC and Mobile

  CD holders

  Laptop travel kit

  MP3/MP4 players

  Mobile phone chargers

  Sim card back-up

  USB 4 port hub

  USB sticks               USB CAR POWER SOURCE                                                      WIRELESS OPTICAL MOUSE
                           Simply plug into your car cigarette lighter and charge                    Plug & use wireless mouse for use with note-books.
  Wireless optical mouse   any USB device. Never leave home without it!!!                            Dongle stored inside mouse. Insert in USB-port and
                           Code: PCMO009                                                             use as a wireless mouse.
                           Printable area: 15mm x 10mm                                               Code: PCMO006
                                                                                                     Printable area: 15mm x 10mm

                                                                                               USB HUB WITH HIGHLIGHTER
                                                                                               USB hub with 3 highlighter colours, can be
                                                                                               used as USB extension for any USB device.
                                                                                               Code: PCMO0010
                                                                                               Printable area: 15mm x 30mm




           11. SIM CARD BACK UP
           Back up a Sim Card with approx 250 phone    PCMO0013
           records. Includes world timer, stopwatch,
           count down timer, calendar & alarm.
           Compact design with key ring.
           Code: PCMO0011
           Printable area: 10mm x 8mm

                 MP3 CLASSIC
                 Supports MP3, WMA, with FM Radio.
                                                                  MP4 CLASSIC
                 ID Tag display showing artist and
                                                                  Plays your MP3 files for music and AML files for
                 song title.
                                                                  Video. 1.8” TFT Display. Various games included.
                 Code: PCMO0012
                                                                  Code: PCMO0013
                 Printable area: 10mm x 10mm
                                                                  Printable area: 20mm x 10mm

  Desk Top
  Items                  If you really want to get your name known, there’s no more effective a place for it to be
                         than on a customer’s desk. With your name sat right in front of them each morning at
                         work – on a mousemat, perhaps, or a calculator or their mug of coffee – who are they
                         likely to call when they need the sort of service or product that you provide?

  CD calendar cases                                                                                                                                            DESK001




  Paper-clip holders



                       BUDGET CALCULATOR
                       Clear button lay out and good print
                       area, includes cell battery.                                                                   CD CALENDAR CASE
                       Code: CALC001                                                                                  13 leaf paper desk calendar. A year long promotion.
                       Printable area: 30 x 15mm                                                                      Code: DESK001
                                                                                                                      Printable area: Insert dimensions: 126 x 140mm

                                                                                                      BIG KEY CALCULATOR
                                                                                                      Large rubber button calculator with clear
                                                                                                      angled display. Includes cell battery.
                                                                                                      Code: CALC002
                                                                                                      Printable area: 90 x 12mm


                Tough & Flexible foam backed coaster.
                Superb non-slip base. Print 4 colour process   DESK002
                and photographic images with ease.
                Code: CMAT001
                Printable area: 100mm x 100mm square or
                100mm round


                                                               ACRYLIC ROUND WHITE COASTER
                                                               Durable circular drinks coaster.
                                                               Code: DESK002
                                                               Printable area: 70mm

CMAT001                                                                         CMAT001

  Desk Top

                                                                   MOUSE MATS
                                    Our fabulous 3mm foam backed mats offer
  Calculators                     amazing colour reproduction, are economical
                                 and available in a range of sizes and shapes.
  CD calendar cases                                             Code: MMAT001
                                           Printable area: Standard Print Area:
  Coasters                        235 x 200mm, 200 x 200mm & 200mm round.



  Paper-clip holders

  Pens                                                                                                                                MMAT001


                                                                                  DESK SETS
                                                                                  A fantastic way to put your details onto several
                                                                                  of our products at a great price. Pack contains a
                                                                                  mouse mat, two coasters and an A5 pad.
                                                                                  Code: DESK001
                                                                                  Printable area: Mouse Mat - 235 x 200mm
                                                                                  Coasters - 100 x 100mm
                                                                                  Pad - 210 x 148mm


4 A range of sizes and shapes available
4 Fast turnaround usually 3-5 days
4 Individual personalized mats
4 Fantastic print possibilities

 Desk Top

                                SPARTA MUG
 CD calendar cases              An established favourite.
                                Earthenware mug.
 Coasters                       Good shape.
                                Code: MUG001
 Mousemats                      Printable area: 185 x 70mm


 Paper-clip holders
 Pens                                                                            PAPER CLIP PYRAMID
                                                                                 Our four sided pyramid gives
 Rulers                                                                          maximum print opportunity.
                                                                                 Code: DESK003
                                  OPAL BONE CHINA MUG
                                                                                 Printable area: 70 x 70 x 70mm
                                  Slimline fine bone china mug, a
                                  popular gift in the corporate market.
                                  Code: MUG002
                                  Printable area: 100 x 70mm

                                                                          MARROW MUG
                                                                          An increasingly popular,
                                                                          modern style earthenware mug.
                                                                          Code: MUG003
                                                                          Printable area: 190 x 40mm



                                         ALPINE PEN
                                PEN001   A retractable gold trim pen.
                                         Available in 5 colours.
                                         Stunning value.
                                         Code: PEN001
                                         Printable area: 40mm x 20mm
                                         PRODIR TWIST PEN
                                         A quality twist action pen from a
                                         Swiss manufacturer.
                                         Choice of ten colours available.
                                         Code: PEN002
                                         Printable area: 40mm x 20mm
                                         DUNE GRIP BALL PEN
                                         Retractable ball pen with
                                         comfortable grip and unique
                                         rubber feel.
                                PEN003   Available in green and blue.
                                         Code:: PEN003
                                         Printable area: 25mm x 20mm

                                         TECHNO BALL PEN
                                         Modern metal ball pen in satin
                                         finish with chrome effect trim.
                                         Code: PEN004
                                         Printable area: 25mm x 20mm

6”/15cm or 12”/30cm Rulers
     available in a range of
       colours and shapes.
            Code: DESK004
   Printable area variable:
             Call for details

  Car and DIY
                              With our choice of car and DIY items, there’s no need to limit yourself
                              to the office. Practical and durable, they will not only come in very
                              handy but will be used over and over again.

  Car aid freshener

  First aid kit                                                                                         ‘T’ ICE SCRAPER
                                                                                                        This handy scraper includes a rubber strip
  Ice scrapers                                                                                          to remove water and condensation making
                                                                                                        it useful all year round
  Key rings                                                                                             Code: CAR001
                                                                                                        Printable area: 110 x 20mm
  Screwdriver set
                                                                                                        CURVED ICE SCRAPER
  Spirit level/Tape measure                                                                             Practical sized scrapper with
                                                                                                        rubber squeegee.
  Tape measure                                                                                          Code: CAR002
                                                                                                        Printable area: 80 x 20mm
  Tax disc holder

                                                                                                                                 KEY RING
                                                                                                                                 Standard acrylic key fobs
                                                                                                                                 available in a range of sizes.
                                                                                                                                 Code: CAR003
                                                                                                                                 Printable area: 29 x 29mm,
                                                                                                                                 24 x 35mm, 35 x 45mm,
                                                                                                                                 & 45 x 70mm



         DIY001   200cm TAPE MEASURE
                  Aluminium & Black case
                  with PVC wrist strap.
                  Code: DIY001
                  Printable area: 30 x 30mm
                  Available in three lengths -
                  2 metre, 3 metre & 5 metre


                                                 LEAF TORCH
DIY002      SPIRIT LEVEL/TAPE MEASURE            Attractive design pocket torch on key ring.
            6ft Tape Measure with handy          With batteries
            spirit level. Great Value!.          Code: CAR005
            Code: DIY002                         Printable area: 50 x 15mm
            Printable area: 70 x 30mm

                                                                                         KEYCHAIN TORCH
                                                                                         Double LED torch in brushed
                                                                                         aluminium with batteries.
                                                                                         Code: CAR006
                                                                                         Printable area: 45 x 15mm


 Gifts                     What happens if you want to make a statement about your brand as well as promote it?
                           Our executive gifts mean you can do both. Elegant and attractive, be it a travel clock or a
                           manicure set, they are sure both to catch the eye and to impress at the same time.

 Alarm clock/calculator


 Currency converter

 Deluxe pen set

 Jotter pad & calculator

 Manicure kit
                                                                                                              CURRENCY CONVERTER
 Ruler/calculator                                                                                             A slim pocket sized double display calculator
                                                                                                              with currency conversion functions.
                                                                                                              Cell battery included.
                                                                                                              Code: EXEC001
                                                                                                              Printable area: 30 x 7mm


                                                                                                                                       Useful 6”/15cm ruler with
                                                                                                                                       standard calculator functions.
                                                                                                                                       Cell battery included.
                                                                                                                                       Code: CALC004
                                                                                                                                       Printable area: 35 x 10mm

                                      EXECUTIVE TRAVEL CLOCK
                                      Alarm, clock, world timer, countdown function, stopwatch,
                                      calculator & scheduler - what more do you want!
                                      Cell battery included.
                                      Code: CLOC002
                                      Printable area: 30 x 30mm





          Travel Alarm Clock with                                                                        JOTTER PAD & CALCULATOR
                                                          CIRCULAR CLOCK                                 Standard Calculator with 25 page pad
          vertical display.
                                                          An attractive compact clock with white face.   & pen loop. Cell battery included.
          Attractive acrylic trim.
                                                          Cell Battery included.                         Code: CALC005
          Cell Battery included.
                                                          Code: CLOC003                                  Printable area: 50 x 10mm
          Code: CLOC001
                                                          Printable area: 30 x 30mm
          Printable area: 30 x 10mm

 Executive                                                                                 >>>
 Gifts                     EXEC002
                                           MANICURE SET
                                           A well presented manicure
                                           set in an attractive case with
                                           numerous well made items.
 Alarm clock/calculator                    Code: EXEC002
                                           Printable area: 70 x 40mm

 Currency converter

 Deluxe pen set

 Jotter pad & calculator

 Manicure kit


                                     TECHNO PEN SET
                                     Our best selling ‘Techno’ ball pen and matching
                                     retractable pencil in satin & chrome effect finish.
                                     Comes complete with presentation box.
                                     Code: PEN005
                           PEN005    Printable area: Pen/Pencil - 25mm x 20mm
                                     Box - 20mm x 100mm

Postcard                                                                                              >>>
Discs      Here’s a mail shot with a difference – colourful postcards with their very
           own CDs/DVDs. They allow you to send out brochures, presentations and ad
           campaigns – complete with images, video and music if you wish – for the
           mailing cost of a postcard. It’s an eye-catching, intriguing and very
           affordable way of reminding your existing and potential customers about
           the wonderful service or products you have to offer.

                                                                                   POSTCARD DISC
                                                                                   Printable area:
                                                                          Call for details on sizes
                                                                                   and print areas

Top quality promotional
items when you need them