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									 Getting a Tan from California Mist-on
  Tanned skin is the raging fad in
California, which means that if you want
to become a part of the in crowd then
you must get yourself tanned. There are
various ways on how to get a tan.
Traditionally when you want to get a tan
you would have to sunbathe for long
hours. But long exposure to ultraviolet
rays can be damaging to the skin and
often cause skin cancer. And usually
instead of getting a tan you get
sunburned which is awfully painful at

 Another way of getting a tan is to use
tanning lotion. This is one safe method
but the effect is not really that
remarkable since tanning lotion often
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 wears off easily. Plus if you do not
know how to correctly apply them you
would have an uneven tan.
 But thanks to new tanning technology
now you can have that tanned skin you
always dreamed of.

 Getting a Tan from California Mist-on

  The increasing demand for sunless
tanning has encouraged tanning booths
in California. And at present there are
two sunless booths available in the
market and these are the Mystic Tan
and the Mist-On Systems. Both of these
booths are designed to provide beautiful
and even tan without the streaks. How
do these booths come up with beautiful,
glowing tan?
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  These booths make use of spray to
even out the application of sunless
tanning lotion on the body. However the
spray technology used is not like your
ordinary spray. It makes use of an
atomized lotion formula that when
applied to the body tends to bonds
evenly. The atomized lotion works like
little magnets accumulating on the body
and at the same time repelling other
forms of drops making the tan to really
stick on the body.

  The whole process usually takes at
least fourteen seconds to apply on each
part of the body to come up with a dark
tan. - Easy and quick, achieved without
the harmful UV rays exposure.

 However, it is important to note that
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  different booths provide different
results due to the varied methods
applied. Like for instance, a tanning
booth can make use of formulas that
include bronzers. Such types of
formulas are perfect for providing
instant tanning color.

  On the other hand there are also those
that contain DHA ingredients and often
take more hours for tan to develop
depending on a person's skin type. The
DHA containing tanning formula is more
preferred especially if you want long
lasting tan. It can last for up to four
days without requiring for

 Aside from the tanning formulas used
the spray also varies. A tanning booth
may use an eight nozzle spray to even
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  out the distribution of the tanning
lotion on the body. All the user has to
do is to step inside the booth, adjust
the nozzle and then simply press the
button to activate the spray. After four
rotations the tanning process is
completed and the user can step out of
the booth towel off any excess lotion
and then dress up and go.

  If you want to maintain your tan it is
advisable that you visit your tanning
booth every 4 to 5 days. Another
advantage of choosing tanning booths
over other tanning products or methods
is that the formulas used do not stain
and are non-greasy. So you won't have
to worry tainting your favorite clothes.

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