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					DATE:             April 29, 2002

TO:               Department Chairs
                  Directors of Finance and Administration
                  Faculty Affairs Administrators

FROM:             David K. Stevenson, M.D.
                  Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

SUBJECT:          Temporary Reductions in FTE Appointments for Individual Faculty

         The policy of the School of Medicine has required full-time FTE appointments and has not
allowed for less than 1.0 FTE appointments for individual billets in the UTL, MCL or NTLR without an
approved exception. Despite this tradition, there are sometimes requests for temporary FTE reductions
for a variety of academic and personal reasons. There is no prohibition against such temporary part-time
appointments by the University. However, the implications and ramifications for reduction in 1.0 FTE
appointments are different for the different lines.

        I would like to clarify the School of Medicine’s criteria for considering individual temporary FTE

        First, the individuals who are requesting a temporary reduction in their FTE appointment (up to
one year) must sign an agreement that indicates that they will not participate in activities that conflict or
compete with the University in the roles in which they continue to be employed. In particular, no
reductions in FTE will be granted to individuals intending to enter business or the practice of medicine.

          Second, a temporary reduction in FTE for a billet does not translate to the need for an additional

         Finally, any proposed reductions in FTE appointments in the NTLR should await a decision about
the role of the NTLR in the Medical School professoriate and consideration of the financial implications
currently required by the NTLR, such as a level of funding which is a proportion (80%) of the 1.00 FTE.

        All FTE appointment reductions will continue to be made by exception only. The discretion will
remain with the Dean to grant exceptions for unique circumstances with appropriate provisions to protect
the University while considering the individual needs.


cc:       Carole J. Buffum
          Linda A. Deasy
          Michael A. Hindery
          Philip A. Pizzo, M.D.