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 Delaware Estuary Fish Tissue Data Compilation

Version:              1.04
Format:               MS Excel
Created:              March 15, 2002
Modified:             August 28, 2002
Author:               Rick Greene, Delaware Department of Natural Resources
                      and Environmental Control
Sponsor:              Delaware River Basin Commission
Project Manager:      Thomas J. Fikslin, Ph.D., DRBC

The accompanying files were prepared under agreement between the Delaware River
Basin Commission (DRBC) and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and
Environmental Control (DNREC). This compilation includes all readily available and
existing chemical residue data for fish and shellfish samples collected from the Delaware
Estuary. Although the compilation focuses primarily on samples collected from the tidal
waters between Trenton, New Jersey and the mouth of the Delaware Bay, data are also
presented for many non-tidal waters that drain to the tidal Delaware Estuary.

This version also includes data on mercury obtained from a U.S. Geological Survey
report. This file was prepared by DRBC staff.

Efforts were made to present the chemical residue data as obtained from the primary
sources. In other words, little to no manipulation of the raw data was performed. Liberty
was taken, however, to reformat the data for ease of review and use. In the event that
errors were made in transcribing data from the original sources to the enclosed files, we
ask that readers notify the Delaware River Basin Commission so that corrections can be
made during future releases of this data compilation.

A special note of thanks is extended to the many people who eagerly shared their data for
this project. In particular, the assistance of the following individuals is acknowledged:

Delaware River Basin Commission: Thomas J. Fikslin and Edward Santoro
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Thomas O’Connor and Alan Mearns
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Bruce Ruppel and Thomas Belton
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources: Robert Frey
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: John Paul and Charles Kanetsky
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Cindy Tibbett and Fred Pinkney
U.S. Geological Survey: Ted Schwartz and Chris Schmitt
Versar, Inc.: William Burton