Transition by inShadow


									Succession planning: Transition
Your success is success of your
 Why are we talking about this?
• Because we want our LCs to develop
  gradually and grow
Transition process
     Preparation of transition
• Preparation of transition should start
  from the beginning of the term
• Deciding about what knowledge,
  experience, learning you need to
• Transition is the responsibility of two
          Preparation stages
1. Setting objectives and critical success
   outcomes of transition
2. Agenda development - Priority discussions
   and topics defined
3. Identification of methods for transition
4. Defining timelines and roles and
   responsibilities to manage transition
5. Personal Preparation of areas of
       Your role in transition
• Organize your files
• Complete unfinished tasks
• Reflect on everything you was doing
  during your term , define key learnings
  from your experience and pass it to
  your successor
• Cooperate with your successor when
  creating functional plan of his work
            Transition delivery
•   Critically evaluate
•   Provide picture of your XP only
•   Transfer facts, not attitudes
•   Handover maximum information
•   Use more questions, than statements
•   Empower and inspire
•   Help new team build their vision of term and
    action plan

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