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									Abhayanga: Ayurvedic Massage Oil Massage, called Abhayanga, plays many important roles in Ayurveda. The typical massage is self massage which is done every morning. Usually one massages themselves before morning Yoga and bathing so that the oil can be absorbed by the body by the heat generated by the Yoga. You can also give yourself a lighter massage after you bath. Balance Dosha, Increase Circulation and Nutrition, Remove Toxins, Panch Karma Massaging helps balance the body mind in many ways. It increases circulation to bring more nutrition to the cells and helps to remove metabolic wastes and toxins built up in the system. Using oils specific to doshas one can bring each of the doshas into alignment, especially the Vata dosha which is balanced by oil in general. And the healing aspects of all the essential oils that we use in all our massage oil adds another dimension to the effectiveness of these ayurvedic aromatherapy massage oils. These oils are great to use for Panch Karma preparations (Purva Karma) as they are formulated for each specific dosha and include their own dipanas - digestives. Live Longer and Happier Massage is Ayurveda is one of the keys to longevity because it controlls the Vata dosha and it is this dosha that dries us out as we age, causing everything from wrikled skin to constipation. Bob Hope credited his long life to a live in massuese and daily massages. This is confirmation of the Ayurveda principle that massage adds years to your life. What Dr. Sachin Nandedkar has to say about Massage "I'm a firm believer that massage stimulates the body's own healing response, and I frequently recommend massage therapy. A growing body of research shows that massage offers health benefits throughout the life cycle: It promotes weight gain and motor devlopment in babies, boosts respiratory function in children with asthma. It also increases blood circulation, reduces stress hormones, increases range of motion, reduces depression, and enhances immune function." Our Oils have Triple Action: Base oil, Herbs, Essential oils First we use ayurvedic base oils that are suitable for that particular dosha, secondly we infuse herbs into the base oil that help balance the particular ayurvedic dosha. The result is a luxurious oil as healing as it is enjoyable. But watch out, these oils feel so good that once you start using it you will want to use it everyday, but this is what is prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic books anyway Digestion of Oils This is key and something you may have never heard about before. According to Ayurveda there is a 'fire' principle in your body that is responsible for all transformation. As it manifests in your stomach, this fire digests food and transforms it into your body, mind and your energy. In your mind this fire manifests to digest sensory input and thought and transorm this into experience and reactions. There is also a fire in your skin that digests sunlight, water, and anything else on your skin, and also transforms it into your body, mind and energy. As you know, oil tends to be hard to digest, so if you put a lot of oil on your skin, your body will take fire from your internal Stomach-Small

Intestine digestive fire and move it to your skin to help digest the oil. This drains your central digestive fire. Not a great scenario. As I look around I see no therapeutic oils but these that attempt to remedy this. In fact, this is one of the reasons to medicate your oils in the first place and not use a 'plain' oil on your skin. What we do is to infuse herbs into these oils that increase the bodies ability to digest them. Makes sense. Otherwise, if they are not properly digested, they will just drain your digestive fire at best and will likely also cause congestion in your tissue and channels and toxic buildup. Our oils come with their own digestive power, making it easier for your body to assimilate their healing power. Ayurveda is very sensitive in keeping your digestion strong at all the levels in your body mind, and we are committed to this principle. These oils represent our commitment to the subtle yet practical aspects of Ayurveda

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