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Snehana Basti Abhyanga Nasya Swedana Vaman Shirodhara Virechan

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DSK Chintamani apart . , F wing , shop 2, Kelkar road,519 shaniwar peth,pune India.

Mumbai :

Hirave polyclinic , Aadi house,first floor, Gokhale road north,opp .portugise church dadar (west), Mumbai 28 : 9049459956,9960224989,9767390537



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Dr Nandedkar
Health Grow Pragramme
“Healthy child , wealthy society!! ”

To build healthy society no doubt to grow each child at higher status of health is must. acording to constitution each child is unique. In every child there is inbuilt programme of growth . Through this course we provide perfect , personalized environment for growth of your child . Ayurveda gives Physical as will mental guidelines for indivisual development . We cover each aspect like : food, daily & seasonal regime, study methodology in detail . All things adviced regarding food, exercise are easy to follow and makes no change to daily life style . Due to this course health status of child is uplifted. Not only physical health but it shoes improvement in mental health also . To grow child wellness there is session of consultation how to manage life style .

About growth programe
This includes ayurvedic consultation having pulse diagnosis , ( nadi parikshan ) ,case taking based on ayurvedic principles ( vata,pitta & kapha type ) which helps to diagnose constitution of indivisual . The next step is to plan perfect diet , exercise & life style management to improve mental & physical health . Finally ayurvedic medicines are given in the form of tablets, Drops , granules for a month .

Age group
From pregnancy to educational age group ( 25 yrs ) anyone Can do this course . Any healthy indivisual as will as person having physical & mental health problem can do this course .


Person interested to do this – programme has many following options . 1) Consultation : If one goes only for consultation option then we provide him only consultation, no medicene is given . 2) Quarterly : In this option we give one month medicene and there are two follow of one month interval up regarding consultation. 3) Yearly : In yearly programe four month medicene is
given with three month gap and regular monthly follow up is there .

4) Group / indivisual : As like indivisual if there is a group
like school,sport team we can provide this programme to group also.

There are thousand of clients et benefited by this course .These course improves health & fitness of indivisual.By this courseWe can plan & acess ratio of growth . As season changes we

Can make change in things like food habbits , sleep etc.

Our achievements
That’s why in last 10 years we highly successful in growing and solving health problems of more than 10,000 indivisuals. Height gain ,memory – concentration increase , wt loss - gain, lence reduction ,relaxation , improvement in the graff of marks percentage & growth, sport fitness are the some of thebenefits & more!


About Dr Sachin & Dr Mrs Kirti Nandedkar

Both are ayurveda docters working in this field more than 15years.They both apretiated for their work internationally by interview on national geography channeland U S Mtv . Many clients in India and abroad get benifitted through this programme . They worked on projects like kridalul regarding child health .

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