CPRA By-LAw ANd RULE PROPOSALS
                                      MAJOR RULE CHANGES FOR 2009
Rule Section II, B 2a “revise to read” If             stock must be removed from the draw as a             For purposes of this Rule, “conflict” shall be         slack with an animal. When there are 18
the contestant advises the CRES office on             vet release. The animal can not be bucked            determined as a contestant being positioned            or more contestants in a performance or
the call back for the rodeo in question that          from the time it is declared a vet release           to compete on the same day, in the same or             slack, the stock contractor will submit four
he will be turning out, no turnout fine will          and continues through for the ten (10) days          any other CPRA or PRCA event during the                (4) more additional animals, or a number at
be assessed, unless the twenty-five dollar            following its first scheduled performance. If        first go-round of two or more rodeo’s. Trades          the discretion of the event director, than is
($25) performance preference fine, for a              the animal is bucked within the ten (10) day         will be accepted for any reason. A contestant          required. Each stock contractor may feature
performance or slack, is applicable (in addition      ineligible period, a fine of five hundred dollars    shall be limited to only one 1st go-round              a maximum of up to sixty percent (60%) of
to the entry fee). If the contestant is not traded,   ($500) will be assessed and the outs will not        trade per event at any given CPRA or PRCA              the animals in the draw, exempt from re-
this eliminates any turnout fine.                     count for CFR. A six (6) month suspension            sanctioned rodeo. Trades for multiple events           rides. Event representative has the ability
Rule Section II B 2 c “revise to read”If the          of the animal will be assessed for a second          must be requested and granted separately, and          to take undesired animal(s) off the feature
contestant does not advise either the CRES            offence.                                             the granting of a trade in one event shall not         list. The remaining animals will be put in
office or the local arena secretary that he will      Rule SectionV A 2 a “delete and add” A single        automatically entitle a contestant to a trade in       a hopper and one (1) animal for every six
be turning out the fine shall be thirty dollars       priority list shall be drawn for a performance       another event. Trades shall also be specific to        (6) contestants per performance or slack
($30) seventy-five dollars ($75) (in addition         preference rodeo’s. A single priority list shall     the individuals involved and shall not apply to        session will be drawn as the designated re-
to the entry fees).                                   be drawn for all performance preference              buddy groups of which the traded individuals           ride animal(s) for each specific performance
Rule Section II B 2 f “revise to read”If the          rodeos having the same entry closing                 are members.                                           or slack, or
contestant does not advise the CRES office            date. At all rodeos that overlap, whether or         1.Both contestants involved in the trade must       Rule Section VIII d 8 d “revise to read” If
or the local arena secretary that he is turning       not the entry closing dates are the same,            contact the CRES office within twenty-four (24)     a calf is jerked down by the horse with the
out of the slack, the fine shall be twenty dollars    preference in drawing the priority list shall        hours of the first scheduled call back closing      first jerk of the rope which is used when
($20) seventy-five dollars ($75) in addition to       be given to contestants who have entered             time to verify their trade has been approved..      the calf is caught, the contestant will be
the entry fees.                                       the most rodeos, provided the contestant is          There will be a twenty ($20) dollar charge          disqualified. A jerk down means that a calf is
Rule Section III A 16 “revise to read”Rodeo           entered in a common event at all locations,          applied to the contestant or team roping team       jerked straight over backwards, landing on
contestants must appear in the arena both             with contestants who have entered only one           requiring the trade. All fines will apply if the    its head or back. There must be unanimous
at paid performances and slack, and at any            of several overlapping rodeos to receive             trade is not completed on time.                     agreement of both judges or two (2) or more
time during the day of a rodeo performance,           the lowest priority. In the timed events the         2.Contestants may give an “out preference”          judges that contestant jerked calf down. All tie
in complete western attire including long-            performances will be filled from the bottom,         when entering. E.g.: Contestant is only avail-      down roping calves must be pre-conditioned
sleeved buttoned shirts, cowboy boots and             except ladies barrel racing which will be filled     able for the second performance of a rodeo,         weaned calves. Pre-conditioned calves must
large cowboy hats.Failing to comply to this rule      from the top down.                                   they would enter for a two or out. If they do not   be weaned, be the proper weight as outlined
will result in a one hundred dollar ($100) fine       1. PRCA rodeos can be used for priority              receive their preference they will be removed       below, be roped and tied three (3) times prior
to be assessed by a judge or an Association                 purposes                                       from the draw but are responsible for their         to the rodeo and approved by the tie down
director and forwarded to the Association             2. Bull riding contestants can use the               CRES fees in this instance.                         roping director.
office. All members shall wear cowboy hat,                  Professional Bull Riders (PBR) events          3.Bull riding contestants can use Professional      Rule Section VIII d 11 “revise to read”
a long sleeved cut and sewn shirt (no knit                  in Canada with $10,000 or more added           Bull Riders (PBR) events in Canada with $5000       Contestant must receive no assistance of
pullovers allowed) and cowboy boots in the                  and Built Ford Tough Series events in          or more added and Built Ford Tough Series           any kind from outside. If the horse drags the
arena, with the following exceptions: clowns,               the USA for priority purposes                  events in the USA as conflicts for trading          calf at least five (5) feet, field judge may stop
bullfighters, and barrelmen who must wear             Rule Section V A 2 d “revise to read” When           purposes.                                           horse. The fine for unintentionally dragging
appropriate footwear, clothing and headgear           possible the “buddy system” shall be used            4 3.Any abuse of the CRES system will be dealt      a calf five (5) feet but less than Any drag
that is conducive to the procurement of their         for CRES rodeos, and shall apply to four (4)         with by the CPRA Board of Directors.                in excess of ten (10) feet during the tie will
individual jobs in a safe and professional            contestants only. Cross-event entries will           Rule Section V A 5 “add” There will be a one        result in a shall be twenty-five ($25) dollar
manner. Photographers shall not be required           not be accepted with the exception of multi-         (1) hour grace period after entry closing time      fine. After the contestant has signaled for time
to wear hats, and contestants in the bareback         event entries. All entries must be made at the       and the event splits are obtained from the          until he remounts, the fine for unintentionally
and bull riding may roll up the sleeve of the         same time, and contestants must “buddy” in           stock contractor and/or committee to allow          dragging a calf ten (10) feet or more shall
riding arm to the elbow only. Failure to adhere       all events, not just in one (1) specific event.      contestants to change their preference or draw      be one hundred ($100) dollars. Intentionally
to this arena dress code shall result in a $100       Ladies barrel racers can be tagged to or tag         out. Contestants will not be permitted to enter     dragging a calf, regardless of distance, shall
fine per article of clothing per performance or       a contestant in another event (not buddied)          during the designated grace period.                 result in a two-hundred fifty ($250) five hundred
section of slack in violation of the code.            if the other contestant is an immediate family       Rule Section VI B 5 “revise to read” Head           dollars ($500) dollar fine for each offense, plus
Rule Section IV d 5 “revise to read”When              member, defined as mother, father, brother,          fighting bulls or steers having bad horns must      possible and disqualification. Intentional shall
turning out at an Association rodeo, including        sister, spouse or common-law spouse (with            be dehorned or kept out of the draw. No bull        be defined as caused by contestant.
a doctor or visible injury release, contestant        a notarized common-law declaration). and/or          may be put in the draw until his horns have         Rule Section IX A 11 “revise to read” 11. A
must indicate each location they are turning          Boys steer riders entries will be tagged to          been tipped to no smaller than the size of a        running or standing start can be used de-
out of. Information must be given to CRES             member’s entries, regardless of relationship         loonie two (2) dollar Canadian coin (toonie).       pending on the arena conditions, but in no
during a designated call-back day or prior            (not buddied). No more than four (4) entries         If animal is put in a draw, the stock contractor    case may a contestant cause any unneces-
to 11:00a.m. Mountain Time of the day                 consisting of buddies and/or tags will be            will be fined one hundred dollars ($100) two        sary delay in starting the race.
contestant is scheduled to compete 3                  accepted in one group.                               hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for each           (a) Compulsory run in and out must be posted
hours prior to the scheduled performance              Rule Section V A 2 d i “revise to read” The          offense, and the bull will be taken out of the           in the rodeo office, and judges to be notified.
or slack time, by calling (403)291-3642               partners in a Team Roping team will be               draw (no exceptions). Fine will double with              Ladies barrel racers may will be disqualified
(answering machine) or, by contacting the             buddied even if they do not have a common            each offence thereafter.                                 if this rule is not complied with.
rodeo secretary directly as outlined in rule          other event. Only two (2) people, one (1)            Rule SectionVI B 8 a “delete and add” Untried       (b) All forward motion toward the score
3. A contestant desiring to turn out of a             team will be allowed in this buddy group, with       stock in the riding events will be viewed as             line at a pace faster than a walk will be
morning slack, must call the turn out line at         exception of tags. A buddy group for Team            being unacceptable in professional rodeo                 considered a run.
(403) 291-3642 by 5:00 p.m. the day prior             Roping can consist of 4 team roping teams.           competition. If requested, stock contractor         (1) Ladies barrel racers will be fined two-
to the scheduled slack. Failure to comply             Rule Section V A 2 e 1 “revise to read”              will be required to provide past performance             hundred and fifty dollars ($250) if this rule
as previously outlined will constitute a non-         Rodeos with a committee purse of over $2,000         charts on animal(s) in question. All animals             is not complied with.
notified turn-out. At the time a contestant           $3,000: Priority will be given to full members       in riding events must have been tried at least      Rule Section IX A 17 “revise to read” No
doctor releases, he must indicate whether             and semi-pro holders.                                once as a bucking animal before being put           contestant shall run a barrel pattern in the
the mandatory ineligibility period shall last                                                              into the draw.                                      arena within one (1) hour of show time. On
10 days or 30 days. Ineligibility period shall        Rule Section V A 2 e 2 “revise to read”              Rule Section VII B 2 b “delete and add” The         failure to comply with this rule, contestants
begin upon notification to the CRES office            Rodeos with a committee purse of $2,000              rider is fouled at the chute or in the arena, and   will be subject to a one hundred dollar
of the intended doctor release and shall              $3,000 or less: Full members, semi-pro and           the rider declares himself or does not try to go    ($100) fine.
continue through the period 10 or 30 days             permit holders will receive the same level           on with the ride. If a riding event contestant is   Rule Section IX A 22 “revise to read” The
following the first scheduled competition of          of priority.                                         fouled enough to constitute a re-ride, they can     ladies barrel racing event must be run on a
the rodeo or rodeo’s for which the contestant         Rule Section V A 2 e 3 “revise to read” When         complete the ride but will be marked with a         horse or pony of any size, and ridden by a
doctor releases. During a rodeo year, a               a permit Ladies Barrel Racer contestant is           re-ride option. If they are disqualified for any    female only, as demonstrated by a copy of
contestant may designate that an ineligibility        tagged and receives priority higher than             reason before the 8 seconds is up, they will        an original birth certificate.
period shall last 10 days no more than twice.         permit holders, once draw is completed               receive an automatic re-ride.                       Rule Section IX A 25 “delete” Western
Once a contestant has designated a 10-day             she they will be placed at the start of permit       Rule Section VII A 1 “revise to read” Rider         pants, long-sleeved shirts, western hat and
ineligibility period twice in a given rodeo           holders.                                             will be subject to a twenty-five dollar ($25) one   boots must be worn during all go-rounds
year, all subsequent ineligibility periods shall      Rule Section V A 2 f “revise to read” The            hundred dollar ($100) fine, escalating with         and the grand entry.
automatically last 30-days.                           purpose of CRES is to alleviate the turn out         each violation when, after he has been advised      Rule Section XI I “revise to read” 1. All
Rule Section IV d 5 c “revise to read”Any             problem and make it possible for contestants         by the judge he is next to go, he is not above      stock at the Canadian Finals Rodeo will be
abuses of rules pertaining to a doctor’s              to work as many rodeo’s as possible.                 the animal with his glove on (if glove is used)     eligible for stock of the finals awards, and
release will be subject to a five hundred             Therefore, if it becomes necessary to trade          when previous animal leaves the arena.              will be determined by a vote of the stock
dollar ($500) fine for the first offence and a        positions after the first scheduled call back,       Rule Section VII A 7 a “revise to read” In          contractors and qualified contestants based
second offence will result in a six (6) month         it will be the contestant’s responsibility to find   the three (3) riding events (bareback, saddle       on same voting procedures as stock of the
suspension. Contestant will forfeit any money,        a trade and have it completed through CRES.          bronc, and bull riding) one (1) reride animal for   year awards.
points or awards won at the rodeo in which            Trades must be completed within twenty-four          every six (6) contestants in each performance       2. Stock must be in a rodeo draw 3 times to
he competed while ineligible. If a contestant         (24) hours of the first scheduled call back          and each slack session will be drawn in the         qualify for CFR
doctor’s releases from a CPRA rodeo and               closing time of the last rodeo entry for a           prescribed manner:
competes at another event (i.e. C.C.A., PBR,          weekend Trades will only be accepted if one          1. When the stock contractor submits his stock
etc.) it will be considered an abuse of the           of the contestants involved in the trade is in          list to CRES, he will submit the branded
doctor’s release and will be subject to the           conflict with their scheduled competition time in       number of one more animal for every six
appropriate fine and penalties.                       that or any other event during the first go-round       (6) contestants than is required to furnish
Rule Section IV G 3 “insert” c) Injured               of another CPRA or PRCA sanctioned rodeo.               each contestant in that performance or

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