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					Ayurved Panchakarma : Unique Way of Holistic Healing
Dr Sachin Nandedkar Dr Kirti Nandedkar

In this modern age of globalisation and scientific devedlopement we hav more than enough facility for health problems. But still for health Problems like HIV-AIDS, Diabetes,Blood pressure modern sciences have no solution. In this area worlds oldest Indian science ayurveda given proven ,fundamental solution called panchakarma .Panchakarma means five purification process or therapies:treatments.Ayurveda believes that due to certains reason like season& weather change certain toxin in the form of tissue waste accumalated in our body systems.That enhances function of the system . This is root cause of all type of disorders.Ayurvedic treatment give more emphasis on prevention than cure. That’s why prevention is always better than cure. AYURVEDIC TREATMENT

Internal Medication

Panchakarma 1) Vamana : Emesis 2) Virechan : Purgation 3) Basti : Enema 4) Nasya : Nasal drops 5) Raktamokshan : Blood letting

That’s why know a days panchakarma are so popular worldwide for their role of cellular detoxification. Sub therapies of panchakarma like shirodhara ,pottali,ayurvedic massage are also useful for rejuvenation & stress relief .

Panchakarma & Leech Therapy :-

In ayurveda medicines are indicated for both purposes prevention & cure .there are two types of treatment, adviced in ayurveda 1shamana (internal medicene) 2 shodhana ( internal purification) Panchakarma is of shodhana type of treatment .
Vamana (Medicated emesis) :

Requires Nine days to complete. In vamana For seven days After applying oil on body patient is given medicated steam. At the last in the morning he is given liquid decotion for emesis. Vamana is indicated for cough problems.

Virechana (Medicated purgation) : In virechana also same therapy of oil & steam is given . After that tablets of purgation
are given in the noon or night. Virechana is advisable for pitta type of disorders .

Basti (Medicated enema) :
In basti , enaema of medicated oil or decotion is given along with oileation & steam .This requires 7 - 30 days .Basti indicated for vata disorder .

Nasya (Medicated Nasal drops):
In nasya person is adviced to put nasal drops regularly for many days as per his dagnosis.Nasya is adviced for complains of nose , hair , brain , memory,eyes etc

Raktamokshana (Blood letting):
After completion of snehana & swedana pation is adviced for blood letting by vein puncture or leech therapy. Leech therapy & blood letting is indicated for blood impurity disorder .

Thus panchakarma is useful for cellular detoxification. Indication : 1) Maintainance of physical and mental health. 2) Theraputic use.

other therapies.

Like :

Shirodhara Dhara Chikitsa Shirobasti Pitchu Kati basti Hrudaya basti

Pizinchial Abhyanga & Massage Snehana, Swedana Patra Pottali Udvartan Karna Puran

Deep Yantra Lepa

Gandush Leech Therapy

Duration : One therapy of Panchakarma require 7 to 10 days. Total Panchakarma needs near about 3 months.

LEECH THERAPY The Leeches are worms living in the water. Leeches used worldwide for medical purpose. A single leech can suck upto 10-30 ml. Impure blood Indication for leech therapy there is still large scope in this field for reasearch Properties of hirudine are wellknown for. Antinflamatory, antibiotic effect Normalisation & improvement of capillay circullation Anti stress effect. Anticoagulant & anasthetic effect I munomodulatory & imunostimulant effect as blood purifire. Anti bacterial effect. Improvement in extra capillary blocks. Leeches firstly used in 1960 to treat intra venous insufficiency. After then they are popular in plastic reconstructive surjery & in skin graft Leech provide good asistant to relive block . In General, Leech therapy is indicated for the problems such as treat diseases, inflametory reaction, Arthritis & rhuematic disorder, Tenderness varicose veins, throumbus , arthrosis, muscular tention, for blood purification & generation, thrombosis & embolism, congestion, hypertention pain relif etc. Use of Leech in cancer & Hiv are part of reseacrt but not contra indicated.

Ayurvedic Remedies ,Panchakarma to Your Health Problems

 Hiv : AIDS

 Cancer

 Height Gain

 Arthritis  Migraine  Highbloodpressure  Kidney problems  Liver problems  Skin diseases Office : Pune :

 Mental Stress  Infertility  Menopause  Spondylitis  Insomnia  Hypertension

 Hair Loss  Obesity  Piles & gas trouble  Backpain  Cardiac problems  Preganency
more! And

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