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					                          Schulich Clinician-Scientist Program
                                  Terms of Reference
                           Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
                             The University of Western Ontario

The Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry has embarked on an integrated approach for the
training, recruitment and retention of outstanding clinician-scientists, and the Schulich Clinician-
Scientist Program is an important component. The goal of this competitive program is the
recruitment of new clinical faculty members with high potential for research leadership.

Support under the Clinician-Scientist Program will be up to $200,000 per year for each
candidate and will be provided for a maximum of 3 years. These funds will be administered by
the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. Once recruited, the faculty members must apply
for external salary awards and are expected to be successful. The program also ensures that the
faculty members will be effectively mentored during their early research career to become
successful, independent clinician-scientists. Following the 3-year period of funding by the
Clinician-Scientist Program, successful candidates will continue their position as clinician-
scientists within their sponsoring department, which will guarantee continued protected time for
research. Candidates with strong training in any key area of health research – including
biomedical, clinical, health services, and community and population health – will be eligible to

Candidate Selection
A Clinician-Scientist Program Committee has been established by the Schulich School of
Medicine and Dentistry as a subcommittee of the Research Committee. The committee will
implement the program, select the candidates from among the applications received, and provide
effective mentorship. Each clinician-scientist will have a mentoring committee, of which at least
one member will be from the Clinician-Scientist Committee.

Selection Criteria:
    • It is expected that faculty members entering this program will have the potential to be
        research leaders. Accordingly, the program will be oriented towards individuals who, in
        addition to their clinical training, have considerable experience and accomplishments in
    • The candidate must have a high likelihood of obtaining external salary support within the
        first 3 years following their appointment at Schulich.
    • The candidate shall have a Ph.D. or equivalent research training.

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   •   The candidate must have additional research training post-PhD or -MD/DDS to enable
       him/her as a successful independent researcher.
   •   The candidate must have first-authored publications in high-impact journals appropriate
       to their discipline.
   •   A CIHR Clinician-Scientist Award phase 1 will be an asset.
   •   Any CIHR Clinician-Scientist awardee, who has successfully transferred to Phase 2 of
       their award, will normally receive support from the Schulich Clinician-Scientist Program.
   •   The candidate must hold a MD or DDS and be eligible for licensure in Ontario in
       Medicine or Dentistry, and maintain an active license during the tenure of their award.
   •   Normally, candidates will enter the Clinician-Scientist Program at the time of taking up
       their first faculty appointment in Schulich. Exceptional candidates in the early stage of
       their career with an existing limited term appointment may also be considered.

Award Title
A successful candidate will hold the title of “Schulich Clinician-Scientist” and be recognized as a
recipient of the “Schulich Clinician-Scientist Award”.

Role of the Sponsoring Department
As part of the application process, the candidate needs a strong commitment from a sponsoring
Department in Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, including a guaranteed faculty position within the
department and an approved position by the hospital. Only Clinical Departments and Dentistry
are eligible to sponsor a candidate. The commitment must include a plan for establishing the
clinician-scientist’s research program (space, infrastructure and environment). Sponsoring
Clinical Departments are encouraged to work together with an appropriate Basic Science
Department and/or Research Institute to formulate a plan for establishing the most appropriate
research environment. Both the sponsoring Department and the candidate must commit that not
less than 30 hours per week, on average, will be spent on research.

The award will normally be designated for the candidate’s salary and/or benefits. However, the
sponsoring Department may propose to use some of the funds for other purposes (e.g., operating
funds to support the candidate’s research), if such an arrangement can be justified as optimally
supporting the candidate’s research career. The department must submit a budget detailing how
the $200,000 will be allocated.

Upon completion of the Clinician-Scientist Program, candidates are expected to continue
working in a research-intensive position. Thus, at the time of application, the sponsoring
Department must describe how, contingent on the continuing success of the candidate, an
ongoing clinician-scientist position can be maintained, for a minimum of 5 additional years.

External Salary Support
Candidates are expected to apply for external salary support. If an external award is received,
the combined salary support from the Schulich Clinician-Scientist Program and the external
agency shall not exceed $200,000 per year. However, in such cases, the clinician-scientist will
become eligible to redirect a portion of the funds from the Clinician-Scientist Program towards
their research program, of an amount not less than 50% of the value of the external award. The

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disposition of these funds will be determined by the Department in consultation with the
candidate, and must be approved by the Clinician-Scientist Committee.

Evaluation of the Clinician-Scientist’s Performance
Meetings must be held annually for the clinician-scientist with the Department Chair, Division
Chief (if applicable) and Associate Dean (Research) to review progress and plans for the
upcoming year. The clinician-scientist will provide a written progress report and summary of
plans for the upcoming year in advance of the meeting. The awardee will also be expected to
deliver a public University lecture during the tenure of the Award.

Mentorship of the Clinician-Scientist
An effective mentorship program is believed to critical for the clinician-scientist to become a
successful independent investigator. Therefore, the following mentorship program is mandatory
for all awardees:

   •   The mandatory mentorship program will be described within the job offer and the
       candidate must accept its terms.
   •   The candidate, in consultation with the Schulich Clinician-Scientist Program members,
       shall establish a Mentorship Committee within one month of taking up the Award.
   •   The Mentorship Committee shall include at least one member of the Schulich Clinician-
       Scientist Committee; other suggested members include an established clinician-scientist
       or a senior member of the sponsoring clinical department, one established researcher
       from a related clinical department and one established researcher from a related basic
       science department.
   •   The candidate is expected to organize and call the meetings on a regular basis; the first
       Mentorship Committee meeting should be held within 6 months of the appointment of the
       candidate, and subsequent meetings of the Committee should be held every 6 months for
       the first five years.
   •   One of the members of the Mentorship Committee shall assume the Chair of the
       Committee and the Schulich Clinician-Scientist Committee member will keep minutes of
       each meeting; the minutes of each meeting will be submitted and filed within Schulich
       Research Office and will be used during annual reviews.

Program Review
Details to be developed at a later date.

Application Process
For positions starting in July 2008, applications will be sought in the fall of 2007. Nominations
should be forwarded by the Clinical Departments (including Dentistry) by December 15, 2007 to
the Associate Dean (Research) in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

For subsequent years, applications will be solicited by advertisement and by nomination from the
Clinical Departments and Dentistry. The envisioned deadline for applications is October 15 of
each year.

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                         Schulich Clinician-Scientist Program
                               Application Procedures

                           Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
                             The University of Western Ontario

The application must contain:

1.    A covering letter from the candidate stating his/her intent to become a successful
      Clinician-Scientist and a copy of the candidate’s full CV.
2.    A brief description of the proposed research to be undertaken by the candidate over the
      subsequent 3 years. This should be not more than 3 pages in length, excluding references.
3.    Two letters of reference/critical appraisal, at least one from outside UWO.
4.    A letter from the Chair of the sponsoring Department. This letter must describe the
      Departmental support and career plan for the candidate, as outlined in the Terms of
      Reference, including:
      • establishment of the research environment (space, infrastructure, collaborations)
      • a mentoring plan in accordance with the Award guidelines
      • departmental commitment to provide research protected time to the successful awardee
         of not less than 30 hours per week, on average, during the tenure of the award and a
         minimum of additional 5 years
      • a budget indicating funds available for salary, start-up and operating support, as well as
         how the $200,000 will be allocated
      • if a new recruit, a position approved by the hospital and a guaranteed faculty position
      • arrangements with collaborating Departments and/or Institutes to facilitate the success
         of the candidate (letters of support from Chairs/Directors of collaborating Departments
         and Institutes must be included)

Please submit one copy of the complete application to:

               Schulich Clinician Scientist Program
                c/o Mady Hymowitz
               Research Office
               Clinical Skills Building, Room 3730
               Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

In addition, please email a pdf file of the application to

Review of applications for Competition #2 will begin after November 1, 2008.

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