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Soal Olimpiade matematika 2007

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            Scientists and

KSEA National Mathematics and
  Science Competition 2007

      Microsoft Conference Center
        Saturday, April 21, 2007

KSEA Pacific Northwest Chapter
   재미 한인 과학기술자 협회 서북미지부
KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                         April 21, 2007

                                Table of Contents

Greetings --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
       Governor of Washington State ----------------------------------------------- 3

       Co nsul General -------------------------------------------------------- 4
       KSEA President and Chair of NMC Committee ------------------------- 5

       KSEA PNC Mathematics and Science Competition Chair-------------------------6

NMC 2007 Schedule ------------------------------------------------------ 7
Opening Ceremony ------------------------------------------------------ 8
Important Information for Students ---------------------------------- 9
Classroom Placement ----------------------------------------------------- 9
Sample Problem Set ------------------------------------------------------ 10
Awards ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
Science Competition Instruction------------------------------------------------ 13
About KSEA --------------------------------------------------------------- 14
KSEA Officers ------------------------------------------------------------- 15
Volunteers ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 19
2007 Math Competition Participants ------------------------------------------- 20
Sponsors -------------------------------------------------------------------- 21
       Private Supporters --------------------------------------------------------------21

       Silver Sponsors ----------------------------------------------------------------- 22

       Gold Sponsors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23
       Platinum Sponsors ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 26

       Diamond Sponsor --------------------------------------------------------------------- 28

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition   April 21, 2007

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition   April 21, 2007

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition   April 21, 2007

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition   April 21, 2007

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                             April 21, 2007

        2007 National Math Competition Schedule
           Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)
                       Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNC)
                         Website : www.ksea-pnc.org

                       The 10th KSEA PNC Math Competition
                     (The 6th KSEA National Math Competition)
                       The 1st KSEA PNC Science Competition

                           Microsoft Conference Center
                      One Microsoft Way Redmond, WA 98052

                               Saturday, April 21, 2007

       09:00am – 10:30am On-Site Registration
       09:50am – 10:00am Announcement and Instruction
       10:00am – 10:30am Welcome and Opening Keynote
                             Speaker: Peter Ollodart
                             (Director of Product Management, Microsoft)
       10:30am – 11:00am Students Placement
       11:00am – 12:00pm Math Test (4th ~ 8th Grades)
       11:00am – 12:30pm Math Test (9th ~11th Grades)
       11:00am – 12:00pm Seminar for Parents
                             Speaker: TBD
       12:00pm – 01:00pm Lunch Break
       01:00pm – 3:00pm      Science Competition
       03:00pm – 04:00pm Awards Ceremony

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                  April 21, 2007

                             Opening Ceremony

                                Keynote Speaker
Peter Ollodart
(Director of Product Management-Windows Live Protection, Microsoft)

                               Peter Ollodart leads product management and planning
                               worldwide for Windows Live Protection, which includes a
                               new set of free safety and security products and services
                               for consumers, including Windows Live Family Safety
                               Settings. With Microsoft since early 1997, Peter was part
                               of the core team launching Windows 2000 and continued
                               on in the consumer space with strategic products in e-mail
and instant messaging. Peter has been in the software industry for nearly 20 years, starting
with a core technical background in databases systems. His first job was as a database
engineer, moving into consulting and then more business focused roles in product
management for consumers and enterprises.

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                    April 21, 2007

               Important Information for Students
The math competition is in the form of a written examination. It will start at 2pm East
Coast time (11 am Pacific Coast Time) and will last

  60 minutes for the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade; and
  90 minutes for the 9th, 10th, 11th grade.

You are not allowed to use any calculators, dictionaries, or notes. Use the blank space and
backside of the exam as scratch paper.

The multiple choice questions and fill-in questions are similar in difficulty. There is NO
PARTIAL CREDIT. SIMPLIFY each answer, or else it will be marked wrong.

The exam questions MUST be handed back after the exam is over, even if you decide not
to participate in the competition.

Volunteers will let you know how many minutes you have remaining every 15 minutes,
then when there are 5 minutes left, and then 1 minute.

Math Competition & Science Competition Placement

                       Math                                               Science
                    Competition                                         Competition
    Grade              Room                               Color            Room
      4th             Rainier
                                                      Yellow                Sonora
      5th            St. Helens
      6th             Rainier
                                                          Red               Sonora
      7th             Rainier
      8th             Rainier
                                                          Blue               Baker
      9th            St. Helens
     10th            St. Helens
                                                          Green              Baker
     11th            St. Helens

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition             April 21, 2007

                           Sample Problem Set

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition   April 21, 2007

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                                              April 21, 2007

                                   National Level Awards (KSEA – HQ)

The KSEA headquarters will announce recipients of the national-level awards in
approximately ten days after the competition. The KSEA headquarters will present three
awards for each grade. Each award will carry a cash prize of the following modest amount.

                 Grade                    1st Place                     2nd Place                3rd Place
               4th ~ 11th                   $400                          $250                     $150
        •    Each winner will be given the cash prize described above along with a certificate
             from the KSEA headquarters.
        •    The winners will be announced in the major press.

                                        Chapter Level Awards
                                   (KSEA – Pacific Northwest Chapter)

                                 Gold Award                       Silver Award                  Bronze Award
                                  (1 winner)                       (2 winners)                   (3 winners)
                                Governor of the
                                    State of                     Consul General                   Microsoft

                                                        Other Awards
                                                      Family Award
                                                   Long Distance Award
                                                    Participation Award
                                                 Sponsor Awards (Sylvan1)

    Sylvan credit (value of $899) will be awarded at the end of the award ceremony by drawing

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                                            April 21, 2007

 KSEA-PNC National Science Competition 2007: “Demystifying Computer Science”

About DeCS: The KSEA-PNC invites you to join the National Science Competition 2007 (NSC
2007). The purpose of this national science competition is not to evaluate your scientific
knowledge but to encourage you to understand science. This year, the theme of the NSC 2007 is
“Demystifying Computer Science (DeCS),” brought to you by the University of Washington,
Tacoma – Community and Technical College Partnership Committee2. The committee consists of
faculty members of community and technical colleges and the University of Washington, Tacoma
(UWT). They have been trained in the activities of Dr. Tim Bell’s “Computer Science Unplugged”
project, which seeks to teach principles of computer science without using computers. Based upon
their experiences in “Computer Science Unplugged,” the committee has developed its own
outreach activities called DeCS. Through these DeCS outreach activities, you will have a chance to
understand how a computer sorts numbers and represents images.

Activity 1: Sorting Networks – Even though computers are fast, there is a limit to how quickly they
can solve problems. One way to speed things up is to break a job into pieces and have different
computers process each piece simultaneously, a strategy that is called “parallel computing.” This
activity shows how sorting items into numerical order, normally thought of as a sequential kind of
process, can be carried out more quickly using parallelism.

Activity 2: Image Representation – Computers are often used to store drawings, photographs, and
other pictures. This activity shows how pictures can be represented efficiently as numbers in a

Guidelines: The plan is to have two different rooms, each with two activities. We have two hours
(1-3pm), and so the students will spend about 45 minutes on one activity, 45 minutes on the other
activity, and then 30 minutes for further exploration and discussion of professional careers in

Each student will join a team of one of four groups called A, B, C, and D. A group is made up
of maximum 8 teams such as A1, A2, etc. Each team consists of 6 students who are randomly
chosen according to their grade and gender. There are two activities that need to be solved
accurately with group efforts. After each game, the faculty volunteer will explain the idea of
the game and its relationship with science. From each group, the best team will be selected
for award.

Faculty Volunteers
   1. Donald Chinn (Computing & Software Systems Faculty, Institute of Technology, UW
   2. Judith A Graham (Computer Information Systems Faculty, Pierce College-Ft. Steilacoom)
   3. Menaka Muppa (Computing & Software Systems Faculty, Institute of Technology, UW
   4. Janet Ash (Engineering, Green River Community College)
   5. Michael W. Panitz (Business and Information Technology, Cascadia Community College)

  UWT – CTC Partnership Committee: Julie Jacob (Highline CC, co-chair), Sam Chung (UWT, co-chair), Donald Chinn (UWT), Janet
Ash (Green River CC), Menaka Muppa (UWT), Neil Sweerus (Clover Park TC), Alina Urbanec (UWT), Susie Shields (UWT), Beth
Jeffery (UWT)

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                        April 21, 2007

                                       About KSEA

Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) is a non-profit professional
organization established in 1971. Its objectives are to:
• Promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society
• Foster international cooperation especially between the U.S. and Korea
• Help Korean-American Scientists and Engineers develop their full career potential


KSEA’s mission is to provide, in the areas of science, technology, and entrepreneurship,
opportunities for:
• Career Development
• International Cooperation
• Community Service

•   Annual meeting & technical conference
•   Publication of KSEA Letters
•   Web service
•   Scholarships
•   Summer internships
•   Young generation programs
•   Exchange programs
•   Job referrals
•   Career development programs
•   Sponsored projects
•   Technical evaluation and consulting
•   Topical symposia/workshops
•   Library service
•   Database development
•   Sponsorship of other related conferences
•   Awards and honors
•   S/T programs for general public

In addition, KSEA Chapters offer the following regional programs:

• Regional technical conferences
• Young generation programs
• Seminars/Workshops

                      Please, visit us at www.ksea.org for KSEA Head Quarter
                     or www.ksea-pnc.org for KSEA Pacific Northwest Chapter

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                              April 21, 2007

                            KSEA PNC Officers
        KSEA PNC Mathematics and Science Competition Committee

       Chair: Jae Hoon Kim, Ph. D. (Boeing)
       Vice Chair and Finance Director: Jae-Byung Jung, Ph.D. (SciFish, Inc.)
       Vice Chair for Mathematics Competition: Junho Cha, Ph. D. (UW, Seattle)
       Director for Mathematics Competitions: Woon Jong Yoon (UW, Seattle)
       Vice Chair for Science Competition: Sam Chung, Ph. D.UW, Tacoma)
       Director for Science Competition: Joseph Byung Chul An (State of WADOH)
       Staff : Myoung Kim and Hyun Kyung Park

         KSEA Pacific Northwest Chapter Organization (2006-2007)

       Chapter President: Sam Chung, Ph. D. (UW, Tacoma)
       President-Elect: Junho Cha, Ph. D. (UW, Seattle)
       Vice President for Seattle: Junho Cha, Ph. D. (UW, Seattle)
       Vice President for Tacoma: Joseph Byung Chul An (State of WADOH)
       Director for Finance Affairs: Jae-Byung Jung, Ph. D. (SciFish, Inc.)
       Director for Community Affairs: Cheryl Lee (Microsoft)
       Director for Business Affairs: Alex Choe (Guppy Games)
       Director for University Affairs: Woon Jong Yoon (UW, Seattle)

 Ex-Presidents Chapter Advisory                      KSEA Officers
Chair: Jae Hoon Kim, Ph. D. (Boeing)      National Math Competition Committee
Vice Chair: Jae-Byung Jung, Ph. D.
            (SciFish, Inc.)              Chair of the Committee: Kang-Wook Lee,Ph.D.
                                                         (KSEA Vice President, IBM)
1997-1998: Dr. Jaesoo Lee                Jae Hoon Kim, Ph.D. (Boeing)
1998-1999: Dr. Jae Hoon Kim              Dong Sam Ha, Ph. D. (Virginia Tech)
1999-2000: Mr. Steve Jang                Sam Jae Cho, Ph.D. (Pacmets Engineering &
2000-2001: Dr. Jae Hoon Kim                                 Evaluation, Inc)
2001-2002: Dr. Jai Joon Cho              Chang-Rae Lee, Ph.D. (DHS, CA)
2002-2003: Dr. Woobin Lee                In-Suk Han, Ph.D. (CEO, M-Biotech, Inc)
2003-2004: Dr. Jae-Byung Jung
2004-2005: Mr. Alex Choe
2005-2006: Mr. Alex Choe
           & Dr. Sam Chung

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                      April 21, 2007

                               KSEA-PNC Officers
        KSEA PNC Mathematics and Science Competition Committee

                                Chair : Jae Hoon Kim, Ph. D.

                                Technical Fellow/ Project Manager
                                Boeing Phantom Works
                                (425) 373-2858

Ph.D. - Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, USA
M.Sc. - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA
B.Sc. - Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, KOREA

Professional Experience:
Dr. Kim is a Technical Fellow of Boeing Phantom Works. He is a Project Manager of Mobile
Networking Technology and a Principal Investigator and Program Manager for a number of DoD
contract programs. He is currently an Affiliate Professor and Graduate Faculty of Department of
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Dr. Kim is also an IEEE Associate Editor of Communications Letters (IEEE Monthly Technical
Journal) since 2000. Prior to Boeing, he has been a Task Manager and a Member of Technical Staff
of California Institute of Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory. His current research focuses on
wireless communications and mobile tactical networking, specifically tactical mobile networking
with specific interests in MANET cross-layer design, satellite communications on-the-move
(COTM), mobility management, directional networking, UAV-based airborne internetworking,
more recently scalable MANET and cognitive radio networking.

Dr. Kim has served as a session chair and/or organizer for IEEE technical conferences (e.g.,
MILCOM, WCNC), and a reviewer for journal and conference papers. He is author/co-author of
70+ publications and holds 3 U.S. patents granted with 1 pending. He has received 10 NASA
awards for technical innovation, and 25 Boeing awards for technical performance recognition.

Services in KSEA:
       Dr. Kim has served as Chapter Vice President (1996), Chapter President (1997, 1999) and
       Chapter Advisory Committee Chair of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. He has been serving
       as a member of the Contest Committee (Formerly, NMC Ad-hoc Committee) since 2003
       for National Math Competition (NMC) and Scholarship Committee. He is currently a
       Nomination Committee Chair. Dr. Kim received KSEA Outstanding Services Awards from
       KSEA Presidents (Dr. Howard Chung and Dr. Nak-ho Sung).

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                         April 21, 2007

                        Vice Chair and Finance Director: Jae-Byung Jung, Ph.D.
                                                         (SciFish, Inc.)

                         Jae-Byung Jung received his B.S. and M.S. in Electronics Engineering
                         from Hanyang University in Korea and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering
                         from University of Washington in 1993, 1995 and 2001, respectively. He
                         had worked at LG Industrial Systems as an assistant research engineer in
Korea and currently is with a small research firm, SciFish Inc., dedicating to R&D in underwater
sonar applications. His services for KSEA, since 1997, include pacific northwest chapter president,
administrative staff, math competition committee chair, and advisory committee. His interests
include computational/artificial intelligence, soccer, neural network, baseball, fuzzy systems, golf,
evolutionary computation, snow boarding, target classification/clustering, bowling, sonar systems,
swimming, robotics, wood work, and signal/image processing.

                        Vice Chair for Mathematics Competition: Junho Cha, Ph. D.
                                                      (Univ. of Washington, Seattle)

                          Junho Cha was born in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.S. degree in
                          Electronics Engineering from Kwangwoon University, Seoul, Korea in
                          1996. He completed both his M.S. and Ph. D. degree in Electrical
                          Engineering from University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA in 1998
                          and 2006, respectively. While pursuing his Ph. D, he was a research
                          assistant at the Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing Laboratory at the
University of Washington. Additionally, from 2000-01, he completed an internship at the
Workstation Products Division, Intel, Sacramento, CA, where he developed and analyzed
SSO/SSN simulations on the electronic packaging. He currently works a Research Associate in the
Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. His research interests are in
the areas of HF/RF/Microwave/MMW array antennas, UAV antennas, high frequency devices and
materials, signal integrity, and numerical and experimental electromagnetics.
Dr. Junho Cha has served as a Chapter Staff (2002-2003), Chapter Vice President (2004-2007), and
Chapter President-Elect (2007-2009) of the Pacific Northwest Chapter.

                   Director for Mathematics Competitions: Woon Jong Yoon
                                                         (Univ. of Washington, Seattle)

                  Mr. Yoon completed a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Hong Ik University,
                  Seoul, Korea and finished his Masters degree in 2004 in Mechanical
                  Engineering at the University of Washington. He is now pursuing a Ph.D. in
                  Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining grad school in the USA, Mr. Yoon
                  worked as a Research Engineer in the Information & Optical Device division at
Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Korea (1997-2001). His work included the design of high speed
miniature motors used for cellular phone auto-folding systems and 2.5/3.5/3.0 Hard Disk/Zip Drive
spindle motors. Mr. Yoon’s research interests are the design of biomedical devices, developing
micro/meso scale actuators, and smart materials. Within the Lab Mr. Yoon is working on
developing an active tip bending and shaft control mechanism of an ultra-thin flexible Scanning
Fiber Endoscope (SFE).

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                          April 21, 2007

                      Vice Chair for Science Competition: Sam Chung, Ph. D.
                                                               (Univ. of Washington, Tacoma)
                      Dr. Sam Chung, who is the president of the Korean-American Scientists and
                      Engineers Association (KSEA) Pacific Northwest Chapter (PNC), is currently
                      teaching Computer Science (CS) at Computing and Software Systems (CSS)
                      program of the University of Washington, Tacoma (UW Tacoma). He has
                      served the KSEA-PNC NMC since he moved into this area in 2000 when he
joined a faculty position at the Pacific Lutheran University. He is directing his Intelligent Service-
Oriented Computing (ISOC) research group and the Applied Distributed Computing laboratory at
the UW Tacoma. Before he joined the UW Tacoma, he had taught CS at several universities such
as the Pacific Lutheran University, the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and Indiana
University Purdue University Indianapolis. Dr. Chung earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from
the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of
South Florida in Tampa, Florida. Also, he had two MS degrees in Computer Science from the
George Washington University in Washington D.C. and the Korea Advanced Institute of Science
and Technology (KAIST) in Seoul Korea. He earned his BS in Electronics from Kyung Pook
National University. Also, Dr. Chung had worked at the Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a systems analyst and programmer.

                   Director for Science Competition: Joseph Byung Chul An
                                                         (State of WA Department of Health)
                   Mr. Byungchul An is currently working as a Web and database developer at
                   Department of Health, WA. Mr. Byungchul An has been involved with KSEA
                   since 2001 and served as a membership director and director of general affairs
of Tacoma. Mr. Byungchul An was born in Pu-San and raised in An-Sung, Korea and study
abroad in the U.S. after Korean Air Force in O-San. Mr. Byunchul An holds a B.S. in Computer
Science form Pacific Lutheran University Tacoma, WA and also holds an M.S. in computing &
Software Systems from University of Washington Tacoma, WA. His areas of interests are web
programming and database development. His other hobbies include racket ball, basketball, and
table tennis.
                   Director for Community Affairs: Cheryl Lee (Microsoft)
                  Cheryl Lee is a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Corporation in the Market
                 Expansion Group, a division under Windows chartered with bringing to market
                 affordable computing solutions to create a more digitally inclusive society
                 for the next billion of the world’s population. Prior to joining Microsoft in
                 2002, Cheryl has been with a local venture capital firm and with the Boeing
                 Commercial Airplane Group. Outside of Microsoft, Cheryl currently serves as
Board Chair of Korean Community Counseling Center (KCCC), board member of Shoreline
Community College Foundation and board member of Korean American Coalition (KAC-WA,
formerly KAVA), a political empowerment organization of 4500 registered voter membership of
Korean Americans in Washington State which she served as the founding president. As the
youngest Asian American elected to office in Washington State, Cheryl served two terms on the
Shoreline City Council helping to incorporate the city and to oversee the establishment of its first
police department. Selected by Seattle Times Editorial Board In 2001 as one of “Six New Rising
Stars of the Next Generation” in the Puget Sound Region, Cheryl has also received numerous
awards for her work in the community including the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation’s
“Living Pioneer Award” and International Examiner’s “Community Voices Award”. Cheryl
received her BS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA from the University of Washington.

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                        April 21, 2007

                 Director for Business Affairs: Alex Toohwan Choe, CEO (Guppy Games)
                  Guppy Games Inc. is a leading international mobile game developer and
                  publisher headquartered in Bellevue, Washington with sales offices and affiliates
                  throughout North and South America and Asia. As the Chief Executive Officer,
                  President and Co-founder, Alex Choe brings extensive technology management,
                  product development and business strategy experience to Guppy Games.
                  Prior to founding Guppy Games, Mr.Choe founded in Seattle the successful
                  startup company VirtualTek, which specializes in the development of wireless
                  and web-based messaging and collaboration software solutions for the explosive
wireless communication market in 1999. With the success of VirtualTek, Alex Choe played a key
role in taking the company public in the Korean Stock Exchange Market (KOSDAQ) raising $80
Million (USD) in 2000. Before leading VirtualTek, Mr. Choe has held several key product
management positions at Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Choe received his BS and MS in Electrical
Engineering from the prestigious Seoul National University, his MS in Computer Science from the
University of Washington and completed the Executive Management Program from the University
of Washington.

University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Jongtae Yuk, Ph. D.
You Chang Ko, Ph. D. Electrical Engineering
Sang Woon Yun, Ph. D. Candidate, Mathematics
Woonhong Yeo, MS Student, Mechanical Engineering
Ji-Hung Choi, Ph. D. Candidate, Business
Jaehong Chon, Ph. D. Candidate, Electrical Engineering
Han Soo Lee, MBA
Hwang Inkwon, MS Student, Mechanical Engineering
Hyunchul Kim,Ph. D. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Microsoft, Redmond, WA
Eunhee Ha, Eun Ji Cho, Hyun Son Shin,Youngji Kim

University of Washington, Tacoma, WA
David Young Woong Lee, Daniel Kwan Taek Kim, David Taek Gyeong Kim, Yun Kyung
Kim, Nicholas Jong Mook Kim, Yoon Sun Kim, Homin Park, Jung Hyun Shin, Leon Yip,
Ji Yum

College Students, etc
Kimberly Hogan, Jung H. Lee
Min K. Shim, Jung Young Kim
James Hong, Gary Green,
Will Clark, Young Kyun Noh, Jae Min Lee, Jung Hyun Shin
Christopher Lee, Associate Professor, PLU

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                              April 21, 2007

                           2007 Math Competition Participants
                                                4th Grade
Daisy Chung (정다현) Harry J. Yang(양주영) Alexander D. Kim(김도환) Hee Won Ahn(안희원) Jenny Park(박경선)
Katherine J. Choi(최지민) Amabel Jeon(전영빈) So Hyeon Park(박소현) Derrick Chung(정종원) Wangki David Choi(최왕기)
Juno Lee (이주노) Samantha M. Lee (이미래) Tommy Yoo(유병훈) Kunwoo Lee(이건우) Charlene Kwon(권정은) Sophia
Lee (이선하) Matthew J. Lee (이준기) Joshua Junho Park (박준호) Janet Lee(이서정) Aria Yong Cha(차아리) Kevin
Kim(김민석) Kevin Oh(오세진) Alex Seo(서동준) Steven Ki (기승준) Gheunhae Kwak (곽근혜) Jun Choi (최준혁) Samuel
Song(송영훈) Arthur Y. Kim(김인영) Nathan Lee(이창해) David Kim(김동규)
                                                5th Grade
James J. Bae(배재창) Aaron Choe(최대산) Jennifer Sol Kim(김솔) Steve Kang, Shawna Kim (김다정) Jun S. Park(박준석)
Julia Ho Young Joo(주호영) Andrew Kim(김동호) William M. Choi (최민호) Paul Wang(왕충안) Tiffany Ham(함유경)
Jennifer Ham(함유영) Sarah K. Lee(이경은) Jinyoung Kim(김진영) Eddie Yoo(유병서) Kristy Kwon(권수정) Matthew Shin
(신승원) David Song(송영석) Taehyung Lee(이태형) Kunho (박건호) Kevin K. Lee (이건형) Kyung Min Kim(김경민)
Kathleen Jisu Yi(이지수) Sung Sil Lee(이성실) Kang Su Suh(서강수) David Jang(장다윗) Rachel Byun(변성은) Michelle
Lee (이지언) Michael Hong(홍지훈) Samuel Kim(김석준) Andy Lee(이현영) Maywell David Ethan, Michael T.
Bang(방태준) Andrew Lee(이영훈) Brian Kim (김승택) Young Geun Yoo(유영근) Jeffrey Kim(김진언) Edward J.
Kim(김준연) Jasmin Lee(이다슴) John Kim(김보근) Joseph Song(송민규) Kevin Kim(김경렬) Meantaek Hwang(황민택)
                                                6th Grade
Kevin Yang(양시원) Daniel J. Bae(배재형) David H. Yang(양형석) Michelle Kim(김민지) Jason Kim(김다훈) Jason
Park(박경우) Vicky Kim(김경은) Elaine Jeon(전다빈) Beom Cheol Shin (신범철) Joy Wang (왕기쁨) Michael H.
Lee(이한결) Daniel Joe (조다니엘) Desmond Saisitthikdj, Daniel J. Lee(이지민) Ji Won Choe(최지원) Alice Hyungee
Kim(김현희) Sung Lae Kim(김성래) Hyo Eun Kim(김효은) Jason Yi(이제훈) Jennifer Shin(신미나) Lenstine Park(박준규)
Jack Kim(김성욱) Kelly Oh(오세인) Terry Eun(은용건) Da-Hee Im(임다희) Gheunoh Kwak (곽근오) Stephanie M.
Kim(김민진) Dawon Ryu(류다원) Jeanne Lee(이은아) Thomas J. Kim(김인준) Sung Jung(정성지)
                                                7th Grade
Sophia Sojung Yuk(육소정) Chloe Choe(최서연) Christine Kim, Heekwon Choi (최희권) Elizabeth Hajung Yuk(육하정)
Christy Kang, Ga-young Jin(진가영) Sarah Kimberlee Lee (이세라) Estella Jung(정가영) Grace J. Choi(최지혜) Katherine R.
Lee(이루리) Jane Koh (고지영) Soo Jin Lee(이수진) Jinwoong Kim(김진웅) Daniel Lee(이상호) Amy Shin (신희재) Nicole
Cho (조나연) Angela Kim(김한나) Jae Min Kim(김재민) Michelle Sehee Lee(이세희) Ji Min Park(박지민) Ha Yong
Lee(이하용) Chad Lee(이채정) Josh Itoward, Sarah S. Yu(유세연) Keeyoung Lee(이기영) Natalie Kim(김정민) David
Oh(오형석) Jun Lee(이준영) Edwin Park (박세원) Dae Hong Kim(김대홍) Diane Han(한다영) Jack Jung(정수환) Minjung
Cheung(정민정) Eileen J. Kim(김미진) Danial Kim(김동희) Yitaek Hwang(황이택)
                                                8th Grade
Eugene P. Lee(이유진) Youngju Lee(이영주) Heejoon Choi (최희준) Joseph Kim(김제섭) Jay J. Seo(서정규) Gloria Jong
Hee Joo(주종희) Sammy Abramovich, Yu-ri Hann(한유리) Patrick J. Sung (성종훈) Chris Lim(임성우) Eugene Cho(조태현)
Joseph Cho(조민규) Ho Sung Kang (강호성) Sam Hung Jung Kim(김현중) Kevin Sanghee Lee(이상희) Jessica Yi(이주연)
Dae hyun Jin(진대현) Joshua Park(박재면) Barbara Jun, Anabell Hong(홍윤지) Wu-Bene Hong(홍우빈) Steve Kim(김재환)
Scott Han(한선규) Paul Yu (유선우) Inseok Ryu (류인석) Sora C. Ji (지소라) Annes Ha(하도기) Jun Park(박준홍)
                                                9th Grade
Douglas Chung(정지훈) Jung Dae Bae(배정대) Ji Eun Kim(김지은) David Koh(고지훈) Jemin Shim(심재민) Suzanne
Cho(조수잔) Shari Cho (조세리) Tarra Theisen, Benjamin In Chae(채인규) Christina Mira Joo(주미라) Jessica Myong Bartz,
Jhee Hee Yang(양지희) Michael Cho(조현우) Erica Ihn(인혜진) Ghee-Hee Yang(양지희) Benjamin Jun, Chong
Byun(변종문) Jung Won Park (박정원) Lisa Choi(최묘경) Xena Park(박소연) Brian Song (송승현) Joon Choi(최혁준) David
Kim(김동현) Min-Gyo Jung(정민교) Sung Ho Im(임성호) Dahill Kim(김다일) Sun Ho Kim(김선호) Jinhong Park(박진홍)
                                                10th Grade
Daniel K. Kim(김광훈) Youngmin Lee(이영민) Changjin Yoo(유창진) Jonathan Kim(김윤섭) Ji Eun Park (박지은) Donna B.
Seo (서보우) Brian Hyunmin Lee(이현민) Ji Hae Shin (신지혜) Ji Won Yune (윤지원) Nate Kim(김수용) Joon Woo
Choi(최준우) Jeong Hyun Kim (김정현) Russell Earl Wrigg, Dah Yuk Ham(함다혁) Hye Yoon Song(송혜윤) Jin Ihn(인성진)
Ji Sang Park(박지상) Kathleen Shin (신노라) Kenny Park(박케니) Dong Yoon Shin(신동윤) Stephen Han(한진호) Sue Yeon
Yi(이수연) Timothy H Chang(장현진) Amanda bobenhouse (김지영) Joo-Hyung Yim(임주형) Su Jung(정수현)
                                                11th Grade
Cindy Kang, James Kim(김진홍) Eric Hong(홍진호) Cathan Lee(이수응) Amanda E. Son, David Shin (신승재) David Jaywoo
Bai(배재우) Richard Jaejune Oam(엄재준) Eric Kim(김동하) Jenny Nam(남성민) JungHwan Kwak(곽정환) Chun Soo
Park(박준수) Brian Jeon(전상희) Sojung Yi(이소정) Jina Lim(임지나)
As of this print (7PM, 4/14/07), this is the list of students registered for the KSEA-PNC Math Competition.

KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                                  April 21, 2007

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                      Junho Cha, Ph. D. (University of Washington)
                         James Yang, President (Irondish, Corp.)
                              Rotary Grocery Incorporation
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                                  Parents of Nathan Lee
                         Parents of Yitaek and Meantaek Hwang

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KSEA 2007 National Math Competition                April 21, 2007

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