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Introduction Welcome to our home by fjzhangweiqun



Welcome to our home in Paradise. We hope you will enjoy your stay. We have put together this
manual to help you with any questions while here. Please feel free to call us with any questions
you may have during your visit.

Home Location
829 SW 51st Terrace
Cape Coral, FL 33914

Directions: Take Cape Coral parkway west to Skyline. Turn left at skyline and then right at the
first street (51st Terrace). Go to 829 on the right side of the street and you are home.

Home Owners
Donna and Jerry Pedley
509 Amos Bridges Rd.
Sanford, NC 27330
Phone: 919-775-1454
Jerry Work Phone 919-774-7827
Jerry Cell Phone 919-775-9234
Donna Cell Phone 919-708-2844

A phone is provided in the home. The number is 239-549-5134. It is set to make local calls only
but can receive calls from anywhere. A cordless phone is supplied in the kitchen and the m aster
bedroom. Additional phone charges will be your responsibility.

Cable TV is provided through out the home. A TV is located in the living area and the master
bedroom. A TV bracket is located in the guest bedroom with a cable connection.

The living area is equipped with a home theater system. It has 5 surround speakers and one
bass speaker. To use this, turn on the Sony receiver and set it to TV/Sat. As you increase the
509 Amos Bridges Rd.
Sanford, NC 27330
volume of the TV the surround system will also increase. You can set the receiver to any input
Additional cable charges will be your responsibility.

Some Things:
Do not cut on counter. Use cutting boards!
No glass in pool area.
No pets.
No smoking!
The remote for the VCR/ DVD does not work with the glass door shut on the TV stand.

Swimming Pool Operation
The pool is cleaned and chemicals added by the Anderson Pool Service. They come once a
week to check the pool. Leave the screen door by the pool pumps unlocked to provide them
Anderson Pool Service, INC.
Bill Anderson
134 S.E. 44 terrace
Cape Coral, FL. 33904
The pool uses a timer to control the running time for the filter. It is set to come on at 9 am
(green) and off at 5:30 pm (red). The small knob in the upper left can be rotated CCW to start
the pool after these hours. The time of day is set in the small window in the center of the large

Hot tub operation

Push this button to control the hot tub. It is located in the deck near the hot tub. Wait several
minutes after pushing the button each time to allow time for the valves to switch.

Push button once:
      Heater will start and begin heating spa to set temp
      Set desired temperature for spa
      Waterfall will stop
      Jets in hot tub will all start
      Hot Tub will begin to heat to set temperature.
      Wait several minutes before pushing again.

Once temperature is where you want it push button again:
       Blower will start and bubbles will begin.

If bubble only are wanted press again:
        Jets will stop and bubbles will remain on

Push button again
      Heater will stop
      Blower will stop
      Jets in hot tub will stop
      Waterfall will begin (This is normal position.)

Pool Heater

The pool is heated using an electric heat pump system. It has two temperature settings. One for
the pool and the other for the hot tub when in use.

Keep them turned down unless you want the pool temp up and an electric bill that goes with it.

Sprinkler System
The sprinkler system is automatic. It has a hunter electric controller outside the house. Key for
the controller is located in the right kitchen drawer.

They are set to come on early am Sun, Mon, Tues, and Wed each week at 5 am. Each Zone
stays on for 30 minutes. The sprinkler system uses a different water supply than the house
water. A rain sensor is used to bypass the system as needed. The lawn service people will also
turn off the system as needed.

The thermostat is located in the dining area. Set AC to 83 degrees when leaving. This will keep
the house cool and dry even though no one is using it.

Lawn Service
Lawn Maintenance
Margie Cue
422 S.W. 20th street
Cape Coral, FL 33991

The lawn service people mow, trim, get weeds from flower beds, and fertilize as necessary.
They usually come on Monday.

Boat Hoist

The boat hoist is rated for 10,000 lbs. The raise and lower handles are located in the box shown
below. The circuit breaker in the box near the pool controls is OFF and needs to be turned ON
before the hoist will work. Leave the breaker in the off position when not in use.

Control box on dock.

The breaker panel for the dock located by pool area with hoist breaker in off position. A flood
light on the dock can be used to attract fish for those who wish to fish.

Water hose connections are available on the dock for boat rinsing. The water can be turned off
using a ball valve located near the pool area.


The water supply to the house is located toward the front on the garage side. The ball valve is
used to shut off the main water if required. Do not shut off the water with the hot water heater


The main power panel is located in the garage.

Garage door opener

The garage door opener has one remote for your car. The remote is located in the right kitchen

Home Contents
Here is a list of the home contents that will help as you plan your vacation.

Master Bath
    (4) wash cloths
    (4) hand towels
    (4) large towels
    bath mat for shower
    bath rugs (2)
    (2) bath robes
    soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder
    waste basket
    toilet cleaning brush
    Plunger
    (4) fish wall decorations
    (3) sea shells on glass shelf

Master Bedroom
    Queen size box spring, mattress, frame, and cherry headboard
    Queen size comforter and pillow shams/ bed skirt
    (2) sets of sheets and pillow cases
    (4) Pillows
    Cherry dresser with mirror
    Cherry night stand
    Cherry chest of drawers
    Cherry stand up mirror
    19” Orion TV with remote and TV stand
    Radio alarm clock
    Cordless Sony phone
    Lamp
    Picture of potted flowers
    Stand with plant
    Pink flower in pot
    Candle and glass stand
    Wicker basket
    Vase with 3 white flowers

Guest   Bedroom
       Queen size box spring, mattress, frame, and maple headboard
       Queen size comforter and pillow shams/ bed skirt
       (2) sets of sheets and pillow cases
       (4) Pillows
       Maple dresser with mirror
       Maple night stand

      Maple chest of drawers
      TV wall bracket
      Alarm clock
      Lamp
      Magnolia flower wall decoration (2)

Guest Bathroom

      (6) wash cloths
      (6) hand towels
      (6) large towels
      Bath rugs (2)
      Wall clock
      soap dish, tumbler, toothbrush holder
      waste basket
      toilet cleaning brush
      Dish of sea shells

Twin Bedroom
    (2) Twin box spring, mattress, frame, and headboard
    (2) Twin size comforter and pillow shams
    (6) sets of sheets and pillow cases
    (4) Pillows
    (2) Chest of drawers
    Alarm clock
    Lamp
    Gold frame wall picture


      Coffee Maker Sunbeam
      Can opener manual
      Toaster Sunbeam
      Microwave Whirlpool
      Tea Kettle
      Set of pots and pans (8 pcs)
      Correll white dishes (8 place)
      White Correll platter and 2 vegetable bowls
      Plastic dishes (8 place)
      Glasses (8)
      (8) plastic glasses
      8 place silverware setting
      Various cooking utensils
      (2) mixing bowls
      Glass measuring cup
      Colander

      Electric mixer Sunbeam
      Blender Sunbeam
      Glass Baking dishes with lids (2)
      Metal cookie sheets (2)
      Knives (3) Chicago cutlery carving
      Dish towels (5)
      Dish cloths (5)
      Oven pot holders (2)
      Sink drainer
      Plastic trash can
      Glass cutting boards (2)
      Plastic cutting board
      Pitcher
      Steak knives (8)
      Plastic storage bowls w/ lids
      Wine glasses (4)
      Radio/ CD Duraband
      Cordless Phone (GE)
      Salt and pepper shakers (2)
      Chef oil decanter with cheese knife and board
      Bon appettit paper towel holder
      Bon appettit man wine bottle holder
      Bon appettit man wine glass holder
      Baskets (3)
      Pottery vases with flowers (2)
      Decorative vegetable bottles (3)
      (3) greenery pots
      Wall picture (café)
      Wooden bar stools (4)

Dining room
     Oak table and 4 chairs
     Napkins, rings, and place mats (4)
     Wall pictures (3)
     Basket with plant
     Vase with yellow flowers
     Wicker baskets (2)
     Green flower garland

Living area
     Leather sofa and love seat
     Coffee table and 2 end tables
     Sofa table
     3 piece area rug set
     (4) plants
     Pitcher with flowers

       (6) pillows
       (2) wall mirrors
       Hanging pictures (2)
       3 piece candle on glass stand
       Southern cooking book
       Sony TV 27” with remote
       Sony receiver with remote
       Emerson VCR/ DVD player with remote
       JBL surround sound system 5 speakers and woofer
       TV stand
       DVD’s (11)
       VCR movies (24)

       Upright vacuum cleaner and bags
       Shop vacuum
       Large trash can for garage
       Char broil gas grill with tank
       Iron and ironing boards
       (2) fold out lawn chairs
       Broom and dust pan
       Mop bucket and sponges
       Dust mop
       Laundry basket
       6’ wooden step ladder
       (2) home owner lockers with locks

       5 piece patio set and umbrella
       Two metal fish wall hangings
       Fern basket
       (3) seahorse and fish ceramic wall hangings
       Ceramic sun plaque
       Welcome to lake plaque

Side canal to the east
Dan Griffin
239-945-6711 Home
239-980-3052 Cell

Side canal to the west
Doug and Michelle Petersen

End canal to the east


Off canal to the west

Cape Coral Utilities Dept.
1015 Cultural Park Blvd.
Cape Coral, FL 33990
Fax: 239-574-0542

If you have any questions or need any additional information please contact us at the numbers

Jerry Pedley
Pedley Group, LLC
Phone (919) 774-7827 work
Cell (919) 774-9234
Home (919) 775-1454


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