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									SECTION A
Country Circle
Bringing the badlands inside
Chrijtl Abers
Tho Drumhator Moi
Watch out Ikca. there's funki¬
er home decor making its way
into people's homes
The love of the historic nature
of Dnimhcller has attracted two
Alberta based artists to create
products for your home that
bring the Badlands inside.
Sltoko Cesar and Greg Ball
arc co-founders of The
Industrial IXsigncrs of
lulmonton Association- IDEA,
and partners on many projects
in Art and design.
Both trained as Artist's first.
: '."v'psi
» '
The Hoo Doo msplrod floor
i .!
now are practicing Industrial Greg Ball (pictured) and Shoko Cesar hit the badlands in summer
Designers in Edmonton's thriv- of 2005 to begin gathenng information for their line of home prod-
ing design community.	ucts msp*ed by the DrumhoKer badlands.
Last year Ball and Cesar
began thinking of creating an
Alberta inspired line of prod¬
Fish bottle opener that was
inspired by the losses of fish
found at the Royal Tyrrell
t*c*> MnOM
Recently a tornado' lamp that
hangs from the roof is in a cur-
"Wc wanted a line of products	rent exhibit for the month of
that were local, and not just	January in downtown
typical home products for the	Edmonton called FROST- con-
global market." says Ball. "We	temporary design exhibit,
wanted to design products	The products have to be man-
pircd by the prairies of ufactured in small numbers
Ball and Cesar began their	facturer for everything, but all
research in August 2005 with	that comes with time,
the help of Jim and Tony	"We're looking and hope to
Wilson who allowed them	find a company interested in
access to some land within the	manufacturing and selling
product." says Ball.
After a weekend of taking	So far the pieces are being
photos and vidc«»s of the valley,	sold in three stores in Canada
Royal Terrell Museum and	In Edmonton at Chachkas and says Ball,
local shops, the pair began	Coilectiv and even in Cesar and Ball haven't said
designing and prototyping the	Vancouver at Small Medium goodbye to the Badlands just
products.	Large but they have had little yet.
Among the products are a cast	success when it comes to gel-
rubber and stainless steel fish	ting local stores to sell the
bottle opener dial is inspired by	chandisc.
the giant fish fossils in the	"We had hoped to gel some of
Tyrrell museum and a HooDoo	the local stores in Dnimhcller
inspired floor lamp and rack.	and had little success so far."
because there is no set manu-
more to offer, and that we have
merely scratched the surface
For more information on
where to find the products you
contact Greg Ball at (403)
We have been discussing the
idea of bringing other artists
and designers with us this sum¬
mer and having a design retreat
in the badlands." says Ball.
"We think Dnimhcller has a ton

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