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					      BOLTS, NUT& WASHERS                       SAW BLADES                    BITS & COUNTER SINKS
Bulk & Packaged Gr 2-5-8              Circular HSS                   High Speed Steel – Prentice, Taper,
  Corrosion Resistant                 Carbide Tipped                   Length, Metric, Long Length
  Structural                          Dado Blades                    Taps & Dies
  B7 Studs – B7M – L7 – L7M           Jig Saw                        Weldon Countersinks
All Thread Rod & Coupling Nuts        Recipro Saw                    Router Bits
Socket Screw Products– SAE/Metric     Hack Saw                       Plug Cutters
Anchor Bolts                          Band Saw                       Wood Bits – Ship Auger, Brad Point
Washers – Flat, Lock, Burr, Fender    Hole Saw                       EZ Bore – Step Bits
  Cup, Disc Lock, Beveled             Diamond Blades                 Flat Bits – Turbo & Multi-Spur Bits
Neoprene                              Hand Saws                      Bosch – SDS & Spline
Docap & Papco Products                Shaper Cutter Heads            Joran Carbide – Masonry
Metric                                                               Hilti-Style Bits
Stainless Steel                                 ELECTRONIC           Apex Driver Bits – Robertson, Slot,
Zinc Plated                          Motorola 2 Way Radios             Phillips, Hex, Torx
Galvanized                           Clearnet/Mike Cell Phones
Spaenaur Products                    Greenlee Testers – Circuit,
Tee Nuts                              Voltage, Multi-meters                    BONDED ABRASIVES
                                     Woods/Prime Extension Cords     Pearl
               SCREWS                Eagle/Hubble Cord Ends          Skate Sharpening Wheels
Wood Screws – Packaged & Bulk        Power Bars/GFCI Protectors      Mounted Points
  Plain & Plated                     Halogen 500 Watt Portable       Grinding Wheels - Bench & DCW
Sheet Metal Screws – Packaged &      Light Replacement Bulbs         Flex-O-Vit
  Bulk, Plain & Plated               Trouble Lights                  Engineered Abrasives
Machine Screws - Packaged & Bulk     Rough Service Light Bulbs       Carborundum
  Plain & Plated                     Eagle                           J. Walter
Stove Bolts                                                          Cut Off Wheels
Drywall Screws                               OTHER FASTENERS         Cupstones, Plug & Cones
Teks – Self Drilling                 Pop Rivets                      Tyrolit
Hanger Bolts                         Hose Clamps                     Jet Equipment
Dowel Screws                         Unistrut
Tamper Proof Screws                  Staples                                   COATED ABRASIVES
Metal Building Fasteners             Cable Ties                      Hermes
  Plated & Coloured                  Caddy Fasteners                 Sheet Goods
Fastap                               Steel & Plastic Banding         Wide Belts, Stroke Sanding
Available in Stainless Steel and     Androck                         Beartex Pads
  Other various platings             Nails                           Sanding Discs
                                     Nut Serts                       3M
       CONCRETE ANCHORS              Chain, Cable & Rope             Large & Small Belts
Epson                                Arrow & Rapid – ALFIT           Flap Wheels
Ucan, Buildex                        Drill Rod                       Fibre Discs
Pins & Shots                         Buckles, Seals & Tools          Handy Rolls
Concrete Bits (SDS & Hilti Type)                                     Klingspor
Poly ● All Chemical Anchors                          TAPE            Carborumdum
Ramset                               Scapa, 3M, Tesa – Sheating
Preset Concrete Anchors              Masking – Filament – Painters
                                     Packaging – Duct – Caution
    ADHESIVES & CAULKINGS            Electric – Foam – Foil
3M, Bostiks, GE Silicone, DAP        Transfer – Carpet – Teflon
LePages                              Insulated – Double Sided
PL200, PL400, PL500                  Flagging
Hot Melt Glue Sticks

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    ADHESIVES & CAULKINGS                      PORTABLE AIR TOOLS                   PORTABLE POWER TOOLS
Devcon                                   Sioux                                Bosch
Cyanoacrylates                           Atro                                 Makita
Anti-Seez                                Jet                                  DeWalt
Spray Adhesives                          Lemmer Paint Sprayers                Fini
LockTite                                 Eagle & Fini Air Compressors         Sioux
Fire Stop Caulkling                      Bex & Atro Air Staplers & Nailers    Coleman
Insta Foam                               Dynabrade                            Fein
Ener Foam                                Porter Cable                         Shop Vac Vacuums
Helmitin                                 Hitachi Nailers                      Gas & Electric Saws
Felpro                                   Fasco                                Metabo
Anaerobic Adhesives                      Coleman                              Dremel
Liquid Teflon                            Makita                               Delta Machinery
Contact Adhesives                                                             J. Walter
                                                   MISCELLANEOUS              Hitachi
               LADDERS                   Padlocks – Master & Keysafe          Jet Equipment
Wood, Aluminum & Fibreglass              Piano Hings – Stanley                Skil
Heavy Duty Wood/Aluminum                 Air Hose                             Quick Drive
Step Ladders                             Air Fittings – Topring               Chainsaws
Aluminum Extension Ladders               Galv Spray – Spray Paints
Light Industrial Ladders                 Hand Cleaner – D.L., Trounce                        HAND TOOLS
Louisville – Medium & Heavy Duty         Gloves, work – Disposbale            Fuller, Record, Weller, Wiis, Nicholson
Sturdy Ladder                            Rags – Coloured , White              Lufkin, Greenlee, Olfa, Lancer, Estwing
Ladder Accessories                       Cutting Fluids                       Weiler Wire Brushes
Stand Off/Levellers                      Poly Vapour Barrier                  Jet, Johnson, Wright tools
Jacks and Planks                         Lumber Crayons                       Pony Clamps, Bessey
Roller Scaffold                          Water Coolers                        Wheel Barrows, True Temper/Garant
                                         Cargo Straps – Bunji Cords           Levelite/Laser
        SAFETY EQUIPMENT                 UK2 Flashliights                     Shovels/Rakes
Eye Protection – Glasses & goggles       Tove Bars                            Kuny Pouches
Eye Protection – Face Shields & Access   Carpenter Pencils                    Master Levels
Welding Helmets, Dust Masks              WD40 – Triflow – Anti-Spatter        Vise Grip
Hand Protection - Gloves & Accessories   Extension Cords                      Jorgensen
Head Protection - Hard Hats              Plug Ends – Trouble Lights           Signet Tools
US Safety – CM Safety                    Ray-O-Vac Batteries                  Malco Tools
CSA Safety Footwear                      Flashlights & Lanterns               Columbus McKinnon/Chain Hoists
North Safety                             Jiffy Markers – Floor Dry Compound   Chain & Cable Hoists
AO Safety, E.A.R., Peltor Products       Push Brooms – Corn Brooms            Crescent Tools
Fall Restraint Systems                   Ice Melt – Snow Pushers              Nicholson Files
Fall Protection - Lanyards               Floor Sweeping Compound              SPG Tool Boxes
Body harness                             Glue Bottles – Spray Bottles         Jet Tools Mechanics/Automotive
Hearing Protection - Ear plugs           Garden Hose                          Richards – Scrapers/Drywall/Knives
Respirators                              Simple Green                         Plumb Striking Tools
Fire Extinguishers                       Mag Lite                             Chesco
First Aid Kits & Accessories/Supplies    Crawford Straps                      Rubbermaid
Personal protection – Safety Vests       Krylon                               JOB Boxes / Greenlee / Knaack

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