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           ADE Series
           Epoxy Screen Ink (2 Part)
                                                                                  CODE NO. DESCRIPTION                    PRICES: U.S. QT        U.S. GAL
           ADE inks are formulated with high-quality epoxy resins for
                                                                                  ADE10       PRIMROSE YELLOW                       $ 65.60        239.00
           excellent adhesion to a wide range of hard-to-print                    ADE11       LEMON YELLOW **                         70.00        259.00
           substrates. ADE provides outstanding solvent, chemical                 ADE12       MEDIUM YELLOW                           65.60        239.00
           and abrasion resistance. ADE is a two-part ink system and              ADE19       FIRE RED                                63.00        229.00
           must be initiated with ADE677 catalyst prior to use.                   ADE20       BRILLIANT ORANGE                        64.75        238.00
                                                                                  ADE22       ULTRA BLUE **                            -----       217.00
           SUBSTRATES: Epoxy, melamine, treated polyethylene,                     ADE26       MIXING / METALLIC CLEAR                 40.85        143.00
           polypropylene, metals, glass, PC boards.                               ADE52       OPAQUE BLACK                            43.60        152.00
                                                                                  ADE62       WARM RED                                63.35        232.00
           END USES: Ideal for electronic and industrial applications.            ADE67       REFLEX BLUE                             57.75        210.00
                                                                                  ADE75       OPAQUE WHITE                            43.60        153.00
           MESH: 200-305 monofilament polyester or stainless steel                ADE78       HIGH INTENSITY WHITE                    46.85        165.00
           mesh.                                                                  ADE80       PROCESS YELLOW                          61.00        222.00
                                                                                  ADE82       CARMINE RED                             59.00        214.00
           STENCIL: Direct method photo emulsion or equivalent.
                                                                                  ADE83       MAGENTA                                 66.75        245.00
           Also, any solvent resistant film or photo emulsion.                    ADE84       MAROON                                  85.85        315.00
           INK PREPARATION: Before using ADE ink, add 1 part                      ADE85       GREEN                                   59.00        215.00
                                                                                  ADE86       GS BLUE                                 53.85        194.00
           ADE677 Catalyst to 5 parts ink. Pot life of catalysed ADE ink          ADE87       RS BLUE                                 57.50        208.00
           is approximately 6-8 hours. ADE678 High Performance                    ADE88       VIOLET                                  63.75        233.00
           Catalyst and ADE679 Snowboard Catalyst - Contact                       ADE89       RED TONER                               76.35        283.00
           Technical Service for special data sheet.                              ADE90       HEAVY BODY BASE                         41.00        142.00
                                                                                  ADE456      PROCESS BLUE                            56.35        231.00
           AIR DRY: 30-60 minutes at room temperature.                            ADE586      PERMANENT PROCESS RED                   82.25        255.00
                                                                                  ADE677      CATALYST ½ PINT $21.00                  83.35           ----
           FORCE-DRY: 3-5 minutes at 150°-180°F. Baking ADE prints                ADE678      HIGH PERFORMANCE CATALYST *            104.75           ----
           for 10 minutes at 300°-325°F will produce the hardest,                 ADE679      SNOWBOARD CATALYST *                    83.35
                                                                                                                                        ---           ----
           most durable prints.                                                   RE190       THINNER (T976B)                                       72.85
                                                                                  RE182       RETARDER                                  ----        77.85
           EXTENDERS / ADDITIVES: To extend colour and / or reduce                SW37        SCREEN WASH                               ----        55.00
           pigmentation, add ADE26 Mixing/Metallic Clear. For printing        * AVAILABLE IN QUARTS ONLY
                                                                              ** 1 GALLON MINIMUM BLEND
           halftones and fine details, add ADE90 Heavy Body Base. For
           best printing results, reduce ink with 5-15% (by weight)           CAUTION: It is the printer’s responsibility to pretest the ink selected prior to
                                                                              engaging in a production run. Allow at least 24 hours after test printing to
           RE190 Thinner. To prevent drying in screen under hot,              evaluate the suitability of the ink and its adhesion to the surface. Before using,
           humid conditions, add RE182 sparingly.                             the printer shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use.
                                                                              +Based on information from our suppliers, these products are made from
           CLEAN UP: SW37 Wash Up.                                            raw materials that contain less than 0.06% lead.

            MAPRIN Textile Dyes - Water Base - Non Toxic

            PRODUCT FEATURES:                                                                      STANDARD COLOURS - QUART - $18.75
            •Colour Fast •Water wash-up •Ease of printing •Process colours                         Opaque White     Black
            available •Machine washable - dry cleanable.                                           Process Blue     Process Red
                                                                                                   Green            Clear
            PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A heat cure water-based dye, ready to print.                      Brown            Navy Blue
            Contains all necessary binders, defoamers, etc.                                        Red              Process Yellow
            FRAME MESH: A 110 mesh is recommended.                                                 Process Magenta  Orange - 2R
                                                                                                   Blue             Process Black
            SUBSTRATES: Most textiles such as cotton and polyester.                                Yellow           Scarlet C
            DRYING: Curing will take place at 250° to 315°F for 3 minutes. Dyes must               Orange - R
            be dry before actual curing takes place. Ironing for 1 minute at a hot
            setting, 2 minutes at a medium setting will also work. Heat lamps, hot                 METALLIC COLOURS - PINTS - $18.75
            presses may be used. Only dry heat will cure.                                          Gold and Silver

58       Graphic Commerce Ltd.                                     PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE

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